The best sun tanning products: rating of effective and protective creams and sprays

In this article, we will present a rating of the best sun tanning products for those who believe that evenly tanned skin is the perfect proof of a great vacation. You will learn how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, what cosmetics are available and what is worth purchasing.
  1. Why is it necessary to use photoprotective products?
  2. Varieties of tanning and sun protection products
  3. Cream
  4. Spray
  5. Oil
  6. Special characteristics of cosmetics
  7. How and which tanning product is best to choose
  8. Are there any products that allow you to tan quickly and lastingly?
  9. How to tan properly
  10. Precautionary requirements
  11. Products for solarium and self-tanning
  12. Which product is best for tanning in the sun: top 9
  13. Rating of the best tanning creams and lotions
  14. Sun tanning sprays
  15. Oils
  16. Rating of the best and effective oil-based sunscreens
  17. TOP 5 after-sun products
  18. Conclusion

Why is it necessary to use photoprotective products?

The epidermis exposed to the sun's rays without protection will certainly develop a burn. Of course, the redness will pass and the long-awaited dark shade will appear, but its quality can be questioned. After all, the cover will get rid of damaged cells and peel off.

To achieve long-lasting, attractive color, choosing the right sunscreen product is a must.

Oil for an even tan in a solarium

You can sunbathe not only on the beach. Modern beauty salons offer women to purchase a chocolate shade in a special booth with a dosed supply of ultraviolet rays. “Artificial sun” has its advantages over natural tanning: it is almost impossible to get sunburn in a solarium, and the time spent under ultraviolet radiation is clearly controlled.

The skin needs protection before and after visiting the solarium. What can you do?

Peach and grape oil have a beneficial effect on the skin before and after tanning in a solarium. It is recommended to fix your tan after solarium with coconut oil. Before getting a tan in a solarium, it is recommended to lubricate your body with chamomile, cypress or rose oil. For maximum effect, you need to add vitamin “E” and retinol acetate (liquid vitamin “A”) to the oil. Carefully pierce the capsule with liquid contents with a needle and squeeze the vitamin into the oil. It is not recommended to use liquid vitamins more than one capsule per hundred milliliters of oil base. The fatty base of the oil product can be diluted with herbal infusion and green tea in a 1:1 ratio. Pour the diluted mixture into a spray bottle and distribute over the body before and after tanning. It is recommended to use tanning products a week before visiting the solarium.

Varieties of tanning and sun protection products

Items are available in a variety of formats and consistencies. Some of them also have an additional set of functions. But in order to swim in the sea and bask on the beach, water resistance and hydration should be a priority.


Rich texture suitable for faces with dry or normal skin. But for the body it is better to buy a thinner and lighter milk.


The convenient form with a dispenser allows you to distribute the product evenly, providing a non-sticky coating. Protects against UV rays as well as other options. Therefore, the choice here depends on personal preference.


A favorite version of those who are crazy about bright bronze. This variety seems to attract the sun, but at the same time provides excellent protection against drying out, and also gives the epidermis radiance.

Types of products and subtleties of their application

There are several types of tanning products, each of which has its own application characteristics. Let's look at them in more detail:

  1. the spray oil after your skin has already acquired a light tan. This is due to the fact that such products often have a low SPF factor (2-6) and cannot provide sufficient protection to unprepared skin, like special sunscreen cosmetics. The ideal option is to use this type after you have returned from the beach or gone into the shade. This way the oil will help the tan to take hold and restore skin balance. Spray the product onto clean skin, moving the bottle to a distance of 25-35 cm, and distribute evenly over the skin with light patting movements.
  2. Dry oil should also be applied to already tanned, dry and clean skin after sunbathing, evenly distributing it over all areas. It is advisable to first warm a small portion of the oil in your hands, rubbing it in your palms, and only then gently rub it into the skin. The enhancer will make the epidermis elastic and fix the resulting shade.
  3. Creams and milk are applied before going to the beach, since many companies offer these types of products with an SPF factor sufficient for protection - 30-50. Also, in order to not only enhance your tan, but also soothe your skin, you can use special creams with a prolonging effect even after tanning.

To use the product correctly and reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, read the instructions included with the product.

