They knew each other since school: what Ekaterina Semenova, who gave Anton Tabakov a son, looks like now (photo)

Name : Ekaterina Semenova

Middle name : Tengizovna

Birthday : April 18, 1971

Place of birth : Monino, Moscow region.

Height : 171 cm

Weight : 55 kg

Zodiac sign : Aries

Eastern horoscope : Pig

Occupation : actress

Biography of Ekaterina Semenova

Ekaterina was born in the city of Monino, located in the Moscow region. From an early age, young Katya knew that she wanted to connect her life with the profession of an actress. Since childhood, the girl was distinguished by her outstanding abilities, artistry and charisma. Therefore, when the time came to say goodbye to school and choose a further place of study, the girl, without hesitation, submitted documents to the Moscow Art Theater School. Semenova successfully passed the exams and was enrolled in the first year of the institution.

It is known that Ekaterina passed the university exams even before receiving a certificate of completion of secondary school.

After graduating from the Studio School, Ekaterina began collaborating with the Sovremennik Theater, which she later changed to the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. The woman devoted about 12 years of her creative biography to the last establishment.

Parents and childhood of Ekaterina Semenova

Semenova's parents were well-known in the creative community. Her father, Tengiz Aleksandrovich, became famous as the director of many successful films, and her mother, Natalya Orlova, worked in the field of animation. The woman’s animated works include the painting “The Secret of the Third Planet,” the image of one of the heroines of which, Alisa Selezneva, was inspired by her daughter Katya.

From an early age, the future celebrity attended an acting studio, and at the age of 15 she decided to take exams at an educational institution at the Moscow Art Theater.

Many directors consider Ekaterina a responsible worker and a talented actress who approaches the creative process with care.

The girl passed the entrance examinations, but her algebra score hampered her successful admission. Ekaterina had to make an effort to pass all the disciplines and go to study at a university.

Age of Ekaterina Semenova

The actress was born on April 18, 1971. The star does not hide the date of her birth, so viewers can easily determine the exact age of the woman. In 2022, Ekaterina celebrated her 50th birthday and received many warm congratulations from colleagues and fans. Many of the celebrity's fans are surprised by her fresh appearance. Semenova notes that she keeps herself in shape thanks to a well-planned diet and the services of a cosmetologist.

The woman maintains her own profile on Instagram, where she regularly posts photos and videos from film sets.

Height and weight of Ekaterina Semenova

With a height of 170 cm, the actress weighs 54 kg. The secret of Catherine’s slim figure is giving up tobacco, sugar and alcohol. Despite some dietary restrictions, Semenova admitted that she loves to eat tasty and hearty food. In her youth, the woman tried to regularly visit the gym, but later she replaced intense training with yoga classes.

Where does Ekaterina Semenova live?

Like many famous personalities, Catherine prefers not to talk about her place of residence. The woman repeatedly noted that she owned real estate. According to some reports, the star’s apartment is located in the capital, but it is unknown which area of ​​Moscow the celebrity chose to live in.

Semenova also emphasizes that she earned money for real estate and a car on her own, without the help of her parents and spouse


For the next 12 years, Ekaterina worked under Oleg Tabakov at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Semyonova is still very grateful that the director called her to the theater just like that, and not because of a suitable type. In an interview, she said that the separation from Volchyok was peaceful, as it should be for close people. Now the artist most often appears in enterprises.

Ekaterina Semenova, photo:

Personal life of Ekaterina Semenova

There were many turning points in the actress’s personal life. The woman's heart was repeatedly broken, but she endured all the difficulties. Catherine raised two children from different men, the star loves her daughter and son and maintains contact with them.

Relations with Anton Tabakov

Semenova’s first man at the time of developing her creative career was Anton Tabakov, the son of the famous founder of the Tabakerka theater. Catherine met him at the age of 17, but at that time the relationship did not begin. The woman was confused by the large age difference. However, two years later, when the actress turned 19, Tabakov and Semenova met again. The ensuing romance quickly led to the couple living together. During this time, the actress’s first-born son Nikita was born. The couple existed for five years, after which they broke up for an unknown reason.

