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Plastic surgery is surgical interventions in the human body, the purpose of which is to restore the shape or restore the function of any organ or tissue, as well as change the surface of the body. A plastic surgery clinic, as a rule, deals mostly with operations aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of certain areas of the body of those attending. The second most important function of plastic surgery is the elimination of defects and imperfections of the body.

The work of a plastic surgeon has important aesthetic and psychological significance, helping to restore a person to normal self-esteem and feel comfortable. A plastic surgeon is not an attending physician, but a real sculptor of the human body, bending its contours and bringing beauty and charm to the results of his work.

Plastic surgery in Magnitogorsk is currently quite common and well-known. People turn to a plastic surgeon both to solve various kinds of medical problems (for example, rhinoplasty can improve breathing, and with the help of ear surgery you can restore an injured ear), as well as to give beauty to the body (most often we are talking about breast augmentation, blepharoplasty and liposuction ). MEDEX LLC is equipped with the latest technology and allows you to solve any, including the most complex, problems.

The first mentions of plastic surgery date back to the eighteenth century. Plastic surgery as a science arose in 1814 after the operation of J. Carpu. After the mid-twentieth century, plastic surgery gained significant popularity and popularity: its achievements were often combined with cosmetic products to achieve an ideal appearance. In our country, plastic surgeons for a long time worked exclusively on eliminating pronounced defects, and only in recent decades have they begun to actively develop the aesthetic direction. Nevertheless, modern plastic surgery in our city (in particular, in the MEDEX clinic) is not inferior in its level to Moscow and even European and American.

An important feature of the work of a plastic surgeon is the fact that technique is very important for the success of operations. If other doctors work with organ systems, then the plastic surgeon acts as specifically and to some extent creatively. The aesthetic aspect of the work is very important for a plastic surgeon: for example, when working with blepharoplasty, maintaining the expression and naturalness of the eyes is of great importance. Also very important is the accuracy and invisibility of traces of operations carried out by a specialist. Thus, a plastic surgeon is a unique specialist whose work is inimitable and unique in its own way. For this reason, choosing both a plastic surgery clinic (the level of surgery depends on its technical base) and a plastic surgeon (on whom the quality of the intervention depends) is a very responsible matter. The MEDEX plastic surgery clinic is an excellent example of a combination of high professionalism and good technical support.

Your plastic surgeon has a lot to do with how you look after surgery. Thanks to his work, you have the opportunity to correct your figure, rejuvenate yourself and come to your own ideal of beauty. A plastic surgeon is a specialist who can eliminate even congenital problems, giving clients the joy of life and opportunities for meaningful communication.

Thanks to plastic surgery, many women and men receive a “second wind” in life, allowing them to enjoy its joys for a long time, feeling young and attractive again.

Let's briefly go over the main types of operations performed in the plastic surgery clinic.

The most famous operation performed by a plastic surgeon is breast augmentation through endoprosthetics. Many girls and women dream of enlarging their breasts, which undoubtedly affects beauty and sexuality, as well as their psychological state. With the help of plastic surgery for breast augmentation, you can correct its shape and even eliminate obvious asymmetry of the mammary glands.

The second most famous operation can be called facial plastic surgery. This is not one operation, but a whole complex: a plastic surgeon can change the volume and shape of the lips, remove wrinkles (including very deep ones), change facial features and even visually rejuvenate it by 5-12 years. Most often, a plastic surgeon performs blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and face lifting (facelift surgery).

Methods of liposuction (removal of fat) are used to correct the figure, and abdominoplasty is used to change the shape of the abdomen. The combination of these techniques allows you to achieve the figure correction you need and give your body the desired shape.

Most of the operations performed by a plastic surgeon require a preliminary examination. Almost all the results of operations are not “revealed in all their glory” immediately, but require time for the full manifestation and disappearance of traces of the intervention. The MEDEX plastic surgery clinic ensures the minimum percentage of possible complications and guarantees an individual and very high-quality approach to operations in each specific case. Our specialists always place reasonable restrictions on operations - if the doctor believes that the operation may cause any problems, it is not performed or its plan is adjusted to increase your safety. Our clinic provides a stable, long-term effect of operations, as well as a high level of naturalness of visual perception: if you do not tell yourself that you have undergone this or that operation, then no one will even think that your beauty is the result of the work of a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery clinic "MEDEX": hospital

A convenient and comfortable hospital department allows you to undergo the postoperative period in a cozy atmosphere. We do everything to ensure that you do not feel even the slightest everyday inconvenience.


