Correction of expression wrinkles - botulinum therapy (Botox / Dysport / Xeomin / Relatox)

Botox injections in the area between the eyebrows are today the main, fastest, most effective, and in some cases, the only way to get rid of wrinkles in the glabella area. This is due to the fact that eyebrow wrinkles are dynamic, that is, they arise due to constant facial muscle contraction, leading to wrinkling of the skin. Moreover, these muscles are quite strong and voluminous, due to which the skin on them is well “stretched” and does not sag even with age-related changes. That is, the factors leading to the appearance of static wrinkles have virtually no effect on the appearance of folds between the eyebrows. It is under such conditions that Botox and its analogues demonstrate the most pronounced results when used.

The experience of cosmetologists shows that with the correct selection of the amount of product (the so-called Botox units) and their correct administration, wrinkles between the eyebrows can be completely removed, and this effect manifests itself in a period of several hours to 2-3 days after the procedure, and then persists for six months. year.

Moreover, often even skin defects caused by old wrinkles (stripes, differences in skin tone) after such a procedure are eliminated either independently, due to regenerative processes in the skin, or with simple and safe additional procedures. Thus, after Botox injection, smooth, clean skin remains between the eyebrows.

The advantage of introducing Botox into the area between the eyebrows is that this procedure is well practiced. More than half of the cases of botulinum therapy involve either the elimination of wrinkles only in the glabella area, or with complex correction of the area between the eyebrows, forehead and corners of the eyes. Due to the fact that doctors know how to work well in this area, the procedure itself turns out to be very safe, its price is relatively low, and the result is quite predictable. The patient himself only needs to know a few important points in this procedure.

How good a result can be achieved with Botox injections between the eyebrows?

Botox injections can completely get rid of eyebrow wrinkles. After the procedure, the skin here is smoothed out and even with active facial expressions it practically does not wrinkle. The degree of expression of folds when expressing emotions can be varied to a certain extent by selecting a particular number of units of the product: a highly qualified cosmetologist can almost completely preserve facial expressions, but remove wrinkles at rest, or can achieve a complete absence of folds, regardless of emotions.

On a note

Many women strive at all costs to completely remove wrinkles in the area of ​​the glabella, so that they are not visible either in a calm state or when expressing emotions. This is a rather dangerous desire: a typical consequence of the corresponding procedure will be a violation of facial expressions and the formation of a so-called “wax mask”. At the same time, emotions seem to be manifested, but their unnaturalness is very noticeable to the interlocutor, even if he sees the person for the first time after such an “excessive” procedure. Therefore, in most cases, it is advisable to choose a middle ground in which wrinkles between the eyebrows can appear when frowning, expressing feelings of disgust, surprise, but are absent when the face is calm.

For example, in the photo below is an example of eliminating a fairly deep wrinkle between the eyebrows:

The photographs were taken with a time interval of 6 days.

A similar result, but with a few wrinkles, is shown here:

And in this photo you can see the effect of botulinum toxin injections immediately in the area between the eyebrows and in the forehead:

Since wrinkles on the forehead are also formed due to the constant contraction of facial muscles, Botox is just as effective in removing them.


The first time I injected Dysport, I was 30 years old. I was very pleased with the result, and now I went for Botox. Everything is the same, the injection technique is the same, the same thin needle, no differences. True, the injections hurt a little, but the pain was tolerable. The dosage of Botox is lower, so I needed a total of 40 units for the eyebrows, crow's feet and around the mouth, and Dysport was given 85. Either my skin structure is the same, or my facial expressions are too pronounced, but Botox only started working on the third day, and fully manifested itself only after a week. But how it worked! To say that I am happy means to say nothing! It’s as if five years have disappeared from my face; I didn’t look so fresh in my 20s. Everything is clean, not a single wrinkle anywhere, even small purse-string wrinkles are gone. It took effect in the area between the eyebrows almost immediately, the skin was completely smoothed out, and it appeared around the eyes in about a week. Plus, a bruise remained in one place for almost five days. I have this bruise - the only drawback of this whole procedure, I had to cover it up every day. But now I’m beautiful, I can’t look at myself in the mirror. Based on my experience with Dysport, this whole thing lasts for six months, the doctor said that Botox will work for a longer period. Let's see, in general.

