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CC, or “color control,” cream is a lightweight product that can be used in place of foundation or as a base for makeup. CC cream helps conceal skin imperfections such as redness or hyperpigmentation, while also protecting your skin from sun damage and treating blemishes, fine lines and age spots. It's easy to apply, all you need is your fingers or a makeup brush!

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  • How to apply CC cream?
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  • Rating of the best CC creams for dry skin
  • Rating of the best CC creams for oily and combination skin
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What is CC cream?

CC-cream is a cosmetic product that is an improved version of BB-cream. That is, it retained all the properties of a BB cream: care, restoration, sun protection, and plus it received a number of its own features.

CC stands for color management, or color grading, meaning this tool is aimed at controlling and correcting complexion. This is why CC creams not only perfectly even out the complexion, but also mask redness and dark circles under the eyes. This tool was intended by its creators as a proofreader. In addition, CC cream is invisible on the skin, since after application it adapts to the complexion. CC creams are available from cosmetic companies in several shades, so you don't have to worry about having difficulty choosing a shade.

Reviews of the product promise that you will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of your face and that you should use this type of product:

  • If you have fine lines, wrinkles and/or age spots, you will notice a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and freckles will become invisible
  • If you have uneven skin tone, these creams will improve your complexion
  • If you want your skin to look younger, with the vibrant coverage that older skin may lack.
  • If you want skin care benefits including providing nourishing moisture where your skin needs it most and helping your skin better retain that moisture.
  • If you want to improve epithelial cell turnover

So not only will your skin look better cosmetically immediately after application, but continued use will continue to benefit your skin with a cumulative effect.

The magic of CC cream “color correction” has less to do with precisely matching your skin tone and more to do with camouflaging problem areas.

If you're a skincare aficionado, you're probably already familiar with color theory and its applications to cosmetics.

According to color theory, “fixing” your complexion is not a matter of covering up imperfections, but rather a matter of neutralizing redness and shading blues and purples.

When you shop for the right shade of CC cream for your skin tone, you're taking the guesswork out of color correction as the product tends to tone even and blend into your skin.

CC creams are infused with light-reflecting particles that claim to conceal skin that:

  • yellowish
  • Red
  • tired
  • pigmented

Review of CC creams from popular manufacturers

When buying CC cream, pay attention not so much to the brand, but to the composition and declared properties. Expensive is not necessarily high quality, and vice versa. You can purchase any of the presented products in most physical or online stores.

CC cream "Seracin" Librederm

Like all products in the Seratsin series, the action of the tinting cream is aimed at solving the problems of oily skin. Therefore, the product promises not only to hide imperfections, but also to reduce inflammation, moisturize and regulate the amount of sebum secreted right at the cellular level. Of course, this is a marketing exaggeration, but overall, CC copes well with the main tasks. It actually contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic components, the main of which are:

  • sulfur;
  • zinc;
  • plant extracts;
  • citric and glycolic acids.

They promote healing and mattification of the skin, improve complexion. The coverage is light, although the texture of the cream itself cannot be called airy. The big advantage is that it does not fall anywhere and does not fall into the pores. But the product has only one shade, and it is quite dark and with an orange undertone. Poorly adjusted. A 30 ml tube costs around 320–456 rubles.

CC cream "Seracin" Librederm is not suitable for too light skin

Foundation CC cream C'est Magic L'oreal Paris SPF 20

A highly targeted CC cream designed to even out skin tone and neutralize redness. It is green in color, but contains microgranules with tinting pigments that dissolve during application. Gives the skin radiance and moisturizes well - fig extract is responsible for this. The only downside is that the color is poorly adjusted; on a very fair face the product looks tacky.

Cost - 579 rub. for 30 ml of product.

In addition to moisturizing fig extract, L'oreal Paris cream contains antioxidant components

Bourjois 123 Perfect Color Correcting Cream SPF 15

The attractiveness of Bourjois CC cream lies in the simultaneous use of 3 pigments:

  • peach - removes fatigue and adds radiance;
  • green - masks redness;
  • white - evens out color and hides spots.

Like most others, CC is oil-free and has a light texture. White tea extract is used as a skincare component. The consistency is liquid, which is why it spreads poorly over porous and oily skin. The cream may seem unstable to some, but this depends on individual characteristics. Price in online stores for 30 ml - from 382 to 660 rubles.

In some cases, CC cream 123 Perfect appears on the skin in streaks and “settles” in the pores

Video: test drive Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Color Correcting Cream 6 in 1 Lumene SPF 20

One of the most popular and frequently purchased CC creams is the 6 in 1 product from Lumene. The manufacturer positions it as a hypoallergenic and “unique” product that:

  • smoothes;
  • blends into the skin;
  • hides flaws;
  • lasts for 24 hours;
  • protects against harmful ultraviolet radiation;
  • provides skin with radiance.

