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What is Asahi massage

Asahi massage, or, as it is also called, Zogan (translated as “facial creation”), was developed by Japanese cosmetologist Yukuko Tanaka, who described it in detail in her book “Facial Massage - Back 10 Years,” which became a world bestseller. The beauty expert took ancient Japanese techniques as a basis, systematized them and reduced them to a simple and short (from 3 to 10 minutes) complex. The name of the massage - Asahi - is translated from Japanese as “morning sun”; this name was given to it by enthusiastic admirers.

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General provisions of the procedure

Asahi facial massage is a therapeutic and rejuvenating procedure. Translated, “Asahi” means “morning sun massage.” On the Internet, this massage is also known as the Zogan technique; its translation exactly coincides with the effectiveness of the technique (“creating a face”).

Not long ago, the Japanese massage technique was partially adjusted by Yukuko Tanaka. In 2007, her book on massage was published, where Tanaka competently differentiated exercises for the face and neck, taking into account the type and age of the client. This greatly simplified the process of performing Japanese massage and brought it closer to doing it at home. The advanced massage technique became known as "Zogan Asahi 2 massage".

The technique of Japanese massage is quite simple, so manipulations are performed without the help of a specialist, at home. Before you begin a detailed study of patterns and directions of massage movements, familiarize yourself with the basic rules for conducting such a massage:

  1. Regularity is the most important criterion for success. Asahi Zogan massage is suitable for daily use and is not addictive.
  2. Pay more attention to working on problem areas (periorbital, frontal zone, contour). If there are significant defects, perform massage movements twice a day.
  3. One rejuvenation session should not exceed 17 minutes. If necessary, repeat the steps in the morning and evening; overexertion causes stretching of the skin and the appearance of a large number of wrinkles.
  4. Please note that massage movements using the Asahi technique are performed along the lymphatic pathways. It is recommended to study their location in advance.
  5. Those with sensitive, thin skin should be extremely careful and control the pressure applied.
  6. Massage movements should be smooth and soft. They should be repeated 3 times.
  7. It is necessary to refuse the rejuvenation procedure if there are contraindications. Contact a specialist, he will select a massage technique that is safe in your case.
  8. Zogan massage is performed only on clean skin, using massage oil (cream).
  9. Pressure during the massage procedure should be intense, but not painful.
  10. Each massage exercise is completed with light, smooth stroking of the skin in the direction of the collarbone through the lymph nodes. They promote the drainage of excess lymph and the removal of toxins, increasing the effectiveness of the actions performed.
  11. After the manipulations, thoroughly remove any remaining massage cream (oil) with a paper napkin, and consolidate the effect with a nourishing mask or skin care cream.

Important point! If the next morning after an evening massage session swelling appears on your face, do not worry. Next time, perform the procedure not in the evening, before bed, but in the morning.

Features of Asahi massage

Japanese facial massage differs from the techniques we are accustomed to primarily in that it follows unconventional massage lines. The enhanced effect is exerted not only on the skin and muscles, but also on the bones; special attention is paid to the lymphatic vessels, due to which the Asahi technique is also called lymphatic drainage massage. The usual stroking and kneading are absent in the Japanese technique.

Asahi consists of two types of massage:

– removes excess fluid from the skin, relieves swelling, tightens the skin.

Deep massage
- relaxes the skin, starts metabolic processes in cells, and allows you to achieve a lifting effect.

At what age should you consider professional facial care?

The myth that cosmetic procedures are needed only after 35–40 years of age has long been debunked. Indeed, aging skin needs deeper and more delicate care due to the slowdown of cellular metabolism and other biological processes. But professional care will be useful for young and even very young girls. Overwork, stress, poor ecology - the skin, like a litmus test, reflects the effect of all negative factors. With the help of professional care programs, you can quickly bring it back to normal and even improve its original condition.

Pros of Japanese facial massage

Experts note the undoubted advantages of Japanese technology:

  • noticeable facial rejuvenation – the number of facial wrinkles is reduced, the face is smoothed, the skin becomes firm and elastic;
  • facelift - the face becomes more clearly defined, tightened, nasolabial folds are reduced or completely disappeared, cheekbones and double chin are tightened;
  • reduction of swelling and bags under the eyes - due to the lymphatic drainage effect, excess fluid is removed (provided that the swelling is not a consequence of any internal diseases);
  • microcirculation of blood and lymph improves - this helps solve problems such as age spots, pimples and acne;
  • removal of toxins and waste from the layers of the epidermis - again, this occurs due to the effect on the lymphatic vessels during massage.

Cons of Japanese facial massage

Like any cosmetic procedure, this massage has contraindications:

  • any skin diseases, especially those accompanied by inflammatory processes;
  • malignant neoplasms on the face;
  • problems with the lymphatic system;
  • diseases of the ear, nose, throat, neck and head;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • any disease during the period of exacerbation;
  • Massage techniques should be used with caution in case of rosacea (it is better to consult a specialist);
  • bad feeling.

