What is keratin hair straightening? 15 Important features of keratin hair straightening + comparison with other procedures

Keratin straightening is a salvation for owners of unruly, curly and curly hair. Let's figure out together what this procedure is, what effect can be achieved and how long the result will last.

Hair stylist and hair care expert Daria Kilina .

In this article we will tell you:
  1. What is keratin hair straightening?
  2. Effect of keratin hair straightening: before and after photos
  3. How is keratin straightening done? Step-by-step instruction
  4. How long does the keratin straightening procedure take?
  5. Price of keratin hair straightening
  6. How long does keratin hair straightening last?
  7. Cons of keratin straightening
  8. Pros of keratin straightening
  9. Keratin hair straightening: contraindications
  10. Hair care after keratin straightening
  11. Compositions, kits and products for keratin straightening
  12. Which is better: Botox or keratin hair straightening?
  13. Which is better: nanoplasty or keratin hair straightening
  14. Is it possible to dye your hair after keratin straightening?

Stages of keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening is most often done by girls with curly, unruly and porous hair, but even those who have naturally straight hair can also do this procedure, because keratin primarily restores hair, makes it more elastic and shiny, straightening comes as an addition.

If you are thinking of doing keratin hair straightening, then be sure to go to a good salon, to an experienced, qualified hairdresser, where they use high-quality raw materials.

At least the first few times to learn the essence of the procedure, and then you can try it at home, but I still don’t recommend it.

The whole procedure depends entirely on the master and the quality of the keratin!

Stage 1. The master, based on the type of hair and, of course, its condition, selects the appropriate composition. It is very important to do everything in the correct dosage and then this procedure will have a therapeutic restorative effect on the hair (it is quite difficult to do this at home).

It is necessary to use the products in strict accordance with the instructions. It is precisely the strict implementation of the instructions that will allow keratin to penetrate deep into the hair structure and have the desired effect.

Stage 2. The master combs the hair and prepares it for thorough cleansing, using a special deep cleansing shampoo. The shampoo deeply cleanses the hair of various contaminants (styling products, silicones, sebum, dust and other contaminants), then it is well filled with keratin.

Stage 3. Next, the hair is slightly dried with a hairdryer and keratin is applied. It is important to carefully distribute the product over the entire length, since smoothing the hair in all areas depends on this. Be sure to ensure that the mixture does not touch the hair roots.

After some time, the hair is dried with a hairdryer until it is completely dry.

Stage 4. Then the hair is divided into zones and small strands are taken and carefully straightened with an iron (for different keratins, the temperature can vary from 180-200 to 230 degrees), this is necessary in order to seal the keratin inside the hair. After the procedure, all hair scales are completely closed and fit tightly to each other, as a result the hair looks elastic, manageable, shiny and well-groomed

The smell during the procedure is tolerable, but your eyes begin to water a little, I recommend that as soon as you feel a slight burning sensation in your eyes, just close them.

If everything is done correctly, then the result will not keep you waiting: the hair will be soft, one might even say “alive,” smooth, elastic, shiny, weighted. Keratin hair straightening has a cumulative effect.

Reviews about the procedure

Anna, Samara

“After the perm, my hair was in terrible condition. They were burned like straw, I couldn’t lay them down. I did it to add volume to my hair. I decided to get keratin straightening to give them at least a little “life.” And it worked! Of course, they did not fully recover, but they definitely became more obedient. It has become easier to comb them, they are soft and pleasant. The hairdresser said that the effect of the procedures is cumulative, so you can do the procedures regularly (once every 3-4 months), and the condition of your hair will be consistently good. I will definitely do it again!”

Reviews about this procedure are mostly positive.

Marina, Orenburg

“I have long wanted to go for keratin hair straightening, but I was afraid because... I heard that they are treated with an iron during the procedure. I take care of my hair and don’t use such devices. But my friend persuaded me and said that my hair wouldn’t be damaged anyway. I really didn’t feel any harm, only benefit. At first I was embarrassed that all the volume was gone, but in 4-5 days everything returned to normal, only the hair began to shine and look healthier. Remember to use only sulfate-free shampoos.”