Ekaterina admitted that she blames herself for breaking up with Tabakov, because the man wanted to start a family, and she gave priority to her career

Romance with businessman Ilya Medkov

Then millionaire Ilya Medkov appeared in Semenova’s life. The man surrounded the actress with attention and expensive gifts. He strove to win the heart of Catherine, but fatal events prevented his plans. Ilya died from the shot, leaving Semenova alone. The woman acquired some of Medkov’s property, but it was difficult for her to forget the experience.

For a long time, Catherine remembered her deceased lover and the child they were planning

Husbands of Ekaterina Semenova

A year later, businessman Kirill Seagal appeared in the actress’s life. For a long time he wooed the woman, surrounded her with attention and care. In their marriage, the couple had a daughter, Maria. But after some time, Kirill began to show jealousy, forbidding his beloved to act in films. Semenova could not withstand the pressure and left Seagal.

Despite disagreements with their husbands, the actress never forbade children to see their fathers and maintain communication

Romance with tennis player Gennady

Later, the public was again intrigued by the news of Semyonova’s new lover. The man's name was Gennady, and he was poorly known in the media. Catherine’s chosen one came to her project when she was filming the show “The Last Hero.” The couple met at one of the tennis tournaments, but the lovers’ happiness was prevented by the man’s departure to London under contract. The woman looked for every way to meet with Gennady more often, but the distance gradually reduced communication to “no”. The union of lovers lasted more than six years.

Relations with Alexei Makarov

The relationship with Alexei Makarov, the son of Lyubov Polishchuk, was one of the most difficult for Catherine. The couple existed for several years, but during this time more than one conflict occurred between the lovers.

Semenova shared details of her long-term relationship with Makarov on the project “Secret to a Million”

The scandals between Makarov and Semenova occurred on various grounds, but they were often based on trifles. Alexey was especially angry at his chosen one when he saw her with alcohol. He forbade the actress to drink, but he himself often forgot about his conditions. The woman endured Makarov’s antics for a long time, until friend and fellow worker Pavel Maikov advised her to end the relationship. Catherine weighed the pros and cons and decided to break up.

Mutual friends of the couple noted that scandals between Ekaterina and Alexei broke out quickly. Many of them feared for the actress’s health, because they were afraid that Makarov might one day provoke a fight.

Son of Ekaterina Semyonova - Nikita Tabakov

The common son of Semenova and Tabakov, Nikita, grew up in a creative environment, so he hastened to follow in his father’s footsteps. After graduating from school, he moved to America and entered the directing department.

Nikita maintains contact with his famous father and looks up to him in career achievements

After living in London for some time, the guy moved to the capital, closer to his family. In Moscow, he realized himself in the field of IT technologies and does not plan to leave this area.

Daughter of Ekaterina Semyonova - Maria Segal

Maria Seagal, the actress's youngest daughter, also decided to continue her mother's work. From an early age she showed interest in creativity, in particular in theater arts. Maria's film debut took place in childhood. A girl at the age of five played a role with her mother in the TV series “Two Fates”. For both Catherine and Maria, this picture became decisive. She brought fame to her mother, and paved the way for her daughter into the big world of cinema.

After graduating from school, Maria Seagal entered VGIK, she gradually developed in the film industry, conquering new heights of success

Music career

The winner of the “Golden Tuning Fork” was hired to work at the Moscow Philharmonic. Katya got into the “Girls” ensemble, but did not stay in it for long.

In 1982, singer and composer Yuri Antonov invited the girl to be a soloist in his group Airbus.

In 1984, the artist went on a free voyage. Before that, she managed to get married; her husband was promoting the singer’s solo career. Ekaterina’s husband got the best authors of that time, L. Voropaeva, D. Tukhmanov, to start collaborating with her. The man also knocked out Semyonova’s airtime on television.

The effect of Andrei Baturin's production activities exceeded all expectations. In 1985, Ekaterina took second place in the “Soundtrack” hit parade. The following year, the couple founded the group "Allo", the wife became a soloist, the husband took the position of director. The very first composition performed by the group became a hit. Others followed:

  • "Last Tango";
  • "For a minute";
  • "Schoolgirl".

