Rating of the coolest face creams: a complete guide for every skin type

Professional cosmetics have significant differences from ordinary mass-market products and luxury products. Their task is to maintain not only beauty, but also the health of the area for which they were developed, be it skin, hair or nails.

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In this review we will talk about professional face creams that can not just give a short-term effect, as mass-market products do, but truly transform the skin, working from the inside.

What qualities are characteristic of a professional cream?

Professional creams are difficult to find on the open market, as they are intended for salons and cosmetologists. Before you get the treasured jar at home, you should pay attention to a number of factors:

  • Application.
    Such creams are created for people who have undergone special training and understand the characteristics and application techniques. What gives a wonderful effect in the salon, if the rules of use are not followed, can be harmful, since professional skincare cosmetics have a high concentration of active substances (for example, acids), for the positive operation of which a number of rules must be followed.
  • Package.
    This type of cosmetics is often packaged in large-volume containers, since large consumption is expected. It is impossible to use so much cream at home. But the cream is a product for daily use, so it’s easier to find small-volume packaging.
  • Individual selection.
    Professional lines are distinguished by the fact that they are developed for specific requests, and therefore are selected for a specific client.
  • Smell.
    The aroma of the cream should be subtle and pleasant, as it is formed by adding natural ingredients, most often oils. Artificial fragrances are not allowed.
  • Storage conditions.
    Professional products have increased requirements for storage and transportation. Especially regarding temperature, since overheating can lead to loss of product performance.
  • Hypoallergenic.
    The cream cannot contain questionable components that are highly allergenic.
  • Compound.
    The composition is dominated by natural ingredients, including plant extracts, balms, and vitamins. The development and thorough testing of the composition is carried out in laboratories, and checks are also carried out at every stage of production, from the procurement of raw materials to samples of the final product.
  • Certification.
    Creams are constantly undergoing clinical trials, improved and certified, as indicated on the packaging and on the brand’s official website. Here it is important to remember the risk of buying a fake, so you should check not only the product for a certificate, but also the store for integrity.

Despite its “salon” purpose, a professional cream can and should be purchased for home use, but this should only be done in consultation with a cosmetologist in order to minimize the risk of unpleasant consequences.

As for the purpose, the choice here is especially wide:

  • Moisturizing.
  • Nutritious.
  • With UV protection.
  • With a lifting effect.
  • Restoring (regenerating).
  • Anti-aging.
  • For problematic skin.
  • Matting.
  • Fillers (fill in wrinkles, smoothing them out).
  • Vibes (have a light consistency).

Each of these types has its own strengths that work in a given situation.

In our rating of the 12 best professional face creams, the participants are divided into three categories according to application time - day, night and universal.

Rating (2021)Prices, ₽A country
The best universal professional face creams
1. Gigi moisturizing Solar Energy Moisturizerfrom 1800₽Israel
2. Holy Land Moisturizing A-NOX Hydratant Creamfrom 1500₽Israel
3. Janssen Cosmetics Combination Skin Balancing Creamfrom 1800₽Germany
4. Arabia Professional Intensive Moisturefrom 400₽Israel
The best professional day creams for the face
1. Holy Land C The Success Intensive Day Cream With Vitamin Cfrom 2900₽Israel
2. Janssen Cosmetics Dry Skin Day Vitalizerfrom 2400₽Germany
3. Gigi Ester C Moisturizer SPF20from 2100₽Israel
4. Arabia Professional Redness Corrector Creamfrom 500₽Russia
The best night professional face creams
1. Filorga Sleep And Lift Night ultra-liftingfrom 4400₽France
2. Holy Land Vitalise Overnight Moisturizer Creamfrom 2500₽Israel
3. Gigi Nutri-Peptidefrom 2300₽Israel
4. Kora Premium Line night regenerating GF5from 700₽Russia

The best face creams for oily skin

Frudia, sebum-regulating cream Green grape pore control

This cream has a good composition. See for yourself: panthenol soothes the skin and accelerates its regeneration, grapes fight inflammation, fruit oils are responsible for softness and velvety. Suitable for both young beauties and adult ladies. The product also has a pleasant aroma and an unusual light texture.

Librederm, Seracin mattifying cream

Girls with oily and oily skin can (even should!) use Seracin from Librederm in their daily beauty routine. The cream will definitely make your face soft and matte, at the same time moisturizing, reducing redness and preventing the appearance of acne.

Matis, mattifying cream Reponse Purete

Mattifying cream from a French manufacturer is an ideal product for those who dream of clear facial skin without an oily sheen. We can thank MatiSystem technology, malic acid and absorbent micropowders for making our wishes come true, which regulate sebum production, improve the appearance of the skin and brighten it.

