What is keratin hair straightening? 15 Important features of keratin hair straightening + comparison with other procedures

Keratin straightening is a salvation for owners of unruly, curly and curly hair. Let's figure out together what this procedure is, what effect can be achieved and how long the result will last.

Hair stylist and hair care expert Daria Kilina .

In this article we will tell you:
  1. What is keratin hair straightening?
  2. Effect of keratin hair straightening: before and after photos
  3. How is keratin straightening done? Step-by-step instruction
  4. How long does the keratin straightening procedure take?
  5. Price of keratin hair straightening
  6. How long does keratin hair straightening last?
  7. Cons of keratin straightening
  8. Pros of keratin straightening
  9. Keratin hair straightening: contraindications
  10. Hair care after keratin straightening
  11. Compositions, kits and products for keratin straightening
  12. Which is better: Botox or keratin hair straightening?
  13. Which is better: nanoplasty or keratin hair straightening
  14. Is it possible to dye your hair after keratin straightening?

Cons of keratin straightening

1. Harmfulness of the procedure. The keratin composition contains formaldehyde with a strong unpleasant odor. It may have adverse effects on the respiratory system. Therefore, the procedure is carried out only in ventilated rooms.

2. Ban on hair lightening. After the procedure, you should not dye your hair with dyes containing ammonia.

3. Allergic reaction. When using a keratin composition, a strong odor from formaldehyde appears.

If you are predisposed to allergic reactions from the respiratory system, then the procedure cannot be done.

4. Hair fragility after washing out keratin. Careful care of your curls will be required. They need additional nutrition and hydration.

Use masks with keratin and sprays with liquid protein.

Recurrence frequency

The frequency of repetition of the procedure depends on the durability of the result. If keratization was carried out on healthy, not very curly hair, then it retains keratin for six months, and damaged, painful strands require a repeat session after 3-4 months.

Women who properly care for their hair enjoy the results for about 8 months. You can repeat the procedure as soon as you notice a decrease in the effect from the first time. Keratin has the ability to accumulate, so repeated use will make your hair even better. Experts advise doing keratinization after 1-1.5 months. If keratin straightening of damaged hair does not produce a noticeable result, then it is better to repeat the procedure after 2 months. This is exactly how long dry, brittle hair retains its results.

A trip to the sea can speed up the repetition of the procedure, since the sun and sea water help wash out keratin. The effect of keratinization on long hair disappears faster.

Keratin hair straightening: contraindications

If you have dermatological problems , then this is a direct contraindication to the procedure.

If you have recently lightened your hair or are planning to do so in the near future, keratin straightening will have to be postponed. Double chemical exposure to hair will greatly damage its structure.

Is it possible to do keratin straightening for pregnant women?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, hair straightening with keratin is prohibited.

How often can you repeat?

If we talk about the frequency with which the procedure can be repeated, there is no clear answer. It all depends on the duration of the result of the previous alignment and your own desire to repeat the procedure. It is important to monitor the condition of your hair and if you see that the result has begun to weaken, you can repeat the procedure .

Keratin straightening is performed using special products made by different manufacturers and the quality of the products can vary significantly. Actually, the result largely depends on this.

If the question arises about repeating the procedure, you can take into account the opinion of specialists who claim that repeating the procedure is possible in 1-15 months.

Compositions, kits and products for keratin straightening

Each brand has its own unique formulations for keratin hair straightening. They include keratin, amino acids, proteins, oils and other additives.

In practice, there are two types of keratin - American and Brazilian.

The first does not contain formaldehyde, but because of this, the effect of the procedure is weaker and not as long lasting.

The Brazilian version contains formaldehyde, which enhances the straightening effect of curly hair. Standard keratin straightening kits include: Some kits include post-keratin straightening shampoos and conditioners.

What factors influence the maintenance of the effect?

As already mentioned, the duration is influenced by quality care. If you thought that after keratin you can forget about using masks and products, then you are mistaken. There are special products that do not contain parabens and sulfates - these are the products you should use.

