What is a Vidal loop: how to use a tool for mechanical cleaning of leather

Inflammation and uneven skin are the main enemies of health and beauty. They overshadow even impeccable features, nullifying natural beauty. However, today almost any problem can be eliminated by resorting to the professional help of a cosmetologist. In addition to accumulated experience, knowledge and special facial cleansing techniques, specialized tools are used. Using various techniques, the doctor will help you get rid of the annoying problem for a long time and will not leave even the slightest chance of relapse.

Why is cleaning necessary?

The sebaceous glands produce a special lipocontaining secretion - the so-called sebum. Under normal conditions, evenly distributed over the face, it forms a kind of protective film and makes the surface of the skin soft, delicate and elastic. However, not everyone today can boast of healthy skin.

A damaged environment, hormonal imbalances, and other health problems often trigger excessive sebum production. Over time, the sebaceous plugs formed in the pores under the influence of air oxidize and transform into ugly blackheads - comedones. They are usually accompanied by acne, which occurs when pathogenic bacteria enter the pores.

Facial cleansing makes it possible to get rid of sebaceous plugs, restore the skin’s ability to fully breathe, and make cosmetic products and procedures work much more effectively.

Skin preparation

Cosmetic tools are used only at the fourth stage of cleansing, when the skin is already prepared for it. Those who try to work with them immediately after washing or exfoliating will not get the expected results. And if the tools are handled carelessly, they can even injure the skin.

It is very important to first open the pores, soften comedones and sebaceous plugs. Then they will immediately come out when you press them pointwise with the tools. This can be done easily by holding your face over a pan of hot water or wearing a sauna mask. You can replace steaming with an infrared massager or thermal mask.

How the tool works

The Vidal loop is a stick made of medical steel, one of the ends of which usually ends in a loop, less often in a circle. Sometimes the tool is equipped with two loops - larger and smaller. It is less convenient to treat the cheeks and those areas of the face where there are no overly enlarged pores. The wide ear is convenient to use when cleansing the skin of the forehead, nose, and chin.

There is also a combined instrument, equipped with a needle at one end and a loop at the other. This is the most convenient and optimal option.

The name of the instrument is given in honor of its inventor Fernand Vidal, a French bacteriologist.

Features of the Vidal loop

Manual cleaning is fraught with the appearance of unsightly red spots on the skin; when squeezing out comedones, wounds that take a long time to heal inevitably form.

The tool provides a real opportunity to avoid such problems, significantly reduces cleaning time, and facilitates the procedure. Under the influence of the loop, clogged pores are easily freed from sebum. An indispensable condition for successful treatment is maintaining hygiene before and after the procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages

the instrument is adapted to eliminate the most complex and painful formations, the cause of which is excessive sebum production;

easily removes accumulated pus from acne;

capable of removing the deepest comedones;

quickly returns attractiveness to the face;

available - can be purchased at any pharmacy;

allows use at home.

with incorrect and careless manipulation of the loop, the possibility of aggravating skin problems cannot be ruled out;

with additional use of a needle, the risk of complications increases; the need for mandatory and extremely thorough hygiene procedures before and after cleaning.

Facial cleansing brushes

Another device that can help fight acne is cleaning brushes. Of course, they won’t help with inflamed pimples, but they can help with enlarged, clogged pores. Brushes are mechanical, electric and ultrasonic.

Using brushes helps to provide a deeper clean and even helps tighten and tighten enlarged pores. Massage with a brush helps fight rashes, improves blood circulation and removes the dead layer of epithelium.

How to use cleaning brushes:

clean your face of dirt and makeup with your usual cleanser; moisten with water and apply gel or soap; Gently massage the cheeks and chin with the brush, without pressing

Particular attention should be paid to the T-zone - massage the nose and forehead. You should stay for no more than 20 seconds at each section; rinse off the soap solution; apply cream.

The brush should not be used on the eyelids or under the eyes. Also, before using the brush, you should not scrub your face, otherwise you may overdo it with removing epithelial cells.

It is better to start the first procedure with the softest brush and massage for 10 seconds. If your skin responds well, you can increase the time.

For oily skin types, deep brushing once a day is acceptable; for dry skin, no more than 2 times a week. Regular use of the brush when washing your face helps to make facial tissue cleaner and the number of rashes and blackheads becomes much smaller.

Don't buy the cheapest brush. It is advisable to choose one with rounded bristles. Such brushes are least likely to injure the epidermis.

What is important to remember:

  1. Do not squeeze inflamed pimples such as boils and carbuncles.
  2. All instruments must be disinfected before use.
  3. Wear disposable gloves or disinfect your hands.
  4. Always disinfect your skin after treatments.

How to use a Vidal loop at home

The simplicity and reliability of the tool allows you to successfully use it even at home. But you need to get down to business only after carefully studying the rules of the procedure. One of the immutable conditions is strict adherence to sanitary rules.

