How to do French sculptural facial massage: video techniques and secrets of magical effectiveness

Girls go to any lengths just to remain attractive as long as possible. In the fight against age-related skin changes, they manage to try many products and procedures. It has long been known that French women are the personification of femininity, style and the ability to take care of themselves. They have been quite successful in preserving youth. A culture of proper nutrition, properly selected care and, of course, the technique of French facial massage played a big role in this. If you trust these sophisticated foreigners in everything related to the sphere of beauty, then you should definitely try this procedure. In addition, it has been widely popular in recent years in Russia.

What is French facial massage? To whom it is indicated, in what cases you should refrain from using it, how the procedure is performed, as well as what effect can be achieved - you will learn about this and more from this article.

What kind of technique is this

French massage was invented by a physiotherapist named Pascal Coche, but for the first time, triple-certified cosmetologist Joëlle Ciocco was able to successfully apply this technique on her face. The effect of this technique is based on the influence on the lymph flow lines, which leads to a result similar to a surgical facelift.

The specialist does not affect the facial muscles, but only the subcutaneous fat, sebaceous glands and lymph flow. As a result, certain areas are saturated with blood, they become toned, and the contours of the face become clearer, even and smooth.

In addition to facial massage, there are also French massage programs aimed at reducing cellulite on the body and tightening problem areas.

Massage technique

To massage your face, you will need to use a special oil that provides better glide. To perform the technique, you first need to learn the location of the massage lines, and begin working on the neck area under the chin.

The lines are worked out precisely, and various movements are also used:

  • crumpling;
  • pinching;
  • light pressure;
  • rolling.

Gradually, the specialist moves on to the face and, thanks to precise movements, influences the muscles and deep tissues.


It is the sculpting technique that is used as an alternative to surgical intervention, and it is especially effective in the early stages.

How to perform a French modeling facial massage

If you decide to undergo this procedure, but are afraid of pain or any other unpleasant sensations, do not worry. A professional cosmetologist will gently but firmly massage your face, paying special attention to problem areas.

The procedure begins with makeup removal, then the specialist will properly relax the facial muscles with a soft product using stroking movements. After this, he will apply a special talc that will not allow his hands to slide over the skin of his face.

This procedure does not require the cosmetologist to wear rubber gloves, since he must feel the patient’s muscles and lymph flow lines well, and such measures are also aimed at making the process more pleasant for the client. Due to this feature of French facial massage, make sure that the specialist thoroughly treats his hands with an antiseptic before starting work.

The massage begins with three deep breaths and long exhalations to completely relax all organs. Then the cosmetologist begins to stimulate the back of the neck and continues in the décolleté area, then moves up to the forehead, massaging the area at the hairline in the opposite direction. All movements must coincide with the patient's breathing. At specific points near the nose, lips, and temples, the master applies pressing movements.

Next, the patient needs to take a deep breath again and raise his arms, and while exhaling, lower them.

The last step is to return normal blood circulation by massaging the scalp and pulling on some strands of hair.

Basic execution techniques

Sequence of standard actions:

  1. First of all, makeup is removed using special means.
  2. Then, depending on the chosen technique, a mask, cream or oil is applied.
  3. Cleaning again.
  4. The surface is covered with talc to prevent your fingers from slipping.
  5. Massage begins from the neck, smoothly rising to the back of the head and descending to the shoulder girdle and décolleté area. Afterwards, from the chin to the forehead, and when reaching the hair growth zone, they return.

  6. All manipulations exactly coincide with the patient’s calm breathing rhythm.

The specificity of French massage lies in the technique of ignoring muscles, which is aimed exclusively at the upper tissues: lymphatic drainage system, blood flow, epidermis, subcutaneous fat layers.

Important: The peculiarity of the practice is the complete structuring of the sequence of actions, without any harm to the patient.

There are five types of movements:

  1. Stroking prepares for stress.
  2. Circular warm-up movements clockwise relieve tension.
  3. Light tapping with your fingertips - preparation for the load.
  4. Pinching stimulates blood flow, activating processes in the epidermis.
  5. Stroking is soothing.

More information about the rejuvenating procedure using the French method can be found in the article French body massage: health from the creators of beauty.

At the end of the procedure, the master works on the head with circular movements, in particular on the hairline, to restore blood circulation.

A worthy alternative to plastic surgery, which gives a chance to remain young and beautiful, consists of several practices. Let's look at the description of each in more detail.

Classic anti-aging facial massage from Christelle Guinet

A cosmetics company commissioned the development of this practice from the master. After its creation, the classical technique became the most popular in the world. European practice operates purely within the framework of cosmetology and, when used correctly, allows you to feel only pleasure. The main purpose is rejuvenation.