Reducing the use of various curling irons and hair dryers can prolong the effect; styling can also be done using a wide brush.

Maintaining the effect can be difficult due to the fact that the hair was dyed before the procedure . This significantly reduces the keratin treatment time. If the hair is naturally brittle, hard and severely split, the effect will last no more than 2 months.

Experts recommend first bringing your hair into ideal condition, carrying out restoration procedures, and only then using keratin straightening.

Which is better: Botox or keratin hair straightening?

Botox is a more gentle procedure. It is more suitable for blondes, who can use it to get rid of a yellowish tint.

After Botox, you can immediately apply coloring. And after keratin straightening this is prohibited.

In addition, Botox is allowed during pregnancy, as it contains fewer harmful substances. But it is better not to do the procedure in the first trimester.

Botox does not make hair smooth and shiny. Its main task is to restore and improve the hair structure.

So, keratin straightening is necessary for unruly, curly hair, and Botox for long and split strands.

How long does the effect last?

It is impossible to accurately answer the question of how long the result will last after the procedure. The duration depends on many factors, as well as the structure of the hair and its quality. The most important thing is the length of the hairstyle. The longer the hair, the faster the effect disappears .

The initial condition of the hair also plays an important role. If they were damaged, it is better to repeat the straightening procedure after 1 month.

The process is affected by the use of deep cleaning shampoo or shampoo with a high content of sulfates.

You can prolong the effect by using shampoo that does not contain sodium chloride. In other words, the salts in the composition gradually destroy the protective layer and the result lasts for a short time. Keratin is also destroyed by the sea and ultraviolet radiation. If you go on vacation, be prepared that after it you need to repeat the straightening procedure again.

For those who have already done the procedure and those who do it for the first time, there is no difference in how long the result lasts. The main thing in keratin straightening is quality care . If the hair is healthy and well-groomed even before the procedure, keratin will last for about 4 months.

Is it possible to dye your hair after keratin straightening?

You can dye your hair after keratin straightening, but not right away.

If you plan to use ammonia hair bleach dyes, you should wait until your hair grows back and you cut off the part that was treated with keratin.

Keratin straightening is not completely washed out of the hair; it can only be cut off.

If you want to learn professional hair care and styling, sign up for a hairdressing course. The courses will not only teach you how to quickly and efficiently create hairstyles, but will also tell you how to choose hairstyles for your face type. In just a few lessons you will find like-minded people, learn how to create cool looks for yourself and others, or even decide to change your profession to a hairdresser.

The cost of courses starts from 3,000 rubles and reaches 60,000 rubles. It all depends on the experience of the master and the duration of training. Courses last from 1 to 14 lessons.

A course of keratin straightening is usually designed for 1 day. Its cost is 3,000-4,000 rubles.

How to choose a hairdressing course teacher?

  1. Experience. Pay attention to the experience of the master. It’s good if he not only teaches courses, but also works with clients. Look at examples of the master’s work and reviews of his activities to be confident in the professionalism of the teacher.
  2. Work style. Are you satisfied with the quality of the hairdresser's hairstyles, but don't like the style of their execution? Find another specialist to learn how to create what you like.
  3. Methodology. Is there a free trial lesson on the course? Listen to how the master presents information and whether he explains everything clearly.

The school must provide everything needed for training: paper manuals, tools and tools for keratinization.

After training, a certificate is issued that will allow you to go to work in a beauty salon.

Do you want to work in the beauty industry? Or complement your activity profile? Learn a new technique for working with hair and you will be able to use it both for personal purposes and as a good income. Open up new opportunities for yourself and your clients.

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After how long can the procedure be repeated?

