Correction of local fat deposits in men

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  1. Etiology and pathogenesis
  2. Clinical manifestations
  3. Principles of treatment

Local fat deposits (fold on the abdomen, double chin, roll on the abdomen, riding breeches on the hips, ears on the thighs) - an increase in the thickness of subcutaneous fat in certain areas of the body, disturbing the harmonious image of a person and causing him psychological discomfort. Typically, clients complain to cosmetologists about the accumulation of fat in the hips, buttocks, waist, lower third of the abdomen and chin.

In our company you can purchase the following equipment for the correction of local fat deposits:

  • VASER (Solta Medical)
  • Thermage (Solta Medical)
  • ZWave (Zimmer Medizin System)
  • Maximus (Pollogen by Lumenis)

Etiology and pathogenesis

Local fat deposits in the vast majority of cases are a consequence of excess body weight . It is the result of genetic, behavioral, environmental, physiological, social and cultural factors that lead to energy imbalances in the body and contribute to excess fat deposition in various areas of the body.

The WHO Obesity Panel concluded that diet and lifestyle ( sedentary work and inactivity combined with excessive food energy intake) are most responsible for the sharp increase in the prevalence of overweight in the last two decades. Thus, an excess of energy consumption over its expenditure by only 10 kcal (kilocalories) per day leads to weight gain by an average of 0.45 kg per year. Imperceptible at first, this process becomes clinically significant after one or two decades: 0.45 kg x 10(20) years = 4.5(9.0) kg of excess weight.

An increase in body weight in adulthood is characterized not so much by an increase in the number of adipocytes as by their hypertrophy. This makes subsequent weight gain after weight loss much faster if you lose control of the balance of energy intake and expenditure. This is why temporary diets don't make much sense - in the long term, it's not so much about changing as it is about adopting a new lifestyle and making it permanent. And the older a person gets, the less energy he needs to maintain daily activity. Therefore, nutritionists recommend gradually introducing more vegetables into the diet (low-calorie foods) and consuming less meat and fast carbohydrates (high-calorie foods).

Energy expenditure is affected by physical activity, which, judging by statistics, begins to decline already at school. Thus, children's participation in active aerobic activities progressively decreases from 12 to 21 years, with the maximum declines in physical activity noted between 15 and 18 years and around 29 years.

Compared to lifestyle, genetics . One of the mechanisms by which genotype influences body weight is by regulating energy expenditure in the body. It is estimated that the variation in daily energy expenditure among different people with the same body weight and similar diet can reach 40% (except for vigorous physical activity). However, the speed with which obesity has spread in developed countries suggests that genetic factors do not play a dominant role in the current “obesity epidemic.”

Much rarer causes of local fat deposits, compared to the above, are metabolic and endocrine diseases, taking certain medications, oral contraceptives, etc.

Methods for getting rid of fat deposits

The RHANA clinic has developed more than 140 unique programs to solve various aesthetic and cosmetological issues. Fat deposits on the sides and thighs can be eliminated using a large number of procedures, the choice of which depends on the indications and wishes of the patient.

Are you worried about body fat?

RHANA Clinic offers you solutions

Vacuum + laser, Maximus device (Korea)

The device heats the fat layer, as a result, the volume of the abdomen and hips decreases, the skin tightens, and waste products and toxins are released.


Vacuum + laser, Power Shape device (Korea)

The device uses simultaneously radio frequency energy, vacuum roller massage and low-intensity laser.


Z Lipo Cryolipolysis™

The German device locally affects problem areas, allows you to significantly reduce them and maintain the result for a long time.



The method allows you to remove fat from the body naturally and tighten the skin. Patients note a visible effect after just one procedure.


Program "Myosculpture"

Especially for those who have decided to quickly and forever throw off the shackles of excess weight and extra centimeters - the RHANA Clinic offers a super-effective figure correction program.


Diet control program “Body Sculptor”

RHANA specialists diagnose body composition and create a diet based on the patient’s lifestyle.



The procedure starts rejuvenating processes from the inside, so it effectively fights excess weight, stretch marks and improves the overall condition of the skin.


Paraffin treatment

Paraffin wrap accelerates metabolic processes, removes waste and toxins, and is therefore indispensable for cellulite and excess weight.


Colon hydrotherapy

The technology is aimed at detoxifying the body. As a result of the procedure, body weight decreases, gastrointestinal function improves, and patients feel a surge of strength.


Pharmacopuncture. "LAENNEK-THERAPY"

The exclusive Japanese drug “Laennec”, injected into biologically active points, allows you to achieve excellent results.


Biorevitalization (placental “Laennec” therapy, youth droppers)

"Laennec" restores metabolic processes, which allows you to reduce body volume.



Underwater hydromassage promotes weight loss and detoxification of the body. The specialist works on the patient’s problem areas.



Needles are inserted into special points on the skin associated with internal organs. Result: reduction in the volume of the abdomen, hips and buttocks.


Modeling massage

Massage tightens your figure and allows you to achieve quick results. The effect of the procedure is the elimination of fat deposits and an elegant silhouette.


Clinical manifestations

Despite the fact that a person gains weight and loses weight evenly, there is a certain tendency to develop local fat deposits in certain places - this is called body type. There are many similar classifications, but we chose the most, in our opinion, correct ( Fig. 1 ):

  • Apple - , fat deposits accumulate around the hips and abdomen. In some cases, the arms and legs look much slimmer (sometimes even disproportionate) than they should for the given body size. Men often develop a characteristic "beer belly" (also called a "dad body"), even with moderate alcohol consumption and an average diet.
  • Inverted triangle - a narrow waist, while looking very athletic . In general, when following a diet, the inverted triangle is least prone to local fat deposits. If they occur, they are most often in the torso area.
  • Pear ( pear ) - here the most “visually heavy” part is the lower part of the body: thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen.
  • Rectangle to in the chest and abdomen.

