Effective facial cleansers - choose the best option for your skin

A cleansing cream is a facial treatment product that is used to remove makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and other types of pollutants. It helps unclog pores and prevent unpleasant skin conditions such as acne. A cleansing cream is used as part of a skin care regimen.

A person’s face is constantly open: on the street, in the subway, in nature, at home. The surrounding atmosphere affects the skin, which absorbs: dust particles, ultraviolet radiation, toxins. All this clogs the pores.

The epidermis becomes arbitrarily contaminated, which leads to a failure of cellular respiration and a slowdown in metabolic processes. To avoid this, you need to regularly cleanse your skin.

Why is skin cleansing necessary?

An important component of facial care is cleansing. The procedure must be performed at least twice a day. Why is daily cleaning so important?

Even if your face looks absolutely clean, a lot of bacteria and micro-dust particles still accumulate on it. This can be quickly checked by cleaning the surface of the face with a damp cloth.

Modern “women” do not appear in society without makeup. Every woman has at least a minimum amount of decorative cosmetics on her face. These make-up products do not go away, even when they become visually invisible, they must be removed.

Remember! The main reason for blockage of the sebaceous glands is blush, powder, etc.

It is very important to use a facial cleansing cream in the evening to remove remnants of daytime makeup and prepare the skin for night recovery.

Dead, flaky skin flakes affect the condition of the epithelial surface. It takes a long time for the skin to renew itself. To speed up regeneration processes, dead particles are removed and replaced with healthy and full-fledged cells.

Types of Facial Cleansers

People with different skin types need different cleansers. Oily surfaces will require active creams to prevent acne. However, they are not suitable for dry skin, as they can dry it out and cause irritation, which will lead to deterioration of the skin condition. Very dry skin will require creamy cleansers based on nourishing and moisturizing elements. They are usually too mild to be effective for oily or normal skin types.

Some cleansing cosmetics include different scents or essential oils. However, for many they can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. People with sensitive skin should purchase balanced cleansing natural creams that contain fewer irritants and chemical ingredients.

Often, the wrong choice of cleansing cream leads to skin dehydration and unhealthy shine. You should stop using a cleanser that disrupts the skin's balance; cleansing creams should work with the skin, not against it. Finding the right cleanser may involve some trial and error.

Useful tips

It is important to remember that the skin's reaction to new cosmetic products is unpredictable. A simple sensitivity test will help you avoid unpleasant consequences:

  1. Apply the product to the wrist or elbow.
  2. Leave for 20-30 minutes.

Redness, itching, irritation and rash are reasons to refuse further use of the product. However, sometimes allergies do not appear immediately, but only after a while, so the test does not give a 100% guarantee.

If there is no negative reaction, you can use the cleansing cream to cleanse your skin daily. Suitable for removing makeup from the face and eye area.

How does the cleansing cream work?

Many cleansing creams contain acids and oils that allow you to get rid of pore contents and gently care for all types of epidermis.

In addition, you can get rid of many external defects that appear as a result of a lack of oxygen, which is a consequence of dirt and harmful substances accumulated in them. A properly selected, high-quality cleansing cream can work wonders:

  • clean clogged pores;
  • improve nutrition;
  • moisten;
  • rejuvenate;
  • restore blood circulation;
  • change complexion: give a natural, fresh and healthy shade;
  • make the epidermis elastic, elastic;
  • allow oxygen to the cells, which activates various processes;
  • disappearance of blood clots and microplaques in blood vessels;
  • getting rid of toxins.

Some cleansing creams act like scrubs. The difference between them lies in the intensity of the impact. Creamy cleansers are gentler on the skin without causing irritation or redness. They make the skin much softer and more velvety. Acids do cleansing.

On a note! Manufacturers use AHA (fruit) acids in cleaning creams, as they are very effective in disinfecting and cleaning pores.

Top 5 best cosmetic complexes for facial care

To keep your facial skin clean and well-groomed, you need to use a whole range of cosmetics.

Top 5 best cosmetics manufacturers abroad:

  • According to Russian consumers, the best cosmetics are products from the German brand Nivea ;
  • In 2nd place are Swiss cosmetics Oriflame ;
  • on the 3rd place are cosmetics produced in Belarus ;
  • Maybelline is rightfully in fourth place ;
  • The list is completed by the Loreal brand.

Top 5 Russian cosmetics manufacturers:

  • Natura Siberica;
  • Clean line;
  • Black Pearl;
  • Red line;
  • 100 beauty recipes.

Every skin needs daily cleansing. The choice of cosmetic product for facial cleansing should be taken carefully and seriously, taking into account the type and condition of the skin, as well as age. Properly selected cosmetic complexes prolong the youth of the skin.

