Non-surgical correction of the shape of the nose and facial contours

The cost of the procedure is from 10,000 rubles.

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The issue of nose correction worries many people. This part of the body, which is too large or has an irregular shape, is becoming one of the most common reasons today for which a person turns to a plastic surgeon.

More recently, it was possible to obtain an ideally shaped nose only through plastic surgery; today the situation has changed somewhat, since non-surgical plastic surgery has appeared.

Nose shape correction without surgery

Non-surgical nose correction is a correction of the shape and size of the nose, used in cases where only minor corrections of minor imperfections are required or there are contraindications to surgery.

Sometimes rhinoplasty is used to correct minor imperfections noticeable after cosmetic surgery.

This non-surgical method of nose correction has become quite popular recently. Moreover, patient reviews say that in some cases it replaces more complex traditional rhinoplasty and gives excellent results.

The most popular services of our center

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is the surgical correction of age-related changes or other imperfections of the upper and lower eyelids.

Eyelid surgery is used for such changes in the facial skin as stretched and relaxed skin around the eyes, swollen bags under the eyes, deep horizontal wrinkles under the eyes, hereditary and age-related changes in the eyelids. Most often, women over 35 years old resort to blepharoplasty, but recently more and more often Young women and even men are signing up for this type of operation.

The operation involves removing excess skin, fat and muscle deposits of the lower and upper eyelids.


Abdominoplasty - restoration of the aesthetic proportions of the abdomen

Abdominoplasty is a volumetric surgical intervention performed to restore the aesthetic proportions of the abdomen. This operation is aimed at excision of excess skin and fat deposits formed after childbirth or due to the structural features of the body.

Simultaneously with abdominoplasty, it is possible to eliminate umbilical, inguinal or postoperative hernias, if any, and in order to emphasize the waist, it is possible to remove the lower ribs. Abdominoplasty is usually recommended for patients who are in relatively good physical shape. In addition, you need to know that abdominoplasty does not cure obesity (they treat it like this)! Before planning an abdominoplasty, you must consult a doctor. If the patient eats a balanced diet and maintains physical activity, the results of abdominoplasty will last for a long time.


Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is recommended for patients in whom removal of the mammary gland has resulted in a complete cure of the disease and no complications or concomitant diseases such as obesity and hypertension have arisen.

The methods and equipment available to modern medicine allow surgeons after oncological operations on the breast to restore its natural shape and appearance. Thus, the patient, waking up after anesthesia, can see the breast in its place and get rid of the psychological trauma of feeling its loss.


If you have decided to make the magical transformation from a chrysalis to a magnificent butterfly, we are waiting for you!

Non-surgical rhinoplasty allows

  • Remove the hump. Non-surgical hump removal occurs through the injection of fillers into the pits of the nose. A hump can be removed without surgery by creating a straight nasal bridge.
  • Make your nose smaller. Usually those with a wide and large nose want to change the shape of their nose without surgery. Corrections in this case boil down to the desire to narrow the back and tip of the nose. You can narrow your nose without surgery by creating a higher nasal bridge.
  • Straighten your nose. If the patient has a low nasal bridge, correction is carried out by forming a smooth Greek nose.
  • Align your nose. Correction of a crooked nose without surgery is carried out by filling the unevenness of the nose and forming a straight back. Correcting an irregular nose shape is quick and painless.
  • Narrow the tip of your nose.
  • Raise or elevate the tip of the nose. The tip of the nose can be corrected by injecting drugs into the area of ​​the columella, tip and nostrils. Injections into the columella area allow you to lift the tip of the nose without surgery by changing the nasolabial angle. Lengthening the bridge of the nose and forming a beautiful nasolabial angle is carried out by adding injections to the tip area, this allows you to significantly raise the tip of the nose without surgery.
  • Change the tip of the nose. A flat tip of the nose most often indicates nationality, and owners of such a nose most often want to narrow the tip of the nose without surgery. Correction of the tip of the nose without surgery allows you to quickly get an ideal nose without surgery.
  • Correct the wings of the nose.

