Mineral peeling mask “Double radiance” Vichy Laboratoires

The “Double Radiance” mineral peeling mask from Vichy has always enjoyed considerable popularity, as they were originally used by professional makeup artists. Natural ingredients effectively help moisturize the skin, and volcanic suspensions gently exfoliate dead cells. Thus, you simply cannot find better products than the presented cosmetic products.

You should use the Vichy “Double Radiance” mineral peeling mask only under certain conditions; if your skin is not suitable for peeling, then you should discard it. Vichy nourishing masks have been used for many years and have a sufficient number of positive reviews. In general, to take care of your skin you need to resort to a variety of techniques. You can organize skin care only if you use peeling correctly. Today there is quite a lot of advice on the Internet that can help you.

Products from Vichy have a considerable number of advantages. By purchasing products of this type, you get not only well-groomed skin, but also the opportunity to rejuvenate.

Currently, the manufacturing company supplies a large range of these products to the world market. The natural composition and wide variety of mask options opens up good opportunities for customers to take care of themselves.


Vichy products are of excellent quality; until recently they were used only by professionals. Today, the manufacturing company offers a wide selection of face masks, opening up the opportunity for customers to take care of themselves at home.

Peeling mask Double Radiance (Masque peel double eclat) has a mild effect on the skin and is indicated for external use.


The product is based on only natural active ingredients:

  • thermal water - saturates the skin with moisture, strengthens the upper layers of the dermis;
  • citrus extracts (lemon and orange) - relieve irritation, lighten the skin, relieve inflammation;
  • volcanic particles - deep cleansing and removal of dead cells;
  • glycerin - prevents moisture evaporation;
  • sugar cane (extract) - a source of fruit acids, smoothes fine wrinkles, activates collagen production;
  • sugar maple (extract) - antioxidant effect;
  • blueberries (extract) - improves complexion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, enriches the dermis with vitamins and minerals;
  • caustic soda - removing dead particles.
  • alcohol and silicone - do not allow the product to quickly deteriorate.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

Blueberries contain vitamin A, which has an antioxidant effect, that is, it prevents damage to healthy cells. In addition, nicotinic acid improves blood circulation in the capillaries, which also accelerates skin healing.

The quality and uniqueness of the composition is confirmed by practical use.


Vichy Peeling Mask is used as a cleanser.
After application, chemical and physical cleaning occurs simultaneously. It removes dead cells and promotes the regeneration of new ones, removes dirt and gets rid of blackheads and pimples. The skin is restored and takes on a fresh and healthy appearance. The result is noticeable after the first use.

After a month of use, the complexion becomes uniform and bright, the relief is evened out, small wrinkles are smoothed out. The firmness and elasticity of the skin increases.

Recommended for:

The “Double Radiance” mask is indicated for women with oily, problem or combination skin.

Those with very thin and sensitive skin should consult a cosmetologist before use. The composition contains alcohol and acids, and they have a chemical effect.

Price and release form

On the official website you can purchase products from Vichy at an affordable price. Purchasing from the manufacturer guarantees quality and eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting.

The mineral peeling mask is available in the form of a package with 6 sachets and in a standard jar.


  • 2 sachets of 6 ml - 192-256 rubles.
  • jar of 75 ml – 1,350-1,570 rubles.

Peeling effectiveness

Peeling is a technology for removing and removing skin that is exfoliated. Currently, the technique has been used for quite a long time and has a considerable number of advantages. In fact, the mineral pore-cleansing clay mask is an addition to the main product option. There is a mask with volcanic particles, which is more effective. The effectiveness of peeling technology is confirmed by a large number of reviews and opinions from professionals.

Any cosmetic procedure has a positive effect on cells. First of all, we pursue the goal of restoring the skin to its best performance. The best option is to remove dead cells and regenerate new ones. Only in this way can you achieve the desired result. Currently, a large number of worthy mask options have begun to appear that can really help with skin restoration. Today, Vichy products have become some kind of ideal in cosmetology.

Efficiency is the main indicator that interests many buyers. If you are looking for just such a product, then you should now turn to cosmetologists for help. They will confirm that Vichy masks have a high impact on the skin. Don't miss the opportunity to shape your body care with new and unique ingredients. Thus, peeling will really help you restore the beauty of your skin.

Rules of application

Use the mask 1-2 times a week. Before application, you must cleanse your face of cosmetics using a gel or foam cleanser.