The general rule in applying tanning product is that it should be done 30 minutes before sunbathing! Do not use oils if you are burned - you will only intensify the resulting sunburn, since hot skin will serve as an excellent “frying pan”!

Special characteristics of cosmetics

In addition to classic sunscreens for tanning, specialized products have been developed that combine a protective role and ingredients to enhance the dark shade for a long time.

All options are characterized by an airy consistency. Thanks to it, the emulsion is easy to apply and absorbed almost instantly. As for the composition, it contains both natural and artificial ingredients, which also contribute to increased melanin production. It is this that gives the cover its golden or bronze color.

Homemade oil mixtures before going to the beach

At home, you can prepare a mixture of oils, which in properties and effect is not inferior to purchased skin protection products.

Composition No. 1

Rosehip oil Walnut oil

Take one part nut oil and three parts rosehip oil. Pour the composition into a glass bottle with dark glass. Place in a cool, dark place for 72 hours.

Composition No. 2

Pumpkin seed oil Nut oil Carrot oil

Mix the first two ingredients (two parts pumpkin seed oil and one part nut mala). Add five drops of carrot oil to the mixture. Leave for 72 hours.

Composition No. 3

To prevent the appearance of pigment spots after sunbathing, it is recommended to add 1 ml of lavender oil to any oil base. You can measure 1 ml using a syringe.

Composition No. 4

Jojoba oil Cedar oil Rose oil Blue chamomile oil

Mix the first two components (1:1), add 10 drops of rose oil and chamomile oil. The product moisturizes the skin and gives the body an even golden hue.

How and which tanning product is best to choose

You need to focus on your skin, namely its phototype. There are 6 of them in total:

  • The first type is characterized by a light, milky white or porcelain complexion often with a huge number of freckles. The epidermis has the highest photosensitivity, and after just 20 minutes of exposure to the sun you can get burns. Therefore, it is best to choose versions with a huge SPF value - from 30 to 50.
  • The second type is light. Tanning, in this case, is difficult and, as a rule, the tone is not stable. However, it is possible to get a golden tone if you sunbathe at the most “safe” time: before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m. A photoprotector is recommended with a Sun Protection Factor level of about thirty.
  • The third type is slightly dark, olive. It is better to sunbathe for no more than half an hour. It is better to purchase a product for a beautiful tan with a percentage of 15-25.
  • The fourth is a dark cover with a high degree of natural protection. Burns appear very rarely, and the effect is persistent and pronounced. You can safely buy light protective products with SPF - 8-20.
  • The fifth type is dark brown with a possible yellowish tint. The skin also perfectly protects itself from ultraviolet radiation on its own. Therefore, the cream may be needed only after a long absence from the sun. The minimum indicators are taken - approximately 10.
  • The sixth is characteristic of African Americans or Africans. The epidermis has an ideal degree of protection from rays, and photoburns never occur. Therefore, a nourishing or moisturizing anti-sun product may be required if necessary.

What is tanning enhancer used for?

Sun tanning has its own pitfalls: very often the attractive gold of the skin is mixed with inflamed redness, and the shade itself, having reached a certain intensity, no longer becomes darker. Even if you lie in the sun all day, this will in no way correct the situation if a natural tanning plateau has already been obtained. In addition, too much zeal is fraught with dryness and inflammation from sun and thermal burns. Therefore, special tanning enhancers, designed for naturally dark or already prepared fair skin, are simply necessary for lovers of intense and deep bronze shades.

Australian Gold's famous tan enhancer

Professional products from this group will help solve several problems in one application:

  • bring the desired chocolate shades as close as possible;
  • remove the redness that is characteristic of a natural tan obtained in the sun;
  • overcome your own tanning plateau to achieve a darker skin color;
  • moisturize the skin, replenish cellular reserves of nutrients and oxygen.

People with naturally pale skin should be careful with tanning enhancers: in most cases, they are devoid of SPF or contain a minimal amount of it , so they cannot prevent sunburn and inflammation. To use cosmetics from this group, sunbathers of Scandinavian and Nordic appearance must first prepare the skin by obtaining a basic tan shade, and only then proceed to intensify it. Such precautions will help maintain an impeccable appearance, avoid drying, peeling and redness of the delicate epidermis, and also make the tan more durable and deep.

