Laser hair removal – contraindications, consequences, before and after photos

In this article I will try to tell you everything about laser hair removal. I will cover this topic from all sides so that you have no more questions. There are many myths and unverified information about this procedure. Let's look at everything in order.

Today, not only women, but also men resort to various methods of hair removal. I was surprised by this too. Despite the fact that I myself have never done laser hair removal, I know that some men use it. Let me tell you about all the nuances of this procedure.

What is laser hair removal, the principle of hair removal

Laser hair removal is a hardware procedure that removes excess body hair. Some types of laser hair removal radically affect further hair growth, and over time it stops altogether.

REFERENCE! To date, this procedure has been used for more than 20 years.

The principle of laser hair removal is based on the impact of a laser beam directly on the bulb, which, as it is repeatedly exposed, completely dies.

The laser affects only the upper layers of the skin, without penetrating deeper.

To achieve lasting results, you will need several such procedures. Watch the procedure itself in the video:

Argument 2. The feeling during the procedure is as if being pricked or bitten.

This is an acceptable phenomenon. And again, this occurs when working on any device. A question of client sensitivity. But it is the master who selects the appropriate comfortable parameters, based on the individual characteristics of each patient. Because during the procedure, short-term heating of the hair follicle occurs. In addition, when the laser acts on the bulb, heat dissipates into nearby tissues, and this is how the nerve endings can react. This is considered a natural reaction of the body. There is no severe discomfort.

Contraindications and consequences

Like many other procedures affecting the human body, laser hair removal may have its contraindications, these include:

  1. Dermatological problems.
  2. Varicose veins.
  3. Presence of burns and other skin injuries at the site of laser exposure.
  4. During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  5. A large number of moles and papillomas on the body.
  6. The period of exacerbation of an allergic condition.
  7. Presence of infections.
  8. If you have recently gotten a tan, in this case you can go for a laser hair removal session only after 2 weeks.
  9. The presence of gray and blond hair, traditionally laser can only destroy dark pigment.

There are a number of diseases for which laser hair removal is absolutely contraindicated:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Cancer disease.
  3. Hormonal disorders.
  4. Cardiovascular pathologies.

The consequences of the procedure can be early or late, they manifest themselves in the form of various complications. During the first hours or even days, the following early complications may develop:

  1. Redness in the area of ​​irradiation.
  2. Allergic rashes and itching.
  3. Folliculitis and acneiform rashes.
  4. Burns.
  5. Herpetic exacerbations.
  6. Eye damage.

Late consequences include:

  1. Hypo- and hyperpigmentation.
  2. Scarring.
  3. Increased hair growth after laser treatments.
  4. Malignization of existing nevi.

05/16/2006 A whole week of smooth skin

I haven't shaved my armpits for one week and I just started feeling soft hair growth. Visually, everyone looks great, even better than after shaving. Typically you can still see stubble or hair follicles after I shave my armpits, but now they look perfectly even.

In the bikini area, hair growth has slowed down, there is less of it than usual, but it was not possible to achieve smoothness like in the armpits.

There is no longer any black hair on my upper lip, just small whitish hairs.

In any case, the hair no longer falls out.

Cost of hair removal in different areas

Below is the average cost of laser procedures in the capital depending on the area of ​​influence:

Removal of facial hair above the upper lipFrom 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles
Chin partWithin 5 thousand rubles
Arms: area up to the elbowFrom 5 to 9 thousand rubles
Arms: area above elbow to shoulder1.5-5 thousand rubles
Femoral part3-10 thousand rubles
ShinFrom 4 to 9 thousand rubles
Bikini areaFrom 1.5 to 7 thousand rubles
Armpit areaFrom 1 to 5 thousand rubles

Age restrictions

Many teenagers are concerned about the problem of excessive facial and body hair. Is early age a contraindication for laser hair removal? From a medical point of view, no. But in a legal sense the issue is controversial. Let's take a closer look at the professional's answer:

In a purely medical aspect, hair removal for teenagers is quite acceptable. Young age is not a contraindication to this effect. However, hair removal is a paid medical service, and from the point of view of our legislation, an agreement for the provision of paid medical services cannot be signed by a minor individual. To comply with legal formalities, the girl only needs to come to the procedure with a parent or guardian. The adult representative of the minor signs the relevant documents, which guarantees the legitimacy of the manipulation.

cosmetologist Natalya Grigorieva

However, for young visitors to the hair removal studio, it is necessary to take into account the hormonal factor. It is believed that the procedure is effective for a long time only in the absence of “jumps” of hormones. In order to avoid the need to undergo hair removal again after a year, it is recommended to wait for a stable endocrine picture.