Rules of application:

  • Apply the product to damp skin using massaging circular movements, avoiding the area around the eyes;
  • leave for 5 minutes (during this time the acids begin to act);
  • wash off with warm water;
  • At the end, apply a moisturizer, especially if there is a feeling of skin tightness.

The product has a mild effect, so no special care is required after use.

Important: you cannot keep the mask on your face for more than 20 minutes. This can lead to inflammation of the upper layer of the dermis and damage the skin. It is also prohibited to apply auxiliary creams at the same time.

Answers on questions

Is Double Glow safe for pregnant women?

Yes, this peeling mask is for external use, its components do not enter the bloodstream and it is safe for pregnant women.

Double Radiance be used in combination with other nourishing masks?

Yes, if you wish, you can use other means at the same time.

How to store an opened sachet?

There are no special storage conditions; it is enough to keep the opened packaging away from sunlight and heating devices.

Do I need to protect myself from sunlight after using the mask?

This product contains a small percentage of acids and does not require special protection, but in the summer it is recommended to apply sunscreen to your face.

Does Double Glow get rid of age spots?

Unfortunately no. To eliminate age spots, stronger cosmetic products are required.


The Vichy “Double Radiance” peeling mask has virtually no contraindications.

It cannot be used in the following cases:

  • skin disease in the acute stage;
  • damage to the skin (abrasions, severe scratches, inflammation, etc.);
  • women under 20 years of age.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

Contraindications also include a tendency to an allergic reaction to any of the components included in Vichy “Double Radiance”

Composition of the mask

Many people are wary of these masks, as they contain components that are not suitable for the skin. In fact, experts resort to using only those substances and in such doses that no harm will occur. Therefore, you can safely experiment and use masks as an effective peeling. The Vichy mask has a large number of different components, each of which is responsible for specific functions.

  • Natural components in the form of extracts of citrus fruits, blueberries, sugar cane. These substances are used to rejuvenate, restore and nourish the skin.
  • Volcanic crumbs or clay. Depending on the type of mask, one of the types of substances is used. They are used as a primary peel, meaning they gently and effectively exfoliate the skin.
  • Alcohol, glycerin - many buyers are wary of them. By and large, every cosmetic product contains these substances. The most important thing is to choose the right concentration. Alcohol and glycerin also have a cosmetic effect and do not allow the mask to quickly deteriorate.

The uniqueness and quality of the composition is confirmed by practical use. If you have long dreamed of taking advantage of a good peeling, then the time has come.

Feel free to buy the “Double Glow” mask, which really has a positive effect on the skin.

Reviews from cosmetologists

Cosmetologists speak positively about working with this product from Vichy.

Some people consider the only drawback to be the presence of alcohol in the composition and for this reason they do not recommend using peeling for women with sensitive skin.

They also note the effectiveness of peeling after just two uses - this is due to the natural composition and high-quality components.

Professionals recommend carrying out the procedure no more than once a week, applying the mask in a thin layer and not overexposing it.

Reviews of the mineral peeling mask “Double Radiance”


I started using a Vichy mask as home care after a course of salon peeling. The price confused me, but it turned out that the product is very economical and lasts a long time. I was satisfied. The mask smells delicious and has a pleasant gel-like texture. The skin is velvety to the touch and does not feel tight, as I experienced after other masks.


Excellent tool! When I first used it, I panicked a little because my face started to tingle. But then it all went away, and immediately after rinsing off, the skin felt refreshed. I applied the peeling in the evening, and in the morning my complexion was even and my pores were narrowed. I recommend to everyone!


I bought a sachet to try. I liked the texture and smell, and it is also very economical, one package was enough for me 4 times. But I didn’t like the effect, unfortunately, because it doesn’t exist on my skin at all. I didn’t notice a difference between before and after, although I felt a tingling sensation when applying it. I won't buy a jar.


First I bought a mask, then I saw alcohol in the composition and became tense. I have oily skin, and I was afraid that alcohol would irritate it, but I still decided to try it. And I liked it! Despite the alcohol in the composition, it does not tighten or dry out, there was no irritation! “Double Radiance” effectively tightens pores, leaving the face looking smooth and fresh. I will use it in the future.


Very pleasant and soft peeling. If you are afraid to go to the salon for a chemical peel, this is it! It only took me ten minutes to apply and wash off the mask, and my face felt refreshed afterwards. I recommend it to those who have blackheads and enlarged pores. “Double Radiance” is also economical to use, and the sachet is convenient to take on trips.