GIGI, cream with azelaic acid 15% Bioplasma series

The phrase “azelaic acid” made beautyaholics move closer to the screen. Yes! This is the same component that is used in the treatment of acne. As a bonus, it neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays and evens out skin tone. Suitable as a base for makeup.

Erborian, Bamboo Matte cream

Moisturizing + matte finish = Bamboo Matte! With it, the skin is not threatened by dehydration and fatigue - only freshness, youth, smoothness and velvety, for which a patented complex of bamboo fiber juice, bamboo silk and silicon powder are responsible.

About manufacturers of professional creams

The market is crowded with different companies and sometimes it is so difficult to understand how they differ from each other. That is why we have not only compiled a rating of the best products, but will also briefly introduce you to their manufacturers.

    is a Spanish company founded by a dermatologist in 1989. Its main principles: a professional team, new technologies and attentive attitude towards its patients. In the company's laboratory, they develop developments to satisfy each client, understanding that skin needs cannot be divided into just a few types, because over time everything changes and new customer problems always require the same new solutions.
  2. GIGI
    - the company has chosen the direction of professional medical cosmetics for the face and body. Over the years, she has managed to achieve recognition among competitors in the beauty industry. In the production of cosmetics, natural ingredients and high biotech products are used here. Today their products include more than 400 time-tested drugs, and a number of them even have no analogues.
    is one of the leading Israeli companies founded by Zvi Dekel. It has been around for over 36 years and in its products focuses on creating professional cosmetics for women.
  4. AHAVA
    is an Israeli brand that creates cosmetics for face and body care based on Dead Sea minerals. Its specialists do not use parabens, aluminum, or alcohol in production, which is why many customers value this brand. Ahava products are also known for their long shelf life.
    is an international brand that has been on the market for more than 55 years, and its products are used by leading beauty salons in Europe and beyond. This cosmetics belongs to the luxury segment, and it is truly distinguished by its impeccable quality, and most importantly, noticeable results.
    - cosmetics are created in Switzerland, and its cream and fluids differ from their analogues in their delicate texture and lightness. The main line of products is aimed at cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing, and they also have the most powerful products for the care of lips and their contour.
    - the company's range is created for all skin types, and only high-tech raw materials are used in the production of care products. The company's laboratories also create professional products for the following procedures: dermabrasion, laser therapy, IPL treatment, lifting, Anti-Age treatment and much more.
  8. KLAPP
    is a German brand that is a leader in the professional cosmetology and Spa-wellness industry, and its success is due to unique patented techniques. In the production of cosmetics, highly active components are used here that enhance the effect on the skin. The brand's cosmetics also fight well against age-related skin changes.
    - this brand was founded by a world-famous cosmetologist, Anna Lotan, and her main mission was to create environmentally friendly face and body care products. The magic emulsions produced by it are famous for their high concentration of active substances, thanks to which customers always get noticeable results.

The best face creams for dry skin

Bioderma, Atoderm nourishing cream

If you are sure that the driest place on Earth is not the Atacama, but your facial skin, then quickly call an ambulance from Bioderma. The cream will quickly restore the protective barrier, soften, moisturize and, finally, lock moisture into the skin. Open 24 hours.

Declare Nutrilipid Nourishing Cream

The nourishing cream restores the hydrolipid balance of the skin, combats dryness and irritation without the feeling of tightness and an unpleasant oily film. If you use it regularly, you can turn back time: slow down aging, reduce the number of wrinkles and prevent their appearance.

Biotherm, Aquasource moisturizer

Biotherm specialists are real revolutionaries! They tamed the monosaccharide mannose, which is responsible for the effective restoration of moisture balance, and cellular water of thermal plankton, which stimulates the immune functions of the subcutaneous tissue. This means goodbye to peeling, itching and annoying pimples!

CeraVe, ceramide moisturizer

Light, non-greasy cream moisturizes the skin throughout the day, restores and strengthens the skin barrier. American dermatologists love it, and if you suddenly come to them with a complaint of dryness, then rest assured: they will send you to the pharmacy for exactly this remedy. Free from parabens and fragrances.

La Roche-Posay, Nutritic Intense Riche nourishing cream

The melting texture of this cream is legendary! The product instantly eliminates peeling, relieves irritation and makes the skin soft and smooth. And the aroma... Citrus, white flowers, sandalwood will definitely send you on vacation (even if only in your thoughts).

