How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes: five guaranteed ways

Complete health check

Few people know that dark color can appear due to the presence of various toxic substances in the body. This is due to impaired liver function. In this case, to establish the cause, it is appropriate to contact a hepatology specialist who will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and prescribe cleansing procedures and medications. A detoxification program for the body often helps, but do not be confused: a detoxification program does not mean the need to sit on the water for a couple of days. This is several weeks of specially designed and selected nutrition combined with cleansing procedures.

If physiology and anatomy are not the culprits in the formation of dark circles, it is also appropriate to take a blood test for iron content. You can establish circulatory disorders by observing the condition of the neck and head - if pain often occurs in these areas, it means that the circulatory process is impaired. Most often this occurs due to tension and spasms of muscle tissue. The process of supplying tissues with oxygen is disrupted and stagnation processes begin. In addition to specialized treatment, it is also recommended to include products containing caffeine, white tea, arnica, and ginkgo biloba in skin care. Products with antioxidants in their composition, or better yet, with an oxygen complex, also have a beneficial effect.

Let's sum it up

Now you know what works well for bruises and dark circles under the eyes, how to treat them or simply reduce them, what to do if the problem lasts a long time or appears after certain factors, what remedies will help to make aesthetic defects from lack of sleep go away faster or how to eliminate the consequences photoaging. The main thing to remember is that all methods are good in combination. It is better to combine cosmetology and hardware programs on the recommendation of a cosmetologist, and home care procedures will help to consolidate the achieved result for a long time.

Permanent makeup procedure

Currently, there is such a fairly popular method of getting rid of dark circles as applying permanent makeup. It is worth noting that permanent makeup does not eliminate physiological causes, in particular diseases. But by applying pigment to the area under the eyes, you can very effectively disguise bruises. To do this, a shade that is different from the skin color, lighter, is selected individually. Overlapping a dark tone with a light dye allows you to even out the tone of the skin of the face and infraorbital area. The advantage of permanent makeup is its durability - for the next few years you can forget about concealers and correctors. The period of pigment fading is very individual. For girls who are actively involved in sports, the term can be up to three years. For others, up to five.

Injecting pigment is similar to the tattooing procedure, but the depth of the working area is located at a smaller distance from the surface layer. But in any case, the dye is introduced deeper than the zone responsible for the production of melatonin. There is a situation when, after permanent tanning in the summer, the area under the eyes does not acquire a tanned tint. This is the handwriting of a not very professional master who introduced the pigment to an insufficient depth, above the level of melanocytes.

If you decide to resort to permanent makeup services, a few days before the start you should stop visiting the solarium and taking vascular medications. The procedure lasts no more than a couple of hours and is painless and calm for the patient. At first, the makeup will be a little brighter than the planned shade - this is absolutely normal. Minor redness, swelling and flaking are also natural. In the coming days, all unpleasant sensations will disappear. To speed up regeneration, you need to use healing products (usually recommended by a doctor) and stop using decorative cosmetics for a week.


There are a huge number of factors for the appearance of dark circles, ranging from the simplest ones, which do not affect the functions and systems of the body, to a direct indication that dangerous diseases are progressing.
Among the most common is a violation of the permeability of capillary walls. Considering that there are quite a lot of them in thin skin, aesthetic defects become very noticeable. And the thinner the skin, the stronger the bruises will appear. The following factors can affect the blood circulation under the eyes:

  • working at a computer, reading for long periods of time, and other painstaking tasks that tire the eyesight;
  • lack of rest and sleep;
  • lack of walks in the fresh air, lack of oxygen;
  • eating junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking;
  • age-related changes, during which the dermal layer becomes thinner and ceases to adequately hide the vessels;
  • low-quality cosmetic compositions;
  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation, reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat;
  • flabbiness;
  • little adipose tissue, thinning of the dermis layer;
  • genetics, increased pigmentation, production of melanocytes in the eye area;
  • negative effects of certain medications;
  • incorrectly selected glasses and contact lenses.

There are a lot of everyday reasons, but they can be easily compensated for. By eliminating such factors and using the right skin care products, the skin quickly becomes denser and the tone is evened out.


Another way is to inject fillers into the infraorbital area. Fillers are injected to a significant depth and allow not only to equalize the color of the skin under the eyes with the face by moving the blood vessels away from the surface of the epidermis, but also to smooth out the depressions. A filler specially created for this area does not cause swelling and normalizes the outflow of venous blood and lymph in the orbital area. The administration is one-time, the effect lasts for an average of a year. There is a more progressive solution - biorevitalizants. With their help, it is possible to correct bags under the eyes, eliminate hernias at the formation stage, improve skin tone and get rid of expression lines. It will take several treatments (four to six), but the results are definitely worth the effort.

Microcurrent, massage

To stimulate the reduction of dark under-eyes, it is useful to resort to procedures that have a positive effect on blood and lymph circulation. The outflow of lymph from the infraorbital area allows you to remove toxins and prevent blood stagnation. Hardware massage, microcurrent therapy, and iontophoresis are recommended here. Sometimes carbon monoxide may be indicated to lighten the skin.