Your first visit to our plastic surgery clinic is a detailed consultation with a specialist.
You state your wishes, and the clinic’s specialists explain in detail all aspects of the operations. The task is to clearly understand what exactly you want and develop a general scheme of procedures. For the initial consultation, it is worth providing as many documents as possible: your medical records or copies thereof, information about previous diseases, relatively recent test results. Usually, after a consultation, a set of examinations is prescribed, which should confirm your readiness for plastic surgery. If you are in another region, you can get advice by phone or via electronic means. You have the opportunity to contact our specialists and clarify all your questions about the work of the plastic surgery clinic, as well as eliminate all ambiguities regarding the need and possibility of performing a particular operation.

Who will make us more beautiful?

It is customary to judge a person by his appearance - it is difficult to disagree with this. And the psychologists are right: an impression of a stranger is formed in literally a few seconds, forming the outline of future relationships... However, we will not be talking about the motives of likes and dislikes, but about what can make us more beautiful, more attractive, and most importantly, happier.

Plastic surgery today will not surprise anyone: the services of surgeons of this specialization are used not only by show business stars, “Rublev’s wives”, almighty politicians dependent on image, but also by ordinary people. Modern equipment and proven techniques that make it possible to improve what is natural are available to almost anyone today. You can learn how to take a step towards perfection from an interview with Sergei Zakharov, head of the second surgical department of the Medical Emergency Department and OJSC MMK, who has been practicing as a plastic surgeon for several years. For him, the path to plastic surgery was natural: Sergei Yakovlevich, an excellent surgeon, is sure: the scar from the operation leaves a mark not only on the body, but also in the soul of the patient, and what the scar will be like - rough and ugly or thin and neat - depends further life of a person. “I believe that the skill of a surgeon is not only a successfully performed operation, but also those cosmetic nuances that have to be taken into account: a neat suture, a small incision, a minimum of trauma and maximum assistance. This is what all medicine is based on.”

– Sergey Yakovlevich, in a certain sense, a plastic surgeon can be compared to the Creator, because he corrects His mistakes. Do you feel like a god?

“None of the doctors feel like God.” Another thing is that doctors have intuition. Where does it come from - from God, from the earth, from the sun, from some internal state? It’s just that during the operation everything somehow coincides, it comes together exactly on this day, at this minute, second, something tells you that you need to do exactly this. Especially when it comes to plastic surgery, where there is no mathematics, precise calculations by millimeters, or electronics. Yes, there are many computer programs that can draw a future face. But now many specialists refuse them, because everything cannot turn out exactly as it was drawn in the picture. This is... a creative process that just needs to be felt. It’s bad when the doctor realizes it too late. Especially in Magnitogorsk - we have a small city, everyone knows each other. In Moscow you can cheat on people from out of town, but for our city such a trick will not work.

– What about the quality of services in Magnitogorsk? Maybe for some kind of help from a plastic surgeon you still need to go to the capitals or even further - to foreign clinics?

- This is a deep misconception. There is a certain reliable standard for carrying out a variety of operations that solve the patient’s problems, tested over more than one year and more than one operation. Scientific conferences are held annually, attended by surgeons from America, Brazil, and Moscow. Quite recently we took courses in France, then in Yekaterinburg, where the Americans taught about the problems of the mammary gland and facelift. You can go to any conference - they are not so expensive, you can learn skills. Plastic surgeons are no longer as rare as they were a few years ago, when there were huge waiting lists. Therefore, the quality of Magnitogorsk plastic surgery is at the same level as in Russia. Now, for example, endoscopic medicine is developing, including in plastic surgery. This means that the patient will receive a minimum of incisions. Endoscopic lifts of the midface, lower face, and abdomen are performed. For example, it is now better to do an endoscopic forehead lift. If earlier it was an incision along the border of the scalp around the forehead, now it is four 1 cm incisions. All you need is endoscopic equipment, and it exists in our hospital.

