Botox capillary for hair - a magical formula for healthy hair

Contraindications for use

Despite all the benefits that Honma Botox will bring, it is not recommended to use it:

  • girls during menstruation;
  • older women;
  • children under 16;
  • pregnant and breastfeeding women;
  • if there are wounds on the head, dermatological diseases.

There may be an allergic reaction to some components, you need to be careful. If side effects occur - rash, itching, dandruff, etc. - you should stop using the drug and consult a doctor.

Botox is not recommended to be done frequently. The best option is once every six months. Excess nutrients will negatively affect the condition of the curls; they will become greasy, lose volume and will not be able to fully absorb vitamins.

Botox Honma has in its arsenal many positive reviews from stylists and their clients. The result will be noticeable immediately. The before and after photos speak for themselves.

Showroom price

In major cities of the country, prices for Botox vary greatly, there are many offers and they are of varying quality. The cost directly depends on the length of the hair and its original condition. In St. Petersburg, too, the price for the procedure ranges from 4,000 rubles and above. For a skilled craftsman and guaranteed quality materials, this is a good price. This procedure does not seem to be too complicated, but it is responsible both in execution and in the choice of materials, which means that the cheap cost will clearly indicate some savings on the quality of raw materials or services.

Today, quite a few different salon hair treatments have been developed; choosing the right one is often difficult. Botox for hair will not only make your hair shiny and style spectacular, but will also restore every hair from the inside, providing you with a bright, attractive image of a confident beauty.

What is Botox for hair

“Honma Tokyo” Botox is a system for thermal reconstruction of hair, intended for its treatment and restoration of structure. Evens out along the entire length, fills voids, restores elasticity, smoothness and healthy radiance.

Who is it suitable for?

Any woman who wants to improve the appearance of her hair can use the HONMA TOKYO H-BRUSH Botox Capilar program. I recommend the use of this complex to my clients in a number of cases:

  • after dyeing;
  • if the hair is dry or damaged;
  • for fragility and split ends;
  • to increase volume;
  • if your hair is unruly and difficult to style.

The system creates a unique glossy coating, thickens the hair shaft, and seals split ends.


Despite the name, cosmetics from the Honma Tokyo system do not contain a single drop of botulinum toxin. And, of course, no subcutaneous injections are expected. The Tokyo Honma Botox restoration program includes the following components:

  1. The Intra-Silan substance penetrates into the deep layers of the hair and acts as a frame.
  2. Reconstructing complex Luna Matrix – smooths out scales, protects against harmful influences, evens out tone.
  3. Keratin – serves to strengthen hair, fill voids, and promote moisture accumulation.
  4. Cysteine ​​is an amino acid that plays an important role in tissue repair.
  5. Extracts of aloe, green tea, Pracaxi oil nourish hair, saturate it with vitamins and antioxidants.


The Honma Tokyo complex is suitable for any hair type, but the effect is best seen on thin, dry and lacking volume. Recent staining is not an obstacle to the procedure. In some cases, Botox can correct some tone imperfections - for example, eliminate unsightly yellowness in bleached hair.

But platinum blondes will have to give it up, because the keratin composition can give their hair a blue tint.


I always ask my clients why they liked this or that procedure, and what moments bring discomfort. In reviews of Honma Tokyo Botox, they emphasize that they consider the following aspects positive:

  • contains natural ingredients and does not cause harm;
  • has a minimum of contraindications;
  • combines care and treatment;
  • hair stops becoming electrified and frizzy;
  • protects from external influences;
  • does not change the natural structure of the hair (does not straighten curls);
  • intensive recovery, magnificent appearance;
  • there are no weighting or gluing effects;
  • hair becomes manageable and easy to style;
  • volume increases;
  • the result lasts for 3 months.


The ladies surveyed included the following negative aspects:

  • hair quickly becomes oily;
  • possible skin irritation and allergic reactions;
  • long duration - a Honmo Tokyo Botox session takes 2-3 hours;
  • high price, and with long hair the consumption of the product increases.

