Why do some people bleach their anus and is it worth it?

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Duration of the procedure

  • 30 - 60 minutes

Number of procedures

  • 2 — 8

Recovery period

  • 3 – 5 days

Analogues of the procedure

  • No

Features of the procedure

  • elimination of pigment spots
  • skin lightening
  • skin rejuvenation
  • skin renewal and regeneration
  • bactericidal effect
  • harmless to skin

Benefits of the procedure

  • quick effect
  • atraumatic
  • efficiency
  • painlessness
  • evens out skin tone and color
  • fast healing

Materials for the procedure

  • Pink INTIMATE (Promoitalia, Italy)
  • Intim-shine Pleyana
  • home care

Cost of the procedure

  • from 2,650 rub.

Gallery of works

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The range of cosmetology services is expanding every day, responding to the needs of those who are willing to spend time and money to continue to improve themselves or follow fashion trends. Finally, to emphasize the special attitude towards yourself and your body. Intimate whitening is an exotic procedure at first glance, but interesting for people with a heightened sense of beauty.

Many people, especially women, face such an aesthetic defect as pigmentation of the skin of intimate areas. This problem can cause significant discomfort. That is why its elimination is becoming increasingly popular.

There are many reasons for darkening of the skin:

  • hormonal imbalance - often hormonal imbalances affect the condition of the skin and blood vessels, specifically in intimate areas of the body; for example, during lactation or during age-related changes in the body, intimate areas may darken;
  • age-related changes - age turns out to be another risk factor; Over the years, both the elasticity of the skin and its pigmentation change; age also affects the quality of blood supply in certain areas of the body;
  • pregnancy and childbirth - this factor combines hormonal factors, as well as the likelihood of injury in the intimate area; the skin can stretch, tear, etc., as a result - changes in the color of the “intimate areas”;
  • result of skin traumatization: during shaving, friction of compressive clothing
  • individual characteristics of the body.

The reasons for intimate bleaching are purely psychological and aesthetic. There is no physiological explanation for why intimate areas should not differ in color from other parts of the body.

The intimate area of ​​each of us often has a special shade. In absolutely healthy people (we do not take into account cases of inflammation or poor hygiene), these areas of the body may still be somewhat darker than the skin on the buttocks or pubic area. It is precisely these darkenings that cause disgust and unpleasant impressions in people with a developed sense of aesthetics.

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For many, darkening of the skin in intimate places is a taboo that they are not even comfortable talking about, much less carrying out any procedures. However, such a problem can often cause tightness and stiffness, shyness and self-doubt.

Psychological discomfort can arise, for example, during sexual intercourse - a person should not be ashamed of his body, be liberated and relaxed. Pigmented areas of the skin can also be unpleasant for a sexual partner; they simply deprive him of sexual desire, associating him with dirt and unkemptness.

For girls (and sometimes for men), intimate bleaching allows you to solve the problem of choosing and using underwear. For example, some are embarrassed to wear underwear that is too revealing (thongs) or revealing swimsuits, but an intimate whitening procedure eliminates the complexes associated with this.

Features of the procedure

Intimate whitening is a specially designed program, the stages of which are aimed at correcting pigmentation and evening out skin color in the following areas:

  • bikini area (pubis, labia);
  • belly line;
  • area around the anus;
  • scrotum area;
  • axillary areas;
  • elbow area;
  • area under the knees;
  • inner thighs.

Modern cosmetological developments have made this procedure accessible and safe in specialized clinics.

Whitening of intimate areas is essentially the same process of skin lightening, which, for medical reasons or at the request of the patient, can be carried out on any area of ​​the skin.

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From a cosmetic point of view, this procedure is considered a peeling, since the top layer of skin is exfoliated.

The acid used in the procedure, penetrating the skin, not only suppresses the activity of mylanocytes (cells that generate the pigment - melanin), but also has a bactericidal, disinfecting effect at the deepest level.

The procedure for “whitening intimate areas” is quite simple and does not take much time. Whitening is performed only by highly qualified cosmetologists, which eliminates the possibility of damage, injury and other minor troubles.