But, as often happens, not everything is so wonderful. Color Correcting Cream Lumene is not suitable for dry, porous and excessively oily skin, and the coverage remains uniform for no more than 5-6 hours. Without fixing makeup, the product will strive to roll into wrinkles, pores or creases.

There are several customizable shades available. They darken after application, so it’s better to go a shade lighter. The price for a 30 ml tube is between 900 and 1000 rubles.

Lumene cosmetics are not tested on animals

Andalou Naturals CC 1000 Roses “Color + Correct” SPF 30

Organic CC cream 1000 Roses “Color + Correct” is intended for the care, protection and correction of sensitive skin. The composition contains a large number of useful ingredients:

  • zinc oxide;
  • aloe juice;
  • polyhydroxystearic acid;
  • jojoba oil;
  • plant extracts;
  • rose isolates, etc.

The cream moisturizes and soothes, evens out the shade slightly. The consistency is light, although due to the natural ingredients it is quite oily. That's why the finish comes out brilliant. The shade of the product is universal, but on the skin it can reveal a yellowish-red undertone - not a very good choice for fair-skinned people.

The product is sold on the iHerb resource and costs from 1000 to 1500, depending on promotions and discounts.

The organic composition can easily cause allergies or irritation - be sure to test the product before use

La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Creme SPF 30

Rosaliac CC Creme is designed for sensitive and irritation-prone skin. Visually refreshes the face, masks redness and rosacea, making blood vessels less noticeable. The product is based on:

  • ambophenol - soothes inflammation and removes redness;
  • shea butter - maintains hydrolipid balance;
  • natural pigments - correct the relief and color of the skin.

The disadvantages of this CC cream include its composition, which, in addition to perfume fragrance, includes chemical UV filters and other dubious “impurities”. And the price cannot be said to be completely budget-friendly - about 1,740 rubles. for 50 ml.

The product has only 1 shade and does not adapt well to light skin tones

Giorgio Armani Luminessence Color Control Cream SPF 35

Luminessence foundation evens out the complexion, eliminating signs of fatigue. In addition to pigment and moisturizing ingredients, the product contains antioxidants, vegetable oils and shiny particles. True, if for some this is a plus, then for others glitter will seem like a definite drawback.

Luminessence Color Control Cream costs from 1609 to 2192 rubles. Satin finish without flaking. On the contrary, the face is visually refreshed.

Giorgio Armani is an Italian brand, although its decorative cosmetics are produced in France

Corrective Holy Land Age Defense CC Cream SPF 50

Age Defense CC cream is notable for its high SPF factor, containing filters against UVA and UVB radiation. It is aimed at combating the signs of age and is recommended for women over 40 years of age. The manufacturer promises that regular use of the product improves the appearance of the skin, reduces existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. Can replace foundation and makeup base. Sold in a glass jar with a convenient dispenser, 50 ml - 2130 RUR.

The active ingredients are:

  • ginkgo biloba;
  • lemon acid;
  • vitamins C and E;
  • green tea.

The consistency of the cream is quite liquid and sticky, the application density is closer to medium. The finish is more glossy than matte - not a very good option if you have an oily sheen. In addition, the consumption of funds cannot be called economical.

HL Cosmetics Age Defense CC Cream adapts well to the complexion and helps retain moisture in the epidermis

Clinique Moisture surge Hydrating Color Corrector Cream SPF 30

CC cream from Clinique is suitable for dry, dehydrated and normal skin. Does not contain oils, artificial fragrances and parabens, but perfectly moisturizes, makes the face soft and velvety. Medium coverage with a relatively dense texture allows you to mask most cosmetic imperfections. Active components:

  • vitamin E;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • rosemary, etc.

The disadvantages include a wet finish. After application, the cream should be set with powder and corrected with mattifying wipes during the day. Because of this, Hydrating CC Cream is not suitable for oily skin and hot weather. Price of the full-size version with a volume of 40 ml: 2900 rub.

Some women note that soon after applying Clinique Moisture surge Hydrating CC Cream oxidizes and begins to “yellow”

Complete Correction Cream Chanel SPF 50

Chanel CC cream boasts not only good sun protection, but also skin care properties. It has a complex effect on the skin:

  • corrects age-related changes and complexion, visually smoothes wrinkles;
  • moisturizes;
  • protects against harmful environmental influences;
  • SPF includes UVA and UVB spectra, which prevents the development of photoaging and dehydration;
  • gives a natural glow.

One of the advantages of Chanel cream is its durability. If applied to prepared skin, makeup will last up to 8 hours. But on a simply cleaned face, it will most likely “float” in the second half of the day, emphasizing previously hidden imperfections. The product also reluctantly adapts to your complexion—you need to choose the shade carefully.

Due to the popularity of the brand, the price of CC cream varies greatly: from 2900 to 9000 rubles. for a volume of 30 ml.