User reviews

The opinions of those who experienced innovative hair restoration were divided on two fronts. The first ones were absolutely happy and delighted with the result (as a rule, they performed the procedure in a beauty salon). The second group of users complained about the deterioration of the condition of their curls. This group belonged to home “masters” who saved money on going to a professional.

To enjoy the effect as much as possible and achieve impressive changes, be sure to contact a specialist. Independent use of Botox, as practice shows, can even harm thin and weakened curls.

Alternative methods of hair restoration and treatment:

  • glazing;
  • lamination;
  • biolamination;
  • keratin hair restoration;
  • lipid restoration;
  • Serication.

Indications for use

Honma Tokyo hair botox will be useful for any woman who is not satisfied with the condition of her hair. The procedure is recommended for girls whose hair has been damaged due to:

  • dyeing;
  • perms;
  • using an iron and hair dryer;
  • mechanical actions;
  • use of styling products with increased fixation.

Curls lose their beautiful appearance due to stress or health problems. Sun rays and hard water cause damage, and the use of conventional hair care masks does not always bring the desired effect.

Signs that your hair needs special care:

  • naughty, highly electrified;
  • split ends;
  • lifeless and overdried.

Honma Tokyo hair botox will help you cope with all these problems and will do it in the shortest possible time.

Strengths and weaknesses of the product

Honma Tokyo is not just a new product in the cosmetics industry, it is an advanced hair care product.

Its advantages include:

  • long-term preservation of the effect;
  • ease of independent execution;
  • a wide range of products for every hair type;
  • color correction;
  • maximum preservation of the natural state of curls;
  • natural ingredients in the composition;
  • healing effect.

Botox seems to repair brittle hair, filling voids and restoring it while providing protection.

Providing a therapeutic effect, it improves their appearance and internal condition. The drug makes the hair color brighter, makes it burn with fire. Lightened strands get rid of yellowness, but platinum blondes should be careful with it to avoid the appearance of a blue or purple tint.

At the end of the procedure, the curls become smooth and silky, as if mirror-like. The product seals split hairs, the ends do not frizz, so the hair looks well-groomed.

Negative points:

  • exposure of the skin to active substances can provoke allergic reactions;
  • You need to take a break between re-applications.


The company produces several lines of products suitable for curls of different structure and degree of damage. Hair Botox h brush botox capilar has a universal composition; owners of different types of strands that require intensive restoration can use it.

The product is produced in liter containers, so the composition will last for a long time. For those who are just about to get acquainted with the drug, many online stores offer manual packaging of 100–200 ml.

Botox contains many substances that are beneficial for hair. Here is a description of the main ones:

  • The Intra-Silane molecule is the main innovative component that helps fill the rod with a “skeleton” that supports the structure.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin. This is a specially processed protein similar to the natural building material of hair. Keratin penetrates inside the rod, filling voids and microcracks on the surface.
  • Amino acids. Acetylcysteine ​​is the main active acid of this group. Helps normalize hydroexchange, prevents damage to cuticle scales, strengthens the core, prevents fragility, and has a conditioning effect.
  • The special Luna Matrix system smoothes the cuticle, has a built-in UV filter, and neutralizes warm shades on bleached hair. The thin film it forms on the surface of the hair protects against mechanical influences.
  • Aloe vera extract maintains hydrobalance, has an antiseptic effect, and is rich in various vitamins and minerals.
  • Green tea leaf extract tones, strengthens, stimulates growth. The rich complex of vitamins and antioxidants in this plant triggers a natural defense mechanism.
  • Pracaxi oil has an amazing moisturizing effect; a large amount of beneficial acids in its composition stimulates the natural internal processes in the hair.

The “powerful” composition promotes intense saturation and restoration. The absence of harmful substances allows Botox to be called absolutely safe.