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Luxury night restoration serum from the Estée Lauder brand reduces deep and fine wrinkles. The main visible signs of aging disappear after just 4 weeks of use. Read about the rest of the actions in the benefits.


  • Excellent and fast skin hydration,
  • Restoration of elasticity in a month,
  • Does not conflict with other means, and even enhances their effect,
  • Convenient application and economical consumption,
  • Nice smell,
  • Noticeable evenness of skin tone,
  • Elimination of irritation and peeling,
  • Fights inflammation and acne,
  • Eliminates swelling
  • Smoothes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones,
  • Light texture,
  • Relieves puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes,
  • Does not leave a greasy shine.


  • High price,
  • Despite the manufacturer's assurances, it is not suitable for everyone.

Price and where to buy

On the Letual the price with a 50% discount is 3,099 rubles. for a bottle of 30 ml, and 4,249 rub. for 50 ml . The full price for a 30 ml bottle in the store is 6,199 rubles, for 50 ml 8,499 rubles .

Price on the official website of Estée Lauder: 30 ml – 6,060 rubles, 50 ml – 8,340 rubles. The loyalty (discount) system is valid for silver, gold and platinum levels (check with the official dealer).

The best face creams for combination skin

Meditree, cream Pure Australian Botanicals

Meditree experts are 100% in cahoots with the forces of nature. The cream contains aloe vera leaf juice, chamomile extracts, goat and Japanese honeysuckle, macadamia oil, lavender, tea tree, rosemary leaves, wormwood and basil. Have you already introduced this bomb scent?

Kora, mattifying day cream Phytocosmetics

Time to reveal one beauty secret! If you want to matte oily areas of the skin, narrow pores, prevent photoaging processes and improve the very structure of the skin, then go to the store for a mattifying cream from Kora. Apply it after toner on clean skin - and you will be happy.

Ahava, Time To Hydrate Moisturizer

Israel is making progress in the beauty industry. The proof is Time To Hydrate cream, which is ideal for dry skin. The jar contains the benefits of the Dead Sea and moisturizing components. Well, if you are not going to the sea, then the sea should come to you in this form!

Babor, Essential Care Moisture Balancing Cream

Peeling and oily shine? Not to replace this German! Aloe vera will soothe, squalane will strengthen the protective barrier, polysaccharides will moisturize, and rice starch will remove oily shine. What else do you need for moody combination skin? Apply to face, neck and décolleté.

Clinique, Superdefense Multi-Correcting Cream

To awaken the vitality of the skin, its healthy color and radiance, you need to pay more attention to hydration. Superdefense Multi-Correcting cream from Clinique successfully copes with this task. The complex with creatine, carnitine and caffeine smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, protects against UV rays (SPF 25) and improves skin texture.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme

This anti-aging cream deservedly made it into our rating of the best luxury cosmetics for wrinkles. The Estee Lauder laboratory has developed a multifunctional product to preserve and prolong skin youth. The action and effects are listed below.


  • Lifting effect,
  • Fighting age-related skin changes,
  • Nourish and moisturize the skin,
  • Smoothing wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new ones,
  • Light pleasant texture
  • Does not leave an oily sheen or heaviness on the skin,
  • The skin becomes elastic and rested,
  • Pleasant aroma,
  • Restoring skin tone and smoothness,
  • Economical use,
  • Fast and long-lasting rejuvenation effect,
  • Tightened oval face after 2 weeks of use,
  • Does not cause discomfort on the face,
  • Doesn't clog pores.


  • Fairly high price
  • On oily skin it creates a filmy feeling.

Price and where to buy

On the official website of Estee Lauder , the price for a 50 ml jar of anti-aging wrinkle cream ranges from 5,572 rubles to 7,430 rubles . Discount conditions are described in the loyalty system rules under the price.

The Letual store offers two prices for the same jar of cream : RUB 3,799. when purchasing on the website, and 7,599 rubles. when purchasing in a store.

The best creams for problem skin

Mizon, cream-gel for problem skin Acence Blemish Control

The salicylic acid in the composition speaks for itself - no blackheads, dirty pores or acne! In conjunction with hyaluronic acid, raspberry extract and birch sap, it accelerates the restoration of damaged tissue, stimulates the protective functions of the skin and controls the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

La Roche-Posay, corrective cream-gel Effaclar DUO(+)

The effectiveness of the cream speaks for itself: after 12 hours, imperfections, blackheads and acne become less noticeable. Yes, salicylic acid, hydroxy acid and niacinamide work wonders together! Well, for the mattifying effect without clogging the pores - special thanks.