Zinc Oxide in the composition acts as a sun filter, but be careful - the component can cause isolated rashes or allergies

Benefits of CC Cream

Corrects skin color

You might be wondering what's so special about a concealer when foundation and concealer give the same results.

There are many colorful concealers on the market that effectively correct color imperfections using the color wheel as a guide. The rule is that colors on opposite sides of the wheel cancel each other.

So, the green corrector corrects pink spots and redness, while the purple one takes care of yellow spots. Read the complete guide to using BB cream

But here's what's special about CC cream - you don't need multiple colors to correct skin tone imperfections. More importantly, it not only provides color-correcting properties.

Preventive and corrective functions

CC creams have both preventive and corrective properties with a long-lasting effect. For example, several CC creams can whiten and brighten skin, provide UV protection, and reduce fine lines.

Other effects also include reducing dark spots and several also counteract any redness on the skin.

Because of their flexibility, CC creams have grown in popularity as more people become too busy to spend long hours in front of the mirror.

These products make the often difficult application of makeup easier. For some people, CC cream provides enough coverage to justify skipping other products like foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

You can think of it as a product that combines the goodness of makeup and skin care into one.


The purpose of CC cream is to correct skin problems and care for it. In order for it to show its best side, you need to follow several rules for its use:

  1. Apply only along massage lines.
  2. You can apply it with your fingers, but it is recommended to use a beauty blender or brush.
  3. It is better to treat the area around the eyes with concealer.
  4. CC cream can be used either alone or with a moisturizer.
  5. To complete the correction, apply foundation on top. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Clinic’s facial moisturizing cream in this material.

How to choose CC cream for dry skin?

Here are five things you need to know before you buy CC cream:

1. Don't let CC creams replace your daily moisturizer.

Half the products we tested didn't moisturize at all. Consumer testers reported that they still had to add moisturizer, even to ones that showed good hydration properties.

2. Check your SPF (And don't rely solely on your CC cream for sun protection.)

Even the most generous dollop of CC cream will often not be enough to protect your face from the sun.

3. Make sure you get the coverage you want.

Our volunteer testers with mature skin noted that they needed more coverage, which was surprising since CC creams promise to correct skin discoloration and age spots. We found that CC creams were most suitable for people who love the look of tinted moisturizers but need more coverage for a natural-looking makeup look.

4. Make sure the color matches your skin tone.

Most CC creams are only available in three shades: fair-light, light-medium and medium-deep. Consumer testers were very pleased with how well it blended with their skin tone, and they praised its ability to provide natural-looking coverage.

5. Don't rely solely on your CC cream for anti-aging benefits

It's a good practice to complement CC cream with anti-aging products already in your daily routine.

The difference between CC cream and its friends

BB cream is a German innovation that in recent years has won the hearts of residents of other countries, including Russian women. The main advantage is that by applying tone, you take care of your skin. The composition contains antioxidants and SPF, and many other important components - it all depends on which brand you choose. Their structure is somewhat lighter than foundation, but heavier than tinted moisturizer. Despite the fact that the composition of your BB cream may match the benefits of the serum, do not forget that the concentration level of these components is still somewhat different than in skincare products. This is especially true for the sun protection function - the product does not provide it in its entirety.

The difference between CC cream and this representative of the German beauty industry is subtle and important. CC cream is primarily a color correcting product. It often contains scattering particles that help hide redness and various nuances and create a natural glow. In addition, it has a softer, whipped and delicate texture, which only the most advanced BB creams have. In general, a lot depends on the brand, because... Often these two conditionally completely different means actually resemble each other. Another difference is that some CC creams are not so transparent, that is, they are closer to the foundation we are used to.

DD - cream is a kind of hybrid of its two brothers. It combines the properties of both and is much denser. The name comes from the phrase “daily defense” - daily protection.

Now, having understood the differences, you can move on to a closer acquaintance with CC cream.

How to choose CC cream for oily and combination skin?

Many beauty brands claim that CC cream is ideal for all skin types, even skin prone to oil accumulation. The truth is that your success with CC cream will vary greatly depending on which one you choose.

CC cream may work for oily skin - unlike BB (beauty balm) cream, CC cream tends to be less greasy and it feels lighter on the skin.

Does this mean it will work for your skin? It's hard to understand until you try.

Determine how much coverage you want. Some CC creams work as a tinted moisturizer, while others are more heavily pigmented, like a foundation. If you want more coverage, choose a product with a thicker texture and opaque color. If you prefer minimal coverage, choose a cream with a light texture and translucent color.

Indications and contraindications

CC cream is intended for facial care. Therefore, it is suitable as a means for daily moisturizing, nutrition or protection, depending on the tasks. Its second function is to disguise minor flaws. It prepares the skin for applying makeup and is also used for correction:

  • small pimples, post-acne;
  • uneven color and texture of the face;
  • bruises and redness;
  • freckles, moles and age spots.