What is Botox for hair?

Botox is the name of the procedure, by analogy with Botox injections, which preserve youthful skin by preventing the formation of expression lines. The substance botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscles and prevents them from contracting. Of course, there are no muscles in the hair, and botulinum toxin is not used, it’s just a name by analogy with a well-known remedy for preserving youth. The Botox procedure also keeps hair beautiful and shiny for a long time.

Honma Tokyo Botox also “repairs” brittle and fragile strands, penetrating deep inside and moisturizing them, due to which deep restoration occurs, the hair becomes soft, beautiful and shiny again, it restores damaged fibers, filling the voids in them, and provides long-term protection. After the procedure, each strand becomes mirror smooth and silky, the “fluffiness” disappears and split ends disappear.

Rules of care

After Botox, even damaged hair looks well-groomed, beautiful, and healthy. It must be remembered that this is a temporary effect. Without special care, the protective film disappears faster. The strands again become vulnerable and suffer from various negative factors. In addition, if proper care becomes a habit, the hair itself will become healthier. Find out why you need to protect your hair from moisture after Botox, and what cosmetics you should choose to maintain the beauty of smooth, shiny strands.

Instructions for using Botox Honma Tokyo

The HONMA TOKYO H-BRUSH Botox Capilar procedure is easy to use and does not require special training. I do it like this:

  1. I thoroughly wash the client's hair to remove surface impurities and sebum. For this purpose, the set includes a special Prepair shampoo that does not contain sodium laureth sulfate. It not only cleanses, but also opens the hair cuticle.
  2. On dried strands I apply Intensive Reconstructor along the entire length, retreating 2-3 cm from the roots. I start from the back of the head, gradually moving forward.
  3. I leave the keratin mask on for 40 minutes, then dry it with a hairdryer.
  4. I comb my hair with a frequent thin comb, removing excess product.
  5. I straighten each strand with a special iron 5-7 times at a temperature of 210-230 °C. I let my hair cool and rinse it with warm water without shampoo. I find it advisable to apply a moisturizing mask.

Next, I do the styling according to the client’s wishes. On the same day, you should no longer wash your hair.

After the Honma Tokyo Botox procedure, hair should be washed only with sulfate-free shampoo - this will help the product wash out more slowly and, as a result, increase its duration.

I also recommend regularly nourishing your hair with masks, conditioners and moisturizing oils.

Who is it suitable for?

Honma Tokyo hair botox affects curls in the depths of the structure. After the procedure, the hair acquires extraordinary smoothness, silkiness, and an almost mirror-like shine. The hair scales close, so the hair will lose its sloppy fluffiness. The drug helps seal split ends , which means your hair will look neat after Botox.

Botox restoration procedure is recommended for very damaged hair. This is hair that has undergone chemical treatment (perming, dyeing, bleaching), and is constantly subjected to intense heat treatment, mechanical stress (complex hairstyles), and excessive use of persistent styling products.

Hair Botox h brush botox capilar is suitable for those who do not want to part with curly hair, but want to restore it after damage. Also, the series is ideal for blondes because it eliminates yellowness . In addition, the composition contains particles that prevent natural fading; the product will maintain the intensity of the shade.

Some salons offer such a procedure for those suffering from alopecia, but it is not possible to reliably indicate its effectiveness in this area. Botox has a strong composition that can have a beneficial effect on the structure of the shaft and follicles, but does not directly stimulate growth. We have prepared for you a selection of the best products for hair growth and strengthening.

Thin, naturally weak curls also need periodic nourishment. It is not worth doing Botox for a single improvement in appearance “on the way out” or as a preventative treatment

Experts note that with regular use, consequences are possible. The hair becomes excessively heavy, sticks together, the roots become greasy, and addiction occurs.

Important! The procedure is not recommended for pregnant, lactating women, children, and the elderly. Allergic reactions to the components of the composition are possible, so those who are prone to allergic reactions should be on alert. The drug should not be used if there is damage to the skin on the head.

