Tattooing of eyelids - interlashal, with shading and arrows
Century tattooing began to quickly gain popularity in the post-Soviet space in the late 90s of XX
Liquid nitrogen is used as a refrigerant and for cryotherapy
Indications for the procedure Contraindications for the procedure Cold massage: technique of execution Expected result: renewed clean
Poor result of biorevitalization: what is the reason?
Biorevitalization is the injection of hyaluronic acid obtained through a special biotechnological method. Referral based on ability
Treatment and removal of calluses surgically
Calluses and Corns Calluses are the result of prolonged friction or pressure on the skin. Manifests
Why do wen and bumps appear all over the body?
A polyp is a pathological growth of the mucous membrane. By its nature, this is a benign formation, however,
Facial skin peeling in a beauty salon: the benefits of professional cleansing and its price
Human skin, especially after 30 years, when the natural processes of renewal and hydration slow down, needs
Microsclerotherapy procedure for telangiectasis
Microsclerotherapy – removal of spider veins (telangiectasia) in Moscow
Vascular network and spider veins are the persistent dilation of subcutaneous capillaries, leading to discoloration
The principle of action and effectiveness of multi-acid peeling
Multi-acid cocktails for spring transformation: review of facial peelings ARAVIA Laboratories
Everyone requires spring updates, and our skin is no exception. Take control of the careful
Ayurvedic massage - what is it and how is it done?
Ayurvedic massage is a popular technique that originated in India, but has become widespread in
What is facial brushing and what is this procedure for?
General description Brossage is a hardware superficial peeling that allows you to remove dead cells. Device for
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