Ekaterina, Moscow

It is noteworthy that situations where Botox would not help get rid of wrinkles between the eyebrows are very rare. This is due to the principle of its action: when a botulinum toxin drug (and it doesn’t matter, Botox, or its analogue, for example, Dysport) is injected into a muscle that, when contracted, forms a wrinkle, this muscle completely or a certain part of its fibers goes beyond the control of nerve cells . Normally, nerve impulses coming through these cells cause muscle contraction, which, in turn, leads to wrinkling of the skin. After botulinum toxin, the active ingredient of Botox, enters the muscle fiber, the nerve impulse is interrupted at the point of contact between the neuron and the myocyte (muscle cell), and the cell itself does not react in any way to the signal from the brain. Consequently, the muscle either completely or partially does not contract, does not compress the skin and the wrinkle does not appear, or appears to a lesser extent.

An experienced cosmetologist can inject the drug into the muscle so expertly that it will force it to contract exactly to the required extent. Without such fine work, the muscle simply stops contracting entirely. In this case, the wrinkle also disappears, but facial expressions are also disturbed.

Therefore, no matter how deep the wrinkle is, Botox will eliminate it in any case. The depth of the wrinkle is determined by the size and strength of the muscle causing it, and if this muscle is denervated, the wrinkle will disappear, no matter how noticeable it may be.

All this means that Botox will not work in only two cases:

  • The doctor inserted it incorrectly and “missed” the muscle, the contraction of which leads to the appearance of this particular wrinkle;
  • The patient is insensitive to botulinum toxin drugs.

Both cases are very rare. Only a completely untrained cosmetologist can “miss” a fairly large and easily palpable muscle in the area between the eyebrows - such people are simply not allowed near patients in clinics. And insensitivity to botulinum toxin occurs in no more than 5% of patients, including those who have previously had botulism. All this means that the wrinkle between the eyebrows can almost always be completely removed.

Statistics say that only about 5% of patients are not sensitive to botulinum toxin.

This is interesting

The cosmetic effect of botulinum toxin preparations was first discovered with injections in the area between the eyebrows. This happened by accident: Botox was then called Oculinum and was used to treat blepharospasm - a constant spastic contraction of muscles that led to severe facial distortions. One of the doctors who performed this treatment noticed that in a patient who received the drug near the eyebrows, in addition to the main effect, the wrinkles between the eyebrows were smoothed out. He reported this observation in an article, and this moment can be considered the beginning of the worldwide “Botoxomania” - in less than 20 years, the drug turned from a highly specialized product into a cosmetic bestseller, and the company producing it from a small private enterprise into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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Botox is not only against folds and wrinkles

It is difficult to find a person who does not know about the use of Botox injections in cosmetology. Cosmetologists give “beauty injections” to millions of people every year.

However, Botox can do more than just smooth the skin - it can help get rid of excessive sweating on the face, forehead, armpit area, entire scalp, feet and palms.

Back in 1951, scientists discovered that under the influence of Botox, the sweat glands are “switched off” from brain signals about the beginning of sweat production. The drug is administered intradermally after Minor's analysis: areas of severe sweating are dried, then treated with iodine and sprinkled with starch. In this case, the exit points of the sweat glands are shown in black-blue color, and the doctor determines the injection sites of the drug and the required volume of units.

Sweat glands “do not work” for much longer, unlike facial muscles - up to one year. Hypersweating of the treated areas disappears on the third day after the session.

Botox contraindications

Although this drug contains a small amount of botulinum toxin, injections are not given to nursing or pregnant women. Use is also contraindicated in:

  • myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness);
  • renal or liver failure;
  • individual intolerance;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • damage to the skin in problem areas;
  • acute and skin infectious diseases.

About possible complications and effectiveness of Botox injections

With the right choice of doses and injection sites, after Botox injections, folds and wrinkles are smoothed out right before your eyes, and heavy sweating is quickly and permanently blocked. Insensitivity to botulinum toxins is quite rare.

If a doctor, due to poor qualifications, injects the suspension into the wrong muscles or in a very large volume, then negative consequences are likely:

  • drooping eyelids;
  • violation of mouth articulation;
  • drooping eyebrows;
  • mouth asymmetry;
  • drooping corners of the lips;
  • violation of natural facial expressions;
  • drooping upper lip.