Side effects

All components of the drug are carefully balanced; undesirable side effects may occur as a result of violation of the procedure technology:

  • non-compliance with the exposure time or excessive application of keratin products;
  • incorrect temperature conditions when ironing;
  • frequent procedure;
  • using expired cosmetics.

You should not order the Honma Tokyo complex on the Internet - there is a great danger of receiving a counterfeit or expired product. Purchase the product in specialized stores or in a salon.

Consequences of technology violation

The composition of the preparations for the Botox care procedure is as safe as possible and beneficial for the health of curls. That is why technology violations cannot cause them much harm - only provoke minor cosmetic problems:

  • "Dirty" look. This happens when the caring mask is applied excessively at the last stage of the procedure. If the strands are not rinsed with water enough, volume may be lost and the hairstyle may look “stale.” This problem will be eliminated the first time you wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Fat content of strands. The procedure itself does not affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands, so it cannot provoke oily or dry scalp. However, a similar situation is possible if the curls were poorly washed with shampoo before starting the procedure.
  • Dryness. It can occur when the temperature of the iron is insufficient or the amount of care mask is small.
  • Strands look dull. The hair was poorly washed at the end of the procedure - there was an excess of caring products left on it.

Those who do keratin at home

Positive reviews about Coffee Green Honma Tokyo were also left by those girls who are used to doing all the manipulations with their curls at home. This remedy is ideal for such practices, as it is single-phase. It is easy to apply, easy to rinse off, no additional shampoos or activators are required, which must react with keratin. All you need as an addition is a good hair dryer with cold air and quality straightening irons. Get used to doing this procedure yourself - and you can save thousands of rubles on trips to salons, also being confident in the success of the event.

Procedure process

It is very important not only to use high-quality materials, but also to follow technology and correctly perform all stages of the process.

  1. The first step will be thorough cleaning of the hair and scalp with a special shampoo. Gentle drying with cold air.
  2. The hair is separated into separate strands and treated with a special compound
  3. Leave the composition on the hair for 20 to 40 minutes. Usually, a cap and warm air from a hairdryer or an ultrasonic iron are used for this.
  4. The composition is fixed to the hair using an iron.
  5. Next, wash your hair again, rinsing off any remaining product.
  6. The last stage is a restorative mask. After applying it, the hair is dried with warm air and styled.

As you can see, all stages are important and it is best to entrust this procedure to a specialist in the salon, and not try to carry it out yourself.

Hair care after the procedure

  • After the procedure, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 3 days.
  • To prolong the effect, you need to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo.
  • It is recommended to always use a hairdryer after washing your hair.
  • High humidity should be avoided, as it shortens the duration of action of the composition.
  • It is necessary to exclude the use of styling products and devices, as they destroy the effect of Botox and damage the hair.
  • It is recommended to apply oils to your hair and use moisturizing masks once a week.

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Tools Overview

Mulsan BTX System

The undisputed and undisputed leader is Botox Mulsan BTX System. This is the main breakthrough of 2022 in the world of professional cosmetics. The most effective and safest product to use. When developing this product, the company fulfilled 3 main conditions: maximum efficiency of the result for the client, ease of use for the master, optimal price.

This Botox is completely free of formaldehyde derivatives; other manufacturers, of course, cannot boast of this, although sometimes they are cunning and do not indicate it in the composition. No harmful fumes, pungent odor or customer complaints.

Price: 1000 ml – 2999 rubles. 400 ml – 1499 rubles

Fiberceutic by Loreal Professional

L'Oreal products are quite popular among salon professionals. A competent combination of ingredients can improve the condition of your curls .

Vegetable keratin in the composition provides the strands with a mirror shine, increased softness and well-groomed appearance. How much this procedure costs - you need to check in a specific salon. Average price: approximately 2 thousand rubles.

