Silicone breasts: what are their advantages and disadvantages

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15 February 2022 23:40

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Progress does not stand still and what was impossible a few years ago is commonplace today. So changes in your own body have become something common and something that won’t surprise anyone. Many girls dream of beautiful breasts, which they did not get by nature, and modern medicine is ready to make their dream come true, but there are various rumors around this issue, which we will talk about today.


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Implants are our everything.

There are a lot of myths and rumors about silicone implants. They say that they are harmful, freeze in the cold and even explode when pressure changes. Let's try to figure out how things really are.



First, let's look at the types of breast prostheses. In modern plastic surgery, as a rule, 2 types of breast implants are used: - saline - the oldest type, it is a saline solution placed in a silicone bag. - silicone - a more modern and expensive type of implant, it is a bag filled with silicone gel. This type is divided into several other subtypes, depending on the properties of the filler (density, hardness, etc.). In addition, the “bags” themselves also differ in shape (round and teardrop-shaped, symmetrical and asymmetrical) and in surface type (smooth and textured). The most expensive implants today are anatomical (drop-shaped) implants, which look more natural. And textured ones (with a “sponge” surface), which, according to research, “take root” better.

Characteristics of breast implants

Implants intended for mammoplasty differ in the following characteristics:

  • form;
  • volume;
  • projection;
  • surface texture (smooth or textured).

The choice of implant is made by the surgeon depending on the surgical goals and techniques, anatomical features and personal preferences of the patient.

The natural shape of the breast is not round, but teardrop-shaped. The gradual increase in breast volume begins with a flat slope in the upper region, rising in its lower part. Therefore, anatomical implants that imitate the effect of gravity on the breasts look more natural at first glance and are ideal for creating breast shape. Initially, they were developed for reconstructive operations (for amputated or injured mammary glands).

However, despite the fact that the installation of anatomical implants seems quite logical, many surgeons and patients prefer to use round endoprostheses for mammoplasty.

Compared to anatomical ones, the use of round-shaped implants allows you to achieve greater volume and height of the breast, creating a beautiful neckline. However, not all women are delighted with the large volume in the upper part of the breast, considering this shape unnatural and preferring anatomical implants as the most natural.

Round implants can indeed add unnaturalness and artificiality to the outline of the bust. For example, this can happen if a patient insists on installing a large-volume implant high on her chest, while the volume of her own mammary gland tissue is insufficient. In this situation, it is not the shape of the implant that is to blame, but other factors that must be taken into account before mammoplasty. Implants of any shape can look fake. This depends on the suitability of the implant and the woman’s individual body contours. Sometimes round implants look more “anatomical” than the actual anatomical ones.

Round implants implanted into the mammary glands generally “behave” more naturally than teardrop-shaped ones. In the vertical position of the patient, under the force of gravity, they independently acquire an anatomical, natural shape. Round implants also have a more advantageous appearance when the woman is in a horizontal position. Anatomical implants “give themselves away” by their lower part sticking up, while a woman’s natural breasts, according to the laws of gravity, blur. Round implants look more natural when lying down. Round implants also look more natural during active movements of a woman - jumping, running, dancing, etc.

Immediately before performing augmentation mammoplasty, the surgeon must take into account many factors - both the woman’s wishes about the shape and size of the breast, and the aesthetic vision of the doctor about the need to choose certain approaches. The surgeon is the patient’s ally, so the woman should listen to his opinion. It is the close tandem of the patient and the doctor that ensures consistently good results and satisfaction from the work done.

The surgeon's many years of experience gives him the opportunity to make an informed decision about the brand of implant, its size, access for mammoplasty and many other nuances of the operation.

Is it true that you can't fly on a plane with silicone breasts?

They say that implants can burst due to pressure changes, for example, when flying on airplanes or diving. Implants do sometimes get damaged, but neither planes nor diving have anything to do with it. The pressure required to damage the implant is so high (or low) that it is 100% likely to kill the person first. Moreover, the chance that you will find yourself in such extreme conditions is very small. After all, you are unlikely to dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench without a spacesuit or go into outer space naked. Implants are damaged by mechanical stress, such as impacts or falls. In such cases, the sac may rupture, and if you have a saline implant, the saline solution will begin to leak out. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not fatal, since the saline solution is safe for the body. One way or another, the implant will need to be replaced, otherwise the breast will begin to “deflate” before your eyes. Implants with silicone fillers are much less susceptible to damage, and even if the bag ruptures, the gel will not leak out (but the implant will also have to be replaced). According to statistics, about 3% of patients experience such problems.