All these defects are completely reversible. However, you should not take risks using ones that offer reduced prices, for example, Botox lip injections. Since you will experience great psychological discomfort for more than six months.

An independent procedure for Botox injections can be prescribed to young people (under 25 years of age) who only have facial wrinkles.

People over 50 years old cannot do without more complex procedures to smooth their skin - deep or medium peels, ultrasonic SMAS lifting, laser methods. Botox in these cases will be the “finishing touch”: its injection is done after the end of the rejuvenation course in order to prolong the result and further smooth the skin.

Thanks to this approach, patients will always be able to get the desired effect of improving their appearance.

How much does Botox cost on lips?

The price in any cosmetology clinic or beauty salon for Botox plastic surgery is proportional to the volume of units of the drug and the injection site. As for the price of a unit of the drug itself, it will depend on:

  • prestige of the clinic or salon;
  • professionalism of a cosmetologist;
  • the cost of the drug (probably the use of Chinese counterfeits that do not give the required effect).

Botox injections into the lips are a fairly popular procedure, both for world photo stars and for many ordinary men and women who strive to make their face beautiful and harmonious. Botulinum therapy is an effective and simple way to correct the mistakes of nature, maintain attractiveness and youth.

Indications for such injections

In cosmetology practice, the presence of noticeable wrinkles between the eyebrows is quite enough to inject Botox into this area. Moreover, injections are also carried out when the “eyebrow” is just forming, when there are no permanent visible stripes on the surface of the skin yet.

In addition, in many cases, botulinum therapy in the glabella area may be indicated in the presence of other, both cosmetic and pathological indications:

  1. Obvious asymmetry in the location of the eyebrows, when one of them is lower than the other or directed towards the edge of the face at a different angle;
  2. Asymmetry of facial expressions, noticeable only when expressing certain emotions;
  3. Blepharospasm, in which a significant part of the facial muscles are constantly tense and contracted. Usually it severely spoils and even disfigures the face itself and causes serious inconvenience for the patient (for example, it does not allow one to open the eye or mouth);

Botulinum toxin injections can help people with blepharospasm.

  1. Wrinkles in the lower part of the forehead or on the bridge of the nose (so-called “bunny wrinkles”).

In all these cases, Botox may need to be injected not only in the area between the eyebrows, but also in the forehead, brow ridges and around the eyes. The doctor develops the location of the points for drug administration independently, and in an ideal case, individually for each patient.

Benefits of botulinum toxin injections at Telos Beauty Prof

  • Naturalness . Our doctors master unique proprietary “Living Face” techniques to leave harmonious facial expressions. We do not make “artificial carbon copies” of faces.
  • Quality. All injections are performed only by cosmetologists. The work requires high professionalism of the doctor and knowledge of anatomy!
  • Safety. Our clinic is a partner of the official distributor of botulinum toxins in Russia. High-quality drugs allow us to guarantee long-lasting results and the absence of complications.
  • Control. We strictly monitor the transportation and storage of drugs in the clinic. Temperature control is extremely important for 100% safety.
  • Escort. We take care of you throughout the rehabilitation period, monitor and answer all questions
  • Sustainable results . The effect in our patients lasts as long as possible, up to 6 months.

What should you prefer to remove the “between the eyebrows” - Botox or another botulinum toxin drug?

Removal of eyebrow wrinkles is equally effective with all drugs based on botulinum toxin. Botox alone is not the answer here: its analogues are also quite suitable for this purpose: Xeomin, Dysport, Relatox, Myoblock and others. Despite the differences in the price and strength of a unit of each of these drugs, an experienced specialist will be able to select such a quantity of it with any drug and select such points of administration that he will obtain the result desired for the patient.

Preparations containing botulinum toxin.

However, each product has its fans. Botox is the most popular all over the world in general, and in Russia in particular - it was the first commercially successful botulinum toxin drug and it still remains the constant sales leader among analogues.

On a note

Botox is so popular among patients that its name has become an eponym - it is used to refer to any botulinum toxin preparation and even to indicate the botulinum therapy procedure itself.

The second most popular drug is Dysport. One unit of it is approximately 2.5 times weaker than one unit of Botox, and at the same time costs less. In fact, the cost of regular injections of these drugs is the same for the patient.