How to care for hair after keratin straightening

The effect of the procedure lasts from 3 to 6 months and therefore it is very important to properly care for your hair after keratin straightening so that the result pleases you for as long as possible.

Some formulations allow you to wash your hair immediately after the procedure, and some recommend refraining from washing your hair for three days and not pinning it with hairpins or elastic bands to avoid kinks.

Choose gentle, sulfate-free care!

Some manufacturers definitely recommend a special keratin shampoo and conditioner, which will provide a prolonged effect of keratin straightening.

Shampoo . It is imperative to choose a sulfate-free shampoo, so the effect of the procedure will last much longer.

Conditioner and mask . Despite the fact that the hair looks, one might even say perfect, it still needs care as always.

That is, after each wash we apply conditioner or a mask, preferably with more natural compositions.

Leave-in products. Oils, fluids, and crystals are also needed by hair for additional care and external shine.

As a result

You can easily believe the advice of friends, masters or acquaintances, but it is better to learn as much as possible about a procedure such as keratin hair straightening. For example, you can read some facts below.

  1. The procedure not only gives your hair an excellent appearance, but also strengthens it and nourishes it with additional nutrients.
  2. Keratin works great on both natural hair and colored or bleached hair. Therefore, any previous experiments with hair cannot become a reason to refuse such hair treatment.
  3. Keratin does not affect the hair structure in any way; it only envelops the strand, forming a protective film.
  4. The effect of keratin can last up to three months. If the condition of the hair was not very bad, the period may increase to six months.

The effect of this procedure lasts about three months.

Important ! In any case, the choice of carrying out the procedure or refusing it remains with those who want or do not want to improve the condition of their hair.

Pros and cons of keratin hair straightening

Like any skincare procedure, keratin straightening has its pros and cons.

The advantages of carrying out the procedure in a beauty salon.

  1. Owners of curly and unruly strands will be able to forget about an untidy and curly hairstyle for a long time. After keratin straightening, hair becomes perfectly straight and silky, and this effect will last for several months.
  2. Keratin straightening is suitable for all hair types: oily, dry and normal.
  3. It is especially recommended to saturate your hair with keratin during hot periods, since it is necessary to protect not only the skin, but also the hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  4. After the procedure, the ends of the hair are less split and not tangled, which makes it possible to grow curls to the desired length without much difficulty.
  5. Hair filled with keratin is most protected from dirt, dust and harmful gases that modern cities are filled with.
  6. Even in humid weather, the curls do not “rise” or become shaggy, and are also not electrified and are easy to comb at any time.
  7. Dyed hair retains its bright original color longer.
  8. Blonde girls can safely replace hair coloring with keratin straightening, since after the procedure the strands become 1-2 tones lighter.
  9. If you repeat the procedure, it will take less time and money.
  10. Daily hair styling will take less time.
  11. With proper care, the effect will last from several months to six months.

But despite the large number of advantages of this procedure, it is necessary to understand that positive results do not always indicate effectiveness and safety for health.

And therefore it is important to study all the disadvantages of keratin straightening.

Not all girls can rightfully appreciate all the benefits of the procedure. Individual intolerance to drugs or allergies may cause refusal.

The additives contained in the composition can lead to burns of the mucous membranes, swelling of the respiratory tract, dizziness, nausea, weakness, increased heart rate and cramps in the limbs.

And if the first time keratin straightening took place without incidents or troubles, a repeated procedure may cause the above problems, since formaldehyde or other harmful substances included in the composition gradually accumulate in the body.

Less common are intolerance or allergic reactions to keratin, but this fact is also worth considering.

The biggest disadvantage is that during the procedure you will breathe harmful substances. And if there is no working powerful hood above the chair, the risk of getting poisoned is high.

Expensive. You will have to spend a lot of money on a quality procedure in a beauty salon. But you shouldn’t save money and look for craftsmen at home or select lower quality products at an affordable price.

An unqualified hairdresser without training and the necessary set of tools can only worsen the condition of the hair.

Few girls will be happy to give up voluminous hairstyles for a long time. If you have naturally voluminous wavy hair, then most likely this transformation and transformation of seemingly thick hair into straight hair will seem like a “sleek” greasy and unkempt hairstyle.

