Carbon peeling is an effective way to rejuvenate and cleanse the skin

Laser carbon peeling is an effective hardware procedure that cleanses the skin and improves its condition. It consists of two stages: first, a special carbon-based gel (with microparticles of coal) is applied to the face, and then the surface is processed.

Under the influence of radiation, the composition cleanses pores and stimulates the removal of dead cells of the stratum corneum. At the same time, the laser warms up the dermis and thus activates the production of protein compounds to increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

general description

The procedure is one of the most effective ways to eliminate acne, blackheads, impurities, and facial wrinkles. Compared to chemical peeling, it has a gentle effect on the skin and practically does not cause complications.

The cosmetic product contains nanoparticles of carbon dioxide. They penetrate the epithelium and absorb keratinized epidermis, sebaceous gland secretions, and dirt like a sponge.

Under the influence of the laser, the bound particles come out and evaporate to form water and carbon dioxide. In addition, a slight increase in temperature and warming stimulates the synthesis and production of collagen and elastin, and skin elasticity returns.

Which peeling to choose – carbon or chemical?

It is better to look for the answer to this question not on your own, but together with a cosmetologist. Both options are effective; they help quickly and noticeably improve your appearance. All types of peelings make the skin more “responsive”: after a course of procedures, all kinds of effects for rejuvenation, prevention of aging, and improvement of the condition of the skin will be especially effective. In all cases, metabolism, blood circulation, and regeneration are stimulated.


Carbon peeling cleanses the face, neck, décolleté, back and other problem areas.

The effect of a laser device in combination with a gel mask is multifaceted:

  • enhancing tissue regeneration;
  • destruction of pathogenic flora;
  • removal of contaminants;
  • cleansing of dead cells and fat particles.

The skin acquires a healthy color, the greasy shine disappears. After completing the full course, a good result is visible, which lasts for a long time.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

The main difference between carbon peeling and laser peeling is the absence of overheating of the skin. The beam acts exclusively at the depth of the applied gel mask, which is better absorbed into oily skin. Accordingly, carbon peeling does not pose any danger to patients with dry skin.

My conclusion

If you want to undergo a carbon peeling procedure, choose a trusted clinic and go to an experienced cosmetologist. Remember that this method is not used at home, as it involves the use of nanogel and laser treatment. And portable home devices will not give the same effect that will be in salons.

Reviews about carbon peeling are mostly positive. Patients primarily note the absence of a recovery period, the painlessness of the procedure and excellent results.

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Indications for use

Peeling is recommended for patients suffering from certain skin problems:

  • acne and post-acne;
  • early signs of aging;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • the appearance of pigment spots;
  • excessive production of sebaceous gland secretions;
  • enlarged pores;
  • uneven skin texture;
  • comedones (blockage of the mouth of the hair follicle);
  • decreased elasticity.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

Carbon peeling is also effective for the appearance of vascular spots, including those due to sunburn. Due to the action of the laser on small vessels, their walls are strengthened, which is why they become invisible through the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

The procedure has its positive and negative sides, the details are indicated in the table below.

  • Elimination of several problems with one laser exposure
  • No pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Destruction of bacterial flora that can cause a pathological process
  • Carrying out the procedure at any time of the year
  • High-quality cleansing
  • Sometimes black spots from the gel remain in the pores, which disappear in 2-3 days
  • The use of decorative cosmetics is prohibited for 3-4 days
  • Doesn't remove scars
  • Relatively high cost of the full course

How often is laser carbon peeling done, how many procedures do you need to do?

Carbon peeling, of course, can be done in any professional beauty salon. Therefore, first, choose a specialist and the place where you will order this service.

During the consultation, the cosmetologist will definitely conduct a test: whether your skin tolerates carboxylic acid or not. He will apply a couple of strokes of the finished gel to the back of his hand. After 10 minutes he will check the result. If there are no redness, burning, swelling and other signs of allergy, then this product can be applied to your skin.

Laser skin cleansing

The technique itself is carried out in a couple of stages:

  • The first stage is applying a gel mask.
  • The second stage is the use of a laser.

But before starting the procedure, you need to thoroughly cleanse your skin of cosmetics and other contaminants. Your facial skin will be treated with an antiseptic that can eliminate microorganisms and prevent the occurrence of an inflammatory process. Only after cleansing will a thin layer of mask be applied to your skin.