Relatox, Xeomin, Neuronox and other products are identical in strength to Botox, but each of them has its own characteristics. Relatox is painful to inject, Xeomin is cleaner and safer, but also more expensive, and so on. Therefore, when selecting a specific product, a cosmetologist evaluates its properties, the specifics of a particular patient, and uses the drug that will be most effective with maximum safety.

This means that the patient does not need to choose a drug, but entrust this choice to an experienced cosmetologist. Moreover, many doctors prefer to work only with one or another remedy and know it best, which means that it is with it that they can provide the desired and, most importantly, predictable result. But all other things being equal, it is better to go for the procedure to an experienced doctor who knows how to work with all drugs and who has all these drugs in stock.

Preparing for the procedure: 3 simple but important rules

Botulinum therapy in general and injections into the eyebrow area in particular are quite safe and simple procedures for the patient. They do not require any special preparation, but you should still do something before going to the cosmetologist. Namely:

  • Make an appointment at least a week in advance and find out which medications should not be taken before Botox injections. This is very important - certain medications can affect the result of botulinum therapy, but patients become so accustomed to using them that they do not even consider them to be anything significant;
  • On the day of the procedure, get a good night’s sleep so that after the injections you don’t want to lie down and sleep for at least 3-4 hours;
  • Do not drink alcohol before botulinum therapy.

Before the botulinum toxin injection procedure, you should not drink alcohol.

If your health worsens on the day before the injections, it is better to cancel the procedure. The administration of botulinum toxin for infectious diseases is contraindicated due to possible complications.

Healing period

A special feature of the procedure is a fairly short rehabilitation period. On the first day, swelling and redness of the injection area may appear. But the marks quickly disappear, so it is easy to hide cosmetic procedures from others.

On average, facial wrinkles are smoothed out within 5–7 days; the maximum effect can be assessed after 2 weeks. The result lasts from 3 to 6 months, but if you carry out several procedures, gradually increasing the dosage, the period increases to a year.

Rules of care:

in the first 4–6 hours, you should not bend over, touch your face, expose your skin to heat, or lie down; it is important to maintain an upright position; on the first day you cannot fly, take a bath, take a hot shower, perform cosmetic procedures, touch the injection area, bend over, eat salty, spicy, hot foods; for 2 weeks after injections, you should not take medications, including antibiotics, drink alcohol, coffee, tea, smoke, go to the beach, swimming pool, sauna, solarium, play sports or exhausting physical labor; For a month you cannot do peeling, facial massage, hardware or physiotherapy procedures.

What to expect during the procedure and will it hurt?

Directly before the start of the procedure, the cosmetologist diagnoses the condition of the area between the eyebrows and checks for the presence of other wrinkles. Already during diagnosis, the doctor studies the specific location of the muscles, selects the number of doses of the drug and marks the injection points.

At the diagnostic stage, the task for the cosmetologist in general can be adjusted. It is quite possible that you came to remove the eyebrow area, and during the diagnosis, the doctor discovered other wrinkles that appeared a long time ago, but for one reason or another you did not notice them - you did not frown appropriately in front of the mirror, you simply did not pay attention to them. It is much easier to remove them all at once than to undergo a separate procedure for each one.

Then the patient signs a written agreement for botulinum therapy, and the doctor prepares the required amount of the drug and reconstitutes it. To do this, the dry lyophilisate in powder form is filled with water or saline (this depends on the specific drug).

If only the area between the eyebrows is eliminated, then the drug will need to be injected at five points - exactly between the eyebrows, above the left edge of each eyebrow and exactly above the center of each eyebrow.

Botox injection points to eliminate glabellar wrinkles.

In different patients, the position of these points can vary both in height and in distance from the central axis of the face, and it is to select them that the doctor, when diagnosing, asks you to wince and probes with your fingers all the muscle fibers under the skin.

Women are sometimes given an additional minimum of 2-3 units. Botox over the edge of each eyebrow furthest from the nose to raise that angle slightly.

In general, five injections in women usually require 20-24 units. Botox, in men – 30-40 depending on the strength of muscle contraction.

This is interesting

Experiments have shown that the maximum effect is achieved by introducing 60-80 units into the same standard 5 points, but this amount often leads to unwanted facial side effects.

Therefore, it can be calculated that at a price of about 250 rubles per unit, correction of wrinkles in the glabella area will cost 5,000-6,000 rubles.