N brash botox capilar from Honma Tokyo

An important advantage of this composition is the complete absence of allergenic components . Having removed synthetic formaldehyde from the active formula, the manufacturer added a natural complex of vitamins to the composition, which has a healing effect on the strands. The procedure provides smoothness and shine to even very damaged curls. Price - about 6 thousand rubles .

Kallos hair botox

A Hungarian manufacturer has created a fairly inexpensive version of Botox for hair. The active components of the ampoules penetrate deep into each hair, intensively nourishing it from the inside. The vitamin complex revitalizes dull curls and gives pronounced shine. The average price is 800 rubles .

Kashmir keratin hair system

A unique procedure for restoring curls from an Israeli company is becoming increasingly popular. The combination of natural keratin and Botox makes the strands denser and more elastic, promoting healthy hair growth.

A safe combination of ingredients does not stain bleached hair . The average cost of the procedure is approximately 4 thousand rubles.

Magic efecto botox ampoules from Tahe cosmetics

The main feature of the composition is the increased content of active components. The result of this procedure lasts up to 5 months, which is significantly longer compared to other manufacturers.

Ampoules help improve hair health and reduce fragility, fill it with natural radiance and health. The approximate price of 1 procedure is about 1800 rubles.


The composition of the Inoar brand is based on plant collagen. This component fills damaged areas of hair, actively restoring them from the inside . The procedure significantly increases the density and elasticity of curls, making them more manageable and healthy. The average cost of the procedure is 1500 rubles.


Valuable amino acids, natural keratin and plant extracts make the Botox procedure as beneficial as possible for thin and weakened strands . Hair becomes denser and more well-groomed, electrification and increased fragility are eliminated. Price – 1200 rubles.


The set contains a special complex of lipids and ultraviolet filters for restoration and subsequent protection of hair. The structure of the curls gradually improves - they look denser and more well-groomed, and a natural shine appears.

The effect lasts up to 3 months. To maintain the results for as long as possible, you need to use a special shampoo and balm. The price of the procedure is approximately 2500 rubles.

How to care for your hair after the procedure?

  • You can wash your hair only three days after the procedure.
  • It is better to use sulfate-free shampoo.
  • It is not recommended to dye your hair for two weeks.
  • For the first three days, hair should not be collected, pinned or wet.
  • Touch your hair as little as possible.
  • Additionally, you should nourish your hair with masks and balms.

Honma Tokyo hair straightening product is an easy-to-use professional formulation. With its help, you can easily perform keratin hair straightening at home.

If you perform the procedure at home, remember that all products should be applied only with gloves and not touch the scalp.

We invite you to watch a video on how to properly care for your hair after keratin straightening:

Advantages and disadvantages

Before any cosmetic procedure, you need to make the right decision and identify its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, hair botox has its pros and cons.

The first and most important advantage of the procedure is its appearance. Immediately after the first Botox session, the hair looks healthy, a beautiful shine appears, the hair structure becomes denser, there are no splits or detachments. It is much easier to style and you can use a minimum of styling products, since healthy strands in themselves are already a beautiful hairstyle. In addition, with regular use of this treatment, the hair follicles are stimulated, and the hair grows better.

But there were some minor drawbacks. The main one is the duration of the service result. Despite the six months indicated by the manufacturers, as a rule, the full effect is observed for a maximum of about two to three months, and sometimes even less. Also, some disadvantage is the cost of the procedure; quality services and drugs are far from affordable. Also, the Botox procedure is not suitable for very curly hair; thanks to the composition, the strands will become disciplined, but the wave will remain in any case. You may need keratin hair straightening for better results. Now that you know how long hair Botox lasts, it will be easier to estimate the average cost of it.

Kallos Hair Botox

Kallos Hair Botox – ampoules for rapid restoration of hair structure. The product fills hairs with vitamins, keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

These ampoules are affordable and easy to use, making them ideal for home care. The contents of the ampoule should be applied to washed, damp hair for 10 minutes and then rinsed off. The procedure promises to make your hair shiny, well-groomed and soft.