You should not do the procedure if you have hair loss, rashes on the head or scratches - you must initially get rid of all problems associated with the general condition of the hair, and only after that carry out the procedure.

When filled with keratin, the strands become denser and heavier, which can only make most problems worse.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, this procedure is contraindicated due to the high risk of poisoning by volatile substances.

Attempts to create Hollywood curls after keratin straightening will not be successful. Curls will be less elastic and resilient.

By thickening the hair, keratin also makes it heavier. And if the curls are too damaged and brittle, then there is a risk that they may not withstand much weight and will begin to break along the length.

A lengthy procedure – those with long curls will have to spend about 5 hours on their first visit to the salon.

Disadvantages of Keratin Repair

Despite the above advantages, this service also has disadvantages:

  • It is not allowed to wash your hair within 3 days after the service;
  • Do not expose your hair to mechanical stress for 3-4 days after keratinization;
  • due to the creation of a keratin shell, the curl becomes heavier, which can lead to hair loss;
  • the hairstyle becomes less voluminous;
  • During the procedure, the client may experience discomfort;
  • if the room is not ventilated during keratinization, formaldehyde poisoning is possible;
  • The keratin straightening procedure is time-consuming and financially expensive.

What is keratin for hair and keratin straightening

Advertising posters claim that beautiful and shiny curls are not a dream, but a reality accessible to everyone.

Experts promise that after the keratin straightening procedure, hair becomes smooth, silky and acquires a healthy glossy shine. The filamentous protein used in keratin enrichment gives the hair flexibility and strength.

And the procedure itself is not just about straightening, but about treating and restoring hair.

But it is important to understand that keratin straightening preparations contain formaldehyde.

In the composition description, some hair care product manufacturers may replace formaldehyde with methylene glycol or formaldehyde. But this still means that when the hair is heated, this composition is transformed into formaldehyde, which will penetrate deep into the hair structure.

And despite the fact that there is no direct contact of the composition with the skin, a large amount of harmful impurities, even in a volatile state, can lead to poisoning of the body.

Despite its complex composition, this procedure can be considered therapeutic. Weakened hair from the hot sun, cold strong wind and hard water needs nutrition.

And after perm, frequent lightening, hot hair dryer and cosmetics with parabens, hair needs complete restoration.

Hair filled with keratin is restored in structure and more easily tolerates various external factors and deformations. In addition, thin hair becomes denser, the outer scales are closed, thereby the curls are less tangled, easier to comb and become more manageable and elastic.

Keratin penetrates the structure of each hair and fills damaged areas, and also envelops each hair individually and covers it with a thin film, like a protective veil, thereby giving the curls a brilliant glossy shine.

After the procedure, the keratin will gradually be washed out or destroyed by external factors, but with proper care it will be possible to maintain the visual effect for six months. And after some time you can repeat the procedure again.

What it is?

Keratin straightening is the application of liquid keratin and a special protective coating to the hair. In addition, this is a good therapeutic procedure, because thin, dry and lifeless hairs are almost enveloped in a capsule. They become smooth, shiny and very beautiful.

The principle of operation is simple: the hair itself consists of keratin - this is a protein. It forms the cuticle - the very scales that cover the hair shaft. Keratin straightening destroys irregular connections between scales and re-forms them.

Photo: instagram.com

Features of the procedure

You can do keratin straightening yourself at home, but you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect. And it is better to entrust the care of your hair to a professional.

It is a qualified master who will be able to carry out the procedure with maximum effect and without harm to health.

By turning to qualified hairdressers for hair restoration, you can achieve a stunning visual effect. The result after salon treatment lasts longer than after a home procedure.

Also, each brittle and damaged area will be filled with keratin nanomolecules, which will fill all the cracks and voids in the hair structure.

When choosing a beauty salon, be sure to talk to the administrator and the master who will perform the procedure. Ask to talk in detail about the pros and cons of the procedure specifically for your hair. And also ask to see the hall in which it will be held.