Tanning enhancers from the French Soleil Noir

Are there any products that allow you to tan quickly and lastingly?

More recently, products have appeared in the cosmetology industry that not only provide protection, but also activate the tanning process itself. They are not just another method of self-tanning. Their role is to trigger natural melanogenesis through the caffeine and tyrosine content.

Among the effective options are:

  • Spray with moisturizing function Capital Ideal Soleil from Vichy. It reflects the sun's rays and at the same time increases the synthesis of melanin. It is produced in two SPF versions: 50 (for the first days on vacation) and 30 (when the epidermis has already adapted).
  • Suntan milk from L'Oreal "Sublime Sun". It is produced both for dark skin and for tanned, pale and prone to burns. The golden hue lasts up to 5 weeks, and the vitamin complex provides reliable protection.
  • Sun protection spray Ambre Solaire from Garnier. Can be used for face and body.

Sunscreens with minimum protection SPF 10-15

For darker skin types and lovers of a beautiful golden tan, you can use reduced UV protection. When choosing a protective cream, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Too weak protection can lead to burns and the formation of skin hyperpigmentation.

Garnier sun protection spray tanning oil Ambre Solaire SPF 15

A little protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation will protect your skin from burning.

Garnier oil smells very pleasant and is convenient to apply even to hard-to-reach areas of the body thanks to the spray. When using oil, a tan forms very quickly and remains for a long time.

The only drawback is the low degree of protection, which is not suitable for light skin. In addition, before dressing, it is recommended to first remove any remaining product from the skin.

The oil is suitable for adult skin of any type, not suitable for children.

Eco Suncare Sunscreen milk SPF 15

Polish remedy for relaxing under the sun is suitable for women with any skin type.

The plant complex included in the milk contains beeswax, plant root extracts, vitamin E and oils. The skin after use is quite well protected from ultraviolet rays.

The milk is waterproof, helps to avoid unwanted pigmentation and get an even, beautiful tan. An ideal product for quick tanning, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin well.

The milk is released in a small compact tube with a volume of 125 ml. Not suitable for children. Budget cosmetic product, the cost of which does not exceed 500 rubles.

How to tan properly

The main rules are moderation and competent protection. It is these aspects that will help save the cover from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and create the opportunity for safe sunbathing.

But there are a few more practical recommendations:

  • You should not sunbathe from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., when it is the hottest time of the day.
  • Until the skin gets used to the sun, it is recommended to stay in open areas for up to 60 minutes, or go to the beach in the morning, when it is not too hot.
  • Start your care with the most effective sunscreens, and then gradually change products with lower SPF values.
  • Adaptation for fair-skinned people takes a little longer than for others. Therefore, do not rush if you do not want to get burned.
  • The cream should be applied every two hours, as well as after bathing. This also applies to waterproof formulas.

What does SPF mean?

SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) - translated as sun protection factor. SPF indicates that the product protects against UVB rays. SPF values ​​start from 2 (minimum) and end at 50 (maximum).

A product indicating SPF above 50, for example, 90 or even 100, is just a marketing ploy.

SPF determines how many times longer than usual you can stay in the sun without getting burned. For example, your skin burns after 15 minutes of exposure to the rays, if you apply a sunscreen with SPF 20, then theoretically you can be in the sun for 15x20 = 300 minutes, but not everything is so simple, more on that below. Let us remember that the purpose of a product with SPF is to enhance protection from the UVB spectrum, and not to prolong the time of insolation.

Products for solarium and self-tanning

Let’s immediately make a reservation that it should not be confused with versions for ultraviolet protection. Since the artificial process uses cosmetics that do not block UV rays. Therefore, it will not be useful on the beach.

But in general, such products are divided into several categories:

  • Activators. They are designed to improve the already achieved shade due to components that stimulate blood circulation and promote the production of melanin.
  • Developers. Used in the initial stages and contribute to obtaining a base tone.

The main ingredient in the composition is DHA, which is responsible for changing the color of the skin. It does not penetrate into the epidermis, but only comes into contact with amino acids on the surface. The result is an “artificial” golden color.

