Will Faberlic Reshaping help restore the beauty and freshness of your face?

What is included in the Reshaping series

The Faberlic company cooperates with research institutes and develops innovative products. Her products take into account various skin problems. The brand has developed a special line of products that combat age-related changes caused by gravity.

It's no secret that the skin loses its elasticity over time, and gravity pulls it down. This is how wrinkles, jowls, sagging, and bulldog cheeks appear. The Reshaping series helps avoid this. It includes several products that perform different functions.

Daily cream

This product has the following effects on the skin of the face:

  • Keeps the dermis healthy and keeps contours clearer while losing weight.
  • The cream helps to activate metabolism in cells, makes the stratum corneum denser, and prevents loss of moisture and volume.
  • Prevents sagging and deformation, making the oval clearer.
  • Protects cells from free radicals and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Saturates tissues with oxygen, which has a good effect on the skin, making it radiant, smooth and elastic.

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Night cream

At night, the skin continues to work, it gets rid of toxins and impurities. Metabolic processes intensify. Therefore, it is important to apply a special product before bed that helps the dermis renew itself and remove everything unnecessary.

The main purpose of Reshaping night cream is to restore the epidermis and maintain volume. The tool performs the following functions:

  • The contained energy cocktail improves metabolism in cells and maintains the stratum corneum at the desired level of density.
  • Increases skin tone and turgor.
  • Strongly protects cells from free radicals.
  • Contains elastin, which increases the elasticity of the dermis.
  • Prepares the epidermis for a new day.
  • Fills the skin with all the necessary nutrients.

Tonic activator

This product performs a preparatory function for applying the cream from this series. It should be applied morning and evening before the night and day product. It neutralizes the effect of tap water, which contains many harmful substances. It moisturizes, softens and helps active ingredients penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis. After using the activator tonic, there will be no film left after the cream.

The product supports tissue health, cell protection and metabolism.

Faberlic cosmetics for children

Faberlic also offers a wide range of products for children - wash gels, shower gels, shampoos, liquid soap, toothpaste, lip balms and more.

Nice, fun packaging that will interest a child, “delicious” aromas and a good cleansing effect - this is what parents’ reviews say about Faberlic cosmetics. Cosmetics for children are included in the category of quality products at an appropriate price. All you need to be careful with is the child’s reaction to surfactants (they are included) and individual reactions to the components.

From what age and for what skin

The manufacturer of the Reshaping line states that the night and day cream, as well as the activator tonic, can be used for all skin types. The product before bed has a denser and silicone texture, but in the morning the oily type of epidermis is not covered with a greasy sheen. The epidermis looks rested, fresh and toned.

Since the products are not positioned as anti-aging cosmetics, they can also be used even for young skin. Moreover, one of the actions is to maintain the oval contour of the face while losing weight. But experts do not recommend using such creams before the age of 25, since the dermis may begin to be “lazy” in producing collagen and elastin itself.

Composition and action

Manufacturers have tried to include natural and effective ingredients. Among them:

  • Curcumin and turmerone or curcus longo have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. They prevent the appearance of imperfections and quickly regenerate the skin. These are some of the best remedies for acne. In addition, they help increase blood circulation, tone and refresh the epidermis.

  • Novaftem-02 is a combined substance consisting of water and an enzyme regulator of nitric oxide. It is obtained from seaweed. The substance improves the condition of blood vessels, normalizes the formation of new skin cells, and removes everything unnecessary from the body. The component promotes the production of natural collagen, accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, conducts oxygen and nutritional components to the cells.

According to research, Novaftem-02 improves blood flow in the layers and has a cumulative effect.

  • Celtonyl is a natural component consisting of several energizing substances. It improves metabolism in tissues, protects the skin from drying out, dehydration and forms a protective film from the negative influence of the environment.
  • Castor oil softens the epidermis and normalizes the water balance in it. It also helps remove waste and toxins, fights wrinkles, and saturates the skin with vitamin E.
  • Panthenol also promotes regeneration and rapid tissue healing.
  • Arginine is an amino acid that restores the protective functions of the skin, improves microcirculation, and helps eliminate fat deposits in cells.
  • Allocasia leaf extract is an excellent antiseptic, increases vascular tone, relaxes muscles, and eliminates swelling.

How and when to use

The Reshaping series of products is a step-by-step system of facial skin care. After washing, apply a small amount of tonic to a cotton pad and blot the surface. Then, when everything is dry, apply a small amount of cream. There is no need to rub it in. It should be pre-heated in the palms and distributed over the face with patting movements. This will improve blood circulation even more.

Depending on the time of day, use night or day cream.

What result should I expect?

Before purchasing any product, it is always important to understand what to expect. The manufacturer promises improved skin elasticity, freshness, and oval tightening. However, it is important to remember that despite its composition, this is just a cream. It is not able to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, since this is a direct function - to protect the body from external influences and harmful substances. In addition, facial contours largely depend on the condition of the muscles.

Reviews for this line are varied. Some buyers were very satisfied and noticed a quick effect. Others did not get the expected results. In addition, some experienced acne and irritation.

A positive effect from the cream can be expected when combined with gymnastics, cosmetic procedures and the basics of a healthy diet.

We recommend reading about face lifting cream. You will learn about what should be included in creams with a lifting effect, the rules for choosing a cream, and the features of application. And here is more information about the rejuvenation cream.

The Reshaping line from Faberlic is a good moisturizing line of products. You can use the products after 25 years as a preventive measure, and after 30 for anti-aging care. Reshaping will be an addition to cosmetic procedures and facial gymnastics.

Home products

The company also sells household chemicals, which are known as household cosmetics (“Faberlic”). Customer reviews note that consultants promise biologically harmless products that are suitable for cleaning the house and do not cause allergic reactions - hence the name. And such promises are truly unfounded.

Buyers speak well of washing gels, liquid powders, antibacterial agents, dishwashing detergents, grease removers and other Faberlic products. They not only do their job well, but also create comfortable living conditions without risk to health. The appearance of allergic reactions is an individual intolerance to one of the components of the product. Therefore, in any case, it is recommended to initially become familiar with the composition of the product.

Useful video

To learn whether it is worth buying Faberlic cosmetics from the Reshaping line, watch this video:

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  2. There are differing opinions regarding mascara. For example, “Extreme volume and modeling” adheres well to the eyelashes, does not fall off, but has an uncomfortable brush (it is large and curly). “Panoramic voluminous” mascara deserved more praise. It really adds volume, lengthens the eyelashes, and washes off well. “Secret Signal” mascara is more suitable for adding length to eyelashes, but not volume. The brush is more convenient than in previous versions, but the product dries out quite quickly (within a month).
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  5. Reviews about eyebrow makeup products are mostly positive. The eyebrow shadow palette deserves special attention. It has several shades, which is convenient for both blondes and brunettes. Holds well and is easy to apply. The “Secret of the Perfect Stroke” eyebrow pencil is also praised for its quality and ease of use.
  6. Regarding foundations: the cream-serum “Glow of Youth” moisturizes well, applies evenly, masks imperfections, but the light tone whitens the skin too much; foundation cream-serum “Ideal Renewal” gently cares for the skin, gives it a slight glow, lasts well, the tones correspond to the declared ones.

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