Sequence of massage:

  1. Apply nourishing cream to cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté.
  2. Starting from the forehead and ending on the neck, light movements are performed. Smoothing the skin along the lines as shown in the image.

  3. There is no pinching or pressing, only relaxation and aesthetic pleasure.
  4. Session duration is 30 minutes.

At first glance, everything is simple, but an incorrect or arbitrary sequence of actions will significantly reduce your effectiveness.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage from Pascal Coche

The technique is so effective that the result is visible almost instantly. During master classes, the developer demonstrates the practice on one half of a volunteer’s face so that the difference is obvious.

The emphasis of the effect is on the lymphatic drainage system: the outflow of fluid from the tissues is stimulated, and with it the release of toxins and wastes.

Execution sequence:

  1. The procedure does not involve the application of auxiliary cosmetics.
  2. The point technique is used as a basis.
  3. The massage therapist’s manipulations are completely adjusted to the patient’s breathing. You should start with 3 deep exhalations and inhalations.
  4. Using medium-intensity pressure, the master’s fingers apply pressure to points in the area of ​​the lips, nose, temples and collarbones.
  5. After all the manipulations, the patient simultaneously raises his arms and stretches while inhaling. As you exhale, lower your arms and relax as much as possible.

At first it seems strange, but after massage and breathing exercises, the master will pull certain strands of hair in order to activate blood circulation.

Sculptural facial massage by Joelle Ciocco

The Frenchwoman has developed a technique that fulfills the desire that unites all women - to become a sculptor of their own appearance. Regular sessions will bring the contours to an ideal state, eliminating the form from all acquired imperfections.

Execution sequence:

  1. The skin is cleansed and prepared for the procedure.
  2. The phalanges and fingertips are involved.
  3. Movements from the neck move to the back of the head - calming.
  4. Gradually the intensity increases and the area of ​​influence changes - neck, shoulder girdle, décolleté. All problem areas are intensively warmed up.
  5. The patient throws back his head, and the master folds his palms, finishing the massage with stroking.
  6. Repeated pressure is applied to the clusters of lymph nodes.
  7. The cheeks are massaged using rotational gestures.
  8. The contours tingle. At first it’s easy, and then the intensity gradually increases.

  9. Muscle joints are treated with pressure.
  10. Stroking gradually reduces the strength, soothing the skin.
  11. An alginate mask is used to plasticize the result obtained after the procedure.

This technique is one of the most difficult, because you need to have a thorough knowledge of the location of lymph nodes, muscle joints and the direction of circulation of fluids under the skin.

Rejuvenating self-massage of the face from Alena Sobol

A simple technique that stimulates metabolic processes and blood flow. Without knowledge of facial anatomy, you can carry out the procedure at home. Session duration is up to 7-10 minutes.


  1. Choose any cosmetic oil that suits your skin type. If you are satisfied with the structure, use night cream.
  2. Use your fingertips to follow the massage lines (see picture of classic massage lines). Gestures are consistent, with no latency at endpoints.
  3. You need to massage around the eyes with the pads of your middle and ring fingers. The skin in this area is the thinnest and most sensitive. Special attention is paid to the outer corners of the eyes and other problem areas.
  4. Rubbing with spiral movements from eyebrows to hair, using two fingers.
  5. Pressure around the eyes, along the cartilaginous edge.
  6. Tapping with beams on massage areas and especially the cheekbone.

It is best to perform the session while sitting on a chair with correct posture. In the evening, after water procedures, before bedtime.

The outcome varies depending on the practice chosen. The result of the lymphatic drainage technique appears most quickly.

Facial massage performed by a master

The attached video clearly shows the principle of the correct technique for performing French modeling massage. The cosmetologist seems to sculpt the skin and thereby creates clear contours of the face. His movements are fast, neat, but at the same time performed with a certain degree of pressure, so that the lymph flow lines are well engaged and excess fluid does not linger in the nose, cheeks, or under the eyes.

What results can a facial massage bring?

With French facial massage you can:

  • prevent excessive swelling;
  • improve the functioning of the lymphatic drainage system;
  • remove harmful substances from the body;
  • speed up metabolic processes;
  • smooth out facial wrinkles and significantly reduce deep nasolabial and eyebrow folds;
  • forget about bags and bruises under the eyes;
  • remove double chin;
  • get rid of sagging cheeks.

Excellent results from a course of massage can last up to a year, provided that you eat right, get enough sleep and exercise moderately.

