Sugaring for everyone: a guide to depilation with sugar paste

Every girl strives for well-groomed, smooth skin. But shaving does not give a long-term effect, so you have to resort to more radical methods of hair removal. One of the most popular methods is sugar depilation or, in other words, sugaring. The fair half of humanity fell in love with it for its smooth skin for several weeks, the ability to carry out the procedure at home and the low cost of consumables.

So how to do sugar depilation yourself? What tools and materials are needed for this? What pitfalls can await on the way to smooth skin? Are there any contraindications to this procedure? Let's figure it out.

Sugaring - what is it?

Sugaring is the removal of hair from any part of the body using sugar caramel. The skin on the problem area is covered with a layer of sugar caramel. The sticky substance tightly envelops the hair, and the liquid one - such pastes are produced specifically for salons - penetrates the hair follicle, to the hair root. When removed, the hair torn out from the roots remains on the paste layer.

Sugar paste tightly grips the hair shaft and helps remove it from the root

Showroom price

Professional hair removal has its own positive qualities: a procedure performed by a stranger is easier to tolerate, since not everyone is able to carry out a painful procedure on their own, as well as to do it efficiently in all problem areas. At the same time, the price increases. Every year more and more men become interested in this type of depilation, including the intimate area. Masters in beauty salons know all the subtleties and nuances of the process. Therefore, only they can carry out the process with maximum comfort.

Prices in salons for this type of hair removal vary . The price depends on the area in which the salon is located, what class of master will carry out depilation and in which area. The negative quality is that the price of this type of depilation is much higher than wax depilation. And all because the master spends more effort and time. Approximate prices in Moscow for sugaring are as follows:

  1. Hand depilation - 800 rubles.
  2. Deep bikini area - more than 1800 rubles.
  3. Depilation of legs - over 900 rubles.
  4. Facial depilation costs from 600 rubles.

Pros and cons of sugar hair removal

Compared to shaving or epilator, sugaring still has clear advantages:

  • You do not injure the skin during the procedure, which means you eliminate the risk of infection of the body.
  • Sugar paste from most manufacturers has a natural composition and is hypoallergenic, so sugaring almost never causes side effects (the exception is people who have an individual reaction to sugar or lemon juice).
  • Salon sugaring is affordable, and if you carry out the procedure at home, it will be quite inexpensive - you only need sugar paste, and it can be cooked from products that you probably have at home.
  • For a depilation procedure, sugaring gives a fairly long-lasting result: hair does not grow back for 3-4 weeks, plus or minus a few days - for each woman in her own way.
  • You can depilate any area of ​​the body with sugar paste - you just need to choose the composition of the desired density.
  • Although the pain during the procedure is noticeable, it is moderate and easily tolerated. At least, I have never heard a woman complain when she refused sugaring only because she could not withstand the pain.

Unlike waxing, hair does not break off during sugaring, which means it will not grow in later

There are practically no disadvantages to sugaring. Problems during the procedure arise only from the inexperience of the master, lack of understanding of the technique, or incorrectly selected composition - too dense or too soft. Negative consequences only occur when a woman had obvious contraindications to sugaring.

Rules for the procedure

The mechanism of removing hair follicles using sugar itself seems simple and logical. Heated it up, smeared it, tore it off - what could be simpler? However, it is worth remembering that the layer of epidermis with which the caramelized substance interacts is quite delicate. It requires compliance with special rules.

  1. Hair length. We have already found out that sugar removal of vegetation differs from the razor method. If the hair is usually not grown for the machine, since the blade can capture any size, then for the paste the optimal value is 3-5 mm. This will help pull the bulbs out by the roots.
  2. Preparation. Dermatologists recommend taking care of your skin in advance. The day before you apply sugaring at home according to the photo, you should give up peeling, self-tanning and steaming (baths, saunas).
  3. Sterility. Cleanliness is one of the main guarantees of safety and comfort. You should be in a clean room, and your hands and utensils should be clean. You can use gloves if it is convenient.
  4. Organization of space. Make sure you feel well during the operation. Keep in mind that to depilate certain areas you will have to take certain positions, so it is better to be alone so that no one disturbs you.

