How to remove sagging cheeks, double chin and make cheekbones: how to tighten your face if it is sagging

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Publication date: August 21, 2022

Review date: November 10, 2022

The oval face shape is considered the most beautiful and harmonious. Expressive features, high cheekbones, a chiseled chin are the ideal that many people dream of. Now, if only those chubby cheeks could be removed!

Why cheeks sag: what to do with sagging

You can figure this out by thoroughly finding out why such a problem arises. There are several reasons for this, which we propose to consider in more detail.

Incorrect regimen and excess weight

Bad habits, such as cigarettes or alcoholic drinks, cause the body to age much faster, affecting blood vessels, internal organs, and all life support structures. Therefore, the chances of smokers seeing jowls in the mirror are much more real than those who lead a healthy lifestyle, are constantly on the move, and are often in the fresh air.

The second issue is nutrition. The abundance of fatty, sweet, spicy, fried and smoked foods has never benefited anyone. Excess body weight appears, and excess fat is deposited not only on the sides and abdomen, but also on the face, causing the thin epidermis to sag. It is worth eating more vegetables and fruits, giving preference to dishes rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Habit of clenching teeth

Contrary to misconceptions, this option is also quite possible. The masticatory muscle, which spasms and is greatly shortened, becomes overstrained, becomes hypertonic, and creates a distortion. The resulting excess tissues drop, and the person wonders why the cheeks sag and sag, and what to do about it. It is advisable to control yourself and give up constantly clenching your teeth to the point of pain.

Age, gravity and hormonal imbalances

Gravitational ptosis is a sagging of the dermis under the influence of natural causes, gravity. On the face there are so-called Bisha lumps, which are accumulations of lipid tissue of the face. Over the years, the integument becomes less and less elastic, becomes thinner, and is less supported by collagen fibers and elastin. Under the pressure of fat, they fall lower and lower, forming folds.

Sometimes the processes described above can be caused by a lack or excess of any hormones in the body. They also aggravate dehydration and sagging, which can lead to the development of a defect. Therefore, it is worth using active cosmetics. One of the effective options is the placental mask from PlaReceta, suitable for intensive rejuvenation and deep restoration of the dermis.

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GHC Placental Cosmetic - 3-D modeling mask with placenta hydrolyzate

Bb Laboratories – Regenerating placental-hyaluronic mask

PlaReceta - Placental mask for intensive rejuvenation

Bb Laboratories – Delicate oil for deep cleansing

Dentistry and spinal curvature

Often, unhealthy teeth, as well as problems with gums, can contribute to the development of an inflammatory process within the soft tissues. As a result, the latter become deformed, creating irregular or unclear lines of the chin and oval as a whole. This is also possible with improperly performed prosthetics.

Many people don’t even realize that posture can cause early wrinkles, as well as such an unpleasant defect as jowls. When stooping, the geometry of the body is disrupted, the muscles tense unevenly, some stretch excessively, while others contract and spasm. In the process, they become increasingly overgrown with a lipid layer, which is why unpleasant double chins and sagging are formed.

Features of facial contouring

The procedure should be performed only by a highly qualified cosmetologist or dermatocosmetologist with a higher medical education. Carrying out contour plastic surgery by a specialist who has only completed courses, etc., is dangerous, since without a thorough understanding of the structural features of facial skin and other features, it can harm the patient or at least get a result that is not what he expected.

Before carrying out contour correction, the doctor will definitely find out from the patient what effect he wants to get and what problems with the facial skin concern him most, whether he had to do contour plastic surgery before, and if so, what drugs were used for this and what result was obtained. The doctor will definitely conduct a thorough examination and find out if there are any contraindications for the use of fillers. In some cases, to exclude them, it is necessary to undergo certain tests or obtain advice from specialists.

After this, the cosmetologist selects the date when the procedure will be performed. The day before, you should minimize physical activity and stop drinking alcohol. If the patient is taking any medications, the doctor must be informed about this, since taking certain medications during facial correction with fillers can increase the likelihood of hematomas, edema and other undesirable effects.

