Photos of the most beautiful tennis players in swimsuits: Sharapova, Bouchard, Wozniacki, Sabalenka, Azarenka

Already on Monday, January 4, the draws for the first tennis tournaments of the 2021 season will take place. In the meantime, the most beautiful tennis players in the world have the last opportunity to plunge into the warm sea, dive into the pool, and show their fans their athletic figure in a swimsuit.

The unsolved mystery of the most seductive "tennis player." The history of famous photography

Victoria Azarenka (Belarus)

In 2020, Victoria had one of the best seasons in recent memory, despite its very truncated format. The Belarusian tennis player won the Premier 5 tournament in Cincinnati and then reached the final of the US Open - for the first time at a Grand Slam competition in the last seven years. As a result, Azarenka finished the year as the 13th racket in the world. By the way, it was at the Australian Open, which will be held in February, that Victoria achieved her greatest success in slams - she was twice champion (2012, 2013).

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Arina Sharapova

Arina Ayanovna Sharapova is a popular Russian TV presenter, journalist, and public figure. Arina Sharapova is the founder and president of the Moscow School of Arts and Media Technologies, which deals with the creative development of children and adolescents.

Arina Sharapova's childhood and education

Arina Ayanovna Sharapova was born on May 30, 1961 in Moscow.

Father - Ayan Veniaminovich Sharapov (born 1932). He was born in the port of Ayan, Khabarovsk Territory, receiving such an exotic name in connection with this. In Yakut, Ayan means “path”. At the beginning of his working career he was an engineer, then he graduated from the Foreign Trade Academy and began working at the USSR Ministry of Trade. He made a successful career as a diplomat.

Mother - Anna Ivanovna Sharapova (born February 9, 1930), a teacher by training, worked as a translator in.

Grandfather (paternal) - Veniamin Sharapov - was a professor at St. Petersburg University, studied ethnography, and was a specialist in the Tungusic language. Before the revolution he lived in China. My paternal grandmother, Taisiya Sharapova , was a philologist and knew the Manchu language. Graduated from St. Petersburg University.

Arina Sharapova spent her childhood in the Middle East. But so that the girl would not have to change schools due to her father’s moves, Arina was sent to Moscow to live with her grandparents.

Arina was a conscientious student and studied well. She had a penchant for humanities subjects. Sharapova's favorite pastime as a schoolgirl is reading. Arina reread her entire home library. Arina Sharapova, as stated in her biography on Wikipedia, was interested in cinema as a teenager. Her favorite foreign actresses were Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve . Even then, the girl was thinking about her future profession - thoughts about a career in television appeared.

However, Arina Sharapova chose a different education and entered the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University with a degree in applied sociology. While studying at the university, Sharapova worked in the library.

In the photo: Arina Sharapova in her youth

After graduating from Moscow State University in 1984, the girl entered the correspondence department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages ​​named after Maurice Thorez with a degree in English translator. During this period, Arina Sharapova already worked at RIA Novosti as a journalist (since 1985).

Arina Sharapova's career

At the RIA Novosti news agency, a young journalist wrote articles on political topics. However, unexpectedly, radical changes occurred in the biography of Arina Sharapova. Arina accidentally came to the attention of one of the employees who was selecting a candidate for the vacancy of a TV presenter. And Arina Sharapova worked in this capacity from 1988 to 1991. Later, journalist and writer Oleg Poptsov , who at that time was the chairman of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, having considered the talent of the young journalist, offered her a job on the RTR channel. Arina began hosting the Vesti program.

In 1991, Arina Sharapova became the host of the Russian-American television program “60 Minutes”. Sharapova confidently climbed the career ladder. She made useful contacts and friends.

1996−1998 Arina Sharapova worked as the host of the information program “Time” on ORT. But then she had to give up this post to Sergei Dorenko .

In the photo: sports commentator Vasily Kiknadze and Arina Sharapova live on the Vremya program, 1998. (Photo: Valentin Kuzmin/TASS)

Having left for another channel, Sharapova tried herself as a talk show host. She had fast-moving programs “Arina” (1998−1999), “Meeting place with Arina Sharapova” (1999−2000).