To achieve temporary results, you can use specialized patches for the area under the eyes, pre-chilled in the refrigerator, or simple ice cubes. And, of course, concealers and correctors will always come to the rescue. The existing palette of different products will allow you to correct any skin tone under the eyes. It is important to apply and shade the product correctly. But you should understand that these solutions are suitable for a very limited period, unlike other options.

Ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

The first step is to find the source. To do this, you need to carefully monitor the state of the body. Are dark manifestations constant or appear after drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, or wearing glasses. If the phenomenon is temporary, you should eliminate the negative impact of an unhealthy lifestyle and normalize your sleep and diet.

If after this the skin does not acquire an even light shade, you should consult a doctor and conduct a full examination. Perhaps the reason is pathological changes in the body. After completing the course of treatment, you can use effective cosmetics to eliminate dark circles.

Anti-age drugs

Bb Laboratories – Hyaluron-elastin-collagen extract

Laennec – solution for injection

Curacen Essence (20 fl x 2 ml)

Two-phase placental serum concentrate

How to remove dark circles under the eyes: cosmetology programs

For strong pigmentation, there are professional methods of fighting that will allow you to forget about defects in a minimum amount of time. One of the advantages of such complexes is that after the first procedure the result will already be noticeable. In just a few sessions you can achieve a lighter shade, and after completing the course you will be able to forget about the problem for a long time, even if the root cause is not eliminated.


This is a common method of combating weak, sagging and thinning skin. It involves the introduction of drugs that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin in tissues. Due to this, the skin tightens and turgor improves. The vitamin-mineral complex normalizes the production of melanocytes, which leads to a gradual lightening of the problem area.

The cocktails contain highly active biological components:

  • hyaluronic acid - moisturizes, tightens, eliminates fine wrinkles and crow's feet;
  • peptides - promote collagen production;
  • vasodilators - improve nutrition of the dermal layer and oxygen access;
  • glycolic acid - reduces the appearance of freckles, dark circles, evens out color, is a derivative of elastin;
  • vitamins - prevent dryness, weakness and thinning of the skin.

The procedure will be effective for eliminating cosmetic problems, however, if the root cause is hidden in disorders of the body, you should only count on a temporary result.


Very similar to the previous procedure. The difference is that during mesotherapy a smaller amount of hyaluron and vitamins is introduced, due to which the serum is absorbed faster and has a less traumatic effect. The rehabilitation period is significantly reduced. In this case, there will be a larger number of peptides and amino acids that enhance the rejuvenating effect.

To achieve a lasting result, you will have to complete the full course of drug administration. Some clinics also offer a non-injection technique for those who do not want to use needle punctures. It is a little less effective, but it does not require long recovery, and you do not have to endure the fear and pain of injections.

Contour plastic

It consists of introducing a special filler based on hyaluronic acid, which fills the volumes under the eyelids, helps restore contours, nourishes with moisture and beneficial microcomponents. Many compositions dissolve without a trace after 3-6 months, others last for a year.

Helps normalize metabolism in tissues, thereby stabilizing the production of collagen, elastin, and melanocytes. The skin looks moisturized, tightened, and its tone is evened out. Among the advantages is the possibility of completely eliminating the result in cases where the patient is not satisfied with it.

Hardware methods – laser and IPL

All procedures to get rid of pigmentation and darkening due to blood vessels in the lower eyelid should be aimed at tightening the skin so that they do not show through the capillaries, and also at slowing down the production of melanocytes. Therefore, conventional laser resurfacing, which is used to remove spots on the body, will not work. Removing the top layer of dermis from already thinned areas can be dangerous.

Instead, laser blepharoplasty and IPL technologies are used. In the first case, the use will be relevant if hyperpigmentation is caused by thin skin through which blood vessels are visible. IPL photorejuvenation with broadband pulsed light is completely safe and only affects areas with hyperpigment.

However, in case of serious pathological changes in the body, cosmetic procedures alone will not help to completely get rid of the problem. To maintain the effect of the hardware course, it is recommended to use skincare cosmetics and home remedies.

Removing dark circles under the eyes with professional care

For highly pigmented, thin, loose and discolored skin with a blue tint due to capillaries, it is recommended to use comprehensive control measures. The main thing is the professionalism of the cosmetologist, who will be able to select the most effective methods.

Among them, it is worth highlighting preparations based on human placenta hydrolyzate. They contain more than 400 biologically active components that restore the functions of the skin, stimulate tissue metabolism, oxygen access, and the synthesis of collagen and elastin. After use, the face is noticeably tightened, brightened, age spots disappear, and the synthesis of collagen and elastin is accelerated.



  • native hyaluronic acid;
  • various amino acids;
  • peptide complex;
  • vitamin and mineral complex;
  • growth factors.