Directly contour plastic surgery is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • cleansing the facial skin of decorative cosmetics and impurities, treating with an antiseptic;
  • marking the places where fillers are introduced, indicating the puncture point and the direction of needle movement;
  • application of topical anesthesia to the skin in the affected area in order to reduce the severity of unpleasant sensations (mainly carried out only if the selected filler does not contain an anesthetic);
  • opening the drug in the presence of the patient;
  • introduction of the gel using a pre-selected technique according to the applied markings;
  • treatment with an antiseptic and a light massage to evenly distribute the filler at the injection site.

The average duration of contouring is 40-120 minutes.

For each patient, the cosmetologist selects not only the drug individually, but also the needle. The thinner the needle, the less painful the injection will be and the lower the risk of hematoma formation and other undesirable consequences. But despite these advantages, the thinnest needles are not capable of introducing dense fillers. Therefore, they are used only for working with soft gels, which are usually used to correct superficial wrinkles and the lip area.

To smooth out more pronounced wrinkles, fillers with a higher density will be required. For their introduction, needles with a large diameter are used. Such fillers will take longer to dissolve, but their administration will be accompanied by greater discomfort for the patient.

After this, the doctor explains in detail the features of facial care and schedules a consultation in 1-2 weeks. It is important not to ignore it, since this is exactly the time it takes for fillers to distribute evenly in tissues, and a repeat consultation will allow you not only to evaluate the achieved effect, but also, if necessary, adjust it by adding filler or, conversely, introducing an enzyme for its partial resorption.

In general, facial care after contour correction with fillers is no different from that after mesotherapy, biorevitalization, etc. Therefore, patients are recommended:

  • for 24 hours after the procedure, avoid any touching of the face, especially in the affected area, and sleep on the stomach or side (it is ideal to sleep on the back the first night);
  • for 2 weeks, protect your face from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and use sunscreen with high SPF;
  • refuse to visit the solarium, bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool for 2 weeks;
  • Avoid serious physical activity for 3 days and refuse massage, including self-massage of the face.

In most cases, all traces of injections disappear within 1-2 days. But a little more recovery time will be required when performing lip correction. In this case, the rehabilitation period may increase to 3-5 days, since the delicate skin of the lips and the peculiarities of their blood supply greatly increase the risk of hematoma formation at the puncture sites.

How to tighten sagging cheeks, facial contours and increase cheekbones at home

Only after understanding the reasons can you move on to the fight. If the main problem is excess body weight, then you will have to get rid of it first. Otherwise, no correction methods will help, because the root cause remains unchanged. You will have to firmly pull yourself together, do physical exercise, reconsider your diet, after which you can try to work on your face at home.


This method is considered very controversial in the scientific world. It involves gluing special kinesio tapes, that is, elastic patches, onto the surface. Adherents of the system believe that under the influence of the tapes, lymph outflow and blood circulation improve, therefore, metabolism in the deep layers of the epidermis is accelerated, the skin is supplied with oxygen, moisture and other necessary substances. After completing the course, the oval of the face should noticeably tighten and the surface should become more elastic.

However, in reality there are many different contraindications to taping. For example, the presence of skin diseases and inflammatory processes, mechanical damage, rashes, irritations. The effectiveness of the method is also very controversial, and sessions should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of an experienced consultant.

Cosmetics to improve skin tone and lifting effect

The modern cosmetics industry offers a colossal amount of a wide variety of products that help if “bulldog cheeks” are drooping on the face, which we are finding out how to remove. To ensure renewal at the cellular level, you need to use a high-quality and natural modeling 3-D mask with placenta hydrolyzate GHC Placental 3D Mask, which also contains coenzyme Q10 (it creates antioxidant protection for cells).

Five main reasons why cheeks sag

Age. Muscle withering is an inevitable process, its results appear on the face by the age of 40.

Heredity may be one of the factors behind the loss of skin elasticity ahead of time.