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Mode of application

If you thought that cleansing creams are identical to peeling creams, then this is not so. They do not need to be intensively rubbed into the skin. They work differently: acids gently penetrate the dermis and remove unnecessary particles. This is the method of their application. Read the rules for their use:

  1. Check the drug for the presence of allergens. Lubricate your wrist, if there is no redness or itching, feel free to use the cream as directed.
  2. Cleanse your skin without using a scrub: regular washing is enough. Make sure to thoroughly remove dirt, makeup, etc. from the skin.
  3. Apply the cleansing cream to dry (not wet) skin and spread evenly in a thin layer over the entire surface of the face.
  4. Wash your fingertips with water and continue massaging the product. This will help emulsify it, making it easier to remove.
  5. Next, it is better to relax, lie quietly, without actively working with facial expressions.
  6. After 30 min. remove the residue with a cotton pad soaked in milk.

Works well. Use a double cleanse, the first step of which is a makeup remover cleanser, followed by a cleansing cream. It is better to choose a gentle formula without sulfates.

Please note! Application frequency: 3 times a week. If your pores become clogged more often, use the product more intensively.

Remaining products still need to be removed with a napkin, micellar water or toner. Another good way to make sure there is no residue left on the skin is to remove the cream cleanser using wipes instead of rinsing. Dip a soft cloth into warm water and apply it to your face for five seconds. Repeat this process four times. The steam will help cleanse and soften dead skin. The abrasive action of the cloth will remove the cleanser and create a gentle exfoliation effect.

The Vidal loop is a convenient and effective tool for cleaning the face and pores

A loop is a cosmetology instrument that:

  • helps cleanse your pores of impurities,
  • suitable for protruding dense blackheads (if they are small, the device simply “will not pick up” them),
  • removes blackheads and pimples that seem to “rise” above your skin, making it rougher,
  • copes with deep-seated comedones,
  • effective against shallow acne.

How to properly use a Vidal loop at home to treat acne and acne?

The sequence of actions and general rules are similar:

  1. Clean the surface of decorative cosmetics using tonics, lotions, and gels. If you don't have any of this, you can just use soap (but it shouldn't overdry).
  2. Expand pores using a steam bath or other procedures. DO NOT miss this studio!
  3. Place the disinfected instrument so that the pimple or blackhead is directly in the center of the loop.
  4. Press the loop so that it does not hurt too much (but at the same time so that the contents of the pores “come out”).
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary to eliminate pimples and acne.
  6. Wipe the surface of the skin with calendula tincture or simple alcohol to reduce the risk of inflammatory and infectious processes.
  7. Boil the instrument for 5-8 minutes in water, then wipe everything with alcohol again.

What should you do if, after applying pressure, the pores are not cleared and the pimple does not come out?

In such a situation, you should either repeat steaming or try using a different device.

It is known that the instrument is named after the creator of &mdash, the French bacteriologist Fernand Vidal. There is no exact information about when this specialist came up with the invention.

Scientists speculate that this happened around 1886 - 1888, the year Mr. Vidal was actively engaged in research at the university (at the faculty of pathological anatomy).

Initially invented by a French scientist, the needle was not considered a cosmetic tool, but later began to be used to eliminate pimples, blackheads and acne.

Which cleansing cream is better?

If you need a strong but safe cleansing cream, and you don't know how to understand the options offered? Check out the top ten products:

  • Tammy Fender milk. A wonderful product for removing the heaviest makeup. Soothes the skin, makes the face soft and bright. Includes lavender, chamomile, floral rosewater, calendula and myrrh.
  • Biorék cleanser. A simple but effective cleanser, odorless, does not irritate or dry out the skin.
  • Drunk Elephant Beste No. Suitable for sensitive skin. Marula oil is used.
  • Kiehl's deep cleaning. A foamy product that can quickly and efficiently clean pores.
  • Ole Henriksen - find your balance. The cleansing oil formula does not irritate sensitive skin and removes excess sebum.
  • Group Colloidal Oatmeal Cleanser, manufactured in New York. It foams gently, has a subtle scent, gently cleanses combination skin, and is practically not felt on the face.
  • Sunday Riley. Leaves skin smooth and firm. Works as a three-in-one cleanser.
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser A natural cream that relieves dry skin.
  • Garnier Micellar is the perfect facial cleanser.
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Cream. The product has been produced for quite a long time, but has not lost its relevance today. It has a very gentle and soothing effect on the skin.

Modern cosmetology produces many cleansing creams. You can choose the right product: by brand, by price, by country and quality. Each product has its own characteristics, effects and composition.