Features of hair removal in different areas

Absolutely any area can be subjected to laser hair removal. The only difference will be in the pain. For example, the most sensitive areas are: the face, armpits and bikini area. Hands and feet are not as sensitive.


To get rid of hair in this area, you will need several sessions, on average about 5. The effect will be better if the hair is dark and coarse; the situation is more difficult with light, thin, fluff-like hairs.

Above the upper lip

This is the most delicate and sensitive place. Therefore, the laser power must be selected carefully, otherwise injury may occur. One course will consist of 6 or more procedures.

Eyebrow area

In this area, hair removal is most effective, since the hairs are well pigmented. On average, a course consists of 3-4 procedures.


This area usually has thin and sparse hairs. Therefore, a diode laser is a good choice.

Armpit area

This is a hormone-dependent area, so the hairs here are coarse and well pigmented, which means any type of laser is suitable for their removal. However, if there is a hormonal imbalance, then hair regrowth is possible.

Chest, stomach, back

These areas can contain both fine light hairs and well-pigmented vegetation. The latter lends itself better to hair removal.

Intimate areas, bikini areas, buttocks, legs

In this area, the effect of laser hair removal will be high, since the hairs here are dark and hard . In the buttocks, the hair may also be light and soft, which may not give the desired result during laser removal.

Photos before and after bikini hair removal with our laser

Here are photographs of patients who agreed to photograph the before/after results in this intimate area! Thanks to them!

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Why is 100% of hair not removed?

Indeed, during laser hair removal, only 95% of dark hair and 80% of light hair are removed from areas of the body. But this does not mean that there are other methods that can completely remove hair and completely stop its growth.

The result is considered very, very good when 90% of the hair does not grow within 5 years. No laser removes 100% of hair. This is due to the fact that only growing hair is destroyed at the time of hair removal. Those hairs that are not currently growing are not exposed to the laser.

The cells are able to regenerate, so the hair follicles in areas where hair has been removed are restored over time and their growth resumes. But the upside is that now they are becoming thin and rare. For this reason, I recommend maintenance hair removal, which is enough to do 1-2 times a year.

It also happens that even after several procedures, individual hairs remain that have not been removed. This happens due to the fact that the main part of the hair grows in the dermis, where the laser beam successfully penetrates, and some hairs, a small number of them (many have none at all), grow in the hypodermis, that is, subcutaneous tissue, where laser exposure is not capable of permeate.

Why Alexandrite laser?

The main competitor of the alexandrite laser is the diode laser. Knowing all the pros and cons of both types of installations, we chose the latest generation alexandrite .

Among the many advantages of the CANDELA device, the main ones include:

  • The laser wavelength is 755 nm - this is the most optimal value for the hair melanin to absorb the radiation. Diodes have a longer wavelength. But the energy is less. Ours is cooler!
  • Effective for dark (1-3 phototypes) and light hair on light skin (1-2 phototypes). Laser hair removal with ANY LASER is ineffective for gray and completely white hair that lacks melanin.
  • Pain sensations with diode lasers are more acute (according to reviews from our patients).

When you sign up for your first test procedure, you receive a 15% discount! We also have a number of special programs with discounts!

Preparation for the procedure

Before starting the laser hair removal procedure, the doctor talks about contraindications and possible adverse reactions. It is even advisable to conduct a test laser flash on a separate area of ​​the body.

IMPORTANT! The first session is usually carried out in winter, since at this time the body is still closed and there is no tan on it.

Preparation in 1.5 months

During this period you should not sunbathe. If you need to periodically be in the open sun, then you should apply a protective cream with SPF 50 or at least SPF 15 to your skin. All types of hair removal, except shaving, are prohibited.

Preparation in two weeks

Avoid many medications and some cosmetic procedures. Regarding medications, it is prohibited to take: sulfonamides, fluoroquinolones, tetracyclines. Hormonal therapy also needs to be canceled and rescheduled. Antiviral drugs can be taken. Regarding cosmetic procedures, it is prohibited to use alcohol-containing lotions and tonics on the skin.