When using Dysport, to carry out the same procedure and obtain a similar result, 40-45 units will be required, but their price will be approximately the same - 5500-6000 rubles.

After reconstituting the drug, the doctor draws it into a syringe, attaches a needle to it (thinner than with conventional therapeutic injections) and begins to inject the drug into the muscles at the selected points. As a rule, the solution is administered at a depth of 3-6 mm under the skin.

Botulinum toxin is injected at selected points at a depth of 3 to 6 millimeters.

If the patient feels pain, subsequent points can be lubricated with ice or lidocaine for anesthesia before administering the product.

On a note

The so-called mesobotox (subdermal administration of microdoses of the drug) is not used to eliminate eyebrow wrinkles due to low efficiency.

During the procedure, the patient reclines in a regular manipulation chair, his head is tilted back slightly so that his face is in a horizontal plane.

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Upon completion of the procedure, the patient remains in a reclining position for another 10-15 minutes, then, if his health does not change, he gets dressed and leaves the doctor’s office.

The actual injections are carried out in 10-15 minutes, the entire visit usually takes 40-50 minutes. If work is carried out not only on the area between the eyebrows, but also on other areas, the duration of the procedure may be longer.

Cost of services in salons


Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
Center for cosmetology and hair removal "Doctor Laser"Prospect Mira, 26, bldg. 4300+7
Center for cosmetology and hair removal "EpilCity"st. Solyanka, 1/2, building 1 350+7
Beauty Studio "Edel'"st. Davydkovskaya, 3, b.2 300+7

Saint Petersburg

Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
st. Bukharestskaya, 80 250+7
Medical clinic "NJ med"Sredniy Ave., 85, lit. U 350+7
Beauty studio “PRO VISAGE”Kolomyazhsky Ave., 15, building 1240+7


Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
Cosmetologyst. Festivalnaya, 39/2 280+7
Dentalst. Turgeneva, 73/1 250+7
Beauty and health center "Salutem"st. Atarbekova, 1/2 300+7


Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
Medical Center of Cosmetology and Aesthetics “ViaVi”st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 148 350+7
Cosmetology clinic “Beautyline”st. Verkhnenolnaya, 10 350+7
Beauty salon “22 Avenue”st. Startovaya, 22 300+7

Nizhny Novgorod

Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
Beauty Academy "Le Grand"st. Osharskaya, 1, building 2 420+7
Laser Therapy Center "Andromeda"st. Varvarskaya, 27/8, of. 52 420+7
Cosmetology clinic "Lyudmila"st. Krasnodontsev, 1 450+7


Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
MedicalPetersburg highway, 45A340+7
Beauty salon "Grail"Pobedy Ave., 11350+7
"Doctor Fomin's Clinic"st. Gorky, 107A 340+7


Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
Beauty Clinic "SarBona"st. Rakhova, 61/71 320+7
"Clinic of Professor Churakov"st. Shelkovichnaya, 122/126 300+7
Wellnessst. Mayakovskogo, 10A 350+7


Name of the clinic/salonAddressPrice (per unit, in rub.)Telephone
Medicalst. Dusi Kovalchuk, 270/3 350+7
Clinic of medical cosmetology "Art-Medica"st. Zheleznodorozhnaya, 22 300+7
Medical Clinic "Europe"st. Frunze, 232 300+7

Possible Undesirable Consequences

With botulinum therapy, it is always possible to develop certain side effects, and eliminating the eyebrow area is no exception. All such consequences can be divided into two groups - nonspecific, that is, those that occur when Botox is administered to any part of the body, and specific specifically for the treatment of glabella wrinkles.

Nonspecific side effects include:

  • Swelling, bumps, bruises, lumps, itching, sensations of a foreign body under the skin at the injection sites - these develop in approximately every tenth patient;
  • Flu-like syndrome with sore throat and slight fever;
  • Headache, the incidence of which is about 11%.

All these effects are temporary and disappear after 1-3 days.

Specific side effects are considered more serious:

  • Ptosis, due to which the strip below 1 cm from the eyebrows is considered an anatomically dangerous zone;
  • Excessive raising of the eyebrows, including only their distal edges;
  • Violations of facial expressions, which no longer involve the entire area of ​​the glabella and forehead;
  • Facial asymmetry;
  • Loss of sensation in the eyebrow area.

