Pinch facial massage - 4 techniques for amazing results

An open look, a clear oval face and radiant skin are not always the merits of good heredity and experienced surgeons. At least, this is what Monica Bellucci, Demi Moore and many other celebrities regularly say. Cosmetologists completely agree: facial massage, whose history goes back more than five thousand years, has recently become again at the peak of popularity. Inna Plakhtienko, a 1st category nurse at the Clinical Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology, spoke about the benefits of the procedure, contraindications and subtleties.


Massage has been known since ancient times - it was used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
In the Middle Ages, when scientists became actively interested in human anatomy, its basic techniques for the face and body were described and then scientifically substantiated. Today, facial massage is a necessary part of cosmetic skin care. No device can reproduce the feeling of relaxation and calm that the skillful hands of a cosmetologist bring. That is why manual massage is one of the most effective and safe procedures for facial skin. And if you follow the principle of regularity, the lifting effect will be an excellent alternative to cosmetic injections.

— Facial massage today is more fashionable than high-tech serums and creams, —

Confirms Inna Plakhtienko.
“This is the most important step in daily care; it helps improve blood circulation, restore smoothness and healthy glow to the skin, and even solve some age-related problems: smooth out fine wrinkles, for example.
There are different types and schools of cosmetic massage. The choice is so diverse that it can be extremely difficult to settle on the right option. Each variety has its own characteristics, indications and contraindications. Therefore, depending on the skin type, the cosmetologist selects the type of massage and the necessary cosmetic product - an auxiliary tool that will increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

It is ideal if the massage technique and cosmetic product work in the same direction. For example, it is recommended to finish plastic facial massage for wrinkles and decreased skin turgor by applying an active anti-aging serum and a lifting mask on top of it.

Features of facial lifting massage

The peculiarity of this technique is that it allows you to achieve faster and more noticeable results, unlike other rejuvenation methods. During the procedure, you can work on every millimeter of skin on your face. And the result can be noticed immediately after the first session. Of course, if you follow the correct technique.

Lifting massage is a worthy replacement for plastic surgery. Surgical interventions carry great risks, and after some time they can lead to irreversible consequences. For example, if a nerve is accidentally injured during surgery, the person will experience partial paralysis of the facial nerve. Subcutaneous hematomas may also occur after surgery. And to get rid of them, it is necessary to use special drugs that stop the blood. We can talk a lot about the consequences of operations, but that’s not what we’re talking about now. Massage wins here because it is non-traumatic work with the face.

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Main types of facial massage:


: expression wrinkles, sagging skin, swelling, decreased tone, prevention of age-related changes.


: inflammation and rashes on the face, bruises and abrasions, exacerbation of herpes and allergies.

This is the most common massage technique. It is used to improve skin tone and improve complexion. The muscles are directly and reflexively affected, as a result of which they are strengthened and the skin is tightened.

When working on facial tissues, alternating the following techniques is used: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration. All movements are smooth and sliding, they are made with the tips of the fingers. The emphasis is on stroking and rubbing. The movements themselves correspond to massage lines (lines of least skin tension) and are directed from the central part of the face to the peripheral.

Before the procedure, the facial skin is cleansed of cosmetics. After this, apply a massage or nourishing cream and distribute evenly.



: dry skin, swelling, ptosis, jowls, double chin, obvious facial wrinkles.


: inflammatory, oncological and other skin pathologies, cardiovascular diseases, rosacea.

When the flow of lymph through the lymphatic vessels slows down, excess fluid accumulates in the tissues. As a result, swelling appears, the skin becomes pasty, and the complexion leaves much to be desired.

Lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at activating the outflow of lymph, so all massage techniques are carried out along the lymphatic vessels towards the nearest lymph nodes. It is carried out with your fingertips on cosmetic oil or cream. The skin is first warmed up by stroking and rubbing. All movements are smooth and sliding.

This is a very subtle technique that only professionals truly master. After a course of procedures, swelling goes away, the face looks fresh and rested, and overall health improves.



: oily and problematic skin, acne, comedones, post-acne.


: presence of large moles, warts, psoriasis, herpes, allergic rashes.

A distinctive feature is the use of a rather painful, intense pinching technique. They allow you to work on the skin and tissues at deep levels that are not exposed to classical massage. The technique uses three main massage techniques: pinch movements, kneading with stroking for warming up, vibration with pressure. All techniques alternate with each other. The main ones are plucking effects performed by the pads of the fingers - thumb and index. The intensity of the pinching borders on the pain threshold, sometimes exceeding it. All areas are actively washed, except for the areas around the eyes.

It is carried out using talc, without oils and creams, to avoid slipping of the fingers during plucking movements.

: decreased skin turgor, wrinkles, jowls, decreased muscle tone, ptosis, double chin.


: rosacea, acute inflammatory skin diseases, increased fragility of blood vessels.

The main feature of the technique is deep treatment of the skin, subcutaneous fat and facial muscles. During the procedure, blood actively flows to the tissues, and metabolic processes accelerate. With each session, the skin is tightened, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the functioning of the sebaceous glands is normalized. If a specialist works correctly, the modeling result of this procedure is comparable to the lifting effect of injection and hardware rejuvenation techniques.

Plastic massage is recommended after 30-35 years, primarily to prevent age-related changes. To work through tissues, superficial and deep kneading techniques are mainly used. Kneading, fixing, vibrating and stroking movements are carried out strictly along massage lines and alternate with each other. All movements are made with effort and pressure.