At the peak of her popularity, Semenova was invited to the New Year’s lights, her hits closed the final “Song of the Year”, and her clips were broadcast on the popular music program “Morning Star”. At the same time, the singer toured the Union; Semenova had up to five concerts a day. Most of the fees went to the state treasury.

Ekaterina tried her hand at being a TV presenter; in the late 80s, together with Vyacheslav Malezhik, she hosted the variety show “Wider Circle”

In the 90s, changes took place in Semenova’s life. Together with her husband, the singer created the musical and experimental theater “Katya”. That same year she was invited to play a role in a movie. Ekaterina starred in the detective story “Predators,” where she sang the song “Oddball in Love.”

In 1992, the artist divorced her husband and left the theater. The gap between the spouses caused the singer to lose a number of contracts. But she wasn't upset. Ekaterina was very tired of the pace of life in which she lived before, and decided to take a little break. After a short vacation, Semenova began singing songs of her own composition, then began writing for other performers.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Catherine again began performing at concerts, participating in TV shows, recording soundtracks, and working as a radio presenter.

In 2015, for her contribution to the development of Russian culture, Semenova was awarded the Order of the Golden Star of the Fatherland.

The best films and main roles of Ekaterina Semenova

The debut film in Semenova’s filmography was the comedy “We are from Jazz,” in which she played a role while still in her teens. However, at that time she only managed to make herself known without attracting much public support.

Semenova’s first successful work was the series “Two Fates”. After filming a film about the life of three generations, the woman became famous throughout Russia and acquired a wide audience of fans. After the series “Two Fates,” the woman began to receive lucrative work offers, including invitations to the set of the thriller “Motherland,” the action film “Wild,” as well as the film “The Mentalist” and the series “Love is Not Divided by Two.”

Ekaterina Semenova now

Ekaterina does not stop filming films, but appears on screens less often. In 2022, she starred in the films “The Diplomat” and “Ghosts of Zamoskvorechye.” The woman actively communicates with fans and runs social networks.

On her social networks, the woman often publishes charity posts about donations for sick children.

There is no new information about her personal life; the woman prefers to spend time in the company of her children Nikita and Maria. The actress notes that they maintained a special friendly connection from an early age. According to Ekaterina, children feel when their mother is happy, so they happily accept her life changes. Semenova also noted that she would like to give birth to a third child, because she believes that she could give him more than she once provided for Nikita and Maria.

Photo of Ekaterina Semenova before and after plastic surgery

Ekaterina did not hide the fact that she welcomed cosmetology and plastic surgery, and she herself more than once resorted to “beauty injections”

Some fans negatively perceived the new look of the actress, in which she appeared after a series of cosmetic interventions

According to the public, in pursuit of youth, Ekaterina became like another star - Vera Alentova

Despite the criticism towards Semenova, many fans supported the desire for a good appearance and noted her fresh image

Fans learned about the changes in the star’s appearance thanks to photo shoots, as the woman began to appear less often in recent films

A television

In addition to filming films and performing on the stage, Ekaterina took part in various television shows: “The Great Race”, “The Last Hero”, “Secret for a Million”, and was the host of the Beauty Formula program.”

Ekaterina Semenova says about her participation in “The Last Hero”: “I decided to take part, but I couldn’t even imagine that everything would be so difficult. The clouds of insects and the spartan living conditions horrified me! The feeling of hunger did not leave for a minute. She constantly repeated: “I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” It wasn’t a game, it wasn’t make-believe.”

The actress emphasized that she grew up in the city, in comfort, had never been on a hike and did not even suspect how difficult it was to get food. At the same time, Ekaterina does not regret her participation in this project, but she is unlikely to dare to repeat this.

Participating in Lera Kudryavtseva’s “Secret for a Million” program, Semenova will talk about how long it took her to get rid of anorexia, what connects her with Kristina Orbakaite, what diet she follows to look great, about beauty injections and plastic surgery.

Ekaterina will emphasize that she learned a lot of information on self-care while being the host of “Beauty Formula.” It was there that qualified doctors explained the dangers of simultaneously using all possible cosmetic procedures, and Katya listened to them. Now he carries out all procedures in doses, in due time and at the same time looks great for his age.

Watch the episode of the “Secret to a Million” program with the participation of Ekaterina Semenova now:

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