Bone grafting


from 35,750 rub.


Implantation as one of the services in dentistry is a fairly common operation. It becomes even more complicated if the tooth was lost more than a year ago. The fact is that bone tissue gradually atrophies without load. The volume in the problem area decreases. As a result, implant installation becomes impossible. To restore the functionality of the dental system, bone grafting is used. Let's tell you more about this operation.

Bone grafting in dentistry is a preliminary stage, a preparation carried out by the surgeon. Its essence lies in tissue transplantation or the use of artificial biotolerant materials.

Types of rhinoplasty without surgery

In our center, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed in several ways. Mandatory preliminary consultation with a specialist makes it possible to determine all aspects of the existing deformation, the features of the upcoming operation and make the optimal choice of materials used.

Rhinoplasty with fillers

This is the introduction of special drugs - “fillers”, such as Restylane, Juvederm (based on hyaluronic acid) and Dysport - to correct the shape of the nose. Using thin needles, the surgeon injects fillers into the skin into target areas determined during the consultation, smoothing out the contour and unevenness of the nose. The whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes.

This procedure is especially attractive because it minimizes complications such as inflammation, redness and virtually eliminates the postoperative period.

And also the controllability of changes - even during the procedure, both the doctor and the patient can decide that, for example, it is worthwhile to slightly correct this or that area. The speed of obtaining results is also attractive - the patient leaves the doctor’s office with a “new” nose.

The visible effect after the introduction of fillers is noticeably longer than when using similar drugs to fill wrinkles, enlarge lips or eliminate crow's feet around the eyes

There are two reasons for this: firstly, the greater density of the drug, and secondly, the nose is usually not the part of the face that we like to actively move. In general, the duration of the effect is from six months to two years. In some cases, fibrous tissue forms at the site where fillers were injected into the nose, which shapes the result and eliminates nasal depressions for the rest of your life. In these cases, re-introduction of gels is not required.

Plastic surgery

One of the most popular areas in the work of our Surgery Center is plastic surgery . Most patients are prompted to seek the services of a plastic surgeon for a variety of reasons. For some, turning to plastic surgery is vitally important, since a trauma or serious illness has left behind many unmasked cosmetic defects. From a plastic surgeon, such a case requires the use of serious plastic surgery of the face and other affected areas of the body. Others are simply not happy with their appearance, or too obvious signs of age. Here, facelift and various types of corrective plastic surgery are used in plastic surgery.

Aesthetic plastic surgery has long become a popular and fairly affordable means of “rejuvenation” and correction of appearance. Many specialized clinics offer services for facial plastic surgery , and, if desired, for patients belonging to the fair half of humanity, even breast plastic surgery . Among thousands of medical centers practicing plastic surgery, it is difficult to choose one that you can safely entrust to your beloved patients. After a long search, we invited the best plastic surgeons, the most experienced specialists in their field, to our clinic. Selecting the most worthy candidates from the many worthy candidates was not easy, but our sincere concern for the quality of care for our patients has always motivated us to strive for the best. We are sure that if we need a plastic surgeon, he must certainly be at least a little bit of a magician.

Plastic surgeon Viktor Nikolaevich Kozlov , more than 20 years engaged in plastic surgery. His specialization is aesthetic plastic surgery, i.e. operations on the face (circular facelift, forehead, cheeks, pathogenic facial plastic surgery, SMAS lifting, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, scar correction). Facial plastic surgery, carried out by the skillful hands of Viktor Nikolaevich, does not know the side effects that are so famous today for numerous plastic surgery clinics of dubious reputation, whose victims are even famous people.