Jurassic Spa, acne cream concentrate Normalizing

The manufacturers of this cream for problem skin are proud that it does not contain antibiotics, which means that you will not experience withdrawal effects. The natural ingredients work by reducing sebum production, inhibiting bacterial growth and reducing inflammation. Not comedogenic.

VICHY, cream for problem skin “Normaderm 24 moisturizing”

Apply the cream morning and evening to a cleansed face to visibly tighten pores, reduce imperfections, scars, post-acne and sebum production. Efficiency has been proven even during periods of hormonal upsurges! Suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Cosrx, anti-acne cream Centella Blemish Cream

This cream can be used by both a teenage daughter with problem skin and a mother with aging skin. Light texture relieves redness and accelerates the healing of inflammation. It contains our favorite Asian centella extract, which can correct rosacea and the effects of acne.

What cream can be considered good?

Based on my experience and personal preferences, I have developed a number of rules by which I myself determine whether I will use any cream or whether it is not worth spending my time and money on it.

  • I almost never use creams with silicones in their composition (demithicone and their derivatives) - yes, they can give a good visual effect immediately after application, but over the long term this all inevitably leads to clogged pores and general “skin fatigue.” In addition, all my decorative cosmetics simply roll off from the silicone cream. There are silicone creams in my selection, but they don’t give me such negative effects.
  • I like light and quickly absorbed creamy textures that immediately feel comfortable on the skin.
  • I love multi-component natural or near-natural formulations.
  • I try to avoid creams with cheap and frankly harmful components in their composition (petroleum products, paraffin, alcohol are in the forefront).
  • SPF in a day cream is , in my opinion, overkill. Anyway, I use either a special protective cream with SPF, bb-, foundation or mineral powder.
  • I like the trend with probiotic-based creams and my skin also likes it, so there are two representatives of this cosmetic trend in my rating.

My rating is based on my own many years of user and blogger experience, where I bought each of the jars I recommended more than once or twice.

I tried dozens of different face creams from different categories - from creams from the Svoboda factory for 50 rubles, to super luxury, where the cost of a jar of cream can be comparable to someone’s salary.

I am sharing my subjective but impartial opinion.

The best creams for normal skin

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, SPF 30

Do you think caring for normal skin means washing your face after sleep and applying SPF? You are wrong! To maintain it in this condition, you need to prevent moisture loss, and this can be achieved with Ultra Facial Cream. Squalane and antarcticine make the skin silky smooth and protect against damage at low temperatures. By the way, this particular hero is the best-selling face cream from Kiehl's in the world.

SkinCeuticals Moisturizing Repair Treatment

Cosmetologists like to recommend a nourishing and restorative cream after laser and chemical peels. A complex of seven natural extracts and lipid substances nourishes the skin and maintains hydration throughout the day. Ideal for cold and dry climates, indispensable in mountainous areas.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus™ for wrinkles

The cosmetic company Clinic has developed a whole line of Laser Focus anti-wrinkle products. The rating of luxury anti-aging creams from the Laser Focus series includes:

  • anti-aging revitalizing serum for face and eyes,
  • day and night smoothing cream,
  • anti-wrinkle cream for the skin around the eyes.

All of these products increase skin elasticity, smoothing wrinkles and stimulating collagen production. They are suitable for all skin types, intensively moisturizing it and protecting it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus serum is the leader in this line, followed by the eye cream of the same series in popularity. The serum is applied to cleansed skin in the morning and evening over the entire face and area around the eyes. Then apply day or night cream to enhance the effect and eye cream to combat wrinkles.


Customers note that:

  • serum and cream are quickly absorbed,
  • moisturizes the skin well,
  • anti-wrinkle products have a light texture,
  • small wrinkles are smoothed out,
  • dark circles under the eyes go away,
  • pores narrow,
  • Makeup applies well over products,
  • complexion improves,
  • no inflammation occurs.


  • if you overdo it with the amount of serum or cream, it slides on the skin,
  • price,
  • it is necessary to apply cream of the same series on top of the serum,
  • an inconvenient pipette in a bottle of serum.

Price and where to buy

On the official website, the price for a restorative anti-aging serum against wrinkles for the face and skin around the eyes, the price without a discount for a volume of 30 ml is 5,300 rubles. A volume of 50 ml will cost you 7,100 rubles. There is a discount system.

Anti-wrinkle day cream from Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus costs RUB 6,200. (full price), nightly costs 6,400 rubles .

Anti-wrinkle cream for the skin around the eyes with a volume of 15 ml on the official website of the Clinic costs 4,800 rubles. without discount.