The procedure generally lasts approximately 30 minutes. During it you will feel a light, pleasant warmth. As a rule, from 3 to 7 procedures are performed to obtain a good result. The interval between the procedures themselves should be 5 days, no less. The duration of the entire course will depend on the initial condition of your skin and the result you want to get.

What equipment is used to perform

The most popular are two types of equipment - ReAura from Philips and Lasertech H101 PRO.

The first option includes three intensity levels, is small in size, and wireless. It can be used by persons over the age of 25, regardless of gender. The result lasts up to 8 weeks; all manipulations must be carried out in courses.

Lasertech H101 PRO is a device that is much more often purchased by salons for professional facial cleansing.

It is used not only for carbon peeling, but also for other procedures:

  • removal of tattoos and permanent makeup;
  • polishing scars;
  • elimination of comedones, acne, rosacea;
  • face whitening.

The device includes several attachments that can be used to remove various pigments, glasses, cases, and carbon nanogel in containers.


The process consists of three stages: preparation, the peeling itself and the healing period followed by aftercare.

The first stage involves examination and consultation with a doctor, testing sensitivity to the components of the carbon gel and preparing the surface (removing makeup, treating with antiseptics).

How it goes

The cosmetologist performs a certain sequence of actions:

  • dries the skin from disinfectants;
  • applies the gel evenly;
  • leave the product for several minutes to harden;
  • heats with laser;
  • carries out photothermolysis;
  • removes gel residues;
  • applies a soothing mask.

The patient does not experience pain, only a slight heating of the skin is felt.

Course duration

The session lasts about 40-60 minutes. To achieve maximum effect, you must complete the course. On average, 4-5 procedures are recommended with breaks of 5-14 days.

The amount is selected by the doctor, taking into account the skin type and severity of the disease.

Healing period

Short-lived, no significant damage to the skin is observed. It is necessary to actively use moisturizing creams and masks, as well as a filter cream, to reduce the damage from ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk of negative consequences.

How it works?

If during laser peeling the beam directly affects the layers of the epidermis, with carbon peeling it is first absorbed by the nanogel. This gray-brown substance is applied to cleansed skin before starting the procedure. And only when the nanogel dries well does the cosmetologist begin treating problem areas with a laser, which, as is known, reacts well to pigment.

Light radiation is actively absorbed by the resulting dark mask, reminiscent of mud, then the light is converted into heat, which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and begins to act on fibroblasts - the tissue cells responsible for the production of collagen.

Operating principle of laser carbon peeling

The main functions of carbon dioxide are detoxification and skin lightening. It actively absorbs sebum and dirt, which are removed through open pores, as well as dead horn cells. The laser beam helps restore metabolism in the epidermis, enhance blood circulation, and destroy pathogenic microflora. We can say that a “two in one” effect occurs: the skin is not only deeply cleansed, but processes are launched in it that contribute to the appearance of a visible lifting effect.


Special and long-term rehabilitation after peeling is not required. The skin is restored very quickly, and the very next day the girl can safely go outside.

However, there is a certain list of recommendations compiled by cosmetologists. It includes:

  • ban on visiting beaches, swimming pools, saunas and baths;
  • the use of panthenol for rapid tissue restoration;
  • refusal of decorative cosmetics and skin care products containing alcohol;
  • applying a filter cream to protect the epithelium from ultraviolet rays.

All advice is temporary and must be followed for at least 3-5 days after the procedure.

Tips from rehabilitation and skin care specialists

After the session is completed, a gel is applied to the patient’s skin, creating a protective shell and softening the skin.

Each person's skin reacts uniquely to laser cleaning. Sometimes, on areas of the face after treatment, phenomena such as:

  • Irritation accompanied by tingling and itching;
  • Swelling;
  • Slight hyperemia;
  • Minor peeling;
  • In rare cases, minor pain in the treated area.