Despite the problems at work, Arina Sharapova did not abandon her natural optimism. She left Moscow and in 2000-2001 began working on Krasnoyarsk television.

But in July 2001, Arina Sharapova returned to the capital. She was invited to the role of presenter in the Channel One program “Good Morning”.

From 2007 to 2010, Arina also hosted the “Fashionable Verdict” program. Then she was the host of the TV game “The Best Husband” (2013).

In the photo: editor-in-chief of Official magazine Evelina Khromchenko, fashion designer Slava Zaitsev and TV presenter Arina Sharapova (from left to right) during the filming of the Fashion Sentence program on Channel One of Russian television, 2007. (Photo: Ruslan Roshchupkin/TASS)

Among the latest projects, we can note the series of documentaries “Island of Crimea”, released in 2014.

Social and political activities of Arina Sharapova

Before the Russian presidential elections in 2012, Arina Sharapova alternated with Pyotr Tolstoy in pre-election debates. Sergei Sobyanin's confidant in the Moscow mayoral elections.

Since April 2016, Arina Sharapova has been Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Moscow.

In the photo: Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Moscow Arina Sharapova (Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS)

In September 2016, Arina Ayanovna Sharapova became a confidant of the United Russia party in the elections to the State Duma of the 7th convocation.

In addition, Arina Sharapova is the president of the School of Arts and Media Technologies, which she founded.

Personal life of Arina Sharapova

Arina Sharapova has been married four times.

Arina Sharapova's first marriage took place when the girl was 18 years old. Her husband was the poet Oleg Borushko . The couple had a son, Danila. However, the young people lived together for five years. When Arina was left alone with her son in her arms, her parents helped her raise the baby.

Sharapova's second marriage was with Sergei Vladimirovich Alliluyev (born October 28, 1959). He is a journalist, nephew of Stalin's , Nadezhda Alliluyeva . The marriage lasted seven years.

In her third marriage, Arina Sharapova’s husband was Kirill Evgenievich Legat (born June 21, 1961), a television producer.

Arina Sharapova's fourth husband is businessman Eduard Kartashov , a former military man, a lieutenant commander in the navy in reserve. At this time, Kartashov is a manager in a large company, a businessman.

In the photo: Arina Sharapova with her husband Eduard Kartashov (Photo: Alexander Saverkin/TASS)

Arina has two grandchildren - Nikita and Stepan, whom she adores.

Arina loves cats, Moscow and the writer Bulgakov . As a child, she was not distinguished by grace and could eat a kilogram of truffles in one sitting. He still loves bun cakes. Doesn't follow diets. Favorite dish is fried potatoes with meat. Favorite drink is gin and tonic.

In the photo: Arina Sharapova with her grandchildren (Photo:

Arina Sharapova is an energetic and open person. She travels with pleasure and loves to relax in Crimea, where she meets with her colleagues over a cup of tea. Among Arina's friends are Edward Radzinsky , Dmitry Kiselev and Vyacheslav Zaitsev .

In an interview, when asked how she feels about life, the resilient TV presenter says: “Life. I'm really enjoying myself, I'm having a blast. I think that maybe my mother set me up correctly at one time. She told me: every second of your life is happiness, enjoy it. We need to get to this point. I couldn’t do it before.”

Rumors about plastic surgery

Lately, Arina Sharapova has become incredibly prettier. The 55-year-old TV presenter published a photo on the microblog in which she looks at most forty years old. The star does not talk about the procedures that helped her regain her youth. It is known that Arina Sharapova is against Botox and plastic surgery.

In 2022, TV presenter Elena Malysheva published a video on Instagram from the filming of the program “Live Healthy!”, the guest of which was her colleague and friend, 55-year-old Arina Sharapova. Sharapova came to visit Elena to demonstrate the result of her weight loss - Arina got rid of 11 extra pounds.