L'Oréal Paris, cream-gel “Moisturizing Expert”

Already from the name it is clear about the main function of this cream, right? We can only add that it works on three fronts at once: moisturizes, refreshes the complexion and protects against adverse environmental factors. Yes, one can only envy his multitasking!

LibreDerm, moisturizing hyaluronic cream for face, neck and décolleté

Girls already from birth know one inviolable truth: where there is hyaluronic acid, there is maximum hydration. Here too, hyaluronic acid in the cream instantly softens the skin, eliminates wrinkles and flaking, preventing premature aging. The cream is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and suitable as a base for make-up.

Compositions and components

A good moisturizer should have the appropriate ingredients. They can be divided into four groups:

  • lipids;
  • emollients;
  • moisturizing components;
  • substances that form a film.

There are substances that can immediately belong to several groups and perform more than two functions simultaneously.

Components that serve as protection against moisture evaporation:

  • synthetic silicones;
  • petrolatum;
  • mineral oils;
  • linolin;

Moisturizing components play a major role. They not only retain moisture in the body, but regulate its release in the body itself. An example of such components:

  • honey;
  • glycerol;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • fruit acids;
  • lactic acids;
  • collagen;
  • elastin;
  • panthenol;
  • plant extracts.

Emollients are substances that directly work with the upper layer of the epidermis. They restore and soften the surface of the face.

  • linolenic acid;
  • lanolin;
  • essential oils;
  • mineral oils;
  • ceramides;
  • squalane;
  • petrolatum.

Some of the above components can clog pores.

Lipids are substances that help normalize lipid balance in the body and protect the skin from the effects of external environmental factors.

  • lecithin;
  • lanolin;
  • ceramides;
  • natural wax;
  • olive, apricot, peach and soybean oils;
  • Shea Butter.

Lipids can also clog pores, as can emollients.

In addition to these four groups, moisturizer contains additional substances. They also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the epidermis. These are vitamins: A, B, B5, C, extracts of chamomile, calendula, sage, aloe. As well as purified thermal water and antioxidants. You can find out about masks with vitamin C and other components in the article.

A good cream that does not contain substances that are harmful or dangerous to the skin. However, this is rare, and the following components can often be found in moisturizing creams:

  • benzocaine – has a bad effect on the nervous system;
  • aluminum acetate – very drying and can cause peeling;
  • parabens – allergen;
  • propylene glycol is an irritant component.

But, despite the fact that many moisturizing creams contain harmful components, a large number of positive effects on the epidermis can be identified. Namely:

  • softens the skin;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • maintains firmness and elasticity;
  • evens out facial tone;
  • normalizes PH levels;
  • promotes rapid cell regeneration.

As for side effects and disadvantages, there are none. But this is if the product is chosen correctly, with all the features of this type of epidermis.

Otherwise, the following unpleasant moments may arise:

  • clogging of pores;
  • itching;
  • skin irritation;
  • inflammation;
  • rashes.

The best day creams

Lumene, Klassikko cream

The cream, delivered straight from Finland, energizes you with freshness and vigor after the first use! Still would! Contains Arctic spring water and northern cotton. It is not surprising that with regular use, the skin becomes nourished, soft, hydrated and radiant.

Glamglow, Moisturetrip Omega-Rich Moisturizer Cream

Consider this lightweight cream a vacation package for your skin. Inca inchi oil will soothe it and reduce visible redness, chaga mushroom will protect against blue rays (yes, the same one that comes from TV, computer and phone screens), antioxidants will improve skin color, and hyaluronic acid will moisturize. Everything is on point!

Caudalie, Vinoperfect radiance day cream

The cooling gel melts onto the skin, simultaneously moisturizing it and without leaving a greasy feeling. The cream is ideal for women who want an even complexion and radiant skin without pigmentation.

InstaNatural, day cream with collagen

Wrinkles, come out! Anti-aging cream with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and peony extract tightens the skin, visually reduces pores and hides imperfections.

Derma E, moisturizing day cream

An ideal product for those who use only vegan eco-products without soy, gluten and GMOs. A rich day cream that revitalizes even the driest skin without feeling heavy. Thanks for this to green tea, vitamin C, A and E in the composition.

Types of wrinkles

Before moving directly to the review of the best creams, it is worth understanding the types of wrinkles and the reasons for their formation. This will help you take a fresh look at the choice of cosmetics and the need for regular care procedures.

What causes wrinkles to appear?