This question interests many girls who have at least once carried out the procedure and seen the result.
But, you should not immediately repeat the procedure as soon as you notice that the keratin has been washed out of your hair. You need to give your hair a certain amount of time to rest - experienced hairdressers advise refraining from the procedure for 6-8 months. But, at the same time, carry out various care procedures. Continue to use high-quality shampoo and mask, which will help quickly restore hair structure. Don't forget about regular haircuts.

Popular products for the procedure

Below we will consider well-known products for keratin hair straightening.

  1. Cocochoco - one of the most famous brands.

    The products of this company are of high quality, and the keratinization effect lasts up to 5 months. A distinctive feature of the composition is the absence of harmful chemical components.

  2. Cadiveu Professional – under this brand they produce a professional kit for the described service – Brasil Cacau.

    As the manufacturer assures, this line is suitable for any hair type. After performing the service using this product, you will be able to style it the next day after keratinization. Bonus for dyed hair - the color will be more durable.

  3. HONMATOKYO is a company based in Brazil with Japanese roots. Manufacturers work with a wide range of hair, so they have a large selection of lines for different types of curls.

    A distinctive feature of these products is that they do not contain formaldehyde.

  4. Inoar - this brand has been producing a line for keratin restoration for quite some time.

    They produce products for both professionals and home use.

  5. Salerm Cocmetics - This is a mixed hair straightening because it contains a chemical component and keratin components.

    If you want to exclude the influence of chemical components, choose only a keratin line.

  6. Brazilian Blowout – the peculiarity of this brand’s products is that it removes static electricity from the hair and gives it shine.

    It also does not contain aggressive chemical components.

Which keratin is best for hair straightening? Don't forget that products can have different effects on your curls. Therefore, pay attention to the composition: it should not contain a large percentage of formaldehyde. Then this procedure will only bring benefits.

The mechanism of action of keratin on hair

Human hair consists almost entirely of keratin .
But due to unfavorable environmental factors, this substance becomes less.

Therefore, curls lose their shine and healthy appearance.

During application of the product, small particles of keratin, penetrating into the hair, restore the structure, filling the damaged areas of the hair .

This promotes rapid recovery, thereby the curls acquire shine, silkiness, and strength. Such deep healing allows you to create a keratin layer that is not destroyed under the influence of various factors. Then this layer is washed off, so the procedure can be done again.

How long does the procedure take?

How long it takes to do keratin straightening for medium and long hair is determined individually in each case. There are no specific standards and rules, but there is a uniform execution technology. It is important to carry out actions consistently to achieve the desired result. The period of stay in the chair and the stylist is affected by:

  • strand length;
  • density;
  • presence or absence of damage;
  • type.

It is important to note that such care at home will take much longer. On average, if you have all the necessary tools, preparations and accessories, keratinization can be completed in 4 hours.

How to care for your hair?

Despite the fact that this procedure in itself is a skincare procedure, after it is carried out, girls are still recommended to start caring for their curls as carefully and thoroughly as possible.

  1. It is also recommended to minimize contact of hair with water, and this applies not only to washing, but also to the weather - raindrops and humid air will only contribute to the leaching of beneficial substances.
  2. Sun and wind can also negatively affect the appearance of your hairstyle. In order to prevent this, you should get a hat in winter and a wide-brimmed hat or Panama hat in summer.

The first few days after the salon

In the first 3-4 days, the effect of the components still continues

  1. Wash your hair no earlier than 3-4 days after going to the hairdresser. This way, the active substances will not be washed out on the surface of the hairs and will be able to penetrate into their inner layers.
  2. Do not make tight ponytails, braids, buns and do not pin your curls with sharp hairpins - this way you can avoid mechanical damage.
  3. If you do decide to wash your hair, do not use a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron.
  4. Comb carefully, starting from the ends of your hair and ending with its roots.

At first, it is advisable not to use various nourishing masks, conditioners and balms, because the hair is already saturated with a large number of moisturizing and caring substances. In an attempt to lubricate them even more, you can end up with heavy, volumeless strands with a “dirty hair” effect.

Is it possible to wear masks?