What you need for sugaring

If you are doing sugaring for the first time and at home, you will need:

  • Sugar paste of medium consistency (or two packages: soft and dense so that they can be mixed). It is convenient to work with a composition of this consistency, especially when you lack the habit and your hand is not full. There will be no stickies, nerves and half a can of discarded pasta.
  • Rubber gloves are one size smaller than your hand - in tight ones you will better feel the paste and clearly coordinate your movements.

A spatula is used to apply a soft or liquid paste; a bandage, fabric or paper strips are used to remove it. But it’s more practical to start with mastering manual techniques: master it, and master the rest.

Common mistakes

Beginners often make mistakes that make the procedure ineffective:

  1. Overheating sugar paste in the microwave. Many experts do not recommend using a microwave oven to heat pasta, since in this case it heats up unevenly, microwaves change the structure of the composition, which deteriorates its quality. In addition, it is very easy to overheat pasta in the microwave, which can lead to burns. If you do use a microwave, always set the timer to the minimum time possible. It is better to underheat the sugar paste than to overheat it, and even better - purchase a wax melter for this purpose.
  2. Choosing a manual technique for the first depilation sessions. The bandage method is easier to perform and therefore preferable for beginners.
  3. Abuse of talc during sugaring. For a drying effect, a thin layer is enough; if you use talc too much, the paste quickly becomes “washed out” and spreads worse over the skin with repeated application.

Sugaring: technique of execution

You have cleaned the skin, carried out an anesthetic procedure, warmed up the paste, it’s time to start the procedure.

If you work in manual technology:

  1. Put gloves on both hands.
  2. Take a lump of paste in your palm. Straighten your fingers so that your palm resembles a spatula, do not strain your hand.
  3. Stretch the lump of paste into a strip, moving against the hair growth. One strip treats an area approximately 5 cm long, no more.
  4. Do not press the paste to the skin. Put a layer on, remove immediately - be sure to follow the hair growth, holding the skin with your other hand.
  5. If some hairs remain on the treated area, you should repeat the procedure again. Then you can proceed to the next section.

If you work in bandage technology:

  1. Apply the paste in a thin layer - with a gloved hand or a spatula.
  2. Glue the bandage strip to the skin so that there is a free edge for gripping.
  3. Stretch and fix the skin, remove the bandage with a sharp movement.

After completing the procedure, hands should be washed with warm water, treated with an antiseptic and lubricated with moisturizer.

How to do sugar depilation - video


The maintenance of the effect and whether certain consequences will occur depends on how sugaring is carried out. If you follow the rules for performing the technology, then after completion of the work you may experience slight redness.

Irritation is a normal reaction to exposure to the paste. The problem will be fixed after 1-2 days. No outside intervention will be required. In special cases, there may be ingrowth of rods. This may be due to the characteristics of the body. It is difficult to prevent this moment. If you have to deal with an ingrown hair, it is removed. Otherwise inflammation will begin.

There are other unpleasant complications from the sugaring process. These include the occurrence of:

  • acne;
  • ulcers;
  • peeling;
  • rash;
  • hematoma;
  • itching;
  • burn;
  • pain.

Pimples are a sign of penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into open wounds. Neoplasms are more often observed in the bikini area and armpit. To eliminate, treatment is carried out using boric and salicylic acid. Peeling occurs on dry skin, especially if moisturizers are not used after removing the paste. When sugaring the hair removal area causes itching and rash, you cannot do without antiseptic and antihistamines.

Contraindications and side effects

People with sensitive skin may experience irritation, which can be helped by cream or ointment with panthenol (used according to instructions).

Skin irritation can appear from non-compliance with the technique, age spots - from exposure to UV rays

The rash is treated with chlorhexidine solution (moisten a cotton pad and treat the skin 3 times a day). An infusion of chamomile or calendula has a healing effect - it is used as an additional treatment in the form of compresses on a sore spot.

