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Vera Alentova, despite the considerable number of roles she has played in films, most Russians associate with Katya Tikhomirova, the main character of the film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” and a significant role in Alentova’s biography. A charming girl with a wonderful oval face and barely noticeable dimples on her cheeks - this is how viewers remembered the actress, who did not even realize that by the time the film was released she was already 38 years old . However, in the second episode of the film, the “patina” of youth disappeared, and a pretty woman with a smooth, fresh face and a charming smile appeared before the audience. In 2017, Vera Alentova will celebrate her 75th birthday. I wonder what face she will meet him with. The curiosity is not idle - the actress has undergone a number of plastic surgeries, both successful and those that distorted her face almost beyond recognition.

What kind of plastic surgery did Vera Alentova do?

It should be noted that the actress never hid that she had a positive attitude towards correction, including surgical, of age-related changes and did not intend to “grow old gracefully.” V. Alentova does not seek to shock the public, therefore the plastic surgeries performed on her are not discussed; the public learns about them from the comments of specialists, who note that at the first stage (approximately in 1998) the actress underwent:

Eyelid correction or blepharoplasty. With the help of this operation, the actress got rid of wrinkles and bags under her eyes, as well as small fatty hernias of the upper and lower eyelids. The intervention was completely justified, since after eyelid surgery Vera Alentova began to look much younger, and the doctor who performed the operation managed to preserve the natural, very remarkable shape of the eyes.

Circular facelift. In 1998, Vera Valentinovna was 56 years old - it’s time to restore the contour of the face, which by this age in almost everyone begins to “float” - the cheeks, under the influence of gravity, go down (jowls form), a double chin appears, and the cheekbones lose their definition . Judging by the photos from those years, the operation was successful, another confirmation of this is the role of editor Sonya in the film “Envy of the Gods.” There is no way to give the actress her years; after the operation, Vera Alentova looks brilliant - a “youthful oval”, a neat chin, high cheekbones and an open, “wide-open” look.

Rhinoplasty. The actress did not stop at blepharoplasty and a circular facelift, and, according to unconfirmed reports, changed the shape of her nose, that is, she had rhinoplasty . It is difficult to say that the face benefited from this, since the shape of the nose before the correction did not cause any complaints, however, an analysis of the photo of Vera Alentova after plastic surgery and before the intervention convinces that the nose has become thinner and more graceful.

Botox injections. About ten years ago, the actress starred in an advertisement for a line of anti-aging cosmetics, striking everyone with a perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free face. It is clear that at 65 years old, which is how old she was at that moment, no cream can provide such an effect, hence the assumption that the actress received Botox injections before filming. As a result, wrinkles in the upper third of the face straightened out, and in addition, with the help of a filler based on hyaluronic acid, it was possible to reduce the depth of nasolabial wrinkles.

Chin correction. In some photographs taken ten years ago, it is noticeable that the star’s chin has become noticeably rounded and “heavier,” which has affected the oval of her face. This did not last long: the contours suddenly became even, which gave rise to the idea of ​​liposuction of the chin, allegedly performed on Vera Alentova. Photos after plastic surgery to some extent confirm this assumption.

Childhood and youth

Vera Valentinovna was born on February 21, 1942 in the provincial town of Kotlas. She was born into a dynasty of actors: her mother Irina Nikolaevna and grandmother were theater artists. Father Valentin Mikhailovich Bykov was also an actor, but died when Vera was 4 years old, so she does not remember him. After the death of her husband, my mother decided to move to Ukraine, to Krivoy Rog, where the future actress went to school.

The artist's childhood was spent in poverty. The mother worked a lot, but there was still not enough money for toys, and she had to make dolls from cardboard. Vera spent a lot of time alone with herself, inventing funny stories to pass the time. Soon she began to introduce friends from the yard to them. Alentova secretly dreamed of becoming an actress, but her mother was categorically against such a profession.

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Vera Alentova in childhood
The Alentov family moved often. From Ukraine they moved to Uzbekistan, and then to Altai, to the city of Barnaul. There, the future actress, at the insistence of her mother, tried to enter medical school, but she did not have enough knowledge to successfully pass the exams. However, Vera did not give up her dream and, with the help of her stepfather, joined the local theater troupe. Having learned about this, Irina Nikolaevna threw a scandal, because her daughter should first get an education in Moscow, and then try to become an actress.