In addition to the external effect, French sculptural facial massage can help solve problems such as insomnia and neurotic conditions. The result is achieved through complete relaxation during the session, as well as stroking movements that promote a state of peace.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Any type of massage has its contraindications, sculptural is no exception. You should refuse execution if you find:

  • inflammation;
  • skin diseases;
  • herpes;
  • oncology;
  • open wounds;
  • high blood pressure;
  • infections of various etiologies;
  • thyroid diseases.

Any of these problems can only worsen the situation, which means you need to either wait for recovery or find another way to rejuvenate. If there are no contraindications, then if you have the following problems, you can use the sculptural massage technique:

  • oily skin up to 30 years, in other cases after;
  • scars or acne;
  • pigmentation;
  • double chin;
  • swelling;
  • decreased elasticity;
  • sagging facial contour;
  • drooping corners of the eyes and mouth;
  • the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Any massage must be performed according to certain rules, as well as supplemented with other means, in order to achieve the most positive result.

Why it can’t be done at home

Under no circumstances should you do this procedure at home, especially on your own. Especially if you are only partially familiar with the proper technique of French chiroplastic facial massage, don't even start. As a result of your manipulations with your face, both the banal appearance of hematomas and inflammation and such a serious situation as tissue asymmetry can occur. It will subsequently be extremely difficult for a specialist to correct such a defect.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to visit a professional cosmetologist who performs similar procedures at home, since they do not require special sterility. The most important thing is to first read reviews about it, and also ask about the availability of a certificate that would give it the right to provide. If his home cosmetology office is clean, his clients are happy and he has a training diploma, feel free to go to this master.

Preparing for the session

Preparation for a classic modeling facial massage includes the following steps:

  1. The patient sits comfortably in the cosmetology chair and relaxes.
  2. A special bandage is placed on the head to secure the hair so that it does not interfere during the procedure.
  3. The specialist cleanses the skin of decorative cosmetics and other contaminants and removes dead skin cells using peeling.
  4. Before the manipulations, the cosmetologist-massage therapist lubricates the face with massage oil or cream, selected taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of the skin. This is necessary not only to improve gliding, but also to nourish the epidermis, since massage products contain useful substances, vitamins, and elements.

After all the preparatory manipulations, the master proceeds directly to the massage, observing all the stages and techniques of the individually selected type of procedure.


Like any procedure, French massage has a number of contraindications, compliance with which will protect you from unpleasant consequences.

French facial massage involves the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and also affects changes in processes in the body at the cellular level. Due to these features, it may be prohibited for people suffering from certain types of diseases and pathologies. For example, such as:

  • allergic reactions of the body;
  • various types of skin infections, for example, herpes and eczema in the acute stage;
  • malignant tumors;
  • rosacea;
  • decreased intracranial pressure;
  • increased hair growth of the skin;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • fragility of blood vessels;
  • a large number of birthmarks, especially convex and rapidly increasing ones;
  • disturbances in facial expression, pinching of the facial nerve;
  • lymphadenitis and lymphadenopathy.

And also, no qualified doctor will undertake a massage after recently undergoing chemical peeling and microdermabrasion.

Benefits of practice

The desire to “sculpt” your face - to restore its former beauty, reversing the years that have been lived, reflected on the skin, leads to a cosmetologist.

The next step depends on the honesty and priorities of the specialist himself. Conscientious professionals refer clients to procedures that really help them regain their former appearance. If you are immediately recommended to undergo plastic surgery, run away from such an adviser. There are less radical methods to gain a second youth, without compromising your health. Something no other operation can boast of.

The principle is that during surgery, the doctor acts on your skin forcibly, stretching it or pumping it with foreign substances. The effect is short-term, sometimes with unpredictable and unpleasant consequences. The procedure is expensive and requires painful rehabilitation, which takes a lot of time.

The massage therapist provokes natural rejuvenation, stimulating metabolic processes and increasing the elasticity of the epidermis. The affected areas independently carry out all rejuvenating manipulations at the cellular level. Additionally, light cosmetics are used that increase the effectiveness of the procedure, but do not cause any harm. The session requires repetition, but it does not cause pain, does not require rehabilitation and is much cheaper than surgery.

Important: It is necessary to perform massage only by competent specialists who have knowledge of the anatomical atlas.

The master’s work concentrates on stimulating the flow of lymph and blood. Manipulations do not harm the epidermis or deeper tissues.

Important: If after the procedure you have bruises or “stars” of blood vessels, you should interrupt the course of healing until the consequences completely disappear, changing the specialist. Only minor pain in the most problematic areas is acceptable, which will quickly pass.