Overweight. The severity of excess weight affects the entire condition of the skin, which begins to sag under its influence. On the face, the cheeks “move out” first. Ultraviolet. The scorching rays of the sun are the main enemy of the skin. The skin tissue suffers from prolonged exposure to them, which leads to a loss of their elasticity. Nicotine. Reduced blood flow to the face is another factor in sagging cheeks. If smoking is accompanied by vitamin deficiency, the aging process accelerates.

How to fix the situation with specialists

When an unpleasant defect becomes noticeable, you can conduct a simple experiment that will show whether it is worth taking further steps to rejuvenate. To do this, you need to put your fingers on your temples and slightly pull the dermis upward. If your jowls have tightened and your oval has become much clearer, it’s time to turn to professional cosmetology.


The lymphatic drainage option can be called the most effective, but it is suitable only for those whose ptosis has just begun to appear. You will have to find an experienced specialist who knows exactly where to press, where to pull, and in which places it is better to stroke lightly. If you methodically perform incorrect movements over a long period of time, you can do more harm than good.

Plastic surgery

An operation is a radical procedure that will definitely help get rid of the problem, at least for a certain period of time. It is performed only in specialized clinics under general anesthesia. The doctor makes micro-punctures and removes all excess lipid layer, causing the skin to tighten. In essence, this operation is similar to liposuction, only on the face.

A worthy alternative is thread lifting or reinforcement. With the help of special mesothreads, a more integral, youthful frame is formed when the muscles, due to natural changes, no longer perform their function one hundred percent. You can notice improvements immediately, and the threads last up to 2-4 years, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

After the procedure, the patient usually requires long-term rehabilitation, at least two or three weeks. There are many different contraindications to plastic surgery. This drastic intervention is recommended only in the most extreme cases, when other means no longer work.

Injection techniques

Beauty injections, as they are popularly called, are quite popular among women and men who want to tighten their jowls. There are two main options:

  • Mesotherapy. It involves injecting the area with various vitamin “cocktails” containing hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and other useful components. Approximately 20-30 punctures are performed during one procedure. They are quite painful, and in some cases they have contraindications or require a long recovery time.
  • Botox. This is the injection of an organic substance called botulinum toxin. It locks muscles, smoothes and tightens the skin, and the effect can be seen within a few days if done correctly. However, the composition is a potent neutroxin. If used incorrectly, the procedure can lead to serious consequences. You need to choose a clinic and a doctor very carefully - read reviews and consult with specialists.

Hardware Technicians

Why the cheek can droop and why it sag is already completely clear. Let's look at a few more very effective ways to help relieve such symptoms. Cosmetology offers many different options:

  • laser lifts;
  • radio wave (RF) lifting;
  • ultrasonic SMAS;
  • phototherapy;
  • vacuum endodermal massage;
  • ELOS technology;
  • bioelectrical tissue stimulation.

They are recommended for moderate or mild age-related changes. They are selected by a competent professional, taking into account personal characteristics and indications. Before going to a cosmetologist, it won’t hurt to consult your doctor, do tests and take tests to identify contraindications.

Jowl lift with threads

Go to the mirror and slightly lift the skin in the cheekbone area upward. Do you see how the oval of the face has straightened out and the chin has become more youthful?

Installing threads creates the same effect - it returns the sagging tissues back to the top. After half a year, the threads dissolve and leave behind a strong, collagenous frame, which maintains the achieved result for about 4 years.

Expert comment:

“Reinforcing shavings alone is fundamentally wrong. The flutters are just a consequence. The reason is the prolapse of soft tissues. Therefore, first of all, you need to strengthen your face in the area of ​​the cheeks, cheekbones and temples. Strengthening them will pull the fringes up and prevent them from sagging quickly.

To enhance the effect of the procedure, I usually recommend eliminating excess subcutaneous fat, which over time will move down again and lead to the formation of new jowls. To solve this problem, along with reinforcement, a course of Dermaheal Eyebag Solution will be administered - a lipolytic that breaks down fat and at the same time strengthens the skin.”

Andrey Iskornev, plastic surgeon.