The main requirement that must be met by all beauty salons without exception is that keratin straightening is carried out in a well-ventilated room with an additional hood located directly above the chair with the client.

If there is no hood directly above the chair, choose another beauty salon, since the risk of releasing formaldehyde in a volatile state is quite high.

Before the procedure, consult with a specialist, ask to recommend exactly the product that suits your hair.

The most expensive drug is not necessarily the best option. But the chosen product must be of high quality, which is confirmed by the necessary documents and certificates.

There is also an age limit for this procedure. It is not recommended to use keratin-containing preparations under the age of 18.

During the procedure, keratin may emit an unpleasant odor, and to protect the respiratory tract from volatile substances, the master offers the client a disposable mask.

This point should be clarified before he applies the keratin composition to the hair.

After the procedure, you should not dye your hair with ammonia dye, but it is better to do this shortly before keratin straightening.

It is worth informing your colorist about your planned trip to keratin restoration, since after straightening the hair color may lighten by 1-2 tones, and this must be taken into account for both brunettes and blondes. Keratin straightening for recently dyed hair will increase the durability of the dye for a longer period, since the keratin will seal the coloring pigment into the hair structure.

But if there is a large amount of gray hair, root dyeing can be done 2 weeks after the procedure.

The thin film formed on the hair during the procedure will protect it from the negative effects of external and internal factors. And the result will be noticeable immediately after the procedure.

The curls will become silkier, softer, smoother and acquire a glossy shine. Split ends will no longer be dry and brittle. And the resulting effect lasts for several months.

What should you pay attention to before visiting the salon?

If you are carrying or feeding a child, keratin straightening will not benefit you. This procedure is not only not recommended, it can even be disastrous or extremely dangerous for the health of the expectant/real mother and her child. People with serious illnesses also fall into the category of refusing the procedure. For example, a woman suffering from malignant tumors and other oncological diseases should under no circumstances agree to Brazilian keratin straightening. This can further weaken the body, which is already unable to cope with the problems that attack it.

Summarizing all of the above, we can make a reasonable conclusion that keratin intervention in the hair structure can be absolutely safe and effective only if it is implemented correctly. Before undertaking such a complex and controversial specialized hairdressing procedure, you should definitely evaluate the pros and cons, and also compare your health status with contraindications. In addition to independently assessing the positive and negative aspects of the keratin procedure, you should definitely consult with a beauty salon specialist who has practical and theoretical knowledge of performing keratin hair sessions.

Remember that your hair will acquire a healthy, more impressive, orderly appearance after keratin treatments only if the curls are healthy enough to withstand its weight and some amount of keratin. You should also not waste your time, as well as money, on performing such a lengthy procedure followed by complex care for straightened hair, if there is a possibility of disappointment after completing the process of applying keratin and drying the hair. Under such circumstances, the applied but not yet fully absorbed keratin material can easily be washed off with ordinary water or cleansers intended for hair. Usually, sulfate shampoos can help most quickly with the undesirable effect of keratin straightening. You just need to wash your hair with them a couple of times, thoroughly soaping and moistening with water first, so that all the keratin is washed off.

How to do keratin straightening at home?

Of course, you won’t be able to achieve the same effect at home that you could get in a salon. But it is quite possible to improve the condition of your hair with the right products.

It is worth noting that cosmetics used at home and the method of applying them differ from professional products and their use.

Important! An excellent proof is its price, which will be significantly lower than the cost of products used by experienced craftsmen. But when carrying out the procedure at home, the product will be enough for even 10 appointments.

To carry out a hair straightening procedure using keratin at home, you need to take:

  • purchased cosmetic products to improve hair condition;
  • spray;
  • comb. It is desirable that it be round;
  • shampoo;
  • iron;
  • hairdryer

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Hair is washed with warm water and dried with a hairdryer. After this, the curls are combed.
  • A pre-prepared film is placed over the shoulders. This is necessary to eliminate the risk of skin contamination.
  • Gloves are put on.
  • Hair collects on the top of the head. In the future, it will be more convenient to pull out one small strand at a time - this way the work will be better.