6 ampoules of 10 ml will cost about 400 rubles. User reviews say that the effect of Botox lasts 2-3 shampoos.

Will Nystatin tablets help against dandruff, and how to use them to treat “snow” on the head?

We choose between American and Brazilian keratin restoration; you will find out recommendations in the next article.

Do-it-yourself female pathogen: .

Deep hair reconstruction

Deeper recovery is achieved through exposure to high temperatures during the procedure and treatment with special means.

The reason for this is the acceleration of reactions with increasing temperature and the deeper “absorption” of keratins, lipids, and minerals into the hair layers.

What is used for this and how is the effect achieved?

For any type of hair reconstruction, to enhance the penetration of substances into the hair structure, a straightening iron is used to distribute the active substance.

It is recommended to use the iron only in case of VERY SEVERE damage, brittleness and dryness. For normal restoration, a standard application of keratins, lipids, oils and other active preparations is sufficient.

general information

The product line is designed specifically to restore the structure of each hair without weighing it down or straightening the effect. That is, curly hair will not become perfectly smooth, it will be restored from the inside and will become attractive in appearance. In addition, various components remove the yellowness of curls (if any), cope with split ends, and protect against ultraviolet rays and free radicals.

Keratin and cysteine ​​included in the product are the main builders of the hair structure. Therefore, early gray hair, thin, dull curls do not threaten you. The products can be used at home without the help of specialists. Thanks to this, you can save money and time.

Thermal hair straightening

This procedure is usually referred to as keratin restoration. The difference is the inclusion of an iron for the greatest effect. The same methods are used as for deep restoration.

Indications: excessive fluffiness, dandelion hairstyle, consequences of perm or severe drying by chemicals and hair dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons.


How long does the effect last?

The result lasts for 2-4 months depending on the type of hair and the composition used. If the Botox procedure is done regularly, the effect will last longer .

Is it possible to wash your hair often after the procedure?

During the restoration of the strands, all nutritional components are sealed inside the hair . Therefore, the effect of Botox will be noticeable even with frequent washing of curls.

Important! Be careful when choosing a mild shampoo and other care products after the procedure. In most cases, your hairdresser can offer you a special line of cosmetic products to maintain the effect.

How often can Botox be done?

The frequency of performing any care procedures for curls depends on their condition, the age of the client and the body’s reaction to a specific technique.

How often you should do Botox in your case - only a qualified hairdresser can tell you after a personal consultation. The average frequency is about 3-4 times a year.

Should you get Botox to straighten your hair?

There is a special type of Botox for smoothing curly, unruly hair. This procedure not only saturates the strands with useful vitamins and microelements , but also straightens them for a long time.

Is it possible to dye your hair during a healing procedure?

The recommended break between Botox and aggressive hairdressing procedures (coloring, perming, color removal) is at least 2 weeks. This interval is necessary for the penetration and fixation of active components inside the hair.

Can it be done during pregnancy?

This procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Despite all the safety, a small part of the active components can penetrate into the blood and affect the child’s health.

What to choose: Botox or hair lamination?

Lamination involves smoothing the hair scales and mainly affects the appearance. Botox is focused on restoring curls, saturating them with keratin and vitamins .

The choice of procedure depends on the condition of your hair and the desired result. If you want to add shine to healthy curls and protect them from external factors (for example, before traveling to hot countries), lamination is best.

For damaged and dry hair, Botox is preferable. It will be able to nourish the strands with useful substances, eliminate damage and excessive dryness, and add softness and shine.

Is it possible to do the procedure if there is a problem of hair loss?

Botox is a restorative procedure that has a positive effect on the structure and quality of hair.

The restoration technique involves saturating each hair with keratin, a vitamin complex and beneficial plant extracts. It is aimed at weakened and damaged curls, so it is often recommended for girls with increased hair loss.