The problem with these effects is that they develop for the same reason as the target outcome, and therefore persist for the same duration. In some cases, they can be partially or completely eliminated through compensatory injections, but sometimes they persist for the entire duration of the drug.

Practice shows that such consequences are most often the result of mistakes by cosmetologists. Therefore, to reduce the risk, the procedure should be performed by an experienced doctor.

Another serious and dangerous consequence - allergies - develops relatively rarely and is quickly stopped by the administration of adrenaline or antihistamines. It is important to notice the manifestation of hypersensitivity in time and quickly take action.

Sometimes the patient’s body can give an allergic reaction to “beauty injections”, for example, in the form of a rash.

There are also myths and fears that an overdose or even a normal amount of Botox leads to the development of permanent swelling, “bloating” and disfigurement of the face. In fact, all the “horror stories” about Botox victims turn out to be fakes, using photographs of victims of filler overdoses.


The positive results of the administration of muscle relaxants certainly include:

  1. Elimination or significant reduction of wrinkles.
  2. Improving the quality of the skin: normalization of water-salt balance, production of collagen and elastin.
  1. No long rehabilitation period due to the low invasiveness of the procedure.
  2. Growing effect.

From the point of view of professional cosmetologists, the disadvantages of using such drugs are minimal. However, patients should be aware of possible negative consequences:

  1. The following complications are temporary: hematomas at injection sites, swelling, headache, nausea, weakness. As a rule, they go away within a few days.
  2. Asymmetry as a result of uneven distribution of the toxin within the muscles. It lasts from three to six months, that is, until the drug is completely removed from the body.
  3. Drooping of the upper eyelid or eyebrows as a result of incorrect administration technique or incorrectly selected dosage. The negative effect lasts for at least two months.
  4. Temporary muscle paralysis, leading to disruption of normal facial expressions, caused by an overdose of the drug.
  5. Feeling of dryness in the eyes, drooping of the lower eyelid due to poor technique and administration of a large dose of the drug too close to the eyeball.
  6. Allergic reactions. Can be excluded by conducting a preliminary test.

Although the period of action of all of the listed consequences is limited by the duration of the drug, it is obvious that the procedure for administering botulinum toxin must be carried out by a competent, experienced doctor, whose qualifications are confirmed by the appropriate document.

Sometimes the patient’s own incorrect behavior after the procedure can lead to unsatisfactory results.

To avoid side effects, you should:

  1. Do not tilt your head down for 4 hours.
  2. Avoid visiting the sauna and solarium for a week.
  3. Do not take aminoglycoside antibiotics or B vitamins.
  4. Do not rub your face or apply cream during the day.
  5. During the period of action of the drug, refrain from massage and myostimulating procedures.
  6. Don't drink alcohol.
  7. Tell your doctor about all medications you are currently taking.

It should be noted that the period of use of muscle relaxants is not yet long enough to identify all the long-term consequences of their use.

Currently, scientists are paying close attention to studying this issue.

Rules of behavior after injections: what can and cannot be done during the rehabilitation period

After injections, Botox is distributed for some time in the muscle tissue in the area of ​​injection and only after 2-3 days is it completely absorbed by the fibers. At this time, it is very important not to allow undesirable effects on either the muscles themselves or the drug, so that it does not diffuse into non-target areas and cause side effects. That is why, after administering Botox in the area between the eyebrows, you cannot:

  1. Lie down and sleep for 3-4 hours;
  2. Until the end of the day, bend over too much, stay in the sun, eat spicy foods;
  3. Drink alcohol until the end of the day;
  4. Perform other cosmetic procedures on the same area of ​​the face during the week, including applying masks, gels, and using scrubs;
  5. Do massage for 2-3 days;
  6. Play sports for 2-3 days;

After botulinum therapy, it is not recommended to exercise for several days.

  1. Take some medications for 2-3 days.

After 2-3 days, almost all restrictions can be lifted, except for additional cosmetic procedures. You should consult your doctor about how soon you can do them.

Effect of Botox

Botox is a toxin that affects a specific protein and blocks nerve impulses that regulate muscle contractions.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

This is botulinum toxin, which is a neuroparalytic poison of animal origin. After ingestion, poisoning, which is called botulism, causes paralysis of the musculoskeletal muscles, as a result of which breathing stops. When administered locally, botulinum toxin is limited to the area of ​​injection.