Following all the requirements of the procedure technology minimizes the likelihood of skin damage, infection, post-acne, manifested in enlarged pores, scars, uneven skin texture, persistent redness, loss of normal pigmentation or, conversely, its excessive development.

Preparation for the procedure

The face is carefully freed from cosmetics and various contaminants using mild products without scrub and wiped with an antiseptic. For oily skin, alcohol or alcohol-based lotion is suitable; for dry and sensitive skin, a chlorhexidine solution is more suitable. It’s good to make a cleansing mask that contains white clay. Be sure to disinfect the instrument. This can be done with medical alcohol.

It is advisable to steam the skin: a hot bath or even a shower is suitable for this purpose. And the best option would be a steam bath using medicinal herbs - chamomile, calendula, sage, nettle, coltsfoot, celandine, which are first poured with boiling water and infused for 3-5 minutes. Then tilt your face over a container with hot liquid, cover with a towel and remain in this position for 10 minutes.

After completing the procedure, use a clean napkin to remove moisture from the face and additionally wipe it with chlorhexidine. If the facial capillaries are dilated and brittle (rosacea), it is better to avoid steaming and limit yourself to a warm shower.

Cleaning process

There are many videos on the Internet devoted to the technique of working with the Vidal loop, most of which show the entire process in detail.


  1. A loop of an instrument oriented parallel to the skin is placed on the contaminated pore or pimple so that the center of the affected area is in its middle;
  2. Gently press it onto the affected area until the unwanted contents come out;
  3. If it is necessary to clean the deep layers of the skin, they additionally use a Vidal needle: placing its tip at the mouth of the clogged pore, widen the hole as delicately as possible, and then proceed to standard loop manipulations;
  4. After cleaning each pore, the skin in this place must be disinfected;
  5. Move on to the next area of ​​skin that requires getting rid of comedones and pimples;
  6. Complete the cleansing manipulations with the next use of an antiseptic.

During the procedure, subcutaneous fat, the contents of opened pimples and other bacterial dirt accumulate on the instruments, so they require constant disinfection. Failure to follow this rule can lead to serious infection.

How to care for your skin after cleansing

After the procedure, it is not recommended to go outside or sweat a lot. It is also necessary to avoid skin contact with water, but it is very useful to make a compress using alcohol, vodka or chlorhexidine, miramistin, or any other disinfectant (the choice depends on the skin type). A mask cut from gauze is soaked in the chosen product and kept on the cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes.

Such a compress will speed up the restoration of the skin, eliminate microcracks, and remove oily shine. However, we must not forget about caution: it is necessary to exclude the possibility of alcohol getting on the mucous membranes.

Alcohol tinctures of calendula or chamomile are useful for spot treatment of the skin - they are applied only to pimples for a few hours or even the whole night. Tsindol has a similar effect - it fights inflammation, destroys pathogenic microflora, and prevents the appearance of red spots after the elimination of acne.

The cleaning procedure is best done in the evening. Night sleep has a beneficial effect on skin restoration - redness goes away and microdamages heal. In the morning you can return to your usual washing, after which it is useful to use some kind of antiseptic or lotion again. You can use your usual cream, or even better, medicinal cosmetics recommended by a cosmetologist. It is advisable to give up powder, blush, and foundation for a day or two. The same restriction applies to sports, swimming pools, and saunas.


How to protect yourself from blackheads?
First of all, you need to wash your face in the morning and evening, applying water to all areas of your face. Do not use alcohol to cleanse your skin. Because of this, dry skin begins to produce even more sebum. Be careful to remove waterproof makeup, especially waterproof makeup. After removing it, be sure to wash with clean water. Check your own cosmetics, maybe you are using too oily or not enough moisturizing cream.

When finishing any water treatments, rinse your skin with cool water. From the effects of low temperatures, the pores will close and protect themselves from external influences.

You should touch your face either only with clean hands or with napkins.

Have a higher percentage of healthy foods in your diet (fresh vegetables and fruits). Consume less fatty and fried foods. Now steaming is becoming popular - it’s tasty, inexpensive and, most importantly, not harmful to health. And of course, a banal recommendation, but still, avoid fast food restaurants.

Contraindications, precautions

For some pathological skin conditions, the use of a Widal loop can aggravate the situation. The instrument is contraindicated when a person has:

  1. eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases;
  2. pathologies associated with disorders of the regenerative functions of the skin;
  3. allergies, burns;
  4. tendency to peeling and drying of facial skin;
  5. rosacea (rosacea);
  6. infectious lesions of the dermis.

It is worth postponing the procedure if your health worsens. Weakened body tone contributes to complications such as:

  • skin redness;
  • capillary breaks;
  • infection.

You also cannot deviate from the rule: each family member must have an individual Vidal loop - this is the same generally accepted norm as when using toothbrushes. Moreover, you should not use a loop that belongs to strangers.