The profile is considered one of the most important characteristics of the shape of the implant, representing the percentage ratio of the width of the base of the implant to the size of its projection. The smaller the base width and the larger the projection, the more high-profile the implants are considered. The “convexity” (with a high profile) or “flatness” (with a low profile) of the implant depends on the size of the profile.

Each manufacturer has its own idea of ​​a high or low profile, which is due to the fact that they use different types of casings and fillers for the manufacture of their products, which differ in the degree of density and other characteristics.

In view of this, implants from different manufacturers differ in their ability to maintain the profile while in the tissue of the mammary glands.

For example, the McGhan line of implants is represented by several types, differing in profile height:

  • low-profile implants (up to 32%);
  • medium-profile implants (32-38%);
  • high-profile implants (more than 38%).

Do silicone breasts freeze in the cold?

They say that in winter silicone breasts can freeze from extreme cold, but this is also not entirely true. Theoretically, a breast implant could freeze in the cold, but for this to happen, you would also have to freeze to death. The freezing point for saline implants is -2 ºC, for silicone implants it is approximately -112ºC. At the same time, the minimum body temperature at which a person has ever survived is 13 ºC. In both cases, you will die from hypothermia long before the substance inside the implant begins to freeze.

Can't you go to the sauna with silicone breasts?

There are also rumors that high temperatures in a sauna can harm silicone implants. This is also not true. The melting point of silicone is approximately 200ºC, while the temperature in a sauna is no more than 130ºC. Even the theoretical chance that you will harm the implant in a sauna is very small. The chance that your body will heat up to such a high temperature is even less. But doctors still often do not recommend visiting a sauna with silicone breasts. The fact is that silicone, unlike the human body, changes temperature more slowly. So, for example, after leaving the sauna, your body temperature will return to normal in a few minutes, but silicone may take up to an hour to cool down, which can cause some discomfort. Because of this property of implants, it is also highly recommended not to apply heating pads or other warming objects to the breast. Since silicone retains temperature well, your skin will be warmed on both sides at once, which can lead to burns.

Will silicone breasts remain perfect forever?

Firm and perfect shape for the rest of your life is the dream of many women. Unfortunately, even plastic surgery cannot guarantee this. Nothing in human life is forever, and certainly not in medicine. And the most excellent breasts with implants are subject to the influence of time, so they age along with their owner. The fact is that this happens more slowly than with breasts without silicone, but gravity cannot be fooled, breasts sag, and certain changes in shape are inevitable over the years.

Photos before and after surgery

Photo of the patient before and after (1 year later) installation of Allergan Natrelle TRF365 round implants.

Photograph of the patient before and after surgery (1.4 years later) for breast augmentation with anatomical implants MM320. The patient's height is 168 cm, chest circumference is 71 cm. The implants are installed through the lower edge of the areola, under the pectoral muscle.


The breasts are located far apart.

The average lifespan of breasts is 10-12 years. This is the guarantee period that the implant will not rupture, but no one guarantees that you will not have to undergo a second operation, for example, removing implants or correcting the shape of the breast, much earlier. It depends on the size: the larger the implant, the more likely it is that the breasts will begin to sag not after 10 years, but after three years. Age, lifestyle and individual characteristics of the body play an important role.

Is it possible to feed with silicone breasts?

Many people believe that it is dangerous or completely impossible to breastfeed a child with silicone breasts. Some say that silicone from the implant can leak into the milk, which is harmful for the child, others believe that during the operation the mammary glands are damaged, and breastfeeding is completely impossible. In fact, both of them are not entirely right. There is no research that shows that silicone can leak into breast milk (unless the implant is damaged). Moreover, often, women with natural breasts have a higher silicone content in breast milk (!) than women with implants. In both cases, there is so little silicone that it is barely detectable in tests, let alone causing any harm to the baby. As for the inability to breastfeed after surgery, this option is indeed possible. In this case, a lot depends on where the incision was made to insert the implant. Such an incision can be made in three places: - Under the breast - In the armpit - Around the nipple In the first two options, the likelihood of damage is quite small, in the third - much higher. The thing is that an incision in the nipple can damage the nerves and disrupt its sensitivity, which is very important when feeding.