How to disguise with makeup

If you use your makeup skills correctly, you can make your face appear visually narrower, slimmer, and make your jowls appear much less noticeable. For this purpose, the area under the cheekbones and chin should be darkened, but not excessively, but only by 1-2 tones. You can use a darker foundation, special sculptors, bronzers, and even matte brown shadows that are not very rich in texture and shade.

  • With your lips closed, you need to lower your lower jaw as much as possible, and then retract your cheeks. This will allow you to find the desired part of the cheekbones, the skin on which will stretch, the main line will become noticeable.
  • From the center, directly below the line found, apply the selected product towards the temple.
  • Draw a shadow under the jawline, not bypassing the curves of the jowls, but moving the brush or sponge directly along them.
  • Carefully shade the borders.
  • Apply a shiny highlighter to the prominent parts of your cheekbones, and then powder the entire surface.

Additionally, professional makeup artists recommend focusing on eyebrows and eyes, which will distract attention from unsightly places and make the upper part of the face visually more pronounced.

The advantage of this method is that you can cope with a lack of appearance quickly and almost free of charge, because almost every girl and woman has cosmetics. However, it will not be possible to remove the cheeks this way.

How to make chubby cheeks an advantage

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Below are six makeup tricks that will help make your face appear thinner and your cheekbones higher:

  1. High arched eyebrows. Clear, slightly upturned eyebrows with a beautiful curve will visually make your face smaller. You can try to “draw” them yourself, but it’s better to contact an eyebrow artist who will help you choose a contour and do the coloring based on your data.
  2. Peach blush with fine shimmer. Blush in bright shades will highlight your cheeks and also add years to your appearance. If you want to look fresh, apply peach blush and a little highlighter to the apples of your cheeks, carefully blend them out to your temples, this will visually elongate your face.
  3. Correction using color. Apply dark and light shades to different areas of the face: make your cheekbones more chiseled with a natural shadow color, highlight the nasolabial triangle area and the area above the cheekbones with a light shade
  4. Eye and lip makeup. Focus on the advantages of your face - if you have expressive eyes or lips, be sure to emphasize them, then your plump cheeks will be less noticeable.
  5. Bronzer on the chin and cheeks. Applying bronzer to the jawline and cheeks helps create a more subtle definition. You need to take a matte bronzer in a dark shade. Apply them on your cheeks to your ear. Then apply a thin layer of dark bronzer to the lower jaw.

The most important part of makeup is quality brushes. They don't have to be expensive, but they do need to be tightly packed for good blending so your makeup looks natural.

Do not miss

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    Exercises for cheekbones: simple techniques to “sculpt” a model’s face


As soon as the first signs of ptosis become noticeable, you must immediately take action, because preventing the problem is much easier than dealing with it later. First of all, this applies to skincare products, which will have to be selected very carefully.

All of them should be specially designed for the dermis with age-related changes; a good remedy would be the regenerating placental-hyaluronic mask Placenta & Hyalurone Mask 1 pc., which contains camellia. It moisturizes and nourishes all layers of the skin at once, smoothes out wrinkles and early creases.

It is advisable to wash your face daily in a contrasting way, that is, alternating warm and cold water. Some people recommend using ice from herbal decoctions. With this method you need to be extremely careful not to overcool the skin and not cause spasticity and inflammatory processes.

We recommend

GHC Placental 3D Mask withQ10

Serum concentrate

Repairing cream with a moisturizing effect

Placental antioxidant lotion concentrate

Establishing nutrition

Experts advise not only to take care of your skin, but also to establish a daily routine and review your diet. It is advisable to avoid fast food, fried, smoked, excessively fatty, salty and sweet foods. If possible, you should reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates, give up sweets, baked goods, and pasta made from soft wheat varieties.

The body needs to “stimulate” the metabolism, so make sure that the diet is as balanced as possible. We must not forget about protein, which the body needs to build new cells.

Healthy lifestyle

Defects occur not only due to poor quality food or improper care. The cheeks sag due to the general poor condition of the body, which signals that there is a problem. A lot has already been said and written about spinal distortions and posture; stooping has become a real scourge for modern people.