  • The spray bottle is filled with a product containing keratin. It is not recommended to pour out the entire package at once, since the composition cannot remain in this state for a long time - it will quickly deteriorate.
  • A strand is taken from the bunch. Each strand is subsequently treated with liquid. Sometimes the product is applied manually, without using a spray bottle.
  • As soon as the hair is sprayed, it needs to be combed. If you accidentally get the product used on your scalp, it is recommended to immediately remove or rinse it off.
  • After processing all the curls, they are collected again into a bun. It takes 15 minutes for the keratin to start working.

  • After the time has passed, the hair is dried with a hairdryer. In this case, you need to turn on the device to the lowest setting and periodically comb your head. Finally, last but not least, they begin to straighten the curls with an iron.

Important! An excellent option would be to use a device with a ceramic coating.

Possible mistakes

In order for keratin straightening to go smoothly, you need to know about possible errors in the procedure and methods for correcting them:

  • Do not apply keratin composition to the roots and scalp. It is necessary to make a deviation of 1-1.5 cm.
  • There is no need to apply too much product to your hair, nor too little. In this case, the hair should be combed well; if there is excess product, then it is better to apply it to the ends of the strands, they are in greater need of nourishment.
  • When using a hair dryer, do not dry keratin-treated hair with warm or hot air.
  • When your hair dries out, the silicone, which acts as a thermal protector, will evaporate and the strands will receive a thermal burn. In addition, keratin becomes active under the influence of heat and subsequent straightening does not occur.
  • If the hair is damaged, then the temperature on the styler should be below 230 degrees.

Homemade keratin straightening recipes

It has already been observed that smooth and silky hair can be achieved at home by using the right products. Below are several recipes for such straightening, with which you can get rid of tired and dull-looking curls.

Thanks to homemade recipes, the hair will be saturated with the substances necessary for restoration, and the protein supply will be replenished.

Recipe 1. Keratin with gelatin.

To make such a remedy, you need to pour boiling water over 1 tablespoon of gelatin. After adding water, you need to stir the mixture until smooth, and then add one-half tablespoon of the balm used to it.

Finally, the finished product is applied to the hair (you must first retreat 2 cm from the roots). The product lasts for an hour and is then washed off with water.

Recipe 2. Rosemary oil, lemon and aloe.

To prepare the mask, you will need to mix 4 drops of oil, juice from half a lemon and aloe. The resulting mixture is distributed over dried hair and left for a quarter of an hour, then washed off.

Recipe 3. Cognac and chamomile.

An effective remedy that will take a maximum of an hour to prepare. You will need to brew chamomile, strain the resulting decoction and pour a few drops of cognac into it. It is recommended to use the resulting product as a rinse aid. As a result, your hair will become smooth.

Important! If you take the hair restoration process responsibly, you can use real keratin. No one has canceled experiments, only if it is not harmful to the hair.

Vinegar mask

To prepare the composition, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Pour a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a bowl.
  2. Add the same amount of vegetable oil. Olive, peach or sunflower will do.
  3. Add 100 milliliters of water.
  4. Mix all components of the mask thoroughly.
  5. Apply the product to your hair. Wear a shower cap. You can cover your hair with a plastic bag.
  6. After half an hour, the product should be washed off with warm water and mild shampoo.

To notice the result, use this mask twice a week for a month. Next you need to take a break for 3-4 weeks. After this, you can repeat the course again.


Many people note that after the procedure, their hair begins to look better. The curls become straight and smooth, and a mirror shine appears.

No fluffy ends or tangled strands - this can also be said about the straightening effect with keratin.

It is worth noting that the procedure has a cumulative effect. Experts recommend carrying out the procedure approximately once every 2-3 months. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

Important! We can say that keratin has become on par with the cosmetic procedures or laser hair removal that are already familiar to every girl.

You should not be afraid of any negative consequences after the procedure, as they simply do not exist. If your hair gets worse, you should conclude that a low-quality product was used or the procedure itself was not carried out according to the rules.

But even in this case, after 2.5 months the hair will return to its previous state, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

It is known that the procedure is carried out at high temperatures. The masters also take into account the type and color of the hair and, if necessary, reduce the temperature slightly. Additionally, the room is provided with ventilation to quickly eliminate harmful fumes generated when using a hair dryer or iron.