However, before carrying out the procedure, it is advisable to consult a specialist. Hair loss can be a consequence of irritation and other diseases of the scalp (this factor is a contraindication).

Masks with Botox effect (folk recipes)

Based on green tea and gelatin

This mask is indispensable in the treatment of dandruff; it reduces the oiliness of the hair and gives it a pronounced shine. Pour gelatin over freshly brewed tea in a ratio of 1:5.

After the powder swells, add a teaspoon of flower honey and 5 drops of any oil . Warm the mixture and apply to hair. Leave the mask on for at least 40 minutes and rinse with water.

Based on honey

An excellent option for weakened and dull curls that are prone to split ends. You need to mix a chicken egg and a tablespoon of natural honey (preheat in a water bath).

The composition is distributed not only along the length of the strands, but also rubbed into the roots . Leave the mask on for 40-60 minutes, then rinse with water.

Avocado and protein

This composition intensively nourishes curls, saturates them with vitamins and essential amino acids. Using a blender, beat 1/3 of the ripe avocado and egg white until smooth, add tangerine essential oil (2 drops) at the end.

Apply to hair and wait 20-30 minutes (to enhance the effect, you can warm your head with a hairdryer several times), then rinse with water.

With hyaluronic acid

The mask is intended for dry, bleached hair. Mix 1 tablespoon each of coconut, olive and burdock oil, add 2 ml of hyaluronic acid and 2 drops of bay oil.

Distribute the mixture over your curls and leave it in for at least 60-90 minutes . Wash off the composition with a mild shampoo (it is better to use a sulfate-free option).

Types of reconstruction

Nowadays beauty salons offer many methods of reconstruction. It is worth distinguishing between the main types, the names of which come from the drugs used for treatment.

Keratin reconstruction

This is NOT keratin straightening, which leads to changes in the hair structure.

→ The keratin reconstruction procedure involves filling the hair with keratin, essential amino acids and valuable oils.

What is keratin?
Keratin is the main and one of the most essential proteins that make up hair. !Important Over time, the protein inside the hair is destroyed and, as a result, the hair loses its beauty, brittleness and dryness appear.
Keratin reconstruction is aimed at filling the deep layers of hair with keratin and successfully fixing it. Keratin proteins sealed inside the hair form strong bonds, providing firmness, elasticity and resistance to adverse external influences.


  • Allergy and individual intolerance

Before the procedure, you should check your reaction to the drugs and carefully study the composition of the products.

  • Scalp damage

The presence of scratches, wounds, itching are reasons to refuse the procedure until cure.

  • Hair loss

First, you should undergo a course of treatment for hair loss to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Lipid hair reconstruction

Lipids are fats that form the protective and storage layers of the entire body, in particular, hair.

Lack of lipids leads to depletion, weakening and dry hair. Lipid reconstruction allows you to restore the protective layer of hair and fill it with vital moisture and vitamins.

The effect of the procedure is unique: the hair takes on a well-groomed appearance, and is completely restored from the inside, becoming truly healthy.


  • Allergies or intolerances

It is necessary to study the composition of the products prematurely

  • Pregnancy and lactation

To avoid harmful effects on the child, lipid reconstruction is not recommended for nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Bioreconstruction of hair

Another name for the procedure is cauterization. This is the treatment of hair with special preparations containing natural ingredients, for example, bamboo extract. The main active ingredient is silicon.

The direction of action is the restoration of split hair, “soldering” of scales and ends, reconstruction of damage and, of course, saturation of hair with valuable minerals.

Split ends and damaged hair are the first indications on the list for bioreconstruction.


  • Perm hair
  • Dyed hair

The procedure may change the shade, so it is worth holding off on changing the color or abandoning it altogether

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Allergy
  • Hair loss and scalp damage

!Caution Possible complications, irritation or infection (due to damaged skin).

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