There are also mixed variants, in which local fat deposits can occur in areas characteristic of several body types.

Rice. 1. Shape types (from left to right): apple, inverted triangle, pear, rectangle (Shapescale)

Principles of treatment

For the vast majority of people, the main principle of treating local fat deposits is to reduce body weight . No procedure will give such a pronounced effect as limiting calorie intake along with nutrition control and increased physical activity. In particular, you should minimize (ideally eliminate) alcohol consumption, as it has a negative impact on your figure.

A person gains weight and loses weight entirely - therefore, in order to remove local fat deposits, one should attend to this issue at the “global” level. However, in some cases, patients want to correct some features of their figure, for which various methods can be used. It should be borne in mind that losing body weight and removing local fat deposits are different tasks. And general weight loss does not always help to get rid of volume in “problem” areas, since certain body types tend to accumulate fat in certain areas ( Fig. 1 ).

The task of cosmetology is to give the patient’s figure such contours that fit into his idea of ​​a harmonious appearance. A cosmetologist cannot recommend any diets, since this is not within his competence. Nutrition correction is carried out by a nutritionist after a thorough examination of the patient.

Globally, all cosmetological approaches to combating local fat deposits can be divided into two categories:

  1. Activation of lipolysis - triggering the breakdown of fat in adipocytes, which helps reduce the volume of fat cells while maintaining their number.
  2. Adipocyte destruction is the use of procedures aimed at reducing the number of fat cells while maintaining their volume.

A combination of these techniques is also possible.

Sculpting cosmetics

To give the body optimal contours, many professional and home cosmetics are produced today. The principle of its action is based on enhancing lipolysis, creating a lymphatic drainage effect, stimulating microcirculation and reducing swelling. One of the most popular ingredients is caffeine, which increases the temperature of subcutaneous fat tissue, which triggers lipolytic processes. Caffeine also inhibits the accumulation of fat in adipocytes and stimulates its breakdown.

The disadvantage of such cosmetics is its extremely weak penetrating ability into the subcutaneous fat tissue. As a rule, the effect of “local weight loss” is to relieve swelling and remove fluid - however, this has nothing to do with the effect on adipocytes.


Lipolytic mesotherapy is based on the activation of lipolysis in fat cells. For this, isoprenaline, aminophylline and other drugs can be used. Another technique is ablative mesotherapy - the destruction of adipocytes using a combination of phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate or sodium deoxycholate alone.

Surgical liposuction

Classic mechanical liposuction involves the destruction and aspiration of fat cells and their conglomerates as a result of the vigorous back-and-forth movement of the cannula. It is carried out by the surgeon, therefore it is simple and accessible. But at the same time, mechanical liposuction is an extremely traumatic operation with extensive damage to soft tissues and voluminous blood loss.

Hardware techniques

VASER -associated liposuction (VASER device) is an invasive surgical technique of applying ultrasound to subcutaneous fat tissue in order to transfer fat cells into an emulsion and subsequent aspiration (suction) of this emulsion. Ultrasound is delivered into the adipose tissue with special probes - the cavitation effect, which occurs locally around the probes, allows you to “tear off” adipocytes from each other without damaging them. Thus, adipose tissue is destroyed not mechanically, as with traditional or power liposuction, and not due to heating, as with laser liposuction, but through the low-traumatic transfer of fat cells into an emulsion. Thanks to the special VASER ultrasound mode, adipocytes in the emulsion retain their viability - they can later be used for lipofilling.

Non-invasive RF lifting (Maximus RF device, TriLipo technology) - deep exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy warms up the subcutaneous fat tissue to approximately 40 degrees. This triggers lipolytic processes in it, as a result of which the lipids accumulated in adipocytes are transformed into fatty acids - they, in turn, leave the cells, enter the lymphatic system and are further processed by the body.

Cryolipolysis (Z Lipo device) - local cooling of tissue in the problem area triggers apoptosis (death) of fat cells. The Z Lipo device uses a vacuum applicator to retract an area of ​​skin - clamping the fat fold with a vacuum temporarily slows down microcirculation in the target area and allows heat to be removed from several sides of the fat fold at once to achieve the desired temperature inside the subcutaneous fat without freezing the surface of the skin.

Radial shock wave therapy (Z Wave device) - the principle of its action is the radial (unfocused) effect of acoustic waves of the infrasound range on the subcutaneous fat tissue. Their energy triggers lipolytic processes in fat cells, as a result of which they begin to decrease in size, losing accumulated lipids.

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How is vibration surgical liposuction performed?

Vibrating liposuction is performed using the latest equipment. The use of vibration allows you to speed up the process of the procedure, make it more effective, comfortable, and safe for the patient, as well as shorten the recovery period after the intervention, and reduce the intensity of postoperative pain.

The technique is carried out in several stages:

  1. Use of anesthesia and (if necessary) vasoconstrictors to reduce swelling and bleeding.
  2. Destruction of adipose tissue in the problem area.
  3. It is removed using the thinnest cannula, which does not injure surrounding tissues (which means there are no scars left after the procedure, only small puncture marks).

In addition, if necessary, fat can be used to model the contours of the face or body (the possibility, as well as the appropriateness of this stage, must be discussed with a specialist in advance).

At the end of the session, hematomas and swelling may appear in the area of ​​influence: this is a normal reaction to the intervention and goes away within a few days.

At the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology on Trubnaya in Moscow, vibration liposuction is performed at competitive prices. You can find out all the details about the procedure, as well as sign up for a preliminary consultation, by calling our phones.

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