As for “horror stories,” they really do exist. Today we are unraveling what was done before, when the gel was administered without a shell. This is now prohibited by the Association of World Surgeons. But there are still companies and surgeons who inject the gel without a shell, because it’s fast - you can become a beauty in five minutes somewhere in the subway. And then the problems begin. The gel is heavy and sooner or later begins to migrate...

– How can a person understand that it’s time for him to run to a plastic surgeon? Is there some age or problem for which, roughly speaking, some deadlines and standards have been established?

- Well, what are you talking about! Everything is individual and depends on the specific problem: protruding ears can be corrected even at the age of seven, the shape of the nose can be changed at a young age, the shape of the mammary gland can be changed at the age of 20-30, and wrinkles can be removed at the age of 40-45. By the way, I would like to note that breast implantation operations do not affect future motherhood at all: having become a mother, a girl will be able to feed the baby without any problems. And I would also recommend that women pay attention to themselves not when the problem has already arisen - wrinkles, creases have appeared, and so on - but to take care of themselves regularly. In general, there must be an internal conviction of the need for such a step. A person must mature in order to change himself. Yes, this is the main indicator - your own internal state. You can still feel great at 60 years old and like yourself and others.

– So there are no age restrictions for plastic surgery?

- No. You can also operate on a 70-year-old grandmother. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that not only the skin, but the whole body ages. There are operations where there is a high level of trauma, and in this case a very good blood supply is needed. That is, contraindications are atherosclerosis, smoking, diabetes mellitus... In America, for example, smokers are generally not accepted for plastic surgery, because the percentage of complications is very high.

– Do you have to refuse the operation?

- Yes. Not often, but still happens. We always refuse if a person performs an operation not for himself, but for someone else. If you perform an operation for someone, you will always be dissatisfied, because there are so many people, so many opinions.

– The profession of a plastic surgeon presupposes some special attitude towards aesthetics. How important is the aesthetic component to you?

– What is the aesthetic component?.. Take the modeling business, for example. For example, I don’t like thin women, who are now considered the standard of beauty. Or let’s take another moment - a well-known brand face. If you take it apart piece by piece - eyes, nose - then nothing special! But all together, plus the way a person walks, communicates, sings, completely changes the impression. Therefore, I do not presume to judge that this is beautiful, this is good, and this is bad.

– What criteria do you follow? Only by the patient's desire?

– Only at the request of the patient. But if I don’t agree with something, then I try to explain and convince. If a person agrees with me, if we come to the same opinion, only then do we get to work. If we do not reach agreement, then we disagree.

– Besides mutual understanding, what else is important for a successful doctor-patient pairing to form?

- Patience. Some people think, after watching enough films and television programs, that if they had an operation today, then tomorrow they will unbandage it and that’s it – a new wonderful life. It doesn't happen that way. A period of swollen face, chest, and abdomen must pass. It takes time to stop the inflammatory process, depending on the type of operation and the patient’s condition.

– And then we need to go to the surgeon again? Isn’t there an addiction: I did the surgery once and got hooked like on a drug?

- Well, what are you talking about! If you like everything, then you don’t need to have surgery all the time. Another thing is that if a person tried it once and liked everything, then there is a desire to correct something else in himself

– What operations are popular in Magnitogorsk and who comes to you – people of what social status?

– Oddly enough, it is representatives of the middle class who most often decide to undergo surgery. The most common surgery today is breast surgery. It’s no coincidence, I think, because having beautiful breasts is every girl’s dream. The level of medicine today is so high that there are no contraindications for a mammary gland endoprosthesis implant. If there is a desire, for God’s sake, let the woman do it. Now the technology of prosthetics has changed, operations have become much more accurate and cleaner, completely new implants are used. I am, of course, not talking about fly-by-night companies that appear and use some kind of Chinese low-quality implants, of which there are many now. You need to trust those companies that have been on the market for quite a long time and provide guarantees. For example, we provide lifetime guarantees. If we talk about the cost of the operation, then breast implantation costs about 50 thousand rubles. Lipo-xation – 1800 rubles per area on the body. (One zone is about the size of a palm. – Author’s note.) In general, our prices are tens of times lower than in Moscow. Three or four years ago in Moscow, a breast implantation operation cost 90 thousand, now in Yekaterinburg it costs 150 thousand, and here it is 50 thousand. And this is with the same level and guarantees!