What are the disadvantages?

Unfortunately, this procedure also has disadvantages. To list them, it’s worth understanding exactly how keratin works. At the very beginning, the iron is heated to a fairly high temperature. When the hair is heated, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the keratin to coagulate. As a result, it forms something like a protective film on the outer layer of the hair.

Important ! Actually, thanks to this film, the desired effect is created.

Thanks to the keratin film, the desired effect is created

There are several disadvantages worth highlighting. Firstly, these are harmful fumes that you have to breathe while using the iron. And although there is not much formaldehyde in keratin, they still have a certain effect on the lungs and general health of a person.

Secondly, for several hours after the procedure, the heaviness of the hair will be felt. This is explained by the fact that for them all this is stressful. In this case, it is especially difficult for girls with long hair, as the risk of hair loss increases.

Your hair will feel heavy for a few hours.

Thirdly, it was noted that hair becomes smaller in volume after straightening. However, there is nothing wrong with this, and after a few times of washing your hair, the original volume will return.

Important ! However, you need to take into account that you cannot wash your hair immediately after straightening; you must wait three days.

Fourthly, despite the fact that there is no feeling of a dirty head, the hair gets dirty surprisingly quickly. Masters explain this by saying that after using keratin, the hairs move closer to the head, and sebum seeps into them faster.

The close location of the hair to the head explains why the hair quickly becomes dirty

Finally, in addition to the disadvantages, there are also contraindications. It is not recommended for pregnant women to undergo the procedure, as this may negatively affect the health of the expectant mother and fetus.

Botox or keratin?

One of the popular questions from girls is: what is better – Botox for hair or keratin straightening?

There is no clear answer to this question, since the decision depends solely on the needs of the person who wants to improve the condition of their hair.

However, you can help yourself solve this problem with a few additional questions. To begin with, it is recommended to assess the condition of the hairstyle and conclude whether there is severe damage to the hair. If the damage is severe enough, only Botox will help.

Additionally, you should pay attention to:

  • number of styling, drying, coloring performed. All this must be correlated with the quality of daily hair care. If you regularly replenish your curls with nutrients, you can choose keratin straightening. If the case is completely opposite, it is better to choose Botox;
  • financial opportunities. Both procedures are not cheap, but Botox will cost more than keratin hair straightening. Sometimes, in order to save money, it is still worth purchasing a set of cosmetics for use at home.

Important! The choice is quite difficult, so you need to take it responsibly.


It is not recommended to do keratin straightening for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under 14-16 years of age. If for some reason the need arises, then special gentle compounds are used. There can also be problems with hair extensions - you need to process the connection very carefully so as not to disturb it.

Photo: clari-club.ru

Who is it suitable for?

Despite the large number of disadvantages and contraindications, owners of dull and brittle hair, as well as girls with unruly and curly strands, can appreciate the visual effect of beautiful and healthy hair with the right approach.

But if the main goal is to make your curls straight for a long time, then it is better to consider other types of care procedures, since the main task of keratin straightening is to restore the damaged hair structure.

It is not worth carrying out the procedure on short hair (up to 6-8 cm), since if the root zone is not treated, the effect of the procedure will be unnoticeable.

But for shoulder-length hair, keratin straightening is ideal.

It will protect your hair from damage and eliminate problems with split ends for six months, especially if your hair has split ends along its entire length, which will allow you to grow your dream hairstyle during this time and get rid of bangs without any problems.

In one procedure, short and brittle strands will become well-groomed and shiny.

This procedure is most popular among girls with bob hairstyles and those with long, unruly hair. Owners of curly hair with small curls should not place high hopes on keratin straightening.

  1. Firstly, the effect will last less on coarse and unruly hair than on fine hair. And it’s possible that you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect after the first session.
  2. And secondly, during the procedure the master will not treat the root zone, so about 2 cm of hair on the top of the head will remain curly and unruly. And such a hairstyle is hardly the desired ideal.

And those with smooth hair at the roots with large, bouncy curls at the ends can get the effect of wavy and manageable curls along the entire length.