Carbon peeling involves a two-week health and recovery regime. During the first days, the patient’s skin is especially sensitive to any external influences, even the most insignificant ones. In order to avoid unnecessary consequences, you should follow several recommendations from a cosmetologist:

  1. The skin must be regularly moisturized and should not remain dry. It is necessary to moisturize your face with a suitable cream.
  2. It is imperative to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin of the face. All cosmetologists strictly prohibit staying in the direct rays of the Sun and going to the solarium. You need to use sunscreen emollient creams, lotions and other products before going outside. It’s much easier in winter - solar activity decreases.
  3. Throughout the first week, you need to gently cleanse the skin - you cannot use homemade scrubs and other abrasives for cleaning; cosmetic soap is perfect here. To wash your face, use simple micellar water and exceptionally soft foams.
  4. You should avoid using cosmetics during this period in every possible way, as it can lead to severe irritation and even infection.
  5. Do not touch the treated area of ​​the face with dirty hands and do not rub it with clothing.
  6. It is recommended to take care of your facial skin using creams that contain aloe gel or panthenol.
  7. Try not to expose your face to sudden changes in temperature.
  8. The second week of the rehabilitation period involves adhering to more loyal rules. Use skin cleansers, you can already start using cosmetics. Scrubs and other substances containing abrasive particles should not be used for more than one month.
  9. Remember that ultraviolet radiation is extremely dangerous. You can sunbathe only in the early morning and in the evenings, avoiding direct sun. The sun can burn the sensitive dermis.

Precautionary measures

In general, the product is not dangerous for humans, but the development of individual intolerance or an allergic reaction cannot be ruled out.

To identify it, cosmetologists apply a small amount of the product to the elbow area. After 10-15 minutes, the gel is washed off and the skin is examined.

If severe redness, swelling, itching, burning and other symptoms appear, the procedure is contraindicated and a different cleaning method must be chosen.

Side effects

Undesirable reactions occur if the patient ignores the specialist’s recommendations or the cosmetologist performed the procedure incorrectly. An individual reaction of the body is also not excluded.

Side effects of carbon peeling include:

  • development of purulent processes;
  • hyperemia, tissue swelling;
  • excessive dry skin;
  • the appearance of pigment spots when exposed to ultraviolet radiation;
  • burn.

If there are any changes, you should immediately consult a doctor for advice.


Home use of carbon peeling is undesirable, as there are a number of contraindications that only a specialist knows about.
The list includes:

  • chronic skin diseases that are in the acute stage (eczema, dermatitis);
  • growth of malignant neoplasms;
  • inflammation on the face, appearance of pustules;
  • cuts, burns and other types of tissue damage;
  • formation of keloid scars.

It is better not to carry out the procedure during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as there is no data on safety for the growth and development of the baby.

Possible negative consequences

If all the cosmetologist’s recommendations are followed, then there should be no complications after the procedure. Otherwise, negative consequences are possible. So, if the patient began to use decorative cosmetics in the next 7 days, then there is a possibility of infection in the skin damaged by peeling, which will lead to the development of an inflammatory process. Also, if you do not moisturize the skin, it will become dry and microcracks and peeling will form on it. More serious complications occur extremely rarely, but they are also worth mentioning:

  1. Purulent inflammation of the skin - it appears if the doctor did not follow aseptic measures, or the patient himself did not subsequently adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.
  2. Redness, swelling and hematomas are caused by incorrectly set device parameters and allergic reactions to products used during and after the procedure.
  3. Hyperpigmentation – can occur if the patient has impaired melanin metabolism or there is a hormonal imbalance in the body.
  4. Increased scarring – in the presence of keloid scars.

Tatiana Kuznetsova

Unfortunately, age-related skin changes, deep scars and scars cannot be eliminated with carbon peeling.

Photos before and after

Service cost

Prices depend largely on the region, the salon providing this service and the materials used by cosmetologists.