Consultations with a plastic surgeon are provided in our clinic free of charge. Having previously consulted and asked a specialist all your questions, you can make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. In our multidisciplinary clinic, plastic surgery, the cost of services for which is significantly lower than in other specialized centers, is one of the priority areas. The most advantageous difference between our clinic and other similar institutions is the use of the latest medical technologies. The laser technology at our plastic surgeon’s disposal allows us to perform jewel-like precision and complexity, absolutely bloodless operations that guarantee a 100% cosmetic effect.

One of the most popular types of plastic surgery. Changing the size and shape of the nose can be purely aesthetic or have medical indications (for example, with a deviated nasal septum). After surgery, quite a long rehabilitation is required.

Eyelid surgery is a popular type of plastic surgery that allows you to change the shape of the eyes and eliminate age-related defects (overhanging upper eyelid, hernias in the lower eyelid). Requires serious preparation and has some contraindications.

Facial plastic surgery

It is used mainly in working with middle-aged and elderly patients. Allows you to eliminate the main age-related defects: loss of clear facial contours, the appearance of a double chin, sagging skin, deep wrinkles and folds. Endoscopic lifting is becoming an increasingly popular type of facial plastic surgery.


Changing the shape and position of the ears is a relatively simple type of plastic surgery. Can be performed on children over 6 years of age. Modern low-traumatic methods allow achieving good aesthetic results and do not require long-term rehabilitation.


Changes in breast shape and size. One of the most popular areas of plastic surgery. Correction of breast shape and size is carried out using implants. Surgical lifting is also quite popular - in this case, the size remains the same, but the position of the breast changes (sagging is eliminated).


Surgical removal of fat deposits is a modern method of restoring a slim figure. The operation is especially effective if fat deposits predominate in a specific area (for example, on the abdomen or buttocks). The shape of problem areas after liposuction changes, and the contours of the body become more harmonious.


Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is one of the ways to correct your figure using plastic surgery. The need for an abdominoplasty procedure occurs when the abdominal muscles become stretched after pregnancy, which, combined with weight loss, leads to sagging.


Allows you to change the shape and size of the buttocks. May involve removing fat deposits and tightening the skin in the problem area or increasing volume. Recently, the second type of operation has become more in demand. To create the desired shape, modern anatomically shaped implants are used.


Allows you to change the shape of your shins. Indications for the operation are aesthetic. Poorly developed calf muscles can be an anatomical feature of a person or a consequence of various diseases. To create the desired shape, safe implants made of elastic, biocompatible materials are used.


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Essence of the operation

The surgeon makes an incision in the gum and peels off the flaps, reaching the bone. Then he lays out the material for transplantation. The joints are filled with special bone chips. The dentist covers everything with a special film to prevent infection from getting into the operation site. The doctor stitches the wound, all that remains is to wait until the body copes with the problem on its own.

The main difficulty here lies in the engraftment time. This process usually takes several months. Only after this can the implant be installed.

Implantation with bone grafting

–. Try to avoid it by contacting the dentist in time, before the bone tissue of the jaw has time to atrophy after tooth loss.

Bone grafting of teeth, price

which is quite high, is also carried out in our dental clinic in Tula. To find out about the need for it, undergo a full diagnosis and get a doctor’s consultation, contact us by phone and make an appointment!

All works


To select a bone grafting method, the dentist takes into account several important factors. You need to know the features of the tissue structure, the initial parameters of the jaw, and the characteristics of the problem area. Based on the data obtained from X-rays or computed tomography, the doctor selects treatment methods. At the moment, bone grafting of teeth

is divided into three types.

  1. Autogenous transplantation. Although this is quite effective, it is the most traumatic method. Its essence lies in the use of the patient’s own bone tissue. The probability of engraftment is close to 100%. The danger lies in the fact that injury occurs immediately at the site of tissue collection and placement.
  2. Halogeneic and xenogeneic. In this case, a donor is needed. The material is collected from people or animals. The probability of engraftment remains quite high.
  3. Alloplastic. At the moment this is the most developed and widespread species. Artificial material is used. Over time, it either resolves after building up its bone tissue, or becomes a full-fledged support for the implant.
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