– Are there any men among your patients?

- Eat. Basically they ask to change the shape of the nose. To be honest, men are more moody than women. And these are not the people who will take care of their face during the postoperative period or work with a professional cosmetologist. By the way, I would like to note again that you need to visit a cosmetologist not only to prolong the effect of the operation, but also to delay the moment when the operation becomes necessary.

... You can contact Sergei Yakovlevich Zakharov for advice and help by calling: 29-29-36, 8-904-804-70-52 or in the operating building of the Medical Unit (Naberezhnaya St., 18) directly in the director’s office.

Plastic surgery in: features of anesthesia

Many questions from our patients are related to anesthesia techniques.
In theory, it is possible to perform any operation under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia is much preferable in many cases. The latest low-toxic drugs that are quickly eliminated from the body are used. There are many rumors and myths about the dangers of anesthesia. Of course, certain risks exist, but all of them are minimized as a result of a preliminary examination and the skillful work of our specialists. The risk of complications during anesthesia is significantly less than the risk when traveling from your home to our clinic. Some patients are wary of endotrachial anesthesia: it is a completely harmless procedure that provides greater pain relief during long operations and involves less medication, which reduces the load on your liver.

Throughout the entire plastic surgery procedure, you will be accompanied by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience. All your questions will be answered in detail, and the slightest doubts will be dispelled.

Our plastic surgery clinic (Magnitogorsk) has been operating for several years now - and during this time we have received many positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Description and characteristics of clinics


MC "MEDEX" is one of the most famous clinics in Magnitogorsk, where they perform nose correction at a high level. The center's pricing policy and experienced staff have made MEDEX one of the most prestigious. The well-known and experienced specialist A.V. Subbotin works at the center. The surgeon has more than 30 years of experience. He is a member of the International Association of Plastic Surgeons and participates in all conferences. The clinic is equipped with the latest technologies; simple corrections are performed using laser surgery. The clinic is located in a quiet residential area of ​​the city of Astrakhan. Nearby there is a large park with nature and recreation areas. The patient will not be disturbed after the operation. For the convenience of patients driving private cars, a guarded parking area is offered. The wards are also under 24-hour video surveillance, so patients in the clinic do not have to worry about their health and the safety of their personal property. The price for nose surgery in this clinic starts from 70 rubles. . But the cost includes a preoperative examination of the patient in the clinic’s own laboratory and accommodation in a single comfortable room. A simple correction is performed under local anesthesia, so hospitalization may not be required. The specialist will be able to finally announce the cost after receiving all the results of the patient’s studies and tests. The first in-person examination of a future patient costs 350 rubles.

DNA clinic of expert level Zakharova S.Ya.

DNA clinic of expert level Zakharova S.Ya. was founded by a specialist in 2002. Before this, he practiced at Magnitogorsk Medical Medical Center No. 2, and was the head of the surgery department. S. Ya. Zakharov is a famous plastic surgeon and patients come to him from major Russian cities. In DNA, the price for nose correction starts from 80 rubles. . But the price includes accommodation in a comfortable room, five meals a day, high-quality general anesthesia, postoperative observation and examination. The medical center is located on the basis of MMC No. 2, so a large laboratory is available to patients. Next to the hospital there is a large parking area, which is guarded by cameras and security around the clock. Patients will be able to relax after the procedure in a quiet park area. And for guests and visits from family there is a large hall with sofas and tables. Single premium rooms have their own living area, so patients do not have to go down to the common hall.


CMMS Magnitogorsk has been operating since 1992. One of the largest multidisciplinary clinics in Magnitogorsk. The nose correction began immediately after opening. The operations are performed by experienced cosmetic surgeons S.P. Bashmashinov (doctor of the highest category, head of the department) and E.P. Kharsun (has the highest category, member of the Russian Society of Otorhinolaryngologists). Rhinoplasty of the nose in Magnitogorsk is performed with high quality, if you choose the right specialist and do not strive for low cost.

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