CitySalonAddressTelephonePrice in rubles
TyumenNanoestheticianst. Maxim Gorky, 83 +73000-4000
Medicalst. Montazhnikov, 11, st. 1 +73300-4000
SimferopolMesoclinic70 Kirova Ave. / st. Gen.Popova, 2 +71500
LaserClinicKirova St., 29/1 (intersection with Lenin St.), 4th floor, room. 414 8From 1000
TomskNata Mst.
79 Guards Division, 13 a Torgovy, 2nd floor
Clinic of Dr. VarlachevaKirova Ave. 35+7 (3822) 33–02–233500
SaratovWhite sunst. Electronic, 10 "B" +73000-5000
Oceaniast. Rabochaya, 29 +7(8452) 711-1013000-6000
SamaraElixirNovo-Sadovaya, 139, sec. 6, 3rd floor +73500-5000
Laser+AestheticsKirova Avenue, 316+722800-4500
KrasnodarLaser Aestheticst. Yaltinskaya, no. 14, 3rd floor, room no. 301 +7 (861) 240-9-7771500-5000
LaserClinicZipovskaya st., 9, floor 28From 1000
TverTver Center for Laser MedicineVolokolamsky Prospekt, 6+71600-6000
Appearancest. 15 Let Oktyabrya, 52 bldg. 1 +72000-3000
BelgorodEstheticianst. Koroleva, 6 +72200
Cosmetology clinic "East-West"st. Pushkina, 67 +73800-4600
VologdaMakeUpst. Prechistenskaya embankment, 14a +72000
MedEsthetst. Galkinskaya 63a 8-900-535-17-442000-3000
OrenburgQueenNizhny Ave., 8/1+7(3532) 265-8-852000
Wellness TownVostochnaya street, 42/2, room 1+73000-4000
KazanClinic Beauty Academyst. Chistopolskaya, 20/12 +7(843)210-11-442000-5000
Laser Aesthetics Clinicst. N. Ershova, 18 83000-4500
OmskAuroraKarl Marx Avenue 24, TVK Cascade, 3rd floor, office 34(3812) 38-29-492400
LINE LIFE Centerst. Krasny Put 32, TC "Iceberg" (Sibzavod district) +71000-5000
Nizhny NovgorodLinlinest. Vaneeva, 25/88 +71800-3500
Olbia Beauty Centerst. Geroya Shnitnikova, 3 +71100-3200
MinskLesanteZvyazda newspaper avenue, 28+375 (17) 399-43-092700-3300
ShinestIndependence Ave., 181 (Uruchye metro station)+375 (33) 691-10-103100
PermianWorld Cosmetology Clinicst. Ekaterininskaya, 96 +7900-3500
Medical On Groupst. Sibirskaya, 35a +71100-2800
KrasnoyarskMCC "Onegin"st. Vzletnaya, 26G +72500-3000
Novomedst. Vodopyanova, 22 +73000
NovosibirskMarlenest. pl. Karla Marksa, 3, Versailles shopping center, 3rd floor, office 304 82000
Be luckyst. Kirova 32, Roman Quarter residential complex, 1st floor +73800
YaroslavlBeauty formulast. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 44/18 8(4852) 68-26-272000
Constellation of beautyLenina Ave., 35/88+72300
EkaterinburgClinic of health and beauty of Irina Pavlova8 March str. 51, BC “Summit”, 51st floor83000-3500
Aestheticsst. Radishcheva, 33 (entrance from Sacco and Vanzetti streets, 2nd level above the Zvezdny magic) +72950
ChelyabinskMarilynst. Svobody, 32 +73500
GerneticLenin Ave., 6683000-3500
SochiProsest. Ostrovsky, 67 +72990
Health balancest. Navaginskaya, 13, 4th floor, room 42 8From 3000
KemerovoAesthetic Medicine Clinic Irinast. Krasnoarmeyskaya 123 83500
IrkutskNovomedDzerzhinsky street, house 2083600-5000
AshiDeputatskaya st., 2582200
IvanovoElena Sokolova Studiost. Vorovskogo 13a (in the premises of the GODDESS studio) (351) 700-72-531400
KurskCosmo-DentPobedy Avenue, 18+7(4712)38-97-675150
Verbenast. Zapolnaya 60-A +75000-8000
SurgutTokyost. Yugorskaya, 1 82800-6000
Dia-honeyLenin Ave. 16+74500-5000
KhabarovskMedstomUssuriysky Boulevard, 20+71000-4000
FionaK.Marx str., 1418-914-544-66-773500-5000
ButovoLilamist. Yuzhnobutovskaya, 61 +71500-7500
Shockingst. Admiral Lazarev, 55 +7(495) 715-27-413000-3900
OdintsovoBlooming lotusl. Novo-Sportivnaya, building 4, building 1 +73000-4000
SaranskPlatinumst. Bolshevikskaya, 30 building, Business, 4th floor 81000-5000
PenzaCome il fautst. Moskovskaya, 23 (8412) 66-06-071420-3180
UlyanovskBodySpaLeninsky Komsomol Ave., 378 (937) 03 — 885 — 651800-3600
Barcelonast. Bebelya, 45A +73000
ZelenogradEsteDibuilding 1515+71700-4490
BALI SPAst. Youth, building 315 84500
KyivLumenismetro station Goloseevskaya, Goloseevsky Ave., 74 067 362 55 881100-3500
Gold Laserst. Lev Tolstoy, 8 (067) 235 — 71 — 962000-2500
UfaMoleculest. Zaki Validi 73 +7 (347) 286‒23‒003000
Clinic of modern cosmetology “Secrets of Perfection”st. Pushkina, 117 +72500
SevastopolSevKrasotaOctober Revolution Avenue, 20(978) 045-34-651000-2500
LaserBeautyst. 6th Bastionnaya, 40 (Insurgent Square) beauty salon EGO +7(978) 859-03-841500-3200
MytishchiLidamedst. Rozhdestvenskaya, 11 81500-3500
AtmosphereBlagoveshchenskaya st., 4A8(903) 009-32-222000-3500
YeyskSugaring and TattooingYasenskaya 238From 2000
Rostov-on-DonVega plusst. Larina, 47 81500
Olviast. Writers 65/5 +7 (863) 236 35053500-7000
RyazanLaserClinicst. Gorky 59 82000-8000
VolgogradBeauty Factoryst. Tsiolkovskogo, 29 82500-4000
Health resortst. Titova, 10B +71300-1700
MagnitogorskNeost. Tevosyan, 4a (3519) 477-5711500-3000
MoscowSugarst. Tsvetnoy Boulevard, building 19, st. 4 +72000
Girlfriendsm. Oktyabrskaya, st. Krymsky Val, building 3, building 3 “Louis Dor” on the business territory 8800-2500
KirovSolarisst. Maklina, 58A +71700-3500
Ledast. Vorovskogo, 11/1 +72600-3700
ArmavirBRILLARst. Novorossiyskaya 171/1, 2nd floor +7(995)180-58-892000
TulaTalisiast. Veresaeva, 10, bldg. A, entrance from Krasnoarmeysky Avenue +7From 1000
Aesthetic Honeyst. Oboronnaya, 114 +71500-4000
NovokuznetskBora Borast. Sverdlova, 8 +73000
Pulsest. Mira 20 +71000-2500
SyktyvkarBEAUTY HALLPokrovsky Boulevard, 148(8212) 225-777From 1700