Pimples after depilation can appear from non-compliance with the technique or from ingrown hairs

When purulent pimples (furunculosis) appear, it is necessary to spot treat the inflammation and pustules with salicylic or boric acid every 2-3 hours.

Sugar depilation is not recommended:

  • for any neoplasms and the presence of moles, papillomas and warts in the area of ​​depilation;
  • for diseases and mechanical damage to the skin.

Absolute contraindications to the procedure are also: diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, epilepsy. Relative - viral and infectious diseases.

Skin preparation

To ensure high-quality sugar depilation, you must follow some tips:

  • It is not recommended to sunbathe several days before the expected procedure.

  • To improve the adhesion of hair with paste, it is not advisable to use oil-based cosmetics before depilation.
  • Using a scrub before the procedure will remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and improve the process of hair follicle emergence.
  • To reduce pain, cosmetologists recommend steaming the skin before the procedure.

Immediately before depilation, you should thoroughly cleanse the skin with a cleanser and scrub. After this, you should degrease it with lotion and let it dry well. The dry skin of the surface to be treated must be sprinkled with talc, which is needed to remove moisture from the body. It lifts the hair and improves its adhesion to the paste.

Popular questions about sugaring

Women who have never had sugar depilation have doubts whether to decide on it or not. The most frequently asked questions are:

  • Does sugaring hurt? Any depilation is noticeable, especially in areas with sensitive skin - in the bikini area or on the buttocks, for example. You can reduce the pain by lubricating the skin at the site of hair removal with anesthetic cream or ointment.
  • What should be the length of hair for sugaring? The optimal hair length for hair removal is 4–6 millimeters. If your hair is longer, use a trimmer.
  • Why does hair grow ingrown after sugaring? Hair grows only in cases where a woman neglects the basic rules of hair care before and after the procedure. It is imperative to scrub the skin before sugaring and lubricate it with a softening cream or oil after. When the skin is soft, hair grows easily and does not cause problems.
  • After sugaring, hair grows in - what to do? Ingrown hairs need to be removed. Open the boil and remove the hair with tweezers; it comes out easily. Disinfect the cut area. Apply compresses with ichthyol ointment several times daily until the wounds heal. If the case is severe and the inflammatory process has begun, you need to consult a dermatologist.
  • How to avoid ingrown hairs after sugaring? Regularly care for your body skin, exfoliate and use nourishing lotion or milk.
  • Is it possible to do sugaring during menstruation? Not recommended. During menstruation the pain is felt more strongly.
  • Why do bruises remain after sugaring? Bruises may appear due to poor technique in performing the procedure. When the paste is too thin and applied to the skin, it leaves sticky marks. It has to be torn off in lumps, trapping and injuring the skin. To prevent this from happening, check whether the density of the paste is suitable for you on a small area of ​​skin. Do not use one lump of caramel more than twice.
  • At what age can you do sugaring? There are no age restrictions for sugaring. The need to remove body hair usually arises by the age of 11–12 in both girls and boys.
  • What should you not do after sugaring? A week before and on the first day after the procedure, cosmetologists always advise: not to visit the pool;
  • refrain from visiting a bathhouse or sauna;
  • avoid physical activity;
  • don't sunbathe.
  • Why does hair break off during sugaring? During sugaring, only thin and weakened hair breaks off, but this happens extremely rarely. Regrown hair is removed from the roots along with a layer of paste.
  • Irritation after sugaring - what to do? Apply moisturizer to your skin regularly. Irritation is relieved by Panthenol spray or ointment. Remember to pull the skin against the hair growth when removing the paste strip. If this is not done, acne may appear a few days after the procedure.
  • Is it possible to visit the solarium? A week before sugaring and for a week after, you should avoid visiting the solarium and long-term exposure to the sun to prevent age spots from appearing. Before going outside, use cream with an SPF filter.
  • Can the procedure be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding? There are no contraindications to sugaring for pregnant and lactating women, but before doing it, you should get the approval of your doctor.
  • Conversation with a cosmetologist about sugaring - video

    Reduced pain

    Sugar depilation enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a comfortable method of combating unnecessary vegetation. But everyone’s pain threshold is different, and for some, even this method of depilation may seem painful, especially in the delicate areas of the bikini and armpits. There are painkillers for external use specifically to solve this problem. The most popular of them:

    • Emla;
    • Light Deep;
    • Dr. Numb;
    • Light Frost.