Popular questions and answers

Is self-tanning harmful to the skin and the body as a whole, how to apply it correctly, how to care for your skin, then experts - dermatologist Karina Mazitova and self-tanning specialist Kristina Zheltukhina .

Is self-tanning harmful to the skin and body?

— Most girls love to be tanned all year round and don’t leave the solarium! This is just very harmful. But self-tanners are not. The main thing is to read the ingredients carefully. If it contains parabens, put the product back on the shelf. With constant use of a solarium, the risk of developing melanoma increases. It has been statistically proven that the incidence of melanoma is higher among people who have visited solariums. I'm not even talking about premature wrinkles and early aging. Therefore, choose self-tanning - it does not penetrate deeply, but is only on the upper layers of the epidermis, says dermatologist Karina Mazitova .

A self-tanning specialist will answer the rest of your questions:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-tanning?

There are a lot of advantages:

  • an even and beautiful tan in 15-30 minutes;
  • tanning is safe and suitable for absolutely everyone (pregnant, nursing mothers, as well as people with a large number of moles who should never sunbathe);
  • does not dry the skin, additionally moisturizes;
  • when using a booster, you can choose the intensity yourself - from light and natural to rich and ultra dark shades;
  • Dermatologists have proven the safety of the lotion components, so the procedure can be repeated regularly.

The only downside is that a girl, due to ignorance, may apply self-tanner incorrectly, and it will lie unevenly. You can also get your clothes dirty if you start getting dressed right away.

Tanning cream in solarium

How to sunbathe properly under artificial sun

What are the contraindications to self-tanning?

Open wounds, allergies to components contained in self-tanning, skin diseases - eczema, psoriasis.

How to apply self-tanner correctly?

In order for the tan to last long and be even, you need to follow several recommendations:

  • Preparation. Scrub your body the day before the procedure, five days before starting to moisturize your skin generously.
  • Apply the product slowly, carefully in front of the mirror.
  • Do not get dressed ahead of time, let the product dry on you. The instructions tell you how long it takes for the self-tanner to dry.

Afterwards you can get dressed and go about your planned activities.

How long will a tan last and how to extend it as much as possible?⠀

Self-tanning will last from several days to a week. This depends on several factors:

  • on the condition and characteristics of your skin (on healthy and well-groomed skin, a tan will last longer);
  • from preparing the skin for tanning (a few days before the procedure, we moisturize it generously with creams, and before the session itself we do a scrub);
  • from proper tan care after the procedure.

In the first hours after the procedure, we do not come into contact with water (you cannot wash your hands, get in the rain, or cry), we exclude physical activity - you cannot sweat, immediately after the procedure we do not touch the body, do not cross our legs, do not scratch or injure the skin. The first shower should be taken without detergents or washcloths, just rinse off the composition with water. Do not rub the skin with a towel, just gently pat dry.

Which product is best for tanning in the sun: top 9

Before choosing, it is recommended to make sure that there are filters from UVA (they can transform into free radicals and cause cancer) and UVB (provoke photoaging). The SPF we already know only protects against the second aspect, and to prevent cancer, you need to look for the PPD or IPD mark.

Also remember not to leave the tube under hot rays. Since this is fraught with loss of protective properties. Now let’s present a list of effective products based on customer reviews and expert opinions.

Rating of the best tanning creams and lotions

  1. Anthelios XL from La Roche-Posay. This is a body and face milk that provides powerful protection for the skin during the period of adaptation to ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Waterlover from Biotherm. Waterproof product with sun protection factor of 15, 20 and 50. They can be changed as you get used to it. The advantage is that the products leave no residue, are easy to use, and contain glycerin and vitamin E.
  3. Ambre Solaire by Garnier. The hypoallergenic creamy structure is optimal for those with phototypes 1-3. Includes shea butter.

Sun tanning sprays

  1. Dry aerosol from Garnier. The easy-to-use dispenser distributes liquid evenly from any position. It has a light consistency and perfectly protects light and already tanned skin.
  2. Anthelios from La Roche-Posay. Suitable for any type. It has a preventive effect against allergies, as well as burns and photoaging.
  3. Sublime Sun from L'Oreal. The formula contains green tea extract, which has a moisturizing effect and perfectly protects the epidermis from UVA, and also prevents dryness after contact with sea water.