The stunning result of the procedure will impress you:

  • swelling will noticeably subside;
  • turgor will increase;
  • the number of small facial wrinkles will decrease;
  • deep folds will become smoother;
  • the natural contour of the face will return;
  • skin tone will improve;
  • age-related or postpartum pigmentation will disappear;
  • other cosmetic problems will disappear - acne, oily shine, dryness, blackheads (some factors from the list determine the additional use of cosmetics, a massager, equipment for cleaning the upper layer of the epidermis).

Improper handling of the skin disrupts the circulation of fluids, causes tissue asymmetry, and provokes hematomas and inflammation. Therefore, it is worth conducting a home session for yourself only after full training from professionals and appropriate practice under the guidance of a master.

A rejuvenating course is consolidated with preventive sessions, proper nutrition and care with the help of cosmetics. This is the only way to achieve a lasting effect, which will manifest itself after the first visit to the master.

Reviews of French facial massage

Reviews about this procedure are mostly positive. Girls who were able to cope with facial problems after attending a massage using French technology admit that after the third to fifth session the result became clearly visible. To achieve the desired effect, they advise contacting only qualified specialists who have successfully mastered this complex technique. Don’t hesitate to ask for a training certificate and look for reviews about this cosmetologist on the forums and the salon’s website.

Before and after

The photos below clearly show the effect of French facial massage.

The first photo clearly shows the reduction of bags under the eyes, the overall swelling of the face has been reduced, and the nasolabial folds have become less pronounced.

In the second photo it is clearly noticeable that the patient’s complexion has improved, the contour has tightened, facial features have become clearer, and wrinkles in the lip area have decreased.

The third photo shows a fairly good result in the lip area: the deep crease became almost invisible and the facial contour became smoother and clearer, and the wrinkles on the forehead were smoothed out well.

Basic techniques and rules

French massage techniques are modified classic techniques. The facial massage procedure must always be carried out according to the following rules:

  • facial massage begins from the forehead and temple area;
  • the forehead is stroked from the eyebrows to the hairline with the pads of the fingers of the palm;
  • rubbing is done only in a spiral or circular manner from the midpoint of the forehead to the temples;
  • When massaging the orbicularis oculi muscle, straight and spiral strokes are used from the temporal fossa to the beginning of the eyebrow and under it to the temples.

All movements along the eyelids are carried out without moving the skin and without pressure. The nose is worked along the wings and up the bridge of the nose. The lips follow the contour from the corners to the center line using pressure or spiral stroking.

The cheeks are treated along three massage lines:

  • from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lower jaw;
  • from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the lower jaw;
  • from the center point of the chin along the lower jaw.

Different types of massage are used to work with the cheeks: stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing. The chin is treated with circular rubbing and stroking.

When working with the body, basic classical techniques of varying intensity and direction are also used. The strength of impact, direction of movement, speed of displacement and vibration, sequence and depth of treatment depend on the technique used, skin condition, expected result, susceptibility and other individual indicators.

What cosmetologists say

The experts themselves talk a lot about the fact that French facial massage can only be performed by professional doctors who are well acquainted with the anatomical atlas of the face. Otherwise, a procedure aimed at improving health and appearance can either become a waste of money or worsen existing deficiencies.

Cosmetologists also warn that you should not expect a miracle after the first procedure: a decent effect will be noticeable after five to ten sessions, and they should be performed at least two to three times a month. Beauty experts advise ladies over 35 years old to resort to this type of massage every six months in courses of up to 12 times.

Thus, you can maintain the freshness and youth of your face without the use of injections or even plastic surgery - you just need to visit the office of a professional cosmetologist in a timely manner, who will select high-quality care products and conduct a good facial massage session using French technology.

Efficiency and results

You don't have to go to France to get a miracle massage. Pascal Coche, the creator of the technology, loves Russia and often visits this country with master classes and seminars, because on the territory of the Russian Federation you can also find qualified specialists in this industry.

All patients undergoing French massage sessions from competent masters have positive reviews. The cost of 1 session ranges from 700 to 1,500 rubles.

The first result is noticeable immediately after the procedure. Therefore, when conducting master classes and seminars, Pascal Cochet shows his technique on one half of the face of a volunteer from the audience, clearly demonstrating how effective his practice is.

To achieve maximum results, 10 procedures are enough, one per week, and for a maintenance effect - two per month. The results of a full course will last a year, and with proper body care, even longer.

Carrying out procedures on yourself is difficult and inconvenient, therefore learning the French technique for self-massage is impractical. But if you are a man and want to give a nice gift to your beloved, then watching and learning French massage techniques will be an excellent solution.

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