In the photo: Arina Sharapova on the set of the program “Live Healthy!” with Elena Malysheva (Photo:

Fans of Sharapova are sure that such changes in appearance are impossible without plastic surgery. Many of Sharapova's followers on Instagram suggested that she had blepharoplasty to achieve an “open” look, a contour facelift and resorted to various beauty injections on her face and décolleté.

Arina Sharapova's ex-husband - Sergei Alliluyev

Soon after breaking up with her first husband, Arina met Sergei Alliluyev. He worked as a journalist. It turned out that the young man was the nephew of I.V. Stalin’s deceased wife.

Soon love broke out between the young people. Literally after 3 days of meeting they began to live together. A year after they met, the lovers formalized their relationship.

After some time, the spouses often began to quarrel, which ultimately led to their separation.

Arina Sharapova's ex-husband, Sergei Alliluyev, did not communicate with the woman after the divorce. He believed and still believes that she was to blame for their divorce. And he looks at his sprees positively. He says that it is typical for a man to lead such a lifestyle.

Arina Sharapova's ex-husband - Oleg Borushko

The young people met during their student days. An 18-year-old girl fell in love with Oleg at first sight. She dreamed of living with him, raising children and dying with her beloved on the same day. Young people wandered the streets of Moscow. He read her his own poems. Arina was happy. She considered her beloved the best in the world.

Soon the young man proposes. Arina immediately agreed. After the wedding, the couple lived in perfect harmony. They were happy about the birth of their first child, whom they named Daniel.

But after a few years they realized that their relationship had run its course and divorced.

She currently calls Arina Sharapova's ex-husband Oleg Borushko one of her best friends.

Truth or myth: Arina Sharapova had plastic surgery

The best way to understand whether a star has undergone plastic surgery is to look at photographs before and after Arina Sharapova’s plastic surgery. When she celebrated her fifty-sixth birthday, in May, after the spring, she came on air as a completely different person. In such a new body, she appeared on the show “Let Them Talk” with Andrei Malakhov. People said that if it weren't for the voice and captions on the screen, they would never have thought that this was the same presenter.

If you compare most photographs, for example, at thirty-five and fifty-five years old, you will hardly find any changes there. The contour is very tight and the skin in the facial area is smooth. At the moment, the presenter seems at least twenty years younger.

The presence of blepharoplasty was confirmed by plastic surgeons. Hyaluronic acid injections, contour facelift, and rhinoplasty were also confirmed. As it is already becoming clear, Arina Sharapova has undergone plastic surgery, just look at photographs of past years and current ones.

It also turned out that so-called gentle facial plastic surgery was performed. In fact, it is very difficult to confirm any plastic surgery on Arina’s appearance, because a huge number of plastic surgeons have exquisite and delicate work, and not every person is able to recognize their lifting methods. Because after it the face remains the same, but this is not at all the case.

Former common-law husband of Arina Sharapova - Kirill Legat

Arina met a man on television. He is a producer. They immediately began to live together. A successful producer helped establish Arina’s career at the very beginning. They were inseparable: both at home and at work. But soon it was work that became the stumbling block because of which they broke up.

Arina Sharapova's former common-law husband, Kirill Legat, after breaking up with his former lover, tried to ruin her career. It was because of him that she had to leave the ORT TV channel for several years.

Currently, the former lovers do not communicate. The legate married another woman after the separation. Now he is the father of two sons.

Height, weight, age. How old is Arina Sharapova

Interest in the personality of the popular television presenter does not subside. TV viewers are interested in everything related to this multifaceted personality, including height, weight, age, how old is Arina Sharapova. In May 2022, the Russian TV presenter will turn 57 years old. Despite her already serious age, she looks younger than her years.

With a height of 165 cm, she weighs 75 kg, as became known from Timur Kizyakov’s program “While everyone is at home.”

Arina Sharapova, whose photos in her youth and now are presented on the website of the First TV Channel as a single photo, adheres to a healthy diet. But the woman says that sometimes she can break down and eat a whole chocolate bar. But then she is forced to go on a strict diet to lose weight.