Thanks to this composition, the skin becomes thicker, acquires an even tone, and is moisturized. The result becomes noticeable after the second procedure, but for a long-term effect it is recommended to complete the full course of 5 sessions. Kurasen copes well with scars, cicatrices, and deep wrinkles. After it, an increase in turgor, hydration and firmness is observed.


If the previous drug has a targeted effect on skin structures, then in this case we are talking about “systemic treatment”. The main effect is aimed at weakened cellular structure. Injecting the drug into the desired point allows you to restore the functionality of cells, accelerating their renewal, resulting in an improved complexion and increased elasticity of the skin. Laennec is a comprehensive solution in the fight against dark circles, which not only lightens pigmented areas, but also restores the health of the dermal layer.

Super thin injection needles Nanoneedle

Curacen Essence (20 fl x 2 ml)

Nanoneedles with ultra-thin walls 30G

Nanoneedles with ultra-thin walls 33G

Nanoneedles with ultra-thin walls 34G

Removing dark circles under the eyes at home

In combination with professional, cosmetic and hardware care, it is recommended to perform simple procedures at home. They will help make dark circles a little lighter, but will not get rid of the defect on their own. Therefore, the following manipulations should be chosen by people with minor aesthetic problems or as an addition to complex measures.

Creams with lightening ingredients

When choosing, you should be guided by the fact that cheap mass-market products will have only the slightest effect. However, they are also suitable for lightening by several tones and smoothing out noticeable differences in shades on the face. Among the components in the composition, pay attention to:

  • peptides, including natural ones isolated from the placenta - they play an important role in thickening the skin and may be listed on the label as regu-age, aylis, palmitoyl oligopeptide and tetrapeptide, hesperedine methyl chalcone, ayseryl, chaloxyl;
  • vasoprotectors - constriction of capillaries helps remove dark circles from the inside, among them may be horse chestnut, butcher's broom, gotu-kola, gingko biloba, sweet clover, grape leaves, caffeine, blueberries, red tea (rooibos), arnica, nitric acid, nitric oxide, niacinamide ;
  • lighteners - act both externally and internally, are especially good when pigmentation is caused by increased production of melanocytes, components may include vitamin K (phytonadione), extract or hydrolyzate of human or animal placenta (horse, pig, etc.), C (ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Amitose 3GA®, Amitose HGA®), B3 (niacinamide), as well as licorice (or licorice), arbutin and kojic acid.

These are the most basic ingredients that have proven effectiveness in combating dark circles under the eyes. The presence of one, or preferably several, components on the label will indicate that the product is suitable for slightly smoothing out the shades on the face.


Basically, they are all designed to relieve swelling and reduce pigmentation in this area. Therefore, the composition should contain components similar to creams. Additionally, gold particles or hyaluronic acid, vitamins and light esters are included to reduce sagging, compact and increase turgor.

It is better to use them at night, so that the patches remain on the eyes for the maximum time, and the serum can work more effectively. Can also be used in the morning to quickly tone your face. They will help lighten the tone slightly.

Serums and gels with hyaluronic acid

This component is the basis for most professional injection procedures. The properties of hyaluron to improve the appearance of the skin, moisturize it, relieve puffiness, eliminate bags and blue spots under the eyes have become the reason that it is used to a greater or lesser extent in almost all cosmetic products.

However, unlike injections, external application does not give such a noticeable effect. Daily use of serums and other formulations will, of course, give results in the form of noticeable firming, moisturizing and improving the condition of the skin. However, do not expect to completely eliminate the problem in one application. Even if the jar costs a fortune. The fact is that large acid molecules will not penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis, so their use is very doubtful.

Herbal compresses

Chamomile decoctions, tea, oak bark, string and others are a good way to tone the skin. It may be possible to slightly reduce swelling after sleep and barely noticeably nourish and moisturize due to the content of phytocomponents and vitamins. However, you should not count on results; a natural first aid kit is good for complex care, and not on its own.

Massage and self-massage

A dubious event for home procedures. A professional massage therapist in a salon knows special techniques and pressure to restore blood supply, and therefore nutrition, to the tissues of a certain area. If a person performs these manipulations on himself, damage to blood vessels, stretching of the skin and the appearance of early wrinkles are possible. Therefore, you should not get carried away with self-massage. The only exception is special mesorollers, which, in combination with cosmetics, can give a more noticeable result.

How to keep your eyes healthy

It is better to prevent any problem than to treat it. Therefore, we recommend a small list of rules and procedures:

  • try not to overload your vision with long-term painstaking work, gadgets, TV;
  • follow a daily routine, normalize your diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, and foods containing protein;
  • eliminate smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep;
  • reduce the destructive effects of stressful situations;
  • regularly visit a cosmetologist for professional hardware or injection procedures after 25 years;
  • Use quality home remedies in between cosmetic treatments.

The main rule is to make care regular. Applying patches or lightening cream once a month will not produce results. Especially in the presence of negative factors. It is necessary to approach the solution of the problem comprehensively; this is the only way to eliminate unaesthetic manifestations as much as possible.

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