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Removal of the double chin (the fold of skin and fat between the chin and neck) is carried out when other methods of combating this aesthetic defect are powerless. Especially if it is strongly expressed and has a large volume. Often, neither cosmetics, nor physical exercises, nor folk methods allow one to correct one’s appearance in the way that the patient needs and wants. Double chin removal surgery allows you to harmonize facial features, improve the contours of the neck, visually rejuvenate a person and eliminate the effect of a constantly tired appearance.

Contour genioplasty changes the shape and eliminates deformation of the chin area. During the operation, not only excess fat is eliminated, but also a lift is performed with excision of excess tissue, and the oval of the face is restored.

Causes of a double chin

Surgical removal of a double chin is most often used by overweight people. However, such a defect can also appear with a thin physique.

Main reasons:

  • aging and gravitational ptosis of soft tissues (risk group – age after 40 years);
  • rachiocampsis;
  • sudden fluctuations in body weight;
  • thyroid diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • structural features of the lower jaw;
  • taking hormonal drugs, glucocorticosteroids;
  • weakened back and neck muscles;
  • negative heredity;
  • stooping when walking, habit of lowering the head;
  • long sedentary work.

Surgical lifting of the chin area may be necessary even in such a “harmless” case as the wrong choice of pillow for sleeping - it is extremely harmful to sleep with your head too elevated.

Benefits of Mezoline

This drug is actively used in cosmetology practice all over the world. With the help of Mezoline, a double chin can be corrected without surgery; in addition, the drug can be used in other areas - in the cheeks, lower eyelids (these are areas where fat usually accumulates on the face). What distinguishes it from other products is its composition - it contains plant extracts, thanks to which not only fat is broken down in the injection area, but also cellular regeneration is stimulated. The skin becomes more elastic and elastic, microcirculation improves.

In addition, a significant plus is the high speed of action (visible results are achieved after just one procedure).

Correcting a double chin with lipolytics does not require special preparation, but it is important that there is no inflammation or damage to the skin in the injection area.

Preparing for surgery

Preparation begins with a consultation with a surgeon. The doctor conducts an examination, collects anamnesis, and will definitely need an ECG and fluorography. Further tests may be prescribed, such as:

  • coagulogram;
  • general urine analysis;
  • clinical and blood biochemistry;
  • blood test for group and Rh factor;
  • blood tests for hepatitis, syphilis, HIV.

The results of examinations and tests must be shown to the therapist to determine the possibility of surgery. When preparing for surgery, the patient will be consulted by an anesthesiologist.

At SM-Clinic you can take all tests, usually on the same day of treatment, and also visit all specialists at a convenient time.

During preparation, it is recommended to stop drinking alcohol and smoking, avoid blood thinning medications, and not sunbathe.

Price for a double chin in Moscow

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Technique of the operation

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Anesthesia: general anesthesia or local anesthesia (as indicated).

To perform chin liposuction (pumping out excess fat), three micro-incisions (slightly more than 1 mm) are made: under the jaw, near the earlobes. Next, a cannula (a hollow needle with a rounded end) connected to a vacuum apparatus is inserted into them one by one. Through a cannula, adipose tissue is pumped out and collected in a special reservoir of the device. After this, the aponeurosis of the neck muscles is tightened.

If there are depressions in the problem area, they can be filled with hyaluronic acid filler or the patient's own fat (a procedure called lipofilling). As a result, the shape of the chin is corrected and minor asymmetry is eliminated (if any). The price for such an operation is lower compared to other correction options.

At the end of the operation, stitches are placed on the incisions, and the patient is put on a compression bandage to stabilize the result.

How to remove a double chin?


– a procedure for non-invasive, irreversible removal of unwanted chin fat tissue using the latest Cooltech Cocoon device. Using vacuum aspiration, the device's handles draw the tissue into the treatment chamber. The fabric is in contact with cooling elements installed in the treatment chamber of the handpieces. The adipose tissue is cooled to the target temperature. At the end of the procedure, the products of cell biodegradation are gradually eliminated from the body through natural metabolic processes. More details


– special preparations used in injection aesthetic cosmetology to eliminate local fat deposits. The course may consist of 3-5 procedures, between which a time interval of 7-10 days is maintained. Lipolytic injections are performed quite simply, quickly and painlessly. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes. More details

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting Altera:

Alter's SMAS lifting affects the muscular-fascial layer (SMAS), causing tissue contraction and triggering remodeling processes of the skin and facial tissues, without surgical intervention and the need for long-term recovery. Using ultrasound, the cosmetologist completely controls the pulse wave, selecting the exact parameters of power and penetration depth. Thus, the most effective and safe Altera SMAS lifting allows not only to remove a double chin, but also to restore facial features that have changed over time, tighten the skin and tissues underlying it, while maintaining the naturalness of the mouth line and eye shapes. More details

Thread lifting:

Thread lifting is a method of tightening and lifting the soft tissues of the face using special absorbable biothreads Dermafil and APTOS. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A thin synthetic thread, on which special notches (like a fishhook) are applied at a certain distance from each other, is inserted through the subcutaneous tunnels in the directions of the required tightening. The upper part of the thread is fixed, the lower part holds the tightened area with its notches. The threads completely dissolve within 9-12 months. However, as the thread is absorbed, it is replaced by the skin’s own fibrous tissue, so the effect of thread lifting lasts up to 2-5 years. More details

Important! Only with a direct examination, a cosmetologist will individually select a procedure or sequence of chin correction procedures to achieve the maximum desired result in your particular case .


The patient spends the first day in the hospital under constant supervision of medical personnel. At first there is pain, for the relief of which the doctor prescribes an anesthetic. There may be swelling and hematomas in the operated area. To prevent infection, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic.

General recommendations:

  • Wear a compression bandage for 2-3 weeks;
  • sleep on your back;
  • eat soft, pureed and liquid foods;
  • do not overheat the affected area, monitor the water temperature when washing your hair;
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics for 2 weeks after removal of stitches.

Chin plastic surgery recovery after surgery:

The patient can be discharged within 24 hours after the operation. For a month or two, restrictions on physical activity and contact sports are established. It is not recommended to take a hot bath, go to the sauna or solarium in the first weeks. A bandage or special mask is worn for 5-7 days after surgery and can be easily hidden under a scarf. The patient will be able to go out in public a week after the operation. Swelling of the soft tissues in the chin area can last up to two weeks. However, the final result can be assessed after two to three months.

How much does double chin removal cost?

At SM-Clinic, chin plastic surgery is performed at prices starting from 36,000 rubles. The exact cost is given to the patient by the plastic surgeon after the examination.

Often, neither cosmetics, nor physical exercises, nor folk methods allow one to correct one’s appearance in the way that the patient needs and wants. Double chin removal surgery allows you to harmonize facial features, improve the contours of the neck, visually rejuvenate a person and eliminate the effect of a constantly tired appearance.

Gvaramiya Eka Yurievna

Participant of congresses, conferences and seminars on plastic surgery. Priority areas: mammoplasty (breast plastic), blepharoplasty, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction, lipofilling, face lift, lip plastic, ear plastic, intimate plastic, body plastic, reconstructive plastic, solving aesthetic problems.

Mentoplasty cost, price (genioplasty):

How much does it cost to remove a double chin? The cost of chin surgery is low, depending on the amount of work and correction technique. Estimated total cost - 80,000 rubles. For detailed information about the price of the operation, please contact the clinic administrators by calling the numbers listed on the website.

Today, almost anyone interested in changing and improving their appearance can undergo mentoplasty (genioplasty). With a professional approach to business and a positive attitude, you can change not only your desired shape, but also gain self-confidence, since your own appearance is very important for many people. First of all, women pay attention to aspects of their faces, but representatives of the stronger sex have also recently become more attentive to their appearance. A person may have beautiful eyes, nose, lips, but the lower part of the face can easily negate other advantages of the external image. There is no need to be afraid of mentoplasty. It is believed that this type of operation is not the most difficult and can be successfully performed for the patient. It is important that after completion of the operation, during the recovery period, the patient carefully follows all the recommendations of the attending physician, since compliance with this condition will greatly contribute to achieving the expected results.

Method 5: RF liposuction

Price from 30,000 rub. per procedure

The method is a very successful “duet” of classical tumescent liposuction and RF lifting. As with classic liposuction, Klein's solution is injected into the chin area, and liquid fat is removed using the finest cannulas. But at the same time, the cannula is also an electrode. The second electrode is located in a nozzle located above the skin and generates a current of a certain frequency. Radiofrequency energy, in the area of ​​influence of which is the fat fold, firstly, melts the fat, facilitating its removal. Secondly, it warms up the tissue, providing a lifting effect. This is especially important when the procedure is performed on thinned skin that has lost its elasticity. The advantages of this method of getting rid of a double chin include the fact that the spread of energy is limited only to the skin fold. And also the optimal temperature for starting the production of new collagen is 38.5 - 40 degrees. After the procedure, it is mandatory to wear compression garments.