Indications and contraindications for cabin hoods

This procedure is useful for hair that looks lifeless or has too much hair (especially for very curly hair). It will also help those with hair that is difficult to style and comb.


  • damaged skin of the head (presence of even small wounds);
  • scalp diseases (consultation with a doctor is required before the procedure);
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • tendency to frequent allergic reactions;
  • The procedure is prohibited for people suffering from bronchial asthma;
  • It is risky to do the procedure for girls who have severe hair loss, since this problem may worsen (the hair becomes heavy due to the applied leave-in product);
  • some diseases.

Means and tools

You can get an excellent result after the procedure only if it is carried out correctly, which includes not only the execution technology, but also the correctly selected materials and tools. Keratin straightening must be performed with products of appropriate quality.

All drugs are divided into two groups: natural and chemical.

The fixing agent of natural origin is goat keratin, and the chemical one is formaldehyde. And as cosmetics manufacturers assure, the small content of harmful substances in the chemical composition does not have a negative effect on the condition of the hair and body.

Based on this, we can say that natural and chemical preparations differ only in the shelf life of keratin in the hair. The effect after keratin straightening with a chemical composition is almost twice as great as when using a natural product.

The keratin straightening kit also includes:

  1. highly purified shampoo;
  2. disposable negligee;
  3. rubber gloves;
  4. two combs with frequent and rare teeth;
  5. plastic clips for dividing curls into separate sections;
  6. brush for applying the drug;
  7. plastic bowl;
  8. ceramic iron;
  9. hair dryer;
  10. sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner;
  11. respiratory protection mask.

But not only products and preparations affect the quality of keratin straightening. The final result also depends on the experience and knowledge of the specialist.


For your attention the prices for the procedure in Moscow beauty salons, information taken from the portal zoon.ru

Products for keratin hair straightening

The main ingredient in keratin hair straightening products is keratin. It not only smoothes unruly hair, but also restores its structure.

The result is shiny, smooth and moisturized hair.

Also, the best products for keratin hair straightening add silk or wheat proteins, as well as vitamins, panthenol and an antistatic agent. Choose either professional or home use products. They have two main differences from each other: effect and price.


Below we will look at the most common questions associated with this procedure.

Why does my hair get frizzy after keratin straightening?

The reason for this may be your individual reaction or severe damage to the hair follicle. In the latter case, the procedure should be repeated again. The cause may also be a poor-quality composition or a violation of the technological process.

How is amino acid restoration different from keratin straightening?

These procedures are identical, the only difference is the brand. Amino acid reduction is available under the brand Brazillian Blowout

Is it possible to do coloring and keratin straightening on the same day?

It is forbidden. During keratinization, a shell appears on the hairs, which will prevent the coloring pigments from penetrating into the hair. The result will be patchy staining.

Why is my hair oily after keratin straightening?

If this occurs within one to two days, then this is a completely normal reaction. If the oiliness of your hair does not go away after the first wash, then the reason lies in the incorrect technique of the hairdresser who applied too much product to your strands.

Why does my hair get frizzy after keratin straightening?

The reason may be an individual reaction of the hair or improper work of a specialist in a beauty salon. Also, your locks may be so damaged that they require another treatment to achieve the desired effect.

What is better: bixiplasty or keratin straightening?

Bixiplasty is the next generation in hair straightening technology. It does not contain formaldehyde, but uses the Bixa Orellana fruit as the main active ingredient. It moisturizes curls, gives them softness and smoothness. However, this operation is more expensive than keratinization.

What is the difference between Botox and keratin straightening?

During the Botox procedure, the applied solution acts on the hair from the inside, penetrating its structure. Thus, strengthening and complete restoration of damaged scales occurs. However, it is worth noting that this does not happen immediately and you may have to repeat the procedure two or three times.

Botox uses solutions where the main ingredient is a more stable plant protein formula. Thanks to this element, the hair becomes elastic and elastic. In addition, Botox does not contain formaldehyde, which can be harmful to humans.