Green CC copes well with redness, while purple masks natural blues and yellows. But white evens out the basic tone quite well and, as a rule, is accompanied by a high SPF factor.

If you plan to hide acne or acne with the help of CC cream, you should consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist

CC cream has no contraindications, except for the standard minimum. It is not used if:

  • intolerance to one or more components of the composition;
  • open skin lesions;
  • severe dermatological diseases localized on the face.

Choosing a CC cream based on individual characteristics

Owners of a normal type can afford to purchase CC cream, especially without reading the ingredients carefully. It is enough to pay attention to the general purpose, quality and shade of the product. For oily skin, choose mattifying products with absorbent and anti-inflammatory ingredients. These include:

  • essential oils;
  • zinc;
  • calendula extract;
  • aloe vera;
  • fruit acids, etc.

CC cream often turns out to be white, pink or even green - it changes color to “normal” upon contact with the skin, but it does not always adjust perfectly

In case of dryness, the “moisturizing” mark on the tube is extremely important, otherwise its contents will only emphasize existing peeling. If there is none, one of the selection factors may be the presence of snail mucin, hyaluronic acid, or the same aloe in the cream. And for freckles and pigmentation, whitening components are useful, be they plant extracts, milk or acids. Radiance is added to the face due to a satin finish or shiny particles.

Study the packaging carefully. It contains not only a beautiful description, but also useful information about the cream being purchased.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing a shade, use a sample or a mini version of the product before purchasing. CC cream is tested in the same way as foundation: the product is applied not to the wrist, but along the jaw line. You will need to wait until the tone adjusts to the skin and only then evaluate the result. The resulting shade should not stand out against the background of the face or neck, and ideally, completely match the color.

Which CC cream should I use for aging skin?

Find a CC cream formulated for your skin type. One product does not fit all in this case. Read the packaging to determine which products are formulated for your specific skin type.

  • If you have dry skin, for example, choose a CC cream made to hydrate the skin, such as one containing hyaluronic acid.
  • If you have oily skin, choose CC cream, which has an oil-free matte finish.
  • If you have sensitive skin, choose a CC cream that is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

Choose a cream that targets your problem areas. Different CC creams market different benefits, from sun protection and minimizing pores to clearing acne and lightening age spots. Think about what you want to fix and choose a product designed for that.

  • For example, choose a product with stem cell technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Also, choose a cream packed with antioxidants to minimize acne


  • Do not overdo it. Moderation is important in everything, including applying CC cream. Too much product can make your skin feel overly oily. In addition, the product may begin to slide, which, you see, is also not very pleasant. It is better to apply as Korean bloggers teach, with light patting movements, gently blending with your fingertips.
  • Even the best of the best can clog your pores. But here again it all depends on you and how you build your daily skincare routine. Yes, the product is quite light in structure, but this does not mean that in order to wash it off, you can get by with just some water. Just as with BB cream, you need to use hydrophilic oil or foam for washing.
  • We leave the sponge and brushes to the foundation artists. This, of course, is a matter of habit, but just a note: product consumption increases when using a sponge and brush. In addition, they should be thoroughly washed regularly.
  • Each skin type has its own texture. Different brands have different views and methodologies, so on shelves and in catalogs you can find both thicker color-correcting products and translucent products with a subtle matte finish. Of course, if you have problem skin, then it is better to go with the first option. The translucent version creates the effect of a bare face, so it is more suitable for those with a normal type.

Choosing a CC Cream Tone

Over time, everyone's skin tone changes and, depending on your age, skin type or ethnicity, it may look dull and tired, yellow and faded, or red and inflamed.

This product contains ingredients to reflect light away from these imperfections, making them less noticeable. It hydrates the skin and also contains SPF 30 to provide protection.

Each shade helps color correct any skin imperfections you have, immediately improving skin tone and helping your skin look naturally radiant. It comes in several shades - extra light, light, fresh peach, light-medium, medium, medium-deep and deep.

Most CC creams are formulated in just a few shades (light, medium, and deep, for example), which doesn't really include a wide range of skin tones.

Make sure the color matches your skin tone as closely as possible. If possible, take samples of several different brands of CC cream and test them next to your jaw to find which kind matches your skin tone best. The cream should blend easily with your skin tone and not look chalky or like a mask.

Lumene CC cream Absolute perfection SPF 20, 30 ml


The cc cream presented by Lumene is ideal for all skin types. It heals various rashes, couperose, irritation and acne especially well. Acts as a powerful antioxidant. It contains an extract from Arctic lingonberries, which resists age-related changes and ensures youthful and radiant skin. Also important components are reflective particles, which ensure radiance and healthy skin tone from the inside.