Some areas require an additional mandatory hair removal procedure before the whitening procedure, such as photoepilation

ATTENTION! It is possible to bleach only pigmented areas of the intimate areas. It is impossible to lighten naturally dark skin using cosmetic procedures. Moreover, the intimate area whitening procedure is not recommended for people with dark skin.

Why do you bleach the anus?

The only reason is aesthetic. The skin around the anus does darken with age and can stand out quite strongly against the background of the lighter perineum and buttocks.

The color change is associated with a number of factors. What Is Anal Bleaching, and How Does That Work? health.com. Among them:

  • friction (the skin around the anus darkens more actively in women who like thongs or too tight trousers);
  • hormonal changes - during pregnancy, childbirth, on the eve of menopause;
  • exposure to sweat (this factor is important if you are actively involved in sports);
  • skin irritation;
  • genetics.

Feces also play a role: pigments in stool can also turn the delicate skin around the anus brownish over time.

In general, we can say that darkening is a sign of age. Therefore, the anus whitening procedure is often resorted to by people for whom it is important to maintain youth in all its manifestations: popular actors, singers or adult women starting a new life.

Most patients What Is Anal Bleaching, and How Does That Work? The women who come to me for anal rejuvenation are recently divorced, middle-aged women who have just started dating new partners.

Zuri A. Murrell

MD, colorectal surgeon from Beverly Hills (USA), for the online publication Health

On the other hand, age is normal. Darkening of the anus is also normal. So color correction is not necessary at all. You should only decide on the procedure if you believe that lightening will really restore your peace of mind and self-confidence.

"Alternative" to the procedure

Skin care in intimate areas is a very sensitive topic. And aesthetes can also be shy. Therefore, it is often practiced to carry out this type of procedure at home.

It is necessary to understand that self-lightening of the skin is not always safe and ends in success. The best outcome of home procedures is the absence of any changes. If you are very lucky, the effect of cosmetics will show a weak result.

If done incorrectly, it can lead to blisters, painful rashes and blemishes. Regular misuse of “lightening agents” can cause a disease such as ochronosis.

As a result of the effect on the blood vessels, the initially darkened area may even acquire a bluish-black color, as if after a blow.
Treatment of ochronosis is predominantly surgical, and of course, all subsequent efforts are not commensurate with the original, purely cosmetic intentions. Therefore, in your quest for beauty, turn to professionals!
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How to do anal bleaching

The procedure takes on average up to half an hour. The cosmetologist, dermatologist or surgeon will ask you to undress from the waist down, lie on your back and spread your legs to allow access to the anal area.

The doctor will clean the skin. If you choose laser whitening, you will be asked to use a numbing agent. If we are talking about special creams, this is not needed: most likely, you will not feel not only pain, but even discomfort.

When the procedure is finished, you may be asked to lie down for a few minutes. And then they will send you home, giving you recommendations and creams for home care.

Effect of the procedure

After an intimate whitening program, your skin has a well-groomed and fresh appearance, uniform tone and color, and becomes smoother.

  • effects on several levels of pigment production
  • lightening the skin of the intimate area
  • inhibition of the process of pigment transfer to the upper layers of the skin
  • inhibition of melanin production
  • renewal and regeneration of the upper layers of skin
  • anti-aging and rejuvenating effect

You can increase your confidence, be even more attractive, wear revealing swimsuits and lingerie, visit pools and sunbathe on the beach.

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Pros of technology

  • Elimination of pain (preliminary application of a special anesthetic is practiced).
  • The ability to achieve a tone several levels lighter than the original with one procedure.
  • Duration of maintaining the achieved state.
  • Efficiency, convenience.
  • Safety, versatility, minimum complications and side effects.

In order for the event to end with the desired outcome and bring benefits, it must be conducted by a qualified specialist who has experience working with equipment.

The psychological aspect is also considered important. The doctor must exercise extreme tact. Since it concerns delicate points of the body, it is necessary to competently help the patient get rid of stiffness, embarrassment, and set him in a calm mood.