Sometimes girls try to replace the tool with a regular hair clip, which is always at hand. But intended for completely different purposes, unlike a loop, it cannot boast of an absolutely smooth surface. As a result, the skin can be seriously injured.

What to look for when choosing

To purchase a quality product, you need to know and take into account some features.

  • Features of the skin . This device is not suitable for dry skin. First you need to put it in order and properly moisturize it.
  • Types of epidermal problems. These devices exist for different skin problems. Therefore, you should first decide on the purpose of the device and consult with a consultant when purchasing.
  • Pore ​​cleaner dimensions . A large model that does not fit in your hand will simply be impossible to use. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the device.
  • Buy a device from a well-known brand or from a popular store . If the purifier breaks down, it will be easier for you to return or exchange the product, since upon initial purchase, the seller undertakes to provide you with a receipt and warranty card.

How to choose a good tool

Before purchasing, be sure to check what material the loop is made of. High-quality instruments, including their handles, are always made from medical steel, which is 100% safe for the body.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the loop does not wobble, but is securely attached to the rod. Otherwise, unpleasant moments cannot be avoided during the procedure. The Widal loop must be perfectly smooth - even the smallest hangnail can cause injury to the skin.


The configuration of the instrument, produced under the Mertz brand, includes a sharp needle at one end and a loop at the opposite. This design is most convenient for removing purulent pimples: after a puncture with a needle, a loop comes in, which quickly and carefully removes the purulent contents before it has time to spread under the skin and cause new foci of inflammation.

Loops of this brand are made exclusively from medical steel, but they are distinguished by their low cost. Tools under the brand are especially popular among professional cosmetologists involved in skin cleansing.


Manufacturers of cosmetic instruments of this brand pay special attention to the variety of shapes and sizes, and design methods. Everyone, whether a specialist in the field of cosmetology or simply wanting to maintain good skin condition at home, can choose the most suitable loop for themselves from a diverse assortment:

  • one-sided;
  • double-sided with a needle and loop;
  • double-sided, equipped with loops of different sizes;
  • with a miniature funnel, etc.

There are especially many adherents of the brand among novice dermatologists.

Differences between a Vidal loop and a Uno spoon

After deciding to cleanse their face themselves, many people have a question: what is better to choose for this - a Uno spoon or a Vidal loop, because both tools are designed for the same purpose? Indeed, both of them squeeze out pustules, pimples, and get rid of sebum that has clogged the pores. But there are differences.

The Vidalia loop is better suited for removing large defects caused by clogged pores. The Uno spoon is more versatile; with its help, the instrumental release of pores is more gentle. It is used for small pimples and in cases where frequent facial cleansing is necessary.


One of the most common mistakes when cleaning your face at home is to use alcohol or vodka to sterilize instruments. Sadly, modern research has discovered the rapid growth of bacteria resistant to the effects of ethyl alcohol and substances based on it. It is practically powerless against enterococci and some other pathogenic microbes.

Complex antiseptic preparations that are sold in medical equipment stores or pharmacies have several components and are much more effective. Naturally, they are more expensive, but they provide reliable protection against almost all known microbes. And this is the case when you definitely shouldn’t save.

I can advise you to purchase “Sterilium-gel”, “Blanidas-SOFT”, “AHD-2000 Ultra” or other time-tested drugs.

Reviews about the effectiveness of the Vidal loop

Everyone who has ever used a cosmetic loop to cleanse their face unanimously leaves only positive and even enthusiastic reviews. Unlike manual cleansing, it does not cause bruises or indentations on the skin. Its use greatly reduces the likelihood of infection, saves time and money costs that are inevitable when cleaning in the salon.

However, experts are more careful in assessing the merits of the tool when it is used at home. They warn about the difficulty without the appropriate professional skills to accurately calculate the force of pressing an instrument on the skin without the risk of damaging it. Not everyone is able to steam their face to the desired condition and disinfect it properly.

The Vidal loop is a real assistant for anyone who wants to get rid of enlarged pores, blackheads and pimples. But when purchasing an instrument for home use, you must definitely determine your potential in terms of the ability to meticulously and accurately follow all the rules that the facial cleansing procedure imposes on the performer. If these qualities are all right, you can safely buy a loop for cleaning leather and get down to business.

Summing up

According to my clients, if you have to cleanse your skin at home regularly, then it is really better to buy facial cleansing tools and do it carefully and thoroughly. Preference should be given to trusted companies, since made from low-quality metal, they can rust or break quickly.

Instructions for such things are usually included. But it is quite difficult to understand how to handle them correctly. It is better to search the Internet for photos and videos with detailed comments from specialists.

The main thing is to remember not to exert too much effort. If the contents of the pores are not easily removed, you have positioned the instrument incorrectly or poorly prepared the skin for the procedure.

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