Photo: https://pexels.com/ru-ru/photo/5257495/
There are several reasons:

  • aging. The most obvious factor. With age, collagen synthesis decreases, the skin becomes less elastic;
  • dermatoheliosis. Simply put, photoaging, which occurs due to excessive tanning;
  • sudden change in weight. Wrinkles often occur in women who have dramatically lost weight and got rid of significant excess weight;
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle. Nicotine addiction, alcohol abuse, poor sleep - all this impairs blood flow in the skin and worsens its condition;
  • lively facial expressions. Deep expression wrinkles occur in those people who are accustomed to often frowning, raising their eyebrows, squinting and even smiling;
  • skin diseases. Some dermatological diseases lead to dry skin and decreased turgor;
  • structural features of the skull. Wrinkles on the face and neck occur in people, for example, with an incorrect bite.

According to the degree of severity, skin folds can be divided into superficial and deep. The first ones can occur at a young age, but they are easier to deal with. The reasons for its appearance are dry skin, weight loss, improper care. Deep wrinkles occur with age. And it is impossible to get rid of them through cosmetic products alone.

And yet, you shouldn’t give up and sadly watch age-related changes on your skin. You have the power to delay old age a little and delay the appearance of superficial and deep wrinkles. You need to choose the right anti-wrinkle cream, paying attention to the active ingredients in the composition.

The best night creams

Natura Siberica, night face cream “Care and restoration”

The power of Siberia benefits oily and combination skin. Sophora japonica extract protects the skin from free radicals, elastin and polypeptides nourish and deeply moisturize it, keeping it elastic and healthy, and bisabolol softens and reduces pores.

You may be interested in: We answer the reader’s question: is there a difference between night and day cream.

Levrana, night face cream “Blueberry”

The multilamellar emulsion is as close as possible to the structure of the upper layer of the skin, which means that the cream is more effective than many of its “colleagues”. You sleep - it works: moisturizes and nourishes, cleanses and increases the elasticity of capillaries, retains water and active components, prevents inflammation.

Ole Henriksen, Transform Goodnight Glow Retin-ALT night cream

Slow down aging with cream from Ole Henriksen. At night, while you regain strength in your sleep, it restores the skin: exfoliates the upper stratum corneum, acts on wrinkles and age spots.

Darphin, Ideal Resource Revitalizing Cream

Three facts insist on purchasing this cream: natural composition, multidirectional action and soft texture. Simply apply it to a cleansed face at night and wake up to clean, fresh, hydrated and silky skin. Magic, and that's all!

Lancome, night cream Génifique

If creams could study at universities, then this “comrade” would graduate from the “tower” with honors. The fact is that it has the power to stimulate the activity of genes responsible for night recovery. At the same time, Génifique increases the skin's resistance to external factors. Ideal for those who constantly do not get enough sleep.

Composition of anti-aging cream

Anti-aging cosmetics should include several of the following components:

  • Hyaluronic acid helps the skin stay firm.
  • Vitamins A, E, PP, C accelerate cell regeneration.
  • Hydroxy acids remove dead skin particles.
  • Coenzyme Q10 reduces the visibility of wrinkles and reduces their appearance.
  • Kinetin refreshes the face.
  • Peptides slow down the appearance of facial wrinkles.
  • Imperata root provides maximum hydration.

The best anti-aging creams

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

The cream includes a combination of hyaluronic acids, hydropatches and rose oil - together these “guys” attract moisture, create an invisible protective film, nourish and moisturize the skin. Well, I need to write a separate article about the aroma - it’s something indescribable!

Nivea Naturally Good cream

The new product with a high content of natural and organic components (99% of ingredients of natural origin) cares for the skin and moisturizes for 24 hours. Can be used as a base for makeup. For such quality the cream has a ridiculous price.

Mulsan, Beauty Skin Cream

The light texture makes you fall in love with it from the first application. And what a composition! Extracts of green tea, horsetail and sage are responsible not only for the incredible aroma, but also for activating collagen production, improving skin tone and protecting against environmental influences.

Christina, Elastin Collagen Azulene Moisturizer

Not a cream, but a hero of a fairy tale about rejuvenating apples! The weightless texture is suitable even for hot summers, and the vitamins A and E and azulene in the composition speak for themselves. We forget about tightness, dehydration and flaking and let porcelain skin into our lives without symptoms of lack of moisture.

Institut Esthederm, Cellular Water moisturizer

We choose Cellular Water for its powerful anti-aging effect, elastic and soft skin and a rested appearance. Antioxidant cream successfully fights “enemies”, including free radicals, toxins and signs of aging. Well, we don’t mind!

How to choose

In order for the product to give quick results, you need not only to study the composition, but also to look at its other characteristics. To choose the right cream, you need to look at your skin type and age category.