Lumene CC cream Absolute perfection SPF 20, 30 ml


  • versatility of shades, from light beige to dark brown
  • heals the skin from the inside
  • composition of reflective particles


  • not detected

Difference between CC cream and BB cream

What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream? The second has a lighter texture, making it much easier to apply to the skin and applies evenly. When applying it, you will never get the feeling of a mask, but at the same time, all imperfections will be hidden. Most of these products contain reflective particles that create a natural glowing effect on the skin after applying the cream. CC cream is more suitable for regular use as it is lighter, so the skin breathes and the pores do not get clogged. What else is the difference between BB cream and CC cream? The CC-cream composition ensures high durability of the product with a long-lasting matte effect.

Overall, CC Cream is a more advanced version of BB Cream. It has a more pronounced caring effect, nourishes and moisturizes the skin well, but its coverage density is less, so the BB cream has more pronounced masking properties. Effectively treating skin imperfections is where BB cream differs from CC cream. Their description is very similar, with the exception of a few features. Both of them are good beauty products and the choice depends on your skin characteristics.

Best lists

In addition to the list of the best cosmetics and care products presented above, we have identified 3 more types of creams that differ from each other in their unique characteristics. This TOP includes:

  • Anti-aging.
  • Matting.
  • With SPF.

Let's take a closer look at each product.


The presented Israeli product became famous due to its natural composition, environmental safety, hypoallergenicity and powerful anti-aging effect. The composition is enriched with strong antioxidants that slow down the effects of free radicals and help slow down the aging of the epidermis. Equipped with a thick consistency, it is quickly absorbed into the dermis and hides serious age-related changes.

Price tag: from 1750 to 2100 rub.



The product with an incredibly soft, melting consistency tightly covers the dermis and hides its minor changes. The cream does not create a mask effect and does not have a sticky base. The composition contains natural ingredients of chamomile and aloe juice, which soothe irritations and relieve redness. The cream also has a powerful mattifying effect, giving the skin a natural glow, smoothing it and removing oily shine.

Cost : from 2630 to 2780 rubles .



This cream is equipped with a very interesting and multifunctional composition. The main ingredient is Galactomisis - yeast serum. The presented component regenerates and protects dermal cells at the outer and lower levels. The cream ideally hides imperfections: removes facial wrinkles, freckles, pimples and irritations, absorbs deeply and quickly and leaves a natural glow on the skin. It has a very high degree of SPF protection - 50.

Price: from 1090 to 2200 rubles.


Difference between CC cream and DD cream

DD cream refers to “dynamic do-all” or “daily protective” creams.

These products carry the texture of BB cream but with the addition of color-correcting CC cream particles, claiming to give you the best of all worlds. DD creams are not yet readily available in the market. DD creams have more of an anti-aging focus to reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time. Like other multi-tasking formulas, DD cream offers SPF, primer, color-correcting benefits for a hydrating, tinted formula with added anti-aging ingredients to smooth skin and reduce fine lines. I would recommend DD creams for mature skin. They help with hydration, anti-aging, and also reduce fine lines.

Andalou Naturals Mattifying CC Cream Collection 1000 Roses SPF 30, 58 ml


CC cream “1000 roses” from the American organic company Andalou Naturals pleases with its rich composition and transformative effect on problem skin. The product has a medium-dense, water-resistant texture and a rich aroma of rose essential oil, which disappears a few minutes after application. The active components of the herbal cocktail include aloe vera juice, jojoba, almond, borage oils, rosehip and grape hydrolates, hibiscus extracts, white tea, rose and orange esters. They perfectly moisturize and soften the skin, give a soothing, pigment-constricting, toning, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening effect. The foundation, available in dark and light shades, mattifies the face for a long time without drying out the effect. The presence of SPF30 will reliably protect the skin from sunburn, the formation of age spots and peeling.

Andalou Naturals Mattifying CC Cream Collection 1000 Roses SPF 30, 58 ml


  • rich organic composition
  • long lasting mattifying effect
  • 2 shades to choose from
  • anti-aging effect
  • fights the imperfections of oily skin
  • waterproof formula


  • specific aroma

The difference between CC cream and foundation

The difference between CC creams and foundation is most obvious in application as color correcting creams are a lighter textured product and glide on smoothly to provide skin care benefits including protection from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Plus, these complexion correcting creams provide more skin care benefits with ingredients designed to protect and nourish your skin. They are suitable even for oilier skin types.

How do all these “new” products stack up against the usual basics?

First, BB, CC and DD creams offer more versatility. It's easy enough to slap on some CC cream and walk out the door knowing your face is safe from sun damage and hydrated.

Traditional foundations offer more tones and take longer to apply.

What is the difference between CC cream and BB cream?

BB cream and CC cream have incredibly similar characteristics. But when purchasing one of them, it is important to know the differences. After all, these are 2 different types of foundation creams. Let's find out together how they differ from each other.