Rules for performing massage

In order for Asahi to give a positive result, it must be performed strictly according to the rules:

  • massage is performed daily for 2-3 weeks, after – after 1 or 2 days, the whole procedure takes about 10 minutes;
  • Before starting the massage, the skin must be cleansed;
  • be sure to use oil or milk for massage;
  • after the massage, it is necessary to remove any remaining oil or milk;
  • all movements are performed standing or sitting, with a straight back;
  • during the procedure, rubbing with fairly strong pressure is used;
  • movements are performed with maximum effort, but so as not to cause pain;
  • before the massage you need to find the lymph nodes, since all movements are performed from them;
  • in places where the lymph nodes are located, you cannot press, only stroke;
  • You need to perform a massage in a good and calm mood.

It would be a good idea to visit a specialist several times and learn from him how to properly perform Asahi massage.


The cost of the procedure may vary significantly. This is influenced by the rating, the professionalism of the performer, and the location of the salon (beauty center, cosmetology salon). On average, one visit to a massage therapist in Moscow will cost 2 thousand rubles, in the region up to 1 thousand rubles.

In order to save money and self-development, you can perform massage exercises at home. To be sure that your actions are correct, it is recommended to perform 2-3 sessions with a specialist or carefully study the massage training video.

Stages of Japanese facial massage

The entire massage consists of 12 exercises and a special final exercise at the end. All manipulations are repeated 3 times. At the end of each exercise, a special final exercise is performed, which promotes the removal of lymph: all exercises end in one place - at the temples, you need to fix your fingers in this place and gently, without pressing, lower them down onto the jaw joint, without pressing on it, descend lower, to the lymph nodes, and from them move lower to the neck, to the next lymph nodes located between the jugular cavity and the clavicles. At each location of the lymph nodes, you need to gently fix your fingers for 1-2 seconds.

To carry out the massage, use 3 fingers, to work under the eyes - 1 finger, rub the cheeks with the palm of your hand.


Forcefully press the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands to the center of the forehead, after 2-3 seconds, pressing, move them to the temples, turn 90 degrees and move them to the ears, still pressing. Perform the finishing movement. Repeat 3 times.


Press the pads of your middle fingers to the outer corners of your eyes, without pressing, move your fingers to the inner corners, from there, with light pressure, move them under the eyebrows and stop at the temples. Loosen the pressure and draw an imaginary circle under the lower eyelid. Stay at the starting point of the movement for 3 seconds and move to the temples, and again hold your fingers there for up to 3 seconds and bring your fingers to the tragus in the ear and proceed to the final movement. Repeat 3 times.

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Mouth and chin

Attention! This is the only exercise in the complex that does not end with a finishing movement.

Place the middle and ring fingers in the middle of the chin, hold with pressure for up to 3 seconds, with pressure move them in a circle around the lips and stop above the lip for 3 seconds, lifting the nasal septum with the ring fingers. Tear off your fingers and move them again to the center of the chin. Repeat 3 times.

Cheeks and lips

Move the middle and ring fingers to the upper depressions near the wings of the nose, make 5 arched movements up and down. Without lifting your fingers, without pressing, move them to the bridge of your nose with a rubbing motion, from the nose to the naso-cheek fold. Repeat 3 times. Finish the exercise with a finishing movement.

Cheeks, cheekbones, corners of the mouth

Press your index, middle and ring fingers to the center of your chin and forcefully circle the corners of your lips and run your fingers along your nose to your eyes. Hold for 3 seconds and raise your hands to your temples. Perform the final exercise. Repeat 3 times.

Cheeks and lower face

Perform separately for each side of the face.

Place the center of your palm on the jaw, on the other side of the face, forcefully draw a line with 3 fingers from the corner of the jaw to the inner corner of the eye, hold for 3 seconds and move them to the tragus of the ears and do the final exercise. Repeat 3 times.

Cheeks and middle of face

Place your fingers on your cheeks, while you need to spread your elbows and keep your arms parallel to the floor, squeezing your nostrils with your fingers, you need to move them to your ears and perform the final exercise. Repeat 3 times.


Press the part of the palm that connects to the hand under the chin, press for 3 seconds, applying pressure, move along the cheekbones to the ears, lingering on the cheekbones for 3 seconds. At the same time, the thumbs move along the ears. Continue to the tragus and move on to the finishing movement.

Lip line, middle part of cheeks

Place your hands in the same way as in the previous exercise, but to the corners of your lips, slightly lowering your face down, you need to move your hands from the corners of your mouth to your temples, and then to your tragus and proceed to the final movement.

Double chin

Performed with one hand separately for each side of the face.

Place the base of your palm under the chin, pressing, raise your palm to the tragus and proceed to the final movement. Repeat 3 times.

Nasolabial folds

Press the index fingers along the nose, it turns out that the palms are folded into a mouthpiece, the thumbs are under the chin and at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the entire palm. It turns out to be a rhombus. Use your thumbs to knead the area under the chin. Next, forcefully move your palms to your temples, while pressing with your index fingers under the eyes. Hold your hands at your temples for 3 seconds and move on to the final movement. Repeat 3 times.


Using the middle finger of one hand, without pressing, smooth your forehead in a zigzag motion. Make the movement in both directions with both hands in turn. After this, smooth your forehead with both hands, pressing on it. Go to the finishing movement. Repeat 3 times.

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