By age

After 25 years, the aging process begins. The skin slowly fades and needs careful and thorough care. It is worth noting that the older the girl, the more effective the cream she needs. Therefore, you need to consider your age, as it also affects the choice of product. You can find out how to choose a face cream after 25 here.

By skin type

Each skin type has its own individual characteristics. When choosing a product, you need to pay attention to what skin it is intended for. For example, for dry and dehydrated skin types you need thorough moisturizing, for oily skin - a mattifying effect. For problematic dermis - an anti-inflammatory effect, and for sensitive dermis - protective and antioxidant properties.

The best creams with SPF

Alba Botanica, natural sunscreen SPF 30

If you love the sun, love cream with SPF! It's easy when you have Alba Botanica in your purse. It perfectly protects against the negative effects of UVA/UVB rays, nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin, providing an anti-inflammatory effect. Still would! After all, it contains grape seed oil, flax, shea butter, witch hazel extract and a complex of thermal water.

Avene Mineral Screen Sunscreen SPF 50+

A cream with a high level of protection that will not harm your skin, even if you need to be outside in the middle of a hot summer day. The basis is a complex of mineral filters, pretocopheryl (as a powerful antioxidant) and thermal water. Waterproof, easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Premium, cream photoblock for face Oily Skin SPF 50

This is not just a sunscreen, but an air emulsion that fights skin aging and hyperpigmentation, reliably protects against the negative effects of spectrum A and B sun rays, and intensely moisturizes. Suitable for use after cosmetic procedures and as a base for makeup.

Payot, Sunny The Invisible Sunscreen SPF 50

It is worth noting the cool texture of this colorless (!) Sanskrin - an intangible and light cream regularly protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays and free radicals, softens and maintains skin elasticity. Contains vitamins E and C, sunflower, rose hip, plum and caesalpinia extracts, coconut and sea buckthorn oils. For all skin types.

Read about how to correctly determine your skin type here: Test: what skin type do you really have?

Librederm, sunscreen for face and décolleté Bronzeada SPF 30

This cream from Librederm has a non-greasy texture that is quickly absorbed and does not leave white marks or a sticky feeling. The formula contains vitamin E and grape seed oil, which are responsible for antioxidant protection, nourishing and moisturizing argan and jojoba oils, as well as carrot oil, which has an anti-aging effect and provides an even tan.

Like if you liked the selection and you used any of the above.

Remember: choosing the right face cream is 50% of success. We leave the second half for its application: A simple scheme: how to apply the cream to enhance the effect several times.

More familiar than video instructions? Welcome to the beauty trainer's video on how to double the benefits of this cosmetic product.


The best face creams after 25 years are the ones that work. And their effectiveness is determined not by price and brand name, but by composition. Of course, the needs of each girl’s skin are individual, so it is impossible to accurately answer the question of which cream is better. The product must be selected taking into account the skin type and its characteristics, as well as the problems that the product should solve. However, there are active ingredients that, according to cosmetologists, bring the most benefits at this age, providing the skin with the necessary hydration and protection. This:

  • vitamins A, E, C, bioflavonoids - are powerful antioxidants that neutralize the negative effects of free radicals and slow down the aging process;
  • allantoin – has a moisturizing and soothing effect;
  • panthenol – moisturizes, protects from aggressive sun rays;
  • bisobolol – softens, eliminates inflammation;
  • azulene – a soothing, healing and nourishing component obtained from plant materials;
  • lactic acid – exfoliant (exfoliates dead skin cells of the epidermis), natural moisturizer;
  • salicylic acid – effectively cleanses pores and helps fight acne, has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • hyaluronic acid – moisturizes, prevents moisture loss from cells;
  • sorbitol – enhances the moisturizing properties of other components;
  • sun protection factors (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone) – it is desirable that the protection is at least SPF-15.

It is important to pay attention to excipients. Good cosmetics should not contain formaldehyde - harmful components that destroy the skin, and parabens (in extreme cases, their content should not exceed 0.3%). You shouldn’t expect any beneficial effects from mineral oils and glucols either, so it’s better to have as little of them in the cream as possible, or not at all.

We have highlighted only a few popular and high-quality brands of creams. But there are many more cosmetic products. It’s up to you to decide which cosmetics for facial care will be the best option. It all depends on the type of skin, its characteristics and vagaries. Dry skin needs maximum hydration, and a product for oily skin should normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and have a mattifying effect. To care for healthy skin, you can choose a good cosmetic day face cream. If you have sufficient financial resources, it is better to give preference to luxury cosmetics; if not, budget category products are quite suitable. If your skin is problematic, prone to rashes, pigmentation or peeling, it is better to choose the appropriate pharmacy cream with the help of a cosmetologist.