You will have to pay attention to your lifestyle in general, increase physical activity, give preference to walks rather than lying on the couch in front of the TV or “surfing” the Internet. It is better to give up bad habits once and for all, quit smoking, and reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Gymnastics for sagging cheeks: exercises for the oval of the face from sagging jowls

These are a good choice as a preventative measure, they will help strengthen muscles, smooth the surface of the skin, make it firmer and more elastic. We must not forget that the oval begins with the neck, and that, in turn, with posture.

  • Place your palms on both sides of your face so that your fingertips touch your ears and press lightly. Smoothly open and close your mouth, increasing the amplitude each time. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Puff out your cheeks, count to five, and release air through your pursed lips. Repeat 5-10 times.
  • Perform light claps on the bottom of the chin with the back of your hand from the center to the ears for 1-3 minutes.
  • Hold a pencil between your lips and use the tip to write out the alphabet from A to Z.

Such movements will only become effective if you perform them daily. When there is not enough time and energy, then just once in the morning, immediately after waking up, is enough, but it is better to repeat it in the evening before bed.

Photos "before" and "after"

The result “before” and “after” correction of the oval face and jowls. Surgeon: Vasiliev Maxim.

The patient came to the clinic for a swollen oval face, sagging cheeks, and shaved hair. A medial corset platysmaplasty and neck lift with a cosmetic incision behind the ear were performed. Result: a clear jaw contour, a straight and toned neck, a young and sharp cervical-chin angle. Surgeon: Vasiliev Maxim.

Neck lift using dynamic platysmoplasty - the chin will not sag even when tilted. Result 10 hours after surgery. There is swelling and markings. Surgeon: Vasiliev Maxim.

The patient was concerned about age-related excess skin in the neck area and was not ready for radical intervention. Surgeon Vasiliev Maxim performed a thread chin lift “NAS lift” (NAS lifting).

“Before” and 10 days “after” rhinoplasty (surgeon Mkhitar Meloyan) and removal of Bisha lumps (surgeon Andrey Iskornev). The lower third of the face stretched out, the heaviness of the cheeks went away. The face looks lighter and more harmonious.

Laser nanoliposuction of the chin, modeling of the face with one’s own fat, thread lifting of the lower third of the face according to the method of A. Iskornev. Before and 4 days after the procedure.

Completed by: Vasiliev Maxim.

Let's sum it up

When your cheeks are drooping (sagging) and sagging, it is important to figure out what to do, how you can tighten the drooping (sagging) and remove these swollen jowls on your face. The mechanism of this phenomenon is often based on age-related changes, poor lifestyle or poor quality care. Therefore, it is worth taking care of yourself in advance - using only proven cosmetics, reviewing your diet and style, and losing excess body weight if necessary. If you pay attention to problems in time, you can maintain freshness, clear lines, and most importantly, health for many years.

Facial massage

A special massage has a beneficial effect on the condition of the facial muscles. When performing it, it is necessary that your hands are clean, and your facial skin is dry and also pre-cleaned. It is better to carry out this complex every day.

Exercise No. 1. It is necessary to place three fingers of both hands above the eyebrows. Next, apply light pressure to the skin and smoothly raise the eyebrows. Next, you need to relax your fingers and slowly lower the skin.

Exercise No. 2. You need to close your lips tightly, then you need to take a deep breath, puffing out your cheeks as much as possible. It is necessary to exhale air through closed lips.

Exercise No. 3. After taking a deep breath through your nose, you need to hold your breath and push with your fingertips into the corners of your mouth so that the air comes out.

Exercise No. 4. Keep your lips tightly closed and place your palms on your cheeks. Next, you need to try to smile as widely as possible, tensing your facial muscles as much as possible. The lips should not part.

Exercise No. 5. You need to take as deep a breath as possible. Next, you need to push air into the oral cavity. With each new push, the cheeks should inflate more and more. Then it is also necessary to release the air in a jerky manner.

Watch the video:

Exercise No. 6. Gymnastics. Particular attention should be paid to articulation, because it has a direct impact on the condition of the facial muscles. After this, you need to quickly pronounce the vowels: “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”, “s”.

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