  1. From L'Oreal Paris. Softens the skin, making it velvety, and also has fat-soluble Mexoril filters.
  2. For enhanced tanning with coconut scent from Garnier. It has a low level of up to SPF 2. Therefore, dark-skinned or tanned ladies should use it.
  3. From La Roche-Posay. The airy and nourishing consistency with a tropical scent offers enhanced UVA and UVB protection.

Tan enhancing products

Considering that vitamin complexes are taken in courses, antioxidant products will help maintain your acquired tan.

"Friends" of chocolate skin:

  1. Carrot. A natural source of beta-carotene, which helps to “delay” the tan on the body. To give the skin a golden hue, consume 150 milliliters of freshly squeezed juice daily.
  2. Apricots. The fruit contains “skin vitamins” (, B2, , , , , ), minerals (potassium, iron, phosphorus), carotenoids, flavonoids. These substances increase the barrier functions of the dermis, accelerate the production of melanin, and neutralize the effects of free radicals. To “maintain” a tan, it is important to consume at least 300 grams of apricots per day.
  3. Grape. Contains a wide range of antioxidant substances: beta-carotene, bioflavonoids, vitamins (C, PP, H, E). If you eat 200–300 grams of berries per day, the barrier functions of the dermis are increased, water balance is normalized, and the risk of melanoma is reduced.
  4. Watermelon. Record holder among berries for the content of lycopene (precursor of vitamin A). With regular use of the product, melanin production is accelerated, skin tone is evened out, and water balance is restored. To maintain a bronze body tone, consume 150–200 grams of berries per day.
  5. Spinach. The composition of greens includes vitamins (B2, B6, B9, A, E, C), essential amino acids (tryptophan, tyrosine, threonine, isoleucine), minerals (iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, iodine). These nutrients protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and help maintain a tan on the skin for up to 2 months. The daily norm is 150 – 200 grams.
  6. Turmeric. An excellent “stimulator” of tanning, giving the skin a slightly golden color (due to the content of coloring pigments). If you consume a pinch of spice daily, your dark complexion will remain even in winter.
  7. Fatty sea fish (salmon, mackerel, herring). Food source of polyunsaturated fats (omega-3), amino acid tyrosine (precursor of melanin), vitamins E and. With systematic intake of seafood (2 – 3 times a week), peeling in the dermis is eliminated, the development of tanning is accelerated, and the skin tone is evened out.

However, the benefits of this food are reduced to zero if you consume foods that inhibit melanin production.

The main “enemies” of tanning: coffee, marinades, pickles, chocolate, alcohol, sausages, smoked meats.

Rating of the best and effective oil-based sunscreens

The product is characterized by deep absorption. It, like a magnifying glass, enhances the shade and at the same time protects against ultraviolet exposure. Introducing the TOP 5 products:

  1. Ambre Colaire by Garnier. Designed for those who have already gotten used to the sun. The ideal time for use is three days on vacation. The cosmetics are waterproof and remain on after swimming. But it is still recommended to update it periodically.
  2. Monoi de Tahiti by Yves Rocher. Suitable for those with all types of epidermis and produced in dry form. Absorbs perfectly. Its advantage is that it does not leave marks on clothes or greasy shine. And the tone turns out smooth and persistent.
  3. Sun SPF6 from Nivea. It is produced in a spray format and is applied evenly to the body. But after it you need to grind it. Guarantees deep hydration and also protects against photoaging.
  4. Natural peach, olive, coconut oils. They cope with their task no worse than specialized versions. As a supplement, you can mix an ampoule with vitamin E.
  5. L'Occitane Jenipapo. The sun protection factor is 15. The bottle has a dispenser, making it easy to distribute the liquid. Protects against burns, provides an even shade, but may stain clothes.

Selection rules

Today, almost all leading cosmetic companies are engaged in the production of products intended for tanning - Avene, Vichy, Nivea, Dior, Clarins and many others.