When performing plastic facial massage, no special means are used. The procedure is performed using dry face or talcum powder.

Plastic massage price

The average cost of the procedure ranges from 1,000 – 2,500 rubles. For noticeable rejuvenation, cosmetologists recommend taking a full course of therapy, which consists of 10–15 sessions. At the end of the course, the skin should rest for 2 months. After this, the procedure can be repeated.

To make an appointment with a specialist, cosmetologist, contact us by phone +7 (495) 106-90-74 or fill out the online form on the website. After receiving the application, our administrators will contact you and answer all your questions.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lifting facial massage

Modeling facial massage

How to prepare the skin for a lifting massage

And although many people say that facial massage can be performed at any time, even when you just have a free minute, this is not true. The procedure must be approached consciously and thoroughly prepared.

  1. First you need to cleanse your skin. To do this, take special products like washing gel or milk. Afterwards, wipe your face with toner.
  2. Some people prefer to make a hot herbal compress or simply steam their face before the procedure. This improves blood circulation, and the massage has a better effect on the skin and muscles.
  3. Never massage on dry skin, otherwise it will stretch. Before the procedure, apply cream or squalane. This is sugar cane oil, which through massage will even more effectively nourish the skin with the necessary elements. See how to apply it more effectively
    • If you prefer creams, then choose one that will definitely provide a good gliding effect.
    • For dry skin, take a nourishing cream to restore the lipid barrier. If it contains natural oils and extracts, it will be absolutely wonderful.

  4. But for oily skin, a cream without oils and fats is needed.
  5. Aging skin requires special attention, so it is recommended to choose creams with amino acids, proteins, retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids.

How is a hardware lifting massage performed by a cosmetologist?

In salons, cosmetologists also offer different types of such massage:

  • Vibro-vacuum or LPG facial massage.
    It is performed with special nozzles. One of them is for working on the area around the eyes and forehead, the other is for the lower and middle part of the face. The nozzle sucks the skin, and several rotating balls knead it. Due to too active exposure, hematomas and bruises may occur.
  • RF lifting.
    During this procedure, the cosmetologist warms the skin with a special device. This process damages collagen and elastin fibers. This is done so that the body itself starts the recovery process. But this is all ideal. You can often see reviews that this device has no effect. And some time after the procedure, the skin sags more than if it happened during natural aging.

Before/after results

Sign up for the “Flourish” marathon, follow all the exercises and recommendations, and in a month you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror. In a good way. The marathon provides the best self-massage techniques with which you can get rid of swelling, tighten your face, smooth out wrinkles and more. And in addition to exercises, it also gives advice on nutrition and cleansing the body. You will learn how nutrition affects your skin condition and appearance. Read more about the marathon below.

What result to expect

If you strictly adhere to the rules described above, plastic massage will always be effective. This conclusion can be made if you look at women’s photos before and after a full course of procedures. Of course, a specialist trained in massage techniques will perform the procedure professionally, so the result will be more impressive. But even home sessions, when performed correctly, improve your appearance many times over:

• the double chin disappears without a trace;

• skin elasticity is restored;

• skin tone is evened out;

• cheeks are tightened;

• pigmentation spots become less noticeable;

• pores become narrower.

This list can be supplemented with more than one item. But the majority of women who decided on plastic rejuvenating massage leave positive reviews about this technique. Moreover, many emphasize that positive changes in appearance improve well-being and mood, and increase performance. The only difficulty to be solved is the choice of methodology and location for the sessions. But, as professionals advise, you shouldn’t skimp on beauty.

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How to do a manual facial lifting massage at home

The procedure must be performed with the pads of your fingers. There is no need to press hard on the skin or squeeze it. Watch simple videos with effective exercises that will help you get a tightening effect:

  1. DIY lifting effect

    Warm your palms and place them on your temples. Stay like this for a while so that the whiskey also has time to warm up. Then massage this area with circular movements, smoothly moving towards the back of the head.

  2. Exercise on the neck to quickly nourish the face
    In order for the face to receive enough nutrients, you need to relieve spasm from the sternocleidomastoid muscles. Turn your head and tilt it forward slightly, feel and massage with your fingers the largest protruding muscle in your neck. First on one side, then on the other. Walk your fingers up and down.
  3. Another effective exercise:
    Let your hair down and place your palms on your chewing muscles and temples. Wait until your palms and muscles are warm enough. Then smoothly move your hands to the top of your head, as if you want to tie your hair into a ponytail. A slight muscle tension should be felt. Repeat this procedure two or three times.
  4. Exercise to relieve swelling and raise eyebrows
    Place your right hand on your left eyebrow. The second hand is under the eyebrow. There should be a crease between your fingers. We massage it with upward circular movements.
  5. Exercise to lengthen muscles and relieve spasms
    Place your palms firmly against your temples. Hold for a while to let your muscles warm up. Then tilt your head down, holding it with your hands. And slowly, with circular movements of your hands, move towards your hair.

Which effect is better at a cosmetologist or at home?

In fact, there is not much difference in who will do the manual massage. You can find a professional cosmetologist and get the desired result, or you can make a mistake and throw money away. The main thing is that he doesn’t make things worse.

But why spend money on a cosmetologist if you can safely perform self-massage at home? In the “Flourish” marathon or intensive courses, all the exercises are given that will lead you to the desired result. It is only important to observe the regularity of the sessions and the execution technique.

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