Advantages and disadvantages of cleansing creams

The texture of modern cleaning products is much lighter, and they do their job more effectively. Such products have many advantages and guarantee complete facial cleansing. They perfectly remove makeup and any impurities, even around the eyes.

Creamy facial cleansers are especially required for those with dry skin, as they are gentle and not aggressive to the epidermis. People with microdamages and cracks in the skin also need them. The fact is that they do not damage the protective barrier.


  1. Cold hydrogenation provides a thermal effect without exposing the skin to high temperatures. This eliminates skin burns, injuries and difficulties with blood flow.
  2. The steaming gel ensures swelling of the epidermis due to damage to intercellular connections. At the same time, the top layer becomes softer and better absorbs moisture and nutrients.
  3. A cosmetic steaming product removes oily shine and softens sebaceous plugs, which makes them easier to remove, expands pores and warms up the skin.
  4. The composition of the gel is determined by the manufacturer, but it is always based on plant extracts.
  5. Hydrogenation is carried out in several steps and replaces professional facial cleansing.

How to make cream at home

Cleansing creams contain water + mineral oils + wax + acids. Check out natural cleansers that are easy to make yourself. This doesn't require fancy, expensive products. Try using simple, natural ingredients.

For normal skin

  • With eucalyptus oil.

Ingredients: 25 ml almond oil + 15 ml soybean oil + 13 ml cocoa butter + 12 ml avocado oil + 45 ml distilled water + 9 ml eucalyptus oil + 12 g stearic acid + 11 g beeswax.

Production: mix all the oils, place them in a water bath, hold in this position until you get the consistency of sour cream. Pour in water heated to 60 °C, beat the mixture with a mixer, add essential oil and stearic acid.

  • With lavender oil

Ingredients: 35 ml macadamia oil + 20 ml jojoba oil + 11 ml avocado, 5 ml each patchouli oil, essential oil, lavender oil + shea butter.

Production: melt shea butter in a bathhouse, slowly add jojoba, avocado, and macadamia oils. Then add the remaining oils.

Please note! Regular toilet soap dries out, causes peeling, and tightens the skin. Therefore, cosmetologists say that you need to use special ones. epithelium cleansing agents.

  • Curd cream

Ingredients: 3 tsp. cottage cheese, 1 tsp. honey

Preparation: beat with a mixer.

For oily skin

  • Almond oil cream

Ingredients: 20 ml cocoa butter + 15 ml olive oil + 9 ml almond oil + 4 ml lemon oil + 18 g beeswax.

Preparation: combine the oils, melt them in a water bath, pour in the essential oil, cool.

  • Cream with yolk

Ingredients: 1 yolk, 55 ml olive oil, 15 ml lemon juice + 12 g glycerin, 3 drops. aloe oil

Preparation: beat the yolk, slowly add juice and glycerin, mix with olive oil and aloe.

Cream for problematic dry skin

  • With cucumber juice and glycerin

Ingredients: 65 ml cucumber juice + 40 ml coconut oil + 4 ml lavender oil + 25 g wax + 12 g glycerin + 4 g borax.

Production: Melt the wax in a separate container, add coconut oil, glycerin, cucumber. juice, borax, essential oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

  • Persimmon pulp + honey

Ingredients: 35 g persimmon pulp + 15 g plums. oil + 15 g honey + yolk + 3 ml juniper oil.

Production: combine the ingredients and thoroughly beat with a blender.

DIY recipes

You don't have to go to the store to buy a ready-made cleansing cream. You can prepare the product yourself, which will save money.

Homemade cleansing creams are used in the same way as store-bought ones. The main difference is the more natural composition of home remedies. It is also worth considering that this cream can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a month.

Based on rose water

Copes with pollution, has an antiseptic effect, tones. Improves complexion and gives freshness.

List of ingredients:

  • beeswax - 4 tsp;
  • emulsifying wax - 4 tbsp. l.;
  • Vaseline oil - 16 tsp;
  • borax - 2 tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Melt petroleum jelly, beeswax and emulsifying wax.
  2. In a separate bowl, heat the borax diluted with a small amount of water until completely dissolved.
  3. Mix two bases.

Apply morning and evening. Apply to cleansed skin and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Based on salicylic acid

Used to cleanse oily and problematic skin.

List of ingredients:

  • acetylsalicylic acid - 1 tablet;
  • water - 1 tsp;
  • baking soda - 1 pinch;
  • honey - 0.5 tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Crush the acetylsalicylic acid tablet. Dissolve the powder in water.
  2. Add baking soda.
  3. Melt the honey and pour into the mixture.

Apply the cream to damp skin and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

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