One procedure is required.


  • If the procedure is not carried out correctly, the possibility of fibrous formations and skin burns cannot be excluded;
  • in patients over 55 years of age, with lost elasticity and thinning skin, poor skin contraction is observed in 10% of cases.

Method 1: Plastic massage from the double chin

Price from 1000 rub. per procedure

This effective and safest method is suitable for both young and mature women. The skillful hands of a massage therapist are able to “break” fat deposits and tighten facial muscles, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient as much as possible: the thickness and elasticity of the skin, the presence of rosacea and inflammatory reactions. According to many aesthetic medicine specialists, plastic massage works well for a double chin even with severe gravitational ptosis, but when performing it, it is necessary to take into account the antagonism of the facial muscles. Almost all of our muscles work “in conjunction”: when some are too tense, others are relaxed. The drooping of the lower and middle third of the face is almost always “linked” to hypertonicity of the muscles of the back of the neck, and they, in turn, are a powerful antagonist of the forehead muscle. Hence the common situation: tense shoulders and neck “neighbor” with facial wrinkles of the forehead and a sagging line of the oval face. Therefore, when performing a massage, it is important to start with the most relaxing deep effect on the muscles of the neck and shoulder pole and lymphatic drainage techniques (releasing excess fluid allows you to work the tissues deeper).

In order to get rid of a double chin, on average, 8-10 procedures are required, once a week.


  • direct dependence of the result on the skill of the massage therapist;
  • temporary effect: to maintain muscle tone, massage should be performed regularly;
  • The more atonic the muscle and the heavier the skin (swollen, rough, prone to oiliness, with stretched pores), the more difficult it is to get rid of a double chin.

What is a neck lift

A neck lift is an operation on the subcutaneous neck muscle, and is performed to smooth out the skin of the neck and eliminate bifurcation of the subcutaneous neck muscle, eliminate sagging skin along the lower edge of the face and chin and achieve a rejuvenation effect. This operation significantly reduces the cervical-mental angle. More often it is performed in conjunction with operations such as SMAS-lifting, mini-S-lifting, liposuction and laser liposuction of the neck and chin and lower face, removal of the fatty body of the cheek (Bishat's lumps) and mentoplasty (increasing the projection of the chin). If there is unexpressed sagging of the tissues in the neck and chin, endoscopic equipment and endovideo control may be required to suturing the edges of the neck muscle. This operation is called endoscopic neck plastic surgery and is performed through small punctures in the same way as neck liposuction.

How is the procedure done?

At the first stage, the doctor assesses the volume of the problem and makes markings (indicates the areas where the lipolytic will be injected). The skin is pre-treated with an antiseptic composition and an anesthetic gel is applied. Then, using thin needles, the active substance is injected under the skin. Usually, double chin correction with lipolytics is well tolerated, but slight pain during injections may be present - this is normal.

Prognosis after platysmoplasty

Platysmoplasty is a small and low-traumatic operation that removes a double chin forever. The aesthetic effect of platysmaplasty becomes fully apparent after 1-2 months and persists for many years. After the operation, the contours of the neck and chin acquire a “second youth” - the chin looks clearly contoured, and the subcutaneous muscle regains its elasticity and gives the neck skin the necessary tension. Platysmaplasty provides a lasting rejuvenating effect in the neck area for life and is often a necessary addition to a facelift.

Method 2. Ozone therapy

Price from 500 rub. per procedure

The procedure involves the introduction of an ozone-oxygen mixture into the chin area. Injections directly into the problem area - the subcutaneous fat layer - help to activate fat metabolism and faster lipid metabolism, which helps to remove a double chin. As a result, fat stops accumulating, and existing fat deposits are quickly and efficiently broken down. Ozone therapy is considered one of the most physiological methods of getting rid of a double chin. It has a beneficial effect on the activation of synthetic processes at the cellular level - it promotes collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity. In fairly young women with elastic skin, this is a guarantee that as a result of burning fat, a fold will not form under the chin. To enhance the effect, the procedure is often complemented by a massage with ozonated oil.

To remove a double chin, 6-10 procedures are required, 1-2 times a week.


  • injections are quite painful;
  • helps against a double chin only with a moderately expressed fat layer and sufficient elasticity of the skin.
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