What should you give preference to? If your main goal is hair treatment, then choose Botox. Plus it costs much less. For treatment with botulinum toxin you will pay from two to five thousand rubles. But keratinization will cost much more - from seven to fifteen thousand. But if you want to tame an unruly mane, then it is still better to give preference to keratin straightening.

What is the difference between keratin restoration and keratin straightening?

Keratin restoration performs an exclusively caring function without affecting the hair structure. If your goal is simply healthy and shiny hair, then it is better to give preference to this procedure. If your main goal is to have straight and smooth hair, then you won’t be able to do without straightening.

What is better nanoplasty or keratin straightening?

Nanoplasty is one of the types of keratin straightening. The two procedures differ in their composition. Among the components of nanoplastics there are exclusively natural ingredients. However, it lasts less: up to four months with proper care.

Is it possible to do keratin straightening before the sea?

You can, since protein protects hair from ultraviolet rays. However, make sure that the curls do not get chlorinated or sea salt water, which will quickly wash out the element.

Why does hair fall out after keratin straightening?

There can be several reasons for hair loss. Let's look at the most common of them:

  • An unqualified master who made a mistake at one of the straightening stages.
  • Salon savings on products. It is likely that the cheapest and low-quality composition was used, which may have expired.
  • The master saved the composition, so the hair that did not have enough keratin was burned and began to fall out.
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  • If you have thin and sparse hair, then it is possible that the composition made it too heavy, which caused hair loss.

Is it possible to do keratin straightening during menstruation?

This question is purely individual. For most women, hair care procedures have nothing to do with the menstrual cycle. However, the hair of some girls during menstruation really does not lend itself to keratin straightening. This is due to hormonal changes during this period. Therefore, if you have noticed similar “tricks” in your body before, then you should reschedule your trip to the beauty salon to another time.

At what age can you do keratin straightening?

Experts recommend this procedure starting from the age of eighteen.

Is it possible to grow hair using keratin straightening?

Yes, keratin treatment can help you grow long hair. This is due to the fact that protein fills the hair from the inside, which prevents the appearance of split ends. Thus, the hair looks healthy along its entire length without using scissors.

What is the difference between hair polishing and keratin straightening?

These two procedures refer to completely different hair care. Hair polishing is performed using a special machine, which makes the hair smooth by removing split ends.

How to sleep after keratin hair straightening?

It is not recommended to go to bed with wet hair, pin it up or braid it at night. It is best to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

How to deal with odor after keratin hair straightening?

Whether the composition has a smell depends on the manufacturer. Some companies offer products that are completely odorless. They usually belong to the premium segment. Others have an unpleasant aroma, which, however, disappears quite quickly.

What types of keratin straightening products are there?

Shampoo for keratin hair straightening

It is unlikely that after the first use, curly hair will instantly become straight. Shampoos usually gently care for curly hair and make it healthier.

The combination of keratin shampoo and straightener will make your hair smoother and straighter.

Serum for keratin straightening

This product works much better - it penetrates the hair shaft and changes its structure, making the hair straight. Serums take care of strands, as they usually contain many nutritional components - from protein to oils and vitamins.

Gel for keratin straightening at home

Gel for home use is not as expensive as professional products. And unlike other types of products, it straightens hair quite well - certainly better than shampoo.

Straightening cream

The main advantages of the cream are its relatively low price, ease of use and real effect. In addition, using keratin cream you can straighten your hair without ironing.

Simply apply the product and dry your hair with a hair dryer.

What does keratinization give: the effect of the procedure

Hair restoration with keratin is a magical remedy for the beauty of hair.

As a result of the procedure you will receive:

  • shine and elasticity - keratin compensates for the lack of “building material” of the hair and glues its scales together;
  • straight, smoothed hair - during keratinization, disulfide bonds are weakened, which changes the structure of wavy and curly hair;
  • density - hair looks thicker and denser due to the appearance of a protective film on its surface;
  • silkiness - curls become very soft to the touch, stop frizz and are easy to comb , the problem of dryness disappears;
  • strength - hair stops breaking and becomes stronger;
  • beautiful styling all day - the hairstyle looks neat and remains in its original form even in the evening. And so every day!

Keratin hair straightening - before and after photos

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