  • individual intolerance to peeling (allergic reaction);
  • hemorrhoids, anal fissures and damage to the skin of the intimate area;
  • oncological diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases, collagenosis, systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • herpes during an exacerbation;
  • mental illness;
  • psoriasis;
  • inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the procedure;
  • skin diseases during exacerbation;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • age under 18 years;
  • pregnancy, lactation.

A new word in cosmetics

As mentioned above, beauty and wellness products have already achieved unprecedented growth. They are improving from year to year, thereby delighting their regular consumers and attracting more and more new ones.

One of the popular trends today is... anal bleaching. And don't be so surprised! This procedure belongs to the elite direction of modern cosmetology and allows anyone to join the “new one”.

Post-procedure care

  • between morning and evening procedures, use Pleyana gel peeling with glycolic acid 10% pH 3.5 as a serum on a clean body; DO NOT RINSE!
  • Apply Pleyana regenerating balm after using the peeling gel to speed up the healing process;
  • for hygiene procedures and cleansing, it is advisable to use soft cleansing foams or gels that do not contain an alcohol base;
  • Evening and morning hygiene procedures using water at a comfortable temperature and alcohol-free products are acceptable;
  • avoid tanning or prolonged exposure to the sun for two weeks;
  • Avoid visiting solariums, baths and saunas.

There are a number of cosmetic problems that are not always talked about loudly, but the solution of which can significantly improve the quality of life, strengthen self-confidence and be perfect in every centimeter of your body, regardless of the presence or absence of clothing. So be perfect!

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Precautionary measures

To remove the blackness between the buttocks and not encounter an adverse reaction from the body, you need to adhere to the basic safety rules:

  • Dermatologists do not recommend using creams with mercury, which is often used as a substitute for more expensive ingredients. Of course, the skin will become much lighter, but your health itself will suffer greatly.
  • The bleach should not get inside the body.
  • The cream must contain a component that can be used even on sensitive skin. Remember that standard body bleaching products are not suitable for treating such intimate and sensitive areas.
  • If irritation or rash occurs, you should immediately stop using the cream and immediately consult a dermatologist.
  • It is forbidden to bleach the perineum if the skin has cracks, abrasions or wounds.

Execution technique

The presence of hair significantly reduces the effectiveness of this lightening method. Therefore, an indispensable condition for preparation is the removal of natural vegetation from the treatment area. If a person usually uses a classic razor, then you can shave 1 day before going to the beauty salon. If one of the types of hair removal is used, then it is performed at least one week before the planned treatment.

Typical Algorithm

  • The field of intended impact is treated with an antiseptic.
  • An anesthetic cream is applied for 15-25 minutes.
  • Then they proceed directly to the manipulation itself. Using functional attachments, the master treats strategic areas of the body according to the protocol.

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. After it, redness and a slight burning sensation may occur. The duration of such negative signs normally does not exceed 2 hours. There is no discomfort when visiting the toilet. After a week, active peeling begins. Perineal whitening occurs on average in 3-5 sessions (with a three-week interval).

Overview of the tools used

In the cosmetology center, perineal whitening is carried out using special devices. Its cost is fully justified by the upcoming result.


  • A premium category instrument operating on the principle of fractional photothermolysis and ablation.
  • It has a deep effect, provides excellent performance in correcting a wide range of aesthetic flaws, involutional transformations (hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles).
  • After the event, the dermis does not need specific care; the client does not have to stay in the clinic for a long time.

The effect is due to 2 phenomena: physical destruction and removal of old tissue, as well as heating and activation of dermal cells. They begin to function like young ones, elastin is intensively produced.

IPL photosystem

A modern laser mechanism that produces local, highly focused polishing. The device generates a light flux, directing it directly to the selected area. A cooling function is provided, which makes the manipulation comfortable and painless.

Neosys device

  • It has waves of two lengths (1064 or 532). Their choice is determined by the degree of “shade” problems.
  • Allows radiation to penetrate to a sufficient depth, eliminating even pronounced pigmentation.

The additional use of collagen injections helps to enhance the rejuvenating ability of the treatment option under consideration and restore the texture of the dermal layer.

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