  • The components of CC cream contain much more useful and natural ingredients than BB cream.
  • The structure of CC cream is not as dense as in BB cream. It goes on easier, blends out and leaves no traces behind.
  • A cosmetic product marked CC perfectly adapts to skin tone due to the activation of special microparticles of colored pigments.
  • This product also has stronger UV protection.
  • These creams cope with yellow and reddish complexions, giving the skin a natural tone and blush , and BB only lightens the skin a little.
  • CC creams are equipped with light-reflecting particles , which gives your skin a natural glow and shimmer.

How to apply CC cream?

Cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin.

CC cream should be applied to clean skin. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser. Then, if you have oily skin, apply the toner using a cotton pad. If you have dry skin, gently apply a moisturizer.

Place small dots of CC cream on your face.

Squeeze a small amount of CC cream onto your fingers. If you want to use the product all over your face, place 1 dot on your forehead, 1 on your nose, 1 on your chin and 1 on each cheek. Otherwise, place 1 dot in each area you want to cover, such as the sides of your nose or near blemishes.

Mix the cream with a makeup brush or clean fingers.

CC cream can be applied however you prefer, whether using your fingers or a brush. Pat the cream to spread it around your face. Also, run a makeup brush over your skin to blend the cream outward.

  • If you use your fingers, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands first to remove dirt
  • Likewise, if you use a makeup brush, be sure to wash it weekly.

If desired, add more cream to problem areas.

If you want to cover blemishes more thoroughly you can simply add another small dot to problem areas such as dark circles under the eyes. Mix it with the rest of the cream to give you a smooth and even complexion.

  • Adding another layer is more effective than simply applying a large amount of product the first time.

CC cream is best used on problem areas.

Color correcting creams are best for extreme cases where foundation and concealer don't work. You should try not to put too much product on your face, and many products already have color correction in them.

Apply CC cream evenly using a makeup brush.

Whether you only use CC cream or still plan to apply foundation, use a large circular makeup brush to ensure all the product is evenly distributed. Make small circular movements with the brush, starting from the forehead and ending with the chin.

If desired, apply foundation.

CC creams smooth your skin tone and cover skin imperfections. You can use CC cream on its own, or use it as a base under your foundation. If you want to use the product as a primer, then the next step is to use clean fingers or a makeup brush to apply a small amount to the skin. Blend it thoroughly, paying special attention to your hairline and jawline.

What to look for when choosing

Any such remedy must be correctly selected. Therefore, we recommend that you look at some recommendations before purchasing a CC cream.

  1. First, determine your skin type.
  • normal skin . They will help make the dermis softer and more uniform.
  • Dry dermis should be provided with care that has a thin, watery consistency. A thick cream can dry out already dehydrated skin even more.
  • Oily and combination skin should be provided with care with a toning and matte effect, using creams of natural composition.
  1. Make sure you are tolerant of any components . To do this, apply a small amount of cream to the inside of your arm. If rashes, irritation and other allergic reactions do not appear within 20 minutes, then this remedy is suitable for you.
  2. Skin tone . There are products available on the market that suit specific skin colors. Therefore, before purchasing, consult with the sales consultant to choose the right CC cream.

Reviews about the use of CC cream

Can I apply lotion before applying CC cream?

The makeup artist's answer
is YES. Allow lotions to absorb before applying BB or CC cream. CC creams should be used as a base.

Is the CC cream a foundation or do I use it and then apply foundation?

Makeup artist's
answer CC cream can be used as a light foundation. If you want a little more full coverage, I suggest just foundation or layering two layers

Can I apply CC cream to acne-prone skin?

Makeup artist's answer

YES. There's nothing stopping you from wearing makeup on pimples, but the negative effects can be greater than the positive ones. Makeup coats and clogs pores, blemishes and pimples, leaving them unable to breathe, which can worsen your skin in the long run.

Is CC cream hypoallergenic?

Makeup artist's answer

Sometimes that's what it means, but not always. Check the back of the package to see if it is hypoallergenic, or contact the manufacturer via email or social media.

Is it possible to mix cream with a beauty blender?

Makeup artist's answer
If you mean a makeup sponge, then yes! You should use a decent size one (not too big, not too small).

Can older women use BB or CC cream? Will CC cream hide wrinkles?

Makeup Artist Answer
It won't make wrinkles look worse, but when you do, use a minimal amount. Just use it under your eyes and on your eyelids. Mix it with a beauty blender.

What do you apply first - BB cream or CC cream if you want to apply both?

Makeup artist's answer
You should only use one cream to achieve maximum results. Using two will make your makeup caked on, which looks bad. I recommend using CC cream.


The composition of the CC cream is actually quite rich. Now we will show you the main ingredients that take full care of your facial skin.