Its introduction contributes to the temporary absence of facial movements and complete relaxation of muscles, which ensures the smoothing of wrinkles. A certain period is allotted for the formation of new neuromuscular connections, and after that there is a need to repeat the procedure.

The drug allows you not only to get rid of wrinkles, but also to correct external defects: raise eyebrows, slightly reduce the width of the nostrils, change the height of the tip of the nose.

The substance is safe for health and is completely eliminated from the body after some time.

The required amount of botulinum toxin depends on the area of ​​injection and the condition of the skin. For the area between the eyebrows, 10-25 units are enough. The result can be seen a few days after the manipulation for 6-12 months.

Indications for use

The procedure is indicated when the first age-related changes appear, as well as with more pronounced signs of aging.

Recommended age: from 30 to 60 years.

Correction of facial asymmetry is carried out from the age of 18.

After 55 years, botulinum toxin injections are combined with other aesthetic methods. This can be diamond grinding, filler, contour lifting.

Botox is injected between the eyebrows in the following cases:

  • if there are wrinkles above the eyebrows;
  • if there are folds between the eyebrows;
  • when to remove crow's feet around the eyes;
  • in case of asymmetry of facial features, when one eyebrow rises above the other or is located at a different angle;
  • with blepharospasm, as a result of which the facial muscles are in constant tension or contracted.

Pros and cons of the technique

  • The procedure has an increasing effect. The maximum result is achieved after two weeks.
  • Does not require a long recovery period.
  • The drug is eliminated from the body on its own.
  • Clinically proven harmless to health.
  • Painful or uncomfortable sensations may occur during the procedure.
  • With repeated use, addiction occurs.
  • Short period of action.

Will I have to repeat the procedure regularly?

After Botox injections, wrinkles between the eyebrows disappear after 1-3 days; in rare cases, the effect of the drug appears only after 5-6 days. At the same time, a compensatory mechanism is launched in the tissues, which leads to the restoration of muscle innervation and, as a consequence, to the gradual completion of the action of the drug.

As a rule, after Botox injections, wrinkles are smoothed out for an average of 6-8 months, sometimes up to a year, after which the correction must be repeated. When using Dysport, the effect lasts less - up to 5-6 months.

At the same time, reviews show that often with regular Botox wrinkle removal, the intervals between procedures gradually increase. If the first 2-3 corrections are carried out after 8-9 months, then the subsequent ones need to be carried out after 10-12 months, and sometimes less often. This is partly due to the weakening of the target muscles and their inability to quickly regain their previous strength of contractions after restoration of innervation, which is only enhanced by several successive procedures. Consequently, it becomes more and more difficult for them to shrink until wrinkles appear after each procedure.

At the same time, the restoration of wrinkles after botulinum therapy occurs quite slowly and gradually. It won’t happen that after six months, a deep wrinkle will suddenly appear overnight on a perfectly smooth area between the eyebrows, even more pronounced than before the procedure. It will appear gradually, slowly deepening, and as soon as it becomes more or less noticeable, it can be removed again.

Description of the procedure

Women call the procedure “dinner”. Regular patients of cosmetic clinics drop in for injections during their lunch break. The doctor examines the skin, interviews the patient, and performs the procedure. Everything takes 15-30 minutes.

Botox is considered a painless procedure

. The needles for administering the substance are so thin that they do not cause pain.

The patient is in a chair, in a reclining position. The doctor asks you to smile and make several different grimaces in order to understand the location of the facial muscles and the level of their tension. After this, the administration of the substance begins. The procedure is completely safe, injections are carried out with sterile disposable instruments.

Botox is measured in units. And each patient’s indicators will be individual: it depends on the physical characteristics of the face. The number of Botox units for correction of the eyebrow area in women varies on average from 15 to 25 units, for the forehead – from 4 to 20 units


In rare cases, a repeat procedure is required after 14 days. This is necessary when the facial muscles work asymmetrically, or one side of the face is less sensitive to the drug.

At the end of the procedure, barely noticeable traces of the injection of the substance will remain on the face. They usually disappear after half an hour and do not cause any concern. To avoid infection, it is better not to touch your face with your hands after the procedure.

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