Refusal of silicone3

As mentioned above, some celebrities resorted to removing silicone implants - some were tired of the overly provocative reflection in the mirror, others succumbed to the fashion for naturalness. In the end, it doesn't matter what the motive was.

It is much more important that a person finally begins to feel harmony with his own body. Jokes aside, it is this feeling of self-confidence, attractiveness and satisfaction with one's appearance that is the good purpose that the multi-billion dollar plastic surgery industry should serve.

  • Kourtney Kardashian said that some time after the implants were installed, she regretted what she had done. And she decided to do this (according to her) under public pressure. Like most of the stars from our article, perhaps.

Kim Kardashian

  • Courtney Love has never been one to stand against the wall at a party called Life, and so she went further - having reduced her breasts to natural sizes, she enlarged them again. It is comforting to know that eventually the breasts no longer look too provocative or impressive. At least for now.
  • Britney Spears again. We have already mentioned her breast epic, and therefore we move on.
  • Sharon Osbourne has been experimenting with her own breasts, either enlarging them or reducing them for many years. After cancer struck her, she underwent a mastectomy.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling decided to abandon silicone implants due to the fact that silicone interfered with the feeding of the child. Breastfeeding has tipped the scales, and now the actress strongly recommends that girls think three times before deciding to have surgery.
  • The sophisticated and elegant Miss Beckham also decided that natural forms look no less sexy than rounded silicone balls just below the neck.

Victoria Beckham

  • Nicole Kidman flaunted her curves for a very short time. About two years after her visit to the surgeon, she went there again - but this time to return the rented silicone.
  • Jane Fonda decided to undergo a transformation at the age of forty-five. Only she was satisfied with the result. Jane's husband decided that his beloved was beautiful without silicone enhancements. Did the actress listen to her husband, or did she decide that she was beautiful the way nature created her, but she subsequently refused implants.
  • Consequences

Rainbow dreams of a seductive neckline and lace lingerie a couple of sizes larger must be diluted with common sense and caution.

Firstly, any operation is a risk. Whether it is laser vision correction, nose correction or breast enlargement. No surgeon can give a 100% guarantee that everything will go perfectly. If you believe astrologers, then, for example, during the period of Mercury Retrograde it is better not to make unnecessary body movements at all and not even use transport, not to mention large financial transactions or medical interventions.

Secondly, you need to carefully check the clinic and the specialists working in it. And by “check” we don’t just mean reading reviews on Google. If you are interested in a good result, do not hesitate to ask the specialist for all documents confirming his qualifications and the quality of the implants. Someone will say: “Why dwell on such obvious things!” BUT!

While there are people in the world who pump up their lips at home with dubious drugs or get eyebrow tattoos from dubious “specialists” in unsanitary conditions, and then are surprised at the result they get... Damn it, we will devote at least a couple of lines to the truisms, period

Loss of breast sensation is one of the most unpleasant aspects of this operation. This is why many girls are disappointed in the final result.

Silicone implants make it difficult to diagnose breast cancer.

In addition to painful sensations and bruises, there is also a high risk of ending up with asymmetrical breasts or a bust that is not at all the size that was planned.

Is it easy to distinguish “silicone breasts” from natural ones?

The shape of the implant is important - the anatomical one looks more natural. Until it comes to undressing, one can only guess about the artificial origin of the breasts. But, looking at the chest without embellishment, you can still say a lot. Firstly, according to statistics, 90% of women have a left breast that is slightly smaller than the right (or barely different in shape). To achieve naturalness, you need to take this into account when choosing implants. In any case, if the operation is performed efficiently, a non-professional (for example, a surgeon) is unlikely to distinguish by touch which breast he is feeling - silicone or natural.

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