  • White tea leaves . White tea, by its properties, is a strong antioxidant that combats external harmful factors and prevents their formation and spread on the lower layers of the epidermis. Reduces the formation of age-related changes and increased skin pigmentation.
  • Green tea leaves. Ideally copes with acne, prevents redness, disinfects the skin and has an excellent healing effect. Suitable for problematic facial skin.
  • Water of marine layers. It is due to this that the texture of the CC cream is incredibly light. It also promotes improved nutrition of facial skin.
  • Macadami nut oil. It is present in almost all anti-aging products. Prevents accelerated aging of the skin, promotes its elasticity and firmness.
  • Vitamin E. Responsible for the healthy appearance of the skin and its compaction and elasticity. Reduces pigmentation, wrinkles and moisture loss. Serves as a powerful healing effect.

Rating of the best CC creams for dry skin

Beauty Style CC cream Comfort SPF 40

Think of this velvety cream as an optical illusion, but for your face. Special ingredients help reflect light particles so you're left looking super radiant without being shiny.

Osmosis Beauty CC cream for color correction

Those looking for a lighter option will love this sheer coverage formula, infused with beeswax (to help hydrate and minimize irritation.) Plus, the true-tone technology will keep people guessing whether you're wearing makeup or not.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream with SPF 30

Clinique is a CC cream that hydrates like no other while correcting redness, dullness and sallowness.

Secret Key CC cream Telling U SPF 50, 30 ml


The new product from the Russian brand Stellary was liked by domestic customers for its high-quality masking, moisturizing properties and affordable price. The product, available in 3 shades, has a dense creamy texture and a subtle aroma, easily distributed using fingers, a brush or sponge. The result of application is an even complexion, masking imperfections and an attractive moist finish. Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and vitamins A and E in the formula permanently moisturize, nourish and soften the skin, smoothing out flaking and providing an antioxidant effect. The only serious disadvantage of the Stellary CC cream is the lack of sun protection factor. But even this can be forgiven for his other advantages.

Secret Key CC cream Telling U SPF 50, 30 ml


  • available in 3 shades
  • nice texture
  • decent masking properties
  • well-groomed wet finish
  • moisturizes the skin
  • affordable price


  • no SPF

Rating of the best CC creams for oily and combination skin

CC cream LANCOME UV Expert Mineral

This CC cream can do both: sun protection and intense hydration. This formula contains SPF 50 and protects skin from free radicals, UVA/UVB rays and pollution.

Lumene CC Cream Natural Perfection Nordic Nude SPF 25

This cream is made with all-mineral sunscreens and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It also contains kaolin clay to absorb excess oil.

Erborian CC Crème High Definition Radiance

Sephora couldn't keep this product on its shelves last year, and it's easy to see why: The color-correcting cream is basically Photoshop in a tube. Color-matching pigments even out the complexion, while its mineral formula of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provides protection from sun.

By Terry CC Cellularose Moisturizing Cream, 30 ml


CC cream from By Terry will transform your skin in just a minute, becoming an effective protective barrier against premature aging and adverse external factors. The product has a liquid texture, rich in tonal and color-correcting pigments. Distributed evenly over the face, it eliminates dryness, flaking, and color defects, leaving behind a spectacular satin finish. Cellularose Moisturizing CC contains oxidraderm, raspberry and cherry extracts, vitamin E and other antioxidants. This combination permanently moisturizes and increases the elasticity of the epidermis, evens out the tone and gives the face a well-groomed glow, and also neutralizes oxidative reactions in cells. The foundation is available in 4 shades to suit a wide range of skin tones.

By Terry CC Cellularose Moisturizing Cream, 30 ml


  • several different shades
  • light texture
  • Blends with skin tone
  • spectacular satin finish
  • caring effect
  • disguises minor imperfections


  • no SPF protection

Rating of the best CC creams for aging skin

MIXIT CC cream SPF 30

This CC cream looks like a foundation but goes on like your favorite lightweight moisturizer. The formula visibly smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just one use.

CC cream Gorgeous

Dullness, uneven skin tone and redness will no longer be a part of your face. This lightweight cream feels super natural but provides adequate coverage. Just be sure to apply SPF as it is not included in the formula.

Welcos CC cream Color Change, SPF 25

Great for dry skin, the creamy formula includes hyaluronic acid to target fine lines while providing maximum hydration. Its ultra-high SPF protection is just a bonus.

How to rinse off correctly

Most girls have different positions regarding removing makeup. Some people wash it off with water, some use soap, but most ladies use makeup removers. How to properly wash off CC cream? Let's look at this in more detail.

Many people are mistaken in thinking that CC can only be removed with Asian hydrophilic oil. This is not entirely true. Any such product contains fat-soluble silicones. They cannot be removed with water, but can be easily removed using any makeup remover.

After using makeup remover, do not forget to cleanse your skin with gel or foam . Upon completion of all procedures, moisten a cotton pad with foam or gel again and sweep over the face. If there is no trace of cream left on it, then you did everything right. And if you see a mark on the cotton swab, then repeat the procedure for removing the CC product again.