When choosing a product, you should focus on several important factors:

  1. Ease of use. Preference should be given to the option that is easier and more convenient to apply. Most people prefer creams, believing that this is the best tanning product in terms of ease of use. This type of product will not leak in your purse, dosing is done independently and it is applied to the skin evenly and thereby ensures an equally uniform tan. Sprays are also quite popular, but you need to be careful with this product - when using, try not to inhale the sprayed mist!
  2. Compound. So that the product can not only improve the tan, but also effectively protect the skin from the negative effects of the sun, it contains special components that neutralize the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. These components are called UV filters and come in two varieties - chemical and physical. For tanning and sun protection, it is better to use cosmetics containing both types of UV filters. Experts recommend choosing products with titanium dioxide. Thanks to this substance, there is no film left on the skin after applying the product.
  3. Purpose of use. It would seem that everything is clear with this: tanning products have the goal of evenly “attracting” a tan and protecting the skin from burns. However, there is one caveat - there are a number of products designed specifically for solariums. Therefore, before purchasing the product, you should carefully read the instructions.
  4. Consistency. There should be no lumps or clots. Pay attention to expiration dates and storage conditions.
  5. Price. An expensive drug does not always indicate high quality, so experts advise choosing products taking into account consumer reviews and personal preferences. Inexpensive tanning products can be quite effective and safe.
  6. The scent of tanning products should be light. It is undesirable to buy cosmetics with unpleasant, strong aromas and a high content of fragrances, because their presence can provoke the development of allergic reactions.

TOP 5 after-sun products

It is recommended to take a shower before using this cosmetics, as it should be well absorbed into the skin.

  1. Solar Expertise from L'Oreal. It has a delicate liquid consistency. Suitable for light-colored coats. The advantage is the presence of a huge number of useful microelements.
  2. After sun cooling from Korres. It contains yogurt, which provides a cooling effect. It relieves redness and burning. And the presence of willow extract restores damaged tissue much faster.
  3. From Lancaster. The unique formula helps even out the tone of the epidermis and also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the face.
  4. From L'Oreal. Absorbs perfectly and smells delicious. In addition, it adds shimmer.
  5. Guinot Grand Soin Apres Soleil. Provides nutrition and hydration, and also includes restorative ingredients.

Why is the sun dangerous?

It's all about ultraviolet rays again. Depending on the wavelength, ultraviolet radiation is divided into ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B and ultraviolet C - UVA, UVB, UVC, respectively. UVC practically does not reach the ground, so we will not consider its effect.

The main damaging effect of the surface layers of the skin is UVB rays. They are the cause of redness and burns; their leading role in the development of skin cancer is a proven scientific fact. UVB rays hitting the retina of the eye can cause cataracts.

UVA penetrates deeper into the skin and damages the DNA of cells, disrupts the synthesis of elastin and collagen in the dermis and causes wrinkles and skin aging. They also increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

How to properly apply cream after sunbathing

It is not recommended to take water procedures after coming home from the beach. You need to take off your clothes, take a horizontal position, and rest for five minutes. During this time, the skin will calm down. After resting, you can go to the shower. To maintain a tan, do not expose your skin to sudden changes in water temperature. A contrast shower can be taken 2 days after tanning. Do not rub your skin with scrubs and peels after the beach. After showering, allow skin to dry naturally. Apply the liquid green tea composition using a spray bottle. Apply after sun cream to your skin. It is not recommended to use physical force; movements should be soft and smooth.

How to protect your skin after sunbathing

The skin needs protection and restoration after a certain dose of ultraviolet radiation. The sun's rays dry out the skin, and the epidermis suffers from dehydration. There are cosmetics that can prevent the early appearance of wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and keep a tan on the body longer. How to help your skin?

Coconut oil and aloe vera have proven to be the best skin restoratives for sunburn. Creams, milks, and lotions have been created based on these components. The main function of oils is to moisturize the skin, add shine, and restore water and electrolyte balance. If the skin has received an excessive portion of ultraviolet radiation, or the body is sunburned, it is recommended to do a cold wrap. Under the rays of the scorching sun, moisture loss in the epidermis increases. It is recommended to drink plain (mineral) water during and after sunbathing. It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages. Under the “degree”, the skin loses even more moisture. This is explained by vasodilation, increased sweating, when drinking beer, vodka, and wine.

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