Not counting the first 3-4 days after going to the hairdresser, masks are an excellent way to maintain the beauty and shine of your curls. It is allowed to use both store-bought and homemade masks prepared on the basis of vegetable and essential oils, honey and other healthy ingredients.


It is better not to dye your hair after the Botox procedure - ammonia and other aggressive components of the dye will simply burn out all the nutrients from the hair. But Botox, done after dyeing, will make the color brighter and even remove the yellowness of the blonde. We wrote about this in another article.

Is it acceptable to use a hair dryer?

Can you blow dry your hair? You cannot leave your hair wet after washing, so using a hair dryer is a mandatory part of caring for your hair after Botox. For drying, it is better to select warm or cool air, but not hot air, and also turn on medium or low blowing power.

Attention! Don't leave your hair wet - dry it with a hairdryer immediately after washing!

Is it possible to curl curls?

So is it possible to curl your hair with a curling iron or use curling irons after the procedure? Using tongs or curling curls with a curling iron or straightening iron is extremely undesirable - heating elements in direct contact with the hair can severely damage its outer layer and thereby literally “evaporate” nutrients outward. In order not to get confused in all these subtleties of maintaining the beauty of your hair after salon manipulation, you can use our short instructions given below. Read about Botox for curly and other hair types in a separate article.

Types of procedures and differences between them

Most often, keratin straightening is done using one of two methods. Let's look at them in a little more detail.


The technique is designed to “tame” unruly, coarse and naturally curly hair. The same as most women in hot Brazil have.

Dramatic changes are noticeable immediately after the procedure - the hair becomes smooth, even and generally looks healthy. Fuzziness and static disappear, making combing easier. The result lasts from three months to six months. It is worth understanding that this is a cosmetic effect, not a therapeutic one, since the composition of the products for the Brazilian straightening technique includes formaldehyde.


Relieves strands of dehydration, restores healthy shine, makes hair silkier and softer to the touch. Compared to the Brazilian method, the effect of the procedure is less pronounced, and the procedure is more expensive, since the product does not contain formaldehyde.

Which straightening do you prefer?

Brazilian American


Marina writes:

“I was already tired of the unruly mane on my head and therefore decided to use keratin. Overall, I liked the effect, but my hair looks like it was cut and has lost a lot of volume.”

Rita writes:

“Irretrievably ruined my hair! If before the procedure they were hard and curly, which looked natural, then after it they became straight and hard, like a bad wig!”

Anastasia writes:

“As a hairdresser, I really appreciated the “Lovely” straightening composition. Works ideally on any hair type. Some of my clients buy it for home use and are very pleased with the results.”

A few reviews from otzovik.com:

Is it possible to answer the question?

We recommend reading: Leave-in hair cream – who uses it?

In fact, there is no clear answer to how long keratin lasts on hair. Firstly , it all depends on the structure of the hair: for some it is stronger, for others it is weaker. Secondly , everything comes from the composition itself, because the preparations are different, and the companies that produce the keratin composition are also different, each has different features. Thirdly , it’s a matter of hair length: for example, short hair lasts longer than long hair. Fourthly , it all depends on the condition of the hair at the source when you just decided to come to the salon.

If everything is really bad, and the hair is very damaged, then the procedure must be repeated again soon, but if your hair is in order, but restoration is still begging, then the effect will last a little longer.

Advantages, disadvantages and risks

Pros: Minuses:
  • smooth and silky hair;
  • restored structure;
  • easy installation process;
  • hair is not magnetized;
  • no split ends.
  • high cost;
  • Possible allergic reaction - eye irritation;
  • hairstyles become less voluminous;
  • formaldehyde (part of the keratin complex), when exceeding the permissible norm, can cause tumor growth.

Whether to do keratin straightening or not is up to you. However, remember that this is an innovative method that not only straightens your hair and makes it easier to style, but also heals it and returns your hair’s natural shine and strength!

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