Alentova was forced to go to work, but no one wanted to take in a minor girl. She was refused at the post office, then at the pharmacy. The only place where the future artist was accepted was the melange plant, where she worked for a year.

Vera Alentova after plastic surgery that distorted her appearance

The actress’s love for plastic surgery did not go unnoticed in the acting community; her colleagues joked that it was Lyudmila Gurchenko, who repeatedly went under the knife of plastic surgeons, who handed over the “relay baton” to Vera Valentinovna. Unfortunately, this “prophecy” came true. For some time, Alentova’s experiments with her own appearance were successful - her face looked toned and fresh, and she herself looked young and attractive, but everything changed in 2009, when the actress decided that it was time to tighten her face again.

It is difficult to say what played a fatal role: the surgeon’s mistake or the condition of the skin, which was already fairly damaged by previous manipulations. One thing is certain: after that ill-fated plastic surgery, Vera Alentova became unlike herself and completely lost all her natural beauty and charm. Moreover, due to excessively stretched skin, facial expressions were distorted, the actress had difficulty opening her mouth when talking, her face became asymmetrical - one eye enlarged, and the other half closed. The situation was aggravated by injections of biopolymer gel into the nasolabial folds. According to experts, instead of filling the wrinkles, the gel literally spread across the entire lower third of the face, leading to the formation of obvious bumps. The lips have undergone negative changes: the mouth has become distorted and changed its shape - not even a hint of the once plump, very sexy lips remains.

What happened to Vera Valentinovna is what professionals call a “tight temple.” There is an assumption that the surgeon who performed the operation worked the old fashioned way, perhaps he simply did not know modern techniques for such operations. Although, there are many supporters of the opinion that Vera Alentova’s unsuccessful plastic surgery was the last straw - the skin, which had already been stretched before, simply could not withstand such tension.

Be that as it may, the actress was upset by the result to such an extent that she stopped appearing in public. It took almost three years to correct the defects, as a result of which the eyes became identical, the shape of the mouth softened somewhat and the bumps in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds almost disappeared . Most likely, improvements were achieved as a result of another plastic surgery, although, probably, the matter will not be limited to that.

Useful video

To see what Vera Alentova looked like before and after plastic surgery, watch this video:

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Basic information about Vera Alentova

Vera Alentova - biography factsactress; main roles in the films “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”, “Envy of the Gods”, “Shirley Myrli”; wife of director V. Menshov.
Successful plastic surgeriescircular facelift (1998), blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty.
Unsuccessful plastic surgeriescircular facelift (2009), contour plastic surgery of nasolabial folds with biogel.
ProspectsTo correct defects after unsuccessful plastic surgery, repeated surgery is required.

Personal life

In the life of the famous artist there was only one husband and one daughter. Vera Valentinovna met Vladimir Menshov at theater school and lived together all her life; today the couple are still together. Although there were different periods in their fate.

Vladimir Menshov's wife - Vera Alentova

Their love story began when they were students. Then Vladimir Menshov was better known as a careless student without much prospects for the future. Alentova was attracted by his cheerful attitude and ambitions. Then no one could have thought that in the future, as a director, he would receive such a mega-prestigious award as the Oscar.

About the personal life of Valentin Gaft.

After a short meeting, the lovers got married, and the wedding took place in the hostel. There was a catastrophic lack of money in the young family, so in parallel with his studies, Menshov did odd jobs. After graduation, Vera remained in Moscow, and Vladimir went to work in Stavropol. Due to the busy rehearsal schedule, they hardly saw each other.

In 1969, the only daughter, Julia, was born into the family, who also could not unite her parents. Tired of everyday life and family routine, Menshov and Alentova decided to get a divorce. Vera returned her mother's surname.

They decided not to formalize the divorce, but they lived apart for several years. Menshov regularly wrote letters to his wife and came to visit his daughter on weekends. When Yulia went to first grade, they moved in together again and decided to start all over again. They never parted again, although life’s difficulties did not end there.

Divorce of Menshov and Alentova

News about celebrity divorce periodically pops up in the press. Menshov and Alentova broke up once - more than 40 years ago. Other source information is not reliable.

Vera Alentova was next to her husband until the last days of his life. Vladimir Menshov passed away on July 5, 2022, at the age of 82; the cause of death was the consequences of a coronavirus infection.

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