    As a rule, an hour before the procedure, you need to apply a thick layer of anesthetic to the area that you want to numb and cover with cling film. To exclude an allergic reaction, first apply a small amount of the product to the inside of the forearm, and before depilation, rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry.

    How else can you make the procedure less painful:

    • All painful procedures are recommended to be carried out in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, that is, approximately 10 days after the end of menstruation. Sensitivity to pain during this period is minimal. But during menstruation, the pain threshold decreases, so depilation can cause discomfort;
    • During the day, sensitivity to pain also changes: it reaches its minimum between 9 and 10 a.m. and at 2–3 p.m.;
    • the pain is more difficult to bear if you are hungry or nervous, so before depilation it is recommended to eat a hearty meal and put yourself in a calm state;
    • a warm shower before depilation will not only help cleanse the skin and calm down, but also reduce pain during the sugaring process;
    • When depilating particularly sensitive areas, try a technique that cosmetologists often use: immediately after pulling out the hair, press your free hand to this area. This helps to instantly switch the brain’s attention from painful sensations to tactile ones, and the pain immediately decreases.

    Facts about sugaring

    1. Sugaring paste can be made not from sugar, but from honey, if you are not allergic to it, and instead of water, use a decoction of chamomile or sage. For skin care, the composition is sometimes diluted with essential oils.
    2. The cost of sugaring starts from 500–800 rubles and depends on the amount of work.
    3. Sugaring can be done even on the face - you can remove hair above the upper lip with a super thick paste.
    4. For depilation of large areas - arms, legs, hips - it is more convenient to use a soft paste. In the sensitive bikini area, hair will be removed well with a thick paste.

    How to cook pasta

    Classic sugar paste


    • 2 cups sugar;
    • ¼ glass of clean water;
    • ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    If you don't have lemon on hand, replace its juice with apple cider vinegar (6%). Just keep in mind that there will be an unpleasant smell in the kitchen while cooking.


    Mix all the ingredients in a thick-bottomed saucepan and place it over low heat. Stirring constantly, cook the mixture for 7 minutes until it turns yellow. After this, cook the pasta for another 2-5 minutes, stirring constantly. The time depends on the type of stove and the strength of the fire.

    To find out if the pasta is ready, do a test. Scoop up some of the sugar mixture with a spoon and drop it into a glass of cold water. In just a couple of seconds, catch a drop. If it has hardened and you can roll it into a ball, the paste is ready. If the drop is slippery and inelastic, cook the mixture a little more and repeat the test.

    Be very careful not to miss the moment of readiness. Towards the end of cooking (immediately after the mixture turns yellow), test the paste every 10-15 seconds.

    Pour the finished paste into a plastic or glass container with a wide neck. Close the lid tightly and after 5 minutes put it in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour. During this time, the paste will cool to the desired temperature: 30–40 °C. The bottom and walls of the container will become warm.

    If you are worried about the safety of the refrigerator and do not want to put a very hot mixture in it, wait until it cools down at room temperature. In this case, there is no need to cover the pasta with a lid.

    Honey paste for sugaring
    Original sugaring paste based on honey is prepared in the microwave.


    • 1 cup of sugar;
    • ¼ cup honey;
    • ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice.


    Mix all the ingredients in the container where you will store the pasta. If it is a plastic container, make sure it is microwave safe.

    Place the mixture in the oven and cook for 10–15 seconds at maximum power. Then remove the bubbling paste, stir and let it settle. Microwave the mixture again for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the procedure about five times. There may be more or fewer repetitions depending on the power of the device.

    After the fourth time, check the readiness of the paste: drop the mixture into cold water and try to roll it into a ball.

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