Is the procedure carried out at home?

Now you can buy special equipment, necessary materials and care products at home. One problem remains - experience and professionalism. Without proper knowledge, it is dangerous to carry out such a procedure; there is a risk of developing burns and other complications.

Specialists in salons are trained and perform all manipulations not for the first time, so for hardware cleansing of the skin you need to contact cosmetologists.

Carbon laser peeling for pigmentation, blackheads, pimples: customer reviews

Elena, 38 years old:

“I believe that this technique is the most ideal among those that I have previously used. Past procedures, of course, helped me, but they were unpleasant - they caused a burning sensation, the skin became red. This method of cleansing the skin pleased me and left me with the best impressions.”

Christina, 32 years old:

“I love taking care of my own beauty and constantly use new methods. A friend recommended that I try this procedure to eliminate fine wrinkles in the forehead area. I paid quite a bit of money to the beauty salon, but despite this I am very pleased with the result.”

Opinion of cosmetologists

Professionals often recommend carbon peeling to their patients. Because of its safety and versatility, it is highly valued by cosmetologists and is becoming increasingly popular.

Firstly, the procedure has few contraindications. Secondly, the likelihood of side effects is low if all manipulations are performed correctly.

After 1-2 sessions, it is noticeable how acne marks are removed, greasy shine and age spots disappear. Peeling is also effective for fine expression wrinkles.

Carbon laser peeling for pigmentation, blackheads, pimples: reviews from doctors and cosmetologists

Marina, cosmetologist:

“Carbon peeling is an excellent procedure. I recommend it to every girl and woman, since the technique is considered universal. It is also suitable for those representatives who have young, oily skin and fine wrinkles.”

Cosmetologists have only positive reviews

Karina, cosmetologist:

“Very often I recommend this technique to girls with facial skin problems. All problems, such as increased oiliness, acne, inflammation and scars, will disappear literally after two procedures.”

Svetlana, cosmetologist:

“The carbon procedure is very soft. It suits almost everyone. I recommend it to those women who live in large populated areas, since their skin is constantly under stress, as a result of which it becomes sluggish and pale.”

( 2 ratings, average 4.5 out of 5 )
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