Recommendations from professionals

In order to properly apply peeling to your face, you will need to know a few simple rules.

The fastest possible cleansing occurs only if you follow the steps correctly. Therefore, take a responsible approach to studying the information presented.

  1. First of all, you need to prepare the skin; it is cleaned with some solution or a damp cloth.
  2. It is best to call someone for help, or use a large mirror.
  3. The mask should be on the face for no more than 30 minutes, as it can only harm the skin.
  4. You need to rinse off with warm water.

Vichy products have become popular precisely due to the active development of new technologies in the company. Already today we can note the great potential and desire for something new. The modern Vichy double radiance peeling mask is also used by many professional cosmetologists.

Qualified cosmetologists have been resorting to these methods for several years now, thereby confirming their maximum effectiveness. If you decide to peel at home, then you need to do it as quickly as possible.

What does the Vichy brand offer?

The brand produces several deep cleansing facial products.

There are preparations in the form of a mask, formulations that combine the properties of a soft exfoliant and exfoliant, popular night products that replace traditional restorative and nourishing creams.

The brand is aimed at modern dynamic women who do not want to spend hours on facial care.

Their ideal is multifunctional products that provide an immediate effect and have a cumulative effect.

The main component of all brand cosmetics is restoring, rejuvenating and refreshing Vichy mineral water.

In addition to it, useful minerals, plant extracts, and vitamin complexes are added to the products. All exfoliating and deep cleansing products contain acids.

The concentration is moderate, it provides soft polishing, reduces the number of fine wrinkles, and improves complexion.

Superficial peels can be used at any time of the year and will not cause burns, redness or irritation.

The choice of product depends on the skin type, its condition , and individual perception.

The assortment includes peelings that can be used in courses or alternated.

Mineral mask Double Glow

This new product is for normal, combination, oily or dehydrated skin that lacks natural shine and elasticity.

It has a rich composition based on Vichy thermal water, blueberry and sugar cane extracts, and glycolic acid.

Crushed volcanic pumice and a small amount of caustic soda are used as an exfoliant.

The Vichy peeling mask for the face has a delicate gel texture, golden yellow color, and a delicate floral and fruity aroma.

Packaged in a convenient jar with a tight-fitting lid. There are trial sachets of 25 ml.

The mask is applied to thoroughly cleansed skin for 5-10 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

Peeling has a pronounced cleansing and exfoliating effect, renews skin color, makes it soft, elastic, very delicate, matte.

Helps reduce pores and eliminate fine wrinkles. The price of a can is about 1500 rubles .

The product is very economical, it will last for 6-7 months of constant use.

Night Idealia

The fashionable format of a soft night product allows you to reduce the time for care, keeping your skin in perfect condition. The texture is similar to regular lotion.

The bottle is lilac-pink, translucent, equipped with a pump and a convenient dispenser. The drug has a pleasant floral aroma that quickly disappears.

Contains Vichy water, blueberry and fermented green tea extracts , 4% glycolic acid and an innovative regenerating complex.

Night peeling Idealia from Vichy is suitable for dehydrated, dull skin that has lost its tone . It has cleansing, moisturizing, refreshing and brightening properties.

Quickly evens out skin texture, shrinks pores, and prevents the appearance of acne. In the morning after use, the face is perfectly smooth, matte, and very well-groomed.

It is better to apply in the evening, after removing makeup and washing your face. It will take 20-30 minutes for the slightly sticky liquid to be completely absorbed. A moisturizing night cream from the same series is applied on top.

Bottle price from 2400 rubles . The product is very economical, the full volume will last for a long time.

You can purchase a small 5 ml bottle for testing; it is often included in presentation kits.

Normaderm 3 in 1

A multifunctional product that combines the properties of a cleansing gel, cleansing mask and peeling.

Available in convenient plastic tubes, it has a creamy consistency with tiny cleansing grains and a subtle perfume aroma.

Contains kaolin, a duet of salicylic and glycolic acids. The product is recommended for oily, porous skin prone to inflammation.

The drug is applied to damp skin and left for 5 minutes. During the process, the product hardens; while rinsing off, you need to massage your face with your fingertips.

After use, small pimples disappear, blackheads lighten, and the texture is evened out. After deep cleansing, moisturizing is required; any cream or gel from the Normaderm line will do.

The price of a multifunctional cleanser is from 1200 rubles .

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