In several days

Shaving hair. It is done a few days before hair removal so that the hairs have time to grow 3-4 mm. If the hairs are shorter, the laser will not “see” them; the longer the hairs, the more painful the procedure will be. Although everything will depend on the type of laser and the sensitivity of your skin.

ATTENTION! Some masters advise shaving your hair the day before or even before work. These days it is prohibited to visit baths, saunas, and swimming pools. Since there is a risk of skin pigmentation due to exposure to high temperatures and chlorine. The effect is the same as with tanning.

15 minutes before the session

Remove all makeup and other cosmetics from the skin. The pain threshold is determined using one laser flash, after which a decision is made on the application of painkillers.


It so happened that I only had three hair removal sessions, and then I left for another country, so the course was interrupted. But as a result of 3 procedures, I can say the following - 75% of the hair disappeared forever, the remaining hair became very, very thin and light, it grows very slowly, after shaving the skin remains smooth for several days, and after using an electric epilator - for almost a month. Several months have passed since the last procedure, I was still afraid that my hair would grow back - but it didn’t. As I understand it, the most important thing is to do all the recommended procedures and not stop halfway. The procedure is expensive, but it is worth it, especially since the intervals between procedures are almost 2.5 months, during which time you can accumulate the required amount. Your legs will really be smooth, even if a couple of hairs remain, it’s not that bad. As soon as the opportunity arises, I’ll finish off the remaining fluff, and my happiness will know no bounds.


The result is this: 5 sessions and I haven’t even thought about shaving my bikini line hair for 5 years. and only last year the hairs began to emerge, so I already signed up for this torture. Important: you should not sunbathe two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure. Pigment spots may appear in the procedure area. I personally rated this procedure 100 points. Many are dissatisfied with the result, and here it is worth taking into account the individuality of each person. It's worth a try.


I have hair everywhere, forgive me for the details: on my butt, in my butt, on my legs, and on my labia!! I’ve been in a state of hysterics for two weeks, apparently they came out of all the dormant bulbs, and there were an insane amount of them!!! The last time I had electrolysis and waxing was in November, and now it’s February! A terrible irritation began on my butt from the stubble, everything was pricking, itching, and hurting!! I applied all sorts of antiseptic ointments! Two weeks passed! I don’t see any point in waiting anymore, I’m already squirming just from this discomfort!! I’m dreaming and I see how I’ll show up at the clinic and run to the electrolysis to clean it all up!! You could say I'm counting the days of this moment!!


From time immemorial, women were ready to do a lot for smooth and well-groomed skin. Modern technologies of aesthetic cosmetology allow you to get closer to the desired result, without making compromises with your own convenience. Thanks to the laser hair removal method, today beauty no longer requires sacrifice from women.

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Types of hair removal

There are several types of lasers, none of them can be called ideal. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to laser hair removal, there is ELOS hair removal and photoepilation.

Laser hair removal is carried out using three main types of devices:

  1. Alexandrite (Alexandrite).
  2. Diode (diode).
  3. ND:YAG LP (neodymium).

REFERENCE! These techniques are based on electromagnetic radiation, which focuses on the hair follicle without damaging neighboring tissue.

Photoepilation. It is performed not on lasers, but on photosystems. It is also called IPL, or quantum hair removal. This method is based on the work of krypton lamps, the effect of which is similar to a photo flash. This is a kind of cheap analogue of laser exposure.

ELOS hair removal. This is an abbreviation of two words - electro-optical synergism, that is, a combination of two types of energy. Their action is similar to laser removal, but it is a completely different hair removal technique. A combination of electrolysis and laser hair removal is used here. Due to the effects of current, pain and undesirable consequences may be felt.

Reason 1. The smell of burnt skin

We believe that we are talking about the smell of burnt hair, not leather. The smell of burnt skin may only appear if there is an obvious severe burn. In practice, this was not the case for our clients. But this is possible on any equipment if: a) the master has set the parameters too high; b) the client ignored the recommendations and, for example, scrubbed the area before the procedure, or violated other pre-preparation points.

If we talk about the smell of burnt hair, then yes, it can be. During the procedure, we leave a small hair gap of 1mm for a good effect. And, if the hair is hard enough, it will get slightly scorched. This is typical when working on any laser installations. Because the operating principle is the same for everyone.