TV career

In her first year at the language institute, Arina Sharapova realized her inclination towards journalism and got a job as a special correspondent in the editorial office of an international news agency. In 1985, Arina took part in the casting for the position of TV presenter at the Novosti Press Agency (APN) and became part of the largest news agency in the USSR. Sharapova worked like this for 4 years.

Arina Sharapova in her youth

Another sharp turn in Arina’s career occurred in 1991, when she was noticed by the legendary Soviet journalist, writer and head of VGTRK, Oleg Poptsov. He noted Arina’s talent and charm and invited the girl to become the host of the Vesti program on the RTR channel. Soon Sharapova began receiving letters with words of admiration from new fans. Thanks to the attention of the audience, Arina was also entrusted with the role of the host of the Russian-American program “60 Minutes”. Arina became the face of the VGTRK television channel.

Arina Sharapova in the “Time” program

In the mid-90s, the concept of the Vesti program changed a lot, and Sharapova, according to the producers, no longer fit into it. Arina was asked to leave “prime time” and her appearance on the screen was moved to daytime. The TV presenter was not very happy with this state of affairs, so she was already planning to leave VGTRK. At the same time, Konstantin Ernst invited her to ORT’s “Time” program, and Arina readily agreed.

TV presenter Arina Sharapova

In the summer of 1998, Sharapova’s career as a news presenter ended - the place of the presenter in the program was taken by Sergei Dorenko, who was her immediate supervisor at that time. According to Arina, she left ORT without scandals or litigation. Talk show “Arina” with Lyudmila Gurchenko In the same year, Sharapova’s author’s project “Arina” launched on NTV. A year later, in 1999, the show closed, and Arina was left practically unemployed. The presenter was saved by an offer to become the host of the “Meeting Place” program in Krasnoyarsk. Until 2000, the highest officials in the city came to interview Sharapova, and with her presence the presenter made the program one of the highest rated. The TV presenter worked on a “shift” basis: she flew to the shooting, looked at the material and flew back to Moscow. In one of her interviews, Arina shared her feelings about such a schedule:

Do you think I’ll talk about how I suffered then and how unhappy I felt? Nothing like that! You know, I know how to feel happy even when everything is bad for me. I have a very acute awareness that there is nothing more valuable than life in the world, and everything connected with it can be solved!

While the TV presenter was working tirelessly in the early 2000s, rumors spread around the television crowd that Sharapova went to Siberia to help shape the image of the governor of Krasnoyarsk, General Alexander Lebed.
Arina quickly responded to the rumors, saying that she considers herself a statesman, so she does not consider her work in the team of a good leader to be shameful. In 2002, Ernst invited Sharapova to host the Good Morning program, and she agreed. Since then, Arina Ayanovna has practically become the “face” of ORT, and later of Channel One.

Arina Sharapova has been hosting Good Morning since 2002

From 2007 to 2010, in parallel with the morning broadcasts, Arina Sharapova participated in the “Fashionable Sentence” project as an expert. During the same period, the TV presenter again found herself in politics, becoming the host of TV debates before the presidential election.

In 2014, Arina created a series of documentaries “Island of Crimea” about the sights of the peninsula. At the same time, the presenter became the heroine of numerous television programs and as a guest, starting with “Perfect Repair” and ending with the program “My Hero,” to which she was invited by her friend, writer Tatyana Ustinova. By the way, it was Arina who became the prototype for one of her novels, “Goddess of Prime Time.”

My hero. Arina Sharapova Since 2015, Arina Sharapova has headed the working group of the Council under the President of Russia on the implementation of state policy in the field of protecting children and families. Arina Ayanovna actively became an active participant in meetings of the Federation Council regarding children's projects and the development of adolescents in the Internet space. As a member of the Moscow Public Chamber, Sharapova received gratitude from Mayor Sergei Sobyanin for her active position on many pressing issues.

Arina Sharapova in the Council under the President of Russia

In August 2022, Sharapova began hosting the “Ten Photos” program on the Zvezda TV channel, where participants talk about moments from their lives taking place in photographs.

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