Rating of the best Korean CC creams

CC cream Etude House Correct and Care Cream

The cheapest cream on this list is Etude House Correct and Care Cream. So if budget and quality are what you are looking for, this is the best Korean CC cream you want to get your hands on.

The company promises an 8-in-1 product that offers the following: anti-stress, hydration, whitening, sun protection, toning, smoothness, and anti-aging.

Just like makeup for your skin but better, this CC cream works well on wrinkles and fine lines and even has wrinkle-care properties.

Secret Skin Talking CC Cream SPF 50

This CC cream works well for both young and old users. It takes care of wrinkle problems because it covers fine lines well. It also contains anti-aging ingredients, making it popular among older women.

This Korean CC cream offers the best coverage on this list, as well as the best SPF (50). This is one of the most important aspects to look for the best CC cream. It works as a foundation, covering imperfections well in just one coat.

This makes it an ideal choice for the summer months due to its water-resistant properties. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is one of the benefits of this CC cream.

CC cream Banila Co

Best Water Based CC Cream

The Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream is a multi-awarded Korean CC cream that has won at least 6 awards in 2013 and 2014, which means many users love it.

If you want super glowing skin, then this is the best Korean choice. With its superior moisturizing effects, it keeps you glowing throughout the day. In fact, Banila Co. it is the first Korean company to produce a water-based CC cream.

Its moisturizing properties make this cream ideal for those living in warmer regions, as it also has a cooling effect on the skin.

Lancaster cream Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Cream Radiant tan SPF 30


By applying Lancaster multifunctional foundation to your face, you will forget about dryness and discomfort of the skin thanks to its moisture-locking effect. The light cream of a universal shade spreads without problems, adapting to the natural tone of the face, filling pores and other unevenness. The product contains a patented O2 Fix complex, which saturates the epidermis with oxygen and moisture, restoring its elasticity, tone, protective hydrolipid mantle and eliminating dullness. The components of the formula attract water molecules deep into the skin, retaining them for a long time, so it will definitely not feel thirsty during the day. The presence of a high sun protection factor SPF30 makes Skin Therapy CC Cream an ideal product for summer makeup and neutralizing the risk of photoaging in urban environments.

Lancaster cream Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Cream Radiant tan SPF 30


  • light texture
  • universal shade
  • evens out skin texture
  • prolonged moisturizing effect
  • high sun protection factor SPF30
  • complex caring effect


  • requires mandatory make-up remover with hydrophilic oil

Librederm CC-cream Seracin SPF 15, 30 ml


The multifunctional cream-corrector from the domestic company Librederm will be appreciated by young owners of problem skin. The product in a universal beige color with a neutral undertone is evenly distributed over the face, evening out its tone, masking imperfections and leaving a natural powdery finish. The cream contains zinc and sulfur minerals, vitamin E, lecithin, extracts of gorse and burdock, as well as glycolic acid. This mix has a sebum-regulating, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, renewing, equalizing, soothing and restorative effect. According to customers, Seratsin CC cream prevents the formation of oily shine in the T-zone for a long time and reduces the number of rashes, but it does not mask enlarged pores and can emphasize flaking.

Librederm CC-cream Seracin SPF 15, 30 ml


  • mattifying effect
  • disguises rashes and post-acne
  • improves the condition of problem skin with regular use
  • presence of SPF 15
  • affordable price


  • does not mask enlarged pores

Holy Land CC cream Age Defense SPF 50, 50 ml


The foundation from the professional Israeli brand Holy Land will be appreciated by women aged 30 and older who prefer natural makeup. The cream, available in light and dark shades, has a veil texture, low coverage and a delicate, radiant finish. When distributed, it merges with the natural skin tone, fills wrinkles, unevenness and gives the face an even and fresh tone throughout the day. Holy Land contains vitamins C and E, extracts of plantain, green tea and ginkgo biloba, as well as natural UV filters. This cocktail stimulates cellular renewal, increases skin elasticity and tone, brightens the complexion and eliminates age spots, giving in return radiance, moisture and a sleek look. Thanks to the high sun protection factor SPF50, you can use this cream even on vacation by the sea without fear of sunburn on your skin or the appearance of age spots.

Holy Land CC cream Age Defense SPF 50, 50 ml


  • 2 types of shades in the palette
  • high sun protection factor SPF50
  • natural coverage
  • improves the condition of aging skin with regular use
  • depigmenting effect
  • increases the density and elasticity of the dermis


  • hard to find on the market

If you regularly use a thick concealer, you need to be prepared for the premature appearance of signs of skin aging in the periorbital area. Special CC eyelid creams will help reduce this risk by masking dark circles, bags and other imperfections. They contain color-correcting pigments, the composition of which is rich in many rejuvenating and caring components.

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