Skin phototypes

Skin phototypes are determined depending on the amount of melanin pigment in the skin, hair and iris of the eyes.

If you know your phototype, it will be easier to choose a laser for hair removal, the frequency of flashes, as well as dermal care products.

The phototype is determined using the Fitzpatrick scale. These are generally accepted standards.

1-phototype – CelticPeople have porcelain skin, often with the presence of freckles. People usually have red or blonde hair. Due to the low level of pigmentation, the skin practically does not tan. Laser hair removal is contraindicated.
2-phototype – Aryan or NordicIvory skin, practically no freckles. Light eyes and brown hair. Do not tan for a long time. You can only get a light shade. The best means of hair removal are diode and alexandrite laser .
3-phototype – dark EuropeanThe skin is dark, warm shades. Hair color is most often brown and dark eye color. The tan goes on beautifully and evenly. The efficiency of laser hair removal is high.
4-phototype – Southern European or MediterraneanThe skin is dark with a bronze tint. Hair and eyes are dark. When using alexandrite and diode lasers there is a risk of getting burned; the ideal option is a neodymium laser.
5-phototype – Middle Eastern or IndonesianVery dark skin and dark, coarse hair. Virtually no sunburn. A diode laser type is suitable here.
6th phototype – African, this also includes Australian aboriginesRich chocolate-colored skin and thick, coarse hair. Any laser treatments on such hair will be problematic.

About skin types and choosing the right laser

It is known that the laser must be selected based on the patient’s skin and hair type. For some types - Celtic, Nordic and African American - a consultation with a dermatologist is required before undergoing laser hair removal procedures. The doctor will also help you choose a harmless laser.

Classification by T.B. Fitzpatrick is widely used in aesthetic cosmetology

Table: Skin types according to T.B. classification Fitzpatrick

Type nameDescriptionDangersLaser selection
ICelticMilky skin color, presence of freckles. Hair is blond, ash, red. Those with gray hair also belong to this type. High risk of sunburn, sensitivity to wind and salt waterDiode or AFT
IINordic, AryanLight skin, no freckles. Hair is blond, red or brown. Average risk of sunburnDiode or AFT
IIIDark EuropeanSlightly dark skin. Hair is dark brown or brown. NoneAny
IVSouthern European, MediterraneanDark olive skin. The hair is brown. NoneAny
VMiddle Eastern, IndonesianVery dark skin. The hair is dark. NoneAny
VIAfrican AmericanVery dark skin, one tone darker than type V. Black hair. Risk of hyperpigmentation due to poor quality cosmetic proceduresLaser exposure is not recommended or only after consultation with a doctor

Types of laser devices

There are laser devices of the following types:

  1. The ruby ​​laser is the very first type of laser; it began to be used back in the 20th century. The advantage is that it is the most inexpensive in comparison with other types. Ineffective on fair and tanned skin.
  2. Alexandrite laser was first released in the 90s of the last century. Ineffective on blond and gray hair. Among the minuses, it is also worth noting the risk of burns, and due to the lack of a cooling system, the procedure will be lengthy.
  3. Neodymium laser – has deeper penetration into the hair follicles. Effectively copes with tattoos and spider veins. Regarding the minus: it does not cope well with blond and gray hair.
  4. Diode laser is effective for light hair and very dark skin. Due to maximum deep penetration into skin cells, it is able to remove hair efficiently.


Thus, we conclude that healthy competition is wonderful! But serious misinformation, unreliable, false facts, firstly, this is disrespect for your client, secondly, it puts the salon master personally in an awkward position and forces the client to be misled, and thirdly, this is punishable by law.

From January 1, 2022, all advertising will be subject to regulation and control. A bill has been adopted that introduces criminal liability for libel on the Internet, the media and public speeches. According to it, punishment is provided in the form of a fine of up to 1 million rubles. or in the amount of wages or other income of the convicted person for a period of up to one year.

So, hire good copywriters, SMM specialists, study advertising, and you won’t have to blush or be nervous about paying fines.

Beautiful, truthful advertising will always look nicer and more attractive than a message with a negative aspect and open comparison.

Do not forget that a good result of laser hair removal depends on the correctness of the procedure. The body of each of us is unique; the same parameters can have completely different reactions. Therefore, the work of specialists is carried out individually with each patient. Practice, a trained hand and constant improvement of the level of education are important. Good luck to you and constant development!

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