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Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream from 35 years

The second luxury cream from the Shiseido brand is Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream, which can be used by people aged 35 years and older. There are practically no reviews of it on the Russian-language Internet, but this is only because of its expensive cost. Although you can ask your friends (or husband) to give it to you for a holiday.

In addition to the day cream with UV protection, you can supplement it with products from the same series - night cream, serum, and smoothing wrinkles around the eyes. For those who have dry and lifeless skin, this cream is especially ideal. Now let’s find out why it’s so good.


  • Eliminates wrinkles and slows down aging,
  • It has a pleasant and unobtrusive rose aroma,
  • Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin,
  • Has a slight toning effect,
  • Does not leave a greasy shine due to rapid absorption and light texture,
  • Suitable for all skin types,
  • Economical use of cream,
  • Does not clog pores, narrows them and makes them less noticeable,
  • Prevents the appearance of new wrinkles,
  • Brightens the skin and evens out the facial contour.


  • A very expensive cream, but that’s why it’s luxury.

Price and where to buy

In the popular RiveGauche , the full price of Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream will be 8,605 rubles . But there are often discounts, and then it is possible to buy it for a little more than 6,000 rubles .

The online store S trawberrynet will charge you 6,183 rubles .

In Letual, with a diamond card you will pay 6,561 rubles , the full price for Shiseido day cream is 8,749 rubles.

Dior Capture Total Multi-Perfection from 40 years

The world famous luxury cosmetics brand Dior was the first to develop a cream that defies gravity and time. We are talking about Dior Capture Total Multi-Perfection restoring cream in three textures - universal, rich and light. It acts both in the deep layers of the skin and on its surface, stimulating mother cells.

The cream eliminates all signs of aging, restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin, softness and velvety, radiance and smoothness.


  • Improves complexion,
  • Tightens and rejuvenates the skin,
  • Smoothes out wrinkles
  • Has a neutral aroma,
  • Easy to apply and quickly absorbed,
  • The effect is cumulative and increases with each subsequent application.


  • High price.

Price and where to buy

In the Sephora and Ile De Beaute , with a Black and VIP card 7,868 rubles for this cream , without a card it will cost 10,490 rubles .

The Letual store asks for the cream 7,732 rubles with a diamond card and 10,310 rubles without it.

Clarins Multi-Active (against first wrinkles)

From the Clarins brand, two products of different age categories were included in the rating of luxury anti-wrinkle creams. Multi Active is suitable for girls over 30 years old; it fights the first wrinkles and age-related changes. In the Multi-Active line you will find a cream for your skin type (day and night), but if you don’t know your type, you can choose a universal one.


  • Improving and maintaining skin tone,
  • Smoothing out the first wrinkles
  • Fresh and radiant skin after the first use,
  • Improves complexion
  • The skin is velvety and soft,
  • Good hydration
  • Elimination of irritations,
  • Light delicate texture,
  • Pleasant aroma,
  • Fast and complete absorption,
  • Economical consumption
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Does not roll down on the face and does not create a film effect.


  • Price,
  • For a certain age category,
  • No dispenser
  • Not always suitable for problem skin.

Price and where to buy

On the official Clarins website, the price of a luxury cream without a discount is 5,200 rubles. for 50 ml .

The Letual store asks for exactly the same amount.

Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump – anti-aging line

Our 2022 rating includes the entire anti-aging line of luxury creams from Helena Rubinstein. It includes Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump night cream, day cream from the same series, and eye cream. Ideally, it is better to use them in combination. It contains a collagen complex and hyaluronic acid, which restore and smooth the skin, making it smooth, elastic and toned.


  • Economical consumption
  • Moisturizing and nourishing the skin,
  • Smoothing deep and fine wrinkles,
  • Tones the skin, making it elastic,
  • Stimulates collagen production in skin cells,
  • Neutral smell,
  • Suitable for all skin types.


  • High price, especially for use in a complex,
  • Some customers note long absorption.

Price and where to buy

In the RivGauche the price for night cream is from 7,401 to 12,335 rubles. , from 4,695 to 7,825 rub. for eye cream, from 6,837 to 11,395 rubles. for day cream.

In Ile De Beaute 12,450 rubles for a night cream . (RUR 9,338 with VIP card), eye cream costs RUR 7,900. (RUB 5,925 by card), price for day cream RUB 11,500. or 8,625 rub. by vip card .

Strawberry store sells Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump night cream for 10,391 - 